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Physics bright spark wanted for MH370 issue

Posted in "Terrorism", Disappearance of MH370, Politics by earthling on March 22, 2014

Please, this is a serious request. If there is anyone out there at all who can explain how Inmarsat could state that MH370’s flightpath was definitely within the two arcs as they stipulate, I would very much like to know given the following:

“That has to be the crew or someone who’s intimately familiar with how a 777 operates,” Waldock said.

Military radars, which don’t rely as much on transponders, tracked the plane as it turned back across the Malaysian peninsula before changing direction again and heading northwest, the prime minister said.

Investigators narrowed the jetliner’s possible routes by mapping once-an-hour contacts with a satellite that continued after Acars and other systems were shut down, according to three people familiar with the work.

The pings provide no data about the plane’s speed, location or altitude. Still, they allow calculations of an arc along the earth’s surface where the plane was each time it communicated with the satellite. [based on the signal power received and the assumed power transmitted? Give me the formula please that you are using. This cannot possibly be classified.]

The two routes said to be possibilities are along one arc.

Australia’s radar network includes a long-range system capable of detecting air targets as small as the BAE Systems Hawk, a single-engine, two-seater jet. A base station in Laverton, Western Australia state has a range of about 3,000 kilometers (1,864 miles) covering most of the ocean south of Java and west from Perth, according to the Defense Ministry’s website.

Formulas and calculations please.

I would also like to point out the Australian claim of a radar facility which has a range of 3000Km. That is a serious range from what I understand about Long Range Military radar. My understanding is that it generally is capable of up to approx 750Km.

However, if the Australian claim is true, then that raises a BIG question about Diego Garcia. Why?

Well, let’s say Diego Garcia has a radar system capable of 3000Km range (and you would have to assume it has at least the equivalent technology as Australia, being what it is). The distance between Diego Garcia and the East Coast of Indonesia is a close approximation of 2,922Km. Here is a photo of 2,922KM from the general area of Perth Australia reaching into the Indian Ocean:

2922 2


And here is that same 2,922Km extending out from Diego Garcia:

2922 1


If nothing else, Diego Garcia will have capabilities to surveil their environment extensively. Further, from the photo below you can see how the distance from western australia of the proposed flight path is roughly equidistant from Diego Garcia. And yet, with all that kit – radar, ships, aircraft etc – Diego Garcia does not even get a mention for helping the search or providing anything whatsoever. They will not even acknowledge its existence for the sake of helping to find a potentially hijacked aircraft. Diego Garcia is, essentially, OFF the radar for any purposes whatsoever. The red line is a close approximation of the two yellow flightpaths suggested by the transportation authority. However, I still don’t buy it. Give me a reason to! There is nothing that they have provided – nothing at all – to support and demonstrate why they believe those two arcs and how they can be so sure of those two arcs. Every “lead” and search, thus far, has been a wild goose chase and yet, they ask us to trust an Inmarsat set of raw data which we don’t even know what it consists of or how they use it? Meanwhile there are pieces of classified information all over the place. Nope. It’s all BS to me.

DG proximity

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  1. D. Hounsome said, on March 22, 2014 at 7:44 pm

    Earthling, I get the feeling, you could say, “Check mate”

  2. PEDB said, on March 28, 2014 at 2:33 pm

    You don’t need a physics bright spark, just someone who understands something about spherical triangles (e.g. celestial navigation) and running fixes.

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