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MH370: Motive and capability

Posted in "Terrorism", 9/11, Disappearance of MH370, Geo-Political Warfare, Politics by earthling on March 25, 2014

Chinese people and even Malaysians are jeering at the Malaysian authorities for their “incompetence” and/or intended obfuscations but all of these people, for some reason unknown to me, are choosing to ignore two VERY BIG issues:

1. What would Malaysia’s government’s motive be for covering up this event or even instigating it? I cannot think of a good reason can you?

2. The Malaysian government/authorities do not have the capability to compete with the technology (radar jamming for example) which the Americans and Chinese have. Further, they do not have control of the satellite data which is being used to entirely fabricate this story and the location of MH370.

James Corbett (Corbett Report) – whom I have a great deal of respect for in the investigative journalism and detail he puts into his work – all validated; has published this video regarding the possibility (and verified capability) of remote hijacking. He also postulates such to have been used on 9/11 and I am with him all the way here (even though I still have my own deep questions regarding the planes themselves full slicing through the two twin towers and there having been a plane at all at the Pentagon OR Shanksville, Pennsylvania.

This video is very much worth watching. The Chinese people and Malaysian people need to understand two other things:

1. Globalists have a motive to do this (which I have already written about regarding the TPPA – Trans Pacific Partnership – which Malaysia is showing great concern about. Obama wants this trade agreement very much. He wants it for his globalist handlers. He does not wish to be a failure.) Globalists also exist in the UK, Europe, China, Australia and yes, even Malaysia. Think of globalists as “Nation X”. Do not think in terms of this being handled and collaborated on by USA and China V Malaysia or any country V another. This is GLOBALIST V An issue (no matter where that issue lies geographically). and one must remember that our intelligence services are in the hands of people like David Rockefeller and the Bush family. If you do not understand this then please look it up! It is a fact and it is a documented and admitted fact. Just as is the Rockefeller influence on the United Nations.

2. Through globalist connections and pressure, the CIA DO HAVE the ability to remotely take over a Boeing 777. I have already covered this also because it is documented (see below). Boeing patented the technology to allow the CIA to remotely take charge!

Then we have the documented, factual evidence of the Boeing patent:




I know these blogs are being read by substantial numbers now in Malaysia however, in all of the last 7 days, only 3 views from China? Now why would that be? And WHO would those 3 views be!

So, perhaps that control of the net by China’s government is not allowing the chinese people access to such information? Deep Packet Inspection boys eh? I wonder whose Deep Packet Inspection technology you’re using though. Wouldn’t be labeled “Made in the USA” now would it? 😉

Around the world in 7 days.

What is it now? About 1.5 billion people in China and I get 3 views? When I get views from the rest of the world that make sense?


Globe 1

Globe 2

Globe 3


Could this be how and why the chinese people are whipped into a frenzy against Malaysia? Because their access to information is censored heavily? Well we know this to be fact. We have motive and capability but 1.5billion people on the planet might just not be quite aware of that.

Who’s a naughty little Chinese (and Rothschild/Rockefeller) globalist then?



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  1. pete fairhurst said, on March 25, 2014 at 7:15 pm

    Are you saying that China is controlled by the Globalists? I’ve seen stuff before that asserted that China is already/will be the next divide and rule pawn of the Globalists. I think that maybe James Corbett made this case before; it may have been someone else……. But I’ve never seen any evidence that the Globalists already control the regime there, like they do in the West. I accept that I may be ill informed on this point, so I’ll appreciate your advice.

    And I thought that Chinas currency is outside the Empires control too, ie. not “Rothschild” issued/invented. I thought that they issue their own currency. Am I wrong on that score too? Again I’ll appreciate your advice if you get time.

    As you probably gathered, I’m new to your blog. But I’ve started mining your treasure trove archive. And finding it very rewarding too


    • denk said, on March 26, 2014 at 3:33 am

      u r righ on both counts
      see my comment here

    • earthlinggb said, on March 26, 2014 at 11:47 am

      Pete, it really is a deep and complex puzzle and no-one has all the answers (except they themselves). But have a read of this for one thing: The globalists have, since about 1979 (but working on it earlier than that of course) been changing the fundamentals of China. They have changed the very fabric of chinese jurisprudence in introducing the concept of the legal person. The legal person is a fundamental con but it has been a western creation (and it is the basis, along with the money system of our entire enslavement – globally). Even though China issues its own currency, it still exports and imports and deals on the world’s monetary/economic stage. Britain and the US issue “our own” currency but we know it isn’t our own. China has its own, more china controlled, central bank, yes but it is still prone to the pressures of global trade. Meanwhile, Rothschild and Rockefeller have sizeable investments in China. Why is China allowing this? Why don’t they see what is going on? Well, I believe they do but there is no one man (President or Emperor) who can hold back against this. Meanwhile, people within China who will be well remunerated by these Rothschild/Rockefeller vehicles, will see benefits to themselves in pushing for ever changing policies within China.
      There is no outright control of any country by globalists, there is just ever increasing levels of it while it is, in a way, a balancing act. What I mean by balancing act is that if you imagine all the various policies of a government, a change instigated in one area can have a positive (or negative) knock on effect in another policy area. The globalists try to ensure they have someone in every area of policy to ensure that, when one area is played with, the other area compensates. Little by little, then, the globalists achieve greater and greater control. A President or PM is just as good as the people who feed into him and advise. If these people are globalists working for this agenda, then what results? If they’re not working for it but THEIR advisers are then, slightly less control for the globalists but still, influence into the higher level of adviser. Then, one day, that higher level of adviser is replaced by a globalist.
      It’s all insiduous.
      Does that make sense?

      • pete fairhurst said, on March 26, 2014 at 2:49 pm

        Thanks very much for all that Earthling. Yes it does make sense. Shades of grey rather than black and white is usually the way things are. And yes it is totally insidious

        The legal person change in China came with Deng then. This legal person issue really is a big clue isn’t it. The globalists could not have transformed the Chinese economy without a legal system compatible with the wests I suppose. That is a massive foothold in China for them. And are beavering away to consolidate their gains all the time I suppose. The legal person is certainly a massive con on ordinary people. A simple con that hides in plain sight

        I view their money creation methods as a key indicator. The debt based western [Rothschild] system inevitably ends in default at some point, as you have clearly shown in previous posts. And has been demonstrated by plenty of others too. If chinese money is issued by the governments own central bank, without bearing interest charge, then china has a chance of retaining a block on the globalists NWO design. The ridiculous debt burden in the west is a key part of our enslavement to the globalist money power I think

        Our money creation method is the second massive con on ordinary people, and which hides in plain sight too. A con so simple that when you explain it to people they often just cannot believe you. They cannot overcome their fixed idea that when you borrow money that it existed before you borrowed it. Their eyes glaze over and the conversation ends. Doesn’t stop me trying though….

        BTW I’ve started to study MPE prompted by one of your posts. It is is very interesting, and is clearly a potential way out for humanity. I’m struggling to see how it will ever get adopted though

  2. Tom said, on March 25, 2014 at 7:45 pm

    The shit you see on twitter

  3. Tom said, on March 25, 2014 at 8:07 pm

    Twitter again..
    Loadsa people get on Jeremy Clarksons case about his tweet, but where are the same sheep with questions? Ie…Maybe the plane flew straight on to Diego Garcia and not in an arc

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