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MH370: “The games we play with people’s lives”

Posted in "Terrorism", Disappearance of MH370, Geo-Political Warfare, Politics by earthling on March 19, 2014

First of all, not having all the facts (and probably no-one ever will), I am not having a go at the Malaysian authorities with this one. That may be due in the future but, contrary to what some people think of their government in Malaysia at the moment, I am giving them a little benefit of the doubt because I am still very much of the opinion that the US is behind this and that Diego Garcia figures in this story. That would, in my view, necessitate the Malaysian officials to be VERY careful about what they say without having full proof and some form of protection for themselves for even hinting at Diego Garcia.

Let me explain…

What we now have is the Malaysian officials stating that they have new radar evidence from a third party country. We have to assume that this is not Thailand since they have already stated they caught sight of the plane with their radar, they say, “flying toward Malacca”. So, I’d suggest we can rule out Thailand as being the country with the new info and being unwilling to divulge which country they are. Logical? I think so.

However, here’s the thing: What do we keep hearing from “experts” and “sources”? That it could be possible for the plane to have flown over certain countries on those northern or southern arcs IF it is the case that these countries radar systems are not all they should be. To admit the limitations, therefore, would put their respective national security at risk. Ok, plausible theory you say and yes, it is plausible. HOWEVER, what we have now is a statement saying that a country DOES have radar evidence. Now wouldn’t you think that country would wish to promote that? That their radar DID have the ability to pick up the plane? So what excuse would these “experts” and “sources” make now for a country who could prove their defence radar system is up to the task? It doesn’t have to give away detail of why. It has already done this, one would guess, to the malaysian authorities. So what do you think could possibly be the reason for not divulging to the public which country saw the plane?

Think about it: If it were a country on the northern arc than that keeps the story going that it was heading in the direction the narrative wishes us to believe it did. Conversely, if it were the southern arc, well all there is is Indonesia then nothing unless western australia picked it up. But what would be the issue for either of these countries stating they picked it up on radar? Absolutely none.

So then, once more, here is the third possibility which, it just so happens, works very nicely into a country not being willing to speak up: It is a country which is on NEITHER of the arcs! Now, where would that lead?

Again, only in one direction. Toward the Maldives/Seychelles and Diego Garcia.

So let’s assume that the Malaysian Transportation Minister is stating that those witnesses in Maldives were talking BS. Does he give good reason for this considering he isn’t in the Maldives and they are? If he doesn’t know where the plane is or went, how can anyone possibly say these people did not see what they say they did? It’s a logical fallacy right now until he explains why they couldn’t have seen it. It’s just like Jay Carney – the Whitehouse Press Secretary – saying “I’ll rule that one out”. There is no justification for it.

Maldives witnesses

And, of course, we have the pilot’s home simulator with Maldives and Diego Garcia landing stips along with Seychelles. And where, exactly, is Dhaalu Atoll?

Dhaalu Atoll

And there, once again, staring up from the bottom of the image, is the British Indian Ocean Territories including Diego Garcia, waving at us.

However, it could, I admit, just as well be that, if the plane did cross Dhaalu Atoll, that it WAS on its way to Somalia – but, somehow, I doubt it. I doubt it because I don’t think for one moment that Diego Garcia would not have picked up on it. They will have a database filled with the flight plans of all civilian aircraft crossing that part of the ocean for hundreds of miles radius. If there is one that does not conform to the info they have, it’ll be sorry!

However, once again, I have no verification of this report from Maldives. But then neither do you!

So, again, let’s think why one of the countries on the northern arc would not wish to divulge to the public (or to other countries authorities other than Malaysia) that they had picked up the plane on their radar. Could it be because they had a track on where it was heading? So let’s say Northern India picked it up heading toward Pakistan. So? You tell me (because I don’t know) what the issue there would be? Would Pakistan be affronted and decide to drop a nuke on India because they said they saw the plane heading in their direction? Or could it be that in spotting it, India are embarrassed that they did nothing about it to intercept? A rather poor excuse for hiding the fact from the public when they have possibly admitted this to the Malaysian authorities. And why would the latter wish to keep this classified for now? Wouldn’t it be in Malaysia’s interest to publicly state what they know and take some of the heat off themselves?

Sorry if I’ve missed something but none of this stacks up for me.

What if Sri Lanka has spotted the plane flying south/south west though? After all of this talk about being certain it was either the northern arc or the southern arc?

What if they were to now have to come clean that it was seen over the general territory of the Maldives/South of Sri Lanka?

Well, people like me and many others would be vindicated wouldn’t we? And that just will not do! And neither would the embarrassment of the “authorities” who had, for 12 days, fed you shit. 😉

While here’s another thing:

“ACARS is a communication system, not a Global Positioning System (GPS); it does not give positions but only transfer messages.”

How strange (but very true and you can find confirmation of this online from here.

PLUS, here is another interesting little snippet if you give it some thought:

“VHF is the most commonly used and least expensive. Transmission is line-of-sight so VHF is not available over the oceans or other vast expanses of uninhabited surface, such as the Amazon Basin.”

Do you see the subtle little possibility which stares you in the face here? No?

Well what if the reason for the non communication with ACARS SITA by VHF to ground SITA sites had nothing to do with the communications actually having been turned off BUT was actually due to the fact that the plane was flying over a broad expanse of ocean? Hmmm… interesting thought eh?

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  1. D. Hounsome said, on March 19, 2014 at 10:35 pm

    I get the feeling you are on to it, Diego Garcia is without doubt an excellent hideaway. BUT WHY.

    • earthlinggb said, on March 19, 2014 at 10:51 pm

      Lots of reasons Dennis. There could be a myriad reasons. Here’s one: “Malaysia, you’re just not doing as you’re told are you? We want your full support on the TPPA or else, have you ever heard of 9/11 and the twin towers? Oh look! One of your own planes has just disappeared into thin air! Be careful it doesn’t come back to hit YOUR twin towers! Now, play the game boys!”

    • earthlinggb said, on March 19, 2014 at 11:58 pm

      Dear God! Can this be verified? If so it is explosive! Ever had the feeling something is coming to a head? Like a very large zit about to explode?

      • spartacus said, on March 20, 2014 at 1:41 pm

        Earthling, told you about this days ago. Trouble is Duff is not to be trusted imho. Comes out with so much crap that cant be verified. He has even admitted to doing it. He’s also a big fan of Michael Shrimpton.
        He also claims to be a Knight of Malta.

      • Uffda said, on March 20, 2014 at 2:12 pm

        If you are really interested in whats the Bible and God is all about – listen to Bill Donahue. He is spot on most of the time… His channel at: 🙂

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