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MH370: Sleeping with the enemy

Ok, give this some thought. The following is taken from today’s Malaysian Airlines website. A statement for today, Friday March 21st…..

“Hi, I’m the US secretary of Defence and I’m here to help you find your missing plane. We’ve processed and refined the inmarsat raw data to provide you with what we’d like you to understand. Any questions? Don’t hesitate to ask. Unless, of course, it relates to Diego Garcia.” 🙂

Friday, March 21, 05:30 PM MYT +0800 Malaysia Airlines MH370 Flight Incident – MH370 Press Briefing by Hishammuddin Hussein, Minister of Defence and Acting Minister of Transport

Introductory statement

Malaysia continues to work on the diplomatic, technical and logistical challenges involved in the search for MH370. [Diplomatic challenges I have no doubt. Here’s a challenge for you MAS: Ask the United States if you can just have an inspector take a little peek around Diego Garcia. Just in case you understand. Not that you’re casting any doubt on the United states and the United Kingdom or the CIA but say something like “Captain Zahari had invented a cloaking device and we feel he may have possibly flown into Diego Garcia without you noticing. Hey! It’s worth a shot. Americans will believe anything and they believe Klingon cloaking devices are real! Just like they thought “Air Force One” with Harrison Ford was a true story!]

We are still awaiting information from the Australian search and rescue operation as to whether the objects shown in the satellite images released by Australia yesterday are indeed related to MH370. [Well, so far, it’s a “we don’t know it could be a container from a ship or it could be the debris from a martian flying saucer]

In the meantime, we are continuing search and rescue operations in the rest of the southern and northern corridors. I will now give you a brief operational update. [Still sticking to those corridors eh? You have a lot of faith in Inmarsat it seems.]

1.    Operational update

Search efforts southwest of Perth continue, and the Australian authorities are intensifying their efforts in the area. HMAS Success is due to reach the vicinity of the objects tomorrow.

China has deployed 5 ships and 3 ship-borne helicopters, which are currently heading toward the southern corridor. 3 Chinese aircraft (2 Ilyushin IL-76s and 1 Shaanxi Y-8) arrived in Malaysia at 11:00 this morning. They will also be searching in the southern corridor. [That’s a hell of a lot of assets and expense for yet another ‘maybe’ isn’t it? PM Abbott having stated it could just be containers from a ship’s cargo. I’d have waited to see if there was anything solid regarding this before sending 5 ships from China!]

Japan is deploying its assets to Perth, including 2 P-3 Orions, to assist with the Australian search efforts.  [Japan too? Wow! All on the basis of a really poor black and white photo which shows absolutely nothing. It’s great when you’re spending other people’s money isn’t it? Can the crews get a good tan on the deck down there?]

This morning I have spoken with the acting High Commissioner from the United Kingdom, who confirmed that the Prime Minister has spoken to the Prime Minister of the UK, and that HMS Echo is already heading towards the southern Indian Ocean to support the search effort. He also confirmed that the UK will be providing us with a list of possible assets that can be deployed if needed.  [We’re sending a ship too down there? Hey Abbott and Malaysia, you owe me!]

He also has reaffirmed that, in addition to the technical support provided so far, it stands ready to provide further specialist search and investigative assistance once more information about the fate of MH370 becomes known. [UK specialist search and investigative assistance. I’m sure. Just to ensure that the right info is being handled properly.]

I have also been in touch with the French delegation, which is led by the French Ambassador to Malaysia, and includes the man who led the investigation into the Air France 447 crash. They have agreed to assist us with their considerable experience and expertise. [What? Taking two years? One crash. Expertise? I’ve been driving about 30 years and had about 3 collisions in that time. I must be a bloody expert!]

I will also be speaking to the US Secretary of Defence at 21:15 tonight, to request further specialist assets to help with the search and rescue efforts, including remotely-operated vehicles for deep ocean salvage. [Ah, specialist assistance from the US Secretary of Defence? That sounds about right.]

The Kazakhstan authorities have assured us that they have found no trace of MH370, and we are awaiting permission for Kazakhstan to be used as a staging point for search operations. [Staging point? To go where? Why don’t you just ask the countries around it to search too and if they say ‘no trace” then there’s no trace.]

On the police investigation, the Ukraine police have confirmed that the background checks on the Ukrainian passenger have come back clear. [Ukraine Police?? Now which side politically are they on? What if, which I guess they are, they are the police for what is, at the moment, a gang of criminal billionaire zionists? Don’t you think they may just follow their zionist bosses’ agenda? Wouldn’t they then wish to stick with the “two Iranians and stolen passports” story?]

2.    Satellite data processing

I would like to briefly discuss the processing of the Inmarsat data.

The investigations team received the complete raw Inmarsat satellite data which included the six handshakes at approximately 15:00 on Wednesday 12th March.

This type of data is not normally used in investigations of this sort. It is only because we have so little other information to go on in this difficult and unprecedented situation that the data is being used.

Upon receiving the raw data, the Malaysian authorities immediately discussed with the US team how this information might be used. The US team and the investigations team then sent the data to the US, where further processing was needed before it could be used. [Meanwhile the US Secretary of Defence is giving “specialist assistance”. lol]

Initial results were received on Thursday 13th March at approximately 13:30, but it was agreed by the US team and the investigations team that further refinement was needed, so the data was again sent back to the US. [Uhuh! further processing, further refinement….How difficult is this? The data must be pretty damned simple AND, once you’ve subtracted the info from it, what other “refinements and processing” can possibly be required? But you don’t go into any detail whatsoever there do you?]

The results were received at approximately 14:30 on Friday 14th March, and presented to the investigations team at a high-level meeting at 21:00 on Friday. The UK AAIB, who had also been processing this data independently, presented their results – which concurred with ours and those of the US team – at that meeting. [Of course the Uk and US would concur. And since it is obvious that you need to use them to relate the info from the satellite to you, you’d HAVE to concur wouldn’t you?]

The Prime Minister was briefed on this satellite information at 08:00 Saturday 15th March, and publicly announced it at the press conference at Saturday lunchtime. Search and rescue operations were immediately shifted to the northern and southern corridor. [Your PM, then, is being manouevred by the US and UK info. I mean he won’t be a software analyst now will he?]

3.    Family care

Last night in Kuala Lumpur we held a briefing for the relatives of those on board MH370. As I mentioned in yesterday’s statement, the briefing was to update family members on the latest developments, and to answer questions and clear up any confusion.

The meeting was well attended by family members from different nations, including Malaysia, and by representatives from the Chinese Embassy in Kuala Lumpur.

A high-level Malaysian delegation, including representatives from Malaysia Airlines, the Department of Civil Aviation, the Ministry of Transport, the Ministry of Defence, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the National Security Council also attended the meeting.

We had a very constructive and frank discussion. Although we answered most of the questions they raised, we could not answer them all. These briefings will continue – at the families’ convenience – for as long as the families want them.

The briefing brought the families and the Malaysian authorities closer together, not just in terms of sharing information, but also in terms of listening to the voice of the family members. The Prime Minister’s Special Envoy to China will be co-ordinating the briefings in Kuala Lumpur from now on.

The high-level team I announced yesterday arrived in Beijing last night. Today they met with family members for three and half hours.

4.    Concluding remarks

There continues to be a multinational effort co-ordinated by Malaysia and involving dozens of countries from around the world. We continue to receive offers of assistance, including specialist assets that can help with the search and rescue. We welcome all assistance as we continue to follow every credible lead.

Thursday, March 20, 05:30 PM MYT +0800 Malaysia Airlines MH370 Flight Incident – MH370 Press Briefing by Hishammuddin Hussein, Minister of Defence and Acting Minister of Transport

1.    Australian satellite images

At 10:00 this morning, the Prime Minister received a call from the Prime Minister of Australia, informing him that ‘two possible objects related to the search’ for MH370 had been identified in the Southern Indian Ocean. The Australian authorities in Kuala Lumpur have also briefed me on the situation, and the Australian Foreign Minister has spoken to the Foreign Minister of Malaysia.

The Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA) continues co-ordinating the search for the missing Malaysia Airlines aircraft within Australia’s search and rescue area, with assistance from the Australian Defence Force, the New Zealand Air Force, and the US Navy.

AMSA’s Rescue Co-ordination Centre (RCC) Australia has received satellite imagery of objects possibly related to the search for MH370.

RCC Australia received an expert assessment of commercial satellite imagery today. The images were captured by satellite. They may not be related to the aircraft. [It would be good if it had taken high resolution colour photos however.Which it is capable of.]

The assessment of these images was provided by the Australian Geospatial Intelligence Organisation as a possible indication of debris southwest of Perth.

As a result of this information, four aircraft have been re-orientated to an area 2,500 kilometres southwest of Perth.

A Royal Australian Air Force P-3 Orion aircraft arrived in the area at about 10:50AM.

Another 3 aircraft have been tasked by RCC Australia to the area, including a second RAAF Orion, a Royal New Zealand Air Force Orion, and a US Navy P-8 Poseidon.

The Poseidon was expected to arrive early this afternoon. The second RAAF Orion was expected to depart RAAF Base Pearce, Perth, mid-afternoon. The New Zealand Orion was due to depart this afternoon.

An RAAF C-130 Hercules aircraft has been tasked by RCC Australia to drop datum marker buoys to assist in drift modelling. They will provide an on-going reference point if the task of relocating the objects becomes protracted.

A merchant ship that responded to a shipping broadcast issued by RCC Australia on Monday was also expected to arrive in the area this afternoon.

The Royal Australian Navy ship HMAS Success is en route to the area but is some days away. The ship is well equipped to recover any objects located and proven to be from MH370.

Every effort is being made to locate the objects seen in the satellite imagery. It must be stressed that these sightings, while credible, are still to be confirmed.

[So the Australians have quite a substantial number of assets searching while HMAS Success will take two days to reach the area and there is, as yet, no confirmation of whether this satellite image relates to MH370 or just a chunk of ship debris. And yet, the Chinese are sending ships, the Japanese and the UK – which, I guess, will take more than a couple of days to reach, by which time, Australia could have confirmed the debris has nothing to do with MH370. Talk about poor fricking management! Are we dealing with sane, clear thinking people here or what? I say not!]

2.    Assets deployed

The search for MH370 is a multinational effort. I will now give you an update on the assets which have been deployed.

During the course of this operation, the Chief of the Defence Force has spoken to his counterparts from countries including:

•        Australia

•        China

•        India

•        Indonesia

•        Japan

•        Maldives

•        Nepal

•        New Zealand

•        Singapore

•        Thailand

•        Vietnam

•        The UK

•        And the USA.

All were very supportive, and all offered their assistance. As the focus of the search has moved from the South China Sea and Straits of Malacca to the northern and southern corridors, our international partners have continued to provide whatever support they can.

A number of assets have been deployed at different phases of the search and rescue operation.

Currently, there are 18 ships, 29 aircraft and 6 ship-borne helicopters deployed along the northern and southern corridors, as follows:


In the northern corridor, there are 4 aircraft:

•        2 from Malaysia

•        1 from Japan

•        And 1 from the US.

In the southern corridor, there are 25 aircraft:

•        2 from Malaysia

•        5 from Australia

•        3 from China

•        4 from Indonesia

•        2 from India

•        4 from Japan

•        1 from New Zealand

•        2 from South Korea

•        1 from the UAE

•        And 1 from the USA.


All 18 ships are in the southern corridor: [Yeah there’s not much call for ships on land is there?]

•        6 from Malaysia

•        1 from Australia

•        5 from China

•        And 6 from Indonesia.

This deployment includes 6 helicopters:

•        3 from Malaysia, and 3 from China.

Until we are certain that we have located MH370, search and rescue operations will continue in both corridors. I can confirm that Malaysia is sending 2 aircraft to Kazakhstan, and the UK is planning to send 1 ship to the southern corridor.

In addition to the assets I just listed above, a number of countries in the northern corridor are carrying out search and rescue operations within their own territory:

•        China is using every means possible, including 21 satellites, to search the area within its borders, and is ready to send more ships and aircraft wherever they are needed.

•        In Cambodia, 4 helicopters are conducting search operations within Cambodian territory.

•        The Laos Air Force is carrying out search operations within Laos.

•        Singapore are using their International Information Fusion Centre, where a Malaysian representative is stationed, to notify mariners and help with the search.

•        The Thai military are conducting search operations in the northern part of Thailand with all available aircraft.

•        And Vietnam are conducting search operations within their territory using an unspecified number of aircraft.

Together this represents a significant international force deployment. I am thankful for the co-operation of our partners as we continue to focus on finding MH370.

3.    Family care

The high-level team I announced yesterday is leaving for Beijing this evening.

I would also like to confirm that representatives from the Malaysian government spoke to the families who were present here yesterday.

In addition, the Prime Minister’s Special Envoy to China, and the Chinese Ambassador to Malaysia, will lead a briefing today for the Chinese families who are here in Kuala Lumpur.

Also in attendance will be the Department of Civil Aviation, the Armed Forces, the Royal Malaysia Police, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and MAS. A similar briefing will also be held for the other families.

4.    Concluding remarks

For families around the world, the one piece of information they want most is the information we just don’t have: the location of MH370.

Our primary focus has always been to find the aircraft. And with every passing day, our efforts have intensified.

Yesterday I said that we wanted to reduce the area of the search. We now have a credible lead. There remains much work to be done to deploy the assets. This work will continue overnight.

Just get all your “assets” together and sail towards Diego Garcia. I think you might have a fair fight on your hands then but you’d have to torpedo the UK and US ships on the way there of course!

How can you possibly consider actions of any foreign government against you when you are relying on those foreign governments to feed you information and to help you? Sorry but DUH!


And don’t think Hishammuddin doesn’t know what I’m talking about:

Accusation of Anwar Ibrahim as a CIA agent

In July 2010, he had, along with Information Minister Rais Yatim, accused Anwar Ibrahim of being a CIA agent based on a blog article. However, Hishamuddin admitted the Home Ministry “doesn’t know if Anwar is a tool (of the CIA) or not”. This revelation was not based on any evidence, as he admitted, but on an article by an American blogger. Mysteriously, he added that “action” would only be taken if “national security” was threatened although espionage, i.e. working for a foreign intelligence agency, is a crime.

According to John Malott, a former US Ambassador in Malaysia from 1995 to 1998, this was not the first time UMNO made these accusations. In 2000, he had dealt with these allegations when the Malaysian government failed to prosecute Anwar. This time round it seems the government is unwilling to prosecute too. “Today, twelve years after I met with Abdullah (Badawi, who was then Foreign Minister), Malaysia still has not offered any proof that Anwar is an American agent – because it is NOT true,” he wrote. Malott also accused the Malaysian government and various media of disseminating false news.

Despite Hishamuddin admitting that they had no evidence to actually arrest Anwar, Rais pled to former UMNO members in PKR to rejoin the Malay party

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    The same people have for thousands of years made us believe there crap, it`s become a habit same as religion.
    Lets start at problem number one>>> Religion And Societies Of Evil:

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