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MH370: Portrait of an “Expert”

Posted in "Terrorism", Disappearance of MH370 by earthling on March 22, 2014

This is a portrait of a man. He’s a balding man. An expert in his field but the field is full of sheep and a single sheepdog. He’s a quiet man, except when he’s at his mistress’s. He’s an expert in debris and very deep water. His name is Mr Hansford.

Mr Hansford is a speculator but he feels safe in his speculations because they tend to keep to the narrative. Like all men who stick to the narrative for the sake of an easy life, Mr Hansford progresses well in his career to the point that Inmarsat even use his balding head for the template of where they think MH370 could have landed.

This is a story of Mr Hansford’s cranium and how it inspired a search for a missing aeroplane and how Mr Hansford ended up in…….. the Twilight Zone!


It was late one weekday night during the second week of march 2014. The Malaysian Airlines flight, MH370 had gone missing the previous weekend having departed Kuala Lumpur headed for Beijing, China. A lone technical consultant was working at Inmarsat’s London HQ having just raped a prostitute in a Kensington Gardens apartment before leaving her for dead after one latex based toy dildo had become stuck in her larynx. But that’s not what concerned the technical consultant because he was one of the employees of Inmarsat with diplomatic immunity. No, what concerned this American specialist in satellite tracking technology was that he had been tasked by the CIA to come up with a believable story which could grasp public and officialdom’s attention in regard to the potential landing/crashing sites of MH370.

Taking a break to clear his head, he switched on the TV to check the late evening news when he had a eureka moment as he dragged on his spliff and sipped his coffee. There, in front of him was the answer. A balding “expert” in aviation and debris called Mr Neil Hansford.

He immediately got back to work once taking a still image of Mr Hansford’s head from the TV screen.

It took painstaking hours. He knew there was something but he just couldn’t identify it. It reminded him of the scene in Close Encounters of the Third Kind where Roy Neary picks at his potatoes. He scraped and he moulded that mound of potatoes knowing there was something to it all. But he just couldn’t find it.



He placed the head of Mr Hansford on the map of South East Asia and sensed he was on to something but, somehow, it just seemed disorientated.



Then it came to him: “It’s the hair! It’s the goddamned hair!”

He reoriented the hair. The strange thing was that what seemed to work became like a set of wings for Mr Hansford’s cranium. Were they 777 wings? Or were they 666 wings? He didn’t know but it worked!



Then it triggered! Inmarsat will provide two arcs covering a sufficiently wide area of the earth to keep everyone busy while providing the alternatives of either having the plane hijacked by Al Qaeda or Iran – the North arc – OR, if that narrative didn’t work, we’ll say it headed south and crashed in 10,000 feet of water. THAT should do it!

And as you can see, the end result ALMOST came out like this but, at a meeting of Inmarsat and the CIA, the CIA agents felt that it would be best to remove the hair – even though it may have passed for storm fronts – and just go with a couple of red coloured arcs.

I don’t know what any of you are laughing at! It’s worked so far hasn’t it?

map 3

Neil Hansford 1

Mr Hanson suffers from premature ejaculation too as can be seen from the above. There IS no location of the debris as yet. We have been given a very very poor panchromatic photo of an area where there is a pointer to a “mass” which proves nothing AND, also, they have not been able to locate again by radar or visual. Not only that but the satellite, from which the photo was taken can provide immensely improved photos than that they are feeding us.

Her is the photo we’re given.


Here are two photos taken with exactly the same satellite:

Worldview 2 satellite image

Worldview 2 satellite image

Worldview 2 Satellite image

Worldview 2 Satellite image


Isn’t it interesting, then, that this satellite, which can give spectacular, high resolution photos, in this case, can’t?

Does it remind you of the poor quality photos we keep getting served up from CCTV cameras in airports etc when it comes to terrorist events? If we get any at all that is!

Meanwhile, sorry but I can’t be bothered dissecting every last piece of trash that these people on this article are vomiting up out of pure speculation while you can also notice, here and there, their subtle suggestions to play out a narrative. Hansford is even suggesting the plane may have been heading to Australia for some sort of terrorist crash. Really? Of all locations, the pilot had a bad holiday experience once in Perth Australia so wanted to terrorise the neighbourhood? Or was he searching for Rolf Harris in a well known paedophile club and heard Kylie Minogue was appearing too? I heard the CIA found photos of Ms Minogue in his home in KL  with messages saying “I’m so lucky lucky lucky? You’re not so lucky now!”

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  1. Gazz said, on March 22, 2014 at 12:52 am

    Alapeciate it if You would refrain from talking of eggsperts in that way 🙂 lol

  2. Marko said, on March 22, 2014 at 2:38 am

    Well, I dropped in recently to say hello.

    Obviously it was not recently enough, because firefox with limited plugins will not allow me to view your site. Probably just a problem my end, but in OPERA it is fine.

    I have extensions and addons crippled to the hilt in Opera, where as FF is pretty open. So you would expect the reverse. Hey ho. Never mind, it is pretty rare this happens, but there you go.

    I would say it was a security issue, but… maybe it is…

    As for DI. well, whatevers…

    I lost the last post of saying hello so I will just say hello here again.

    Hope you are doing well earthlinggb.

    I’ll try to check in a bit sooner this time.

    I hope about from browser to browser and os to os. That may be a good or bad thing depending.

    I wish you well.

    Lovely to see the site and yourself in such fine fettle.

    We’ll say hello one of these fine days.

    Take care.


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