Malaysia being destabilised by CIA?

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The number of issues piling up with regard to this MH370 disappearance is reaching ridiculous proportions. The rumours and stories circulating and apparent incompetence abound. Meanwhile, we are being driven to a point of considering that there is some Iranian involvement in this while some stories refer to an Iranian defector now saying (after years of being in Germany when he could have told his story at any time before now) that Iran was responsible for the Lockerbie attack.

An additional story which surfaced a couple of days ago, was this one about two Australian girls being invited to the cockpit to spend the full flight there between Phuket and KL. I highly doubt this story – not to say it is impossible – but, while you can see photos of the girls in the cockpit, I am unconvinced of the veracity of their story somehow. People seem to be wishing to paint Malaysians as incompetent, sleazy, unprofessional etc. Sure, I’ve lived there, I know how they can be but I also have lived in the UK most of my life (being British that kind of makes sense doesn’t it?) and you want unprofessionalism, incompetence and sleaze? You can find plenty here!

Malaysian Airlines pilots are as highly skilled and highly trained as any other civilian pilot. Further, they are as likely, if not more likely, to stick with the regulations and policy they are to adhere to. In addition, I doubt very much whether the rest of the crew on a flight would keep their mouths closed about blatant disregard of the policy and, quite happily, allow the pilots to do as suggested. The pilots, meanwhile, were willing to put their careers at risk? No, I don’t buy it. While I also don’t buy the idea that the pilots would take a photo of the girls in the cockpit and hand it to them, thereby allowing them to “blackmail” them if they had so wished. How could such a photo(s) transpire? Your guess is as good as mine but it could be that they are real photos (not photoshopped) and that the girls were allowed to see inside the cockpit once landed. Additionally, it doesn’t say much for the girl when she admits to considering the “invite” from the First Officer to be a “little sleazy”.  And can you imagine what a cockpit is like if you were to light up a cigarette or a cigar in one? Plus, the smell would linger and the staff who then check the plane and others who clean the plane, would smell it.

Oz girls and MH370


I highly doubt these girls’ story for one or two other reasons also. There are now many stories circulating about this entire MH370 episode and there are many (or most of them) which do not add up or, are posited but then forgotten – such as the story about Balotelli of course. It’s becoming a ridiculous circus and, assuming there actually were and are people on that flight (I take nothing for granted anymore) I can only feel for their families who don’t know the first thing about what has or may have happened to their family members while governments and military are playing games – because that is exactly what is going on here – a game. What its purpose is is (and probably always will be at least for some time) unknown and is pure speculation. However, while not wishing to speculate too much, I have a strong feeling that the CIA and the US government, along with their allies, have everything to do with this game.

Now, here is something I picked up on from 2012. I had been aware of CIA activity in Malaysia but there are one or two coincidences: (Please note Anwar Ibrahim’s mentions throughout)



January 31, 2012

(Harakah Daily) – Penang-based Citizens International has urged the Malaysian government to expel those recruited by the US’s Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) to carry out espionage activities against its arch enemy Iran, as revealed in a report by Asian Times.


The paper in a report last December claimed that CIA had been recruiting Iranian students in Malaysia to spy on vital targets in Iran.

In a statement to Harakahdaily, the group’s chairman SM Mohamed Idris urged Home minister Hishamuddin Hussein to immediately expel such agents who were based in the US Embassy, multi-national corporations, academic institutions and media organizations.

“CIA’s recruitment of Iranian students for spying in a friendly country and setting up think-tanks and educational institutions here for such purpose amount to serious interference in our internal affairs by the US and a threat to our sovereignty,” said Idris.

The report states that a dedicated team set up by CIA’s National Clandestine Service not only operate from Iran’s neighbours, but also in Malaysia where there is a large number of Iranian students, who became target due to their good command of the Persian language and inter-cultural competence.

Iranian intelligence has meanwhile identified 42 officers of the NCS operating in several countries and collected detailed information on the scope and nature of their activities. Among these were one “patriotic Iranian student” who had been offered scholarship by a quasi-academic institution as a means of entrapment.

Following an investigation by the Islamic republic’s Ministry of Intelligence and Security into the institution, 30 suspected spies had been netted.

The report added that such spies were embedded within numerous official and unofficial American organizations, including US embassies, multinational corporations, academic institutions, think-tanks and media organizations.

Saying Iranian officials would have informed the Malaysian government of the development, Idris (left) asked whether there had been any follow-up action.

newslocal_sm_idris“The activities of CIA here are bound to cause severe strain to the good relations we have with Iran. Further, both Malaysia and Iran are members of the Organisation of Islamic Co-operation (OIC}and the United Nations and, therefore, it would be in violation of the OIC Charter and the UN Charter to allow our territory to be used for the illegal US-Israel covert war against Iran,” said Idris, who is also president of well-known consumer pressure group Consumers Association of Penang (CAP).

Idris also urged the Malaysian government to stop security cooperation with the US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) under the guise of the ‘war on terror’, saying that “in reality, is a war against Muslims and Islam”.

What we also must bear in mind is that Mahathir Muhammad still, to this day, is a prominent politically figure in Malaysia and he has not only been extremely vocal in attacking George Soros but also Israel, the United States and the UK. Mr Mahathir doesn’t tend to pull many punches, even though he will know Brzezinski’s Grand Chessboard game and is playing in it. Malaysia is a rather wealthy country and is a net exporter of oil for example. Yes it has its issues but who doesn’t. Let’s lose this ideology which so many try to maintain that the west is all good and clean. I think that idea has now been laid to rest (R.I.P) and not so many wear the rose tinted glasses any longer whereas many have donned the “They Live” sunglasses!

The financial crisis threatened to devastate Malaysia. The value of the ringgit plummeted due to currency speculation, foreign investment fled, and the main stock exchange index fell by over 75 per cent. At the urging of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), the government cut government spending and raised interest rates, which only served to exacerbate the economic situation. In 1998, Mahathir reversed this policy course in defiance of the IMF and his own deputy, Anwar. He increased government spending and fixed the ringgit to the US dollar. The result confounded his international critics and the IMF. Malaysia recovered from the crisis faster than its Southeast Asian neighbours. In the domestic sphere, it was a political triumph. Amidst the economic events of 1998, Mahathir had dismissed Anwar as Finance Minister and Deputy Prime Minister, and he could now claim to have rescued the economy in spite of Anwar’s policies. Do you think Mahathir had an acute awareness regarding how to play this game?

By the mid-1990s it had become clear that the most serious threat to Mahathir’s power was the leadership ambition of his deputy, Anwar. Anwar began to distance himself from Mahathir, overtly promoting his superior religious credentials and appearing to suggest he favoured loosening the restrictions on civil liberties that had become a hallmark of Mahathir’s premiership. However, Mahathir continued to back Anwar as his successor until their relationship collapsed dramatically during the Asian financial crisis. Their positions gradually diverged, with Mahathir abandoning the tight monetary and fiscal policies urged by the IMF. At the UMNO General Assembly in 1998, a leading Anwar supporter, Ahmad Zahid Hamidi, criticised the government for not doing enough to combat corruption and cronyism. As Mahathir took the reins of Malaysia’s economic policy over the coming months, Anwar was increasingly sidelined. On 2 September, he was dismissed as Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister, and promptly expelled from UMNO. No immediate reasons were given for the dismissal, although the media speculated that it related to lurid allegations of sexual misconduct circulated in a “poison pen letter” at the general assembly. As more allegations surfaced, large public rallies were held in support of Anwar. On 20 September, he was arrested and placed in detention under the Internal Security Act.

Anwar stood trial on four charges of corruption, arising from allegations that Anwar abused his power by ordering police to intimidate persons who had alleged Anwar had sodomised them. Before Anwar’s trial, Mahathir told the press that he was convinced of Anwar’s guilt. He was found guilty in April 1999 and sentenced to six years in prison. In another trial shortly after, Anwar was sentenced to another nine years in prison on a conviction for sodomy. The sodomy conviction was overturned on appeal after Mahathir left office.

While Mahathir had vanquished his rival, it came at a cost to his standing in the international community and domestic politics. US Secretary of State Madeleine Albright defended Anwar as a “highly respectable leader” who was “entitled to due process and a fair trial”. In a speech in Kuala Lumpur, which Mahathir attended, US Vice President Al Gore stated that “we continue to hear calls for democracy”, including “among the brave people of Malaysia”. At the APEC summit in 1999, Canadian Prime Minister Jean Chrétien refused to meet Mahathir, while his foreign minister met with Anwar’s wife, Wan Azizah Wan Ismail. Wan Azizah had formed a liberal opposition party, the National Justice Party (Keadilan) to fight the 1999 election. UMNO lost 18 seats and two state governments as large numbers of Malay voters flocked to PAS and Keadilan, many in protest at the treatment of Anwar.

At UMNO’s general assembly in 2002, Mahathir announced that he would resign as Prime Minister, only for supporters to rush to the stage and convince him tearfully to remain. He subsequently fixed his retirement for October 2003, giving him time to ensure an orderly and uncontroversial transition to his anointed successor, Abdullah Badawi. Having spent over 22 years in office, Mahathir was the world’s longest-serving elected leader when he retired. He remains Malaysia’s longest-serving prime minister.

Here is what Mahathir has had to say about some of the above – Soros, the U.S. etc:

Mahathir has not hesitated to point to America for justification of his own actions. In speaking of arbitrary detention without trial of prisoners of conscience in Malaysia, he said: “Events in the United States have shown that there are instances where certain special powers need to be used in order to protect the public for the general good.”

At the other end of the spectrum, the United States government has previously criticised the Malaysian government for implementing the ISA, most recently in 2001 when President George W. Bush said “The Internal Security Act is a draconian law. No country should any longer have laws that allow for detention without trial.” In 2004, however, Bush reversed his stance and claimed “We cannot simply classify Malaysia’s Internal Security Act as a draconian law.” What year was the Patriot Act introduced Georgie you fricking hypocrite?

In 2004, (The Star, 18 October 2004), Mahathir was quoted as having said “The American people are, by and large, very ignorant and know nothing about the rest of the world…. Yet they are the people who will decide who will be the most powerful man in the world” – this is Mahathir playing the game because he knows full well that the President of the US is nothing more than a puppet.

About Israel and the jews:

Mahathir’s public remarks about Jews date back as early as 1970 when he wrote in his controversial book The Malay Dilemma“The Jews for example are not merely hook-nosed, but understand money instinctively.”

In 1997, during the financial crisis, he attributed the collapse of the Malaysian ringgit to a conspiracy of Jews against a prosperous Muslim state: “The Jews robbed the Palestinians of everything, but in Malaysia they could not do so, hence they do this, depress the ringgit.” Under strong international criticism, he issued a partial retraction, but not in Malay-language.

“The Jews had always been a problem in European countries. They had to be confined to ghettoes and periodically massacred. But still they remained, they thrived and they held whole Governments to ransom…Even after their massacre by the Nazis of Germany, [Jews] survived to continue to be a source of even greater problems for the world…The Holocaust failed as a final solution.”

Plus a few more.

Mahathir established the Kuala Lumpur War Crimes Commission to focus on victims of abuse in Iraq, Lebanon and the Palestinian territories

On 11 May 2012, Bush, Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld and their legal advisers Alberto Gonzales, David Addington, William Haynes, Jay Bybee and John Yoo were found guilty of war crimes. “After the guilty verdict reached by five senior judges was delivered, Mahathir Mohamad said: ‘Powerful countries are getting away with murder.'”

Mahathir on Soros:

New Straits Times

07 October 2012

WHEN I was away, Malaysiakini was busy trying to legitimise their receiving money from George Soros because I invited him to join the campaign to make war a crime.

Receiving money from Soros and an invitation to make war a crime are two different things. In no way can one justify the other.

I only wrote to Soros after he admitted that I was not wrong in my criticisms of currency trading. Some people may remember that he said I was a menace to my country. By saying that the currency control Malaysia imposed to counter the effects of currency trading was the right thing to do, he was clearly admitting that I was right and was, therefore, not a menace to my country. Obviously, I would not have anything to do with him if he had continued to regard me as a menace to my country.

My letter inviting him to join the campaign to make war a crime was prompted by his financing of the campaign to prevent president George W. Bush from winning a second term. Bush is a warmonger and is responsible for the deaths of hundreds of thousands of Iraqis and 6,000 American soldiers in the war against Iraq.

I thought Soros’ opposition to Bush was because he did not like war. But he replied to my invitation to work towards making war a crime by explaining that people had been fighting wars for 7,000 years and, therefore, war is a means of settling conflicts. Malaysiakini is quite right in surmising that his answer was in the negative. I was not surprised. Obviously, he was not against killing people in war. Nor I presume did he care for the massive destruction and sufferings caused by war.

I did meet him when he came here, but we agreed to disagree. He still maintained that currency trading is right and proper. We did not bury any hatchet. I was being civil as I am a Malaysian — and nothing more. So digging up hatchets does not arise.

According to Richard Miniter writing in Forbes, Soros is conducting his own foreign policy which may or may not be identical with US foreign policy. Soros believes he can use his money to set up governments which are pro-Soros or his ideals. Impoverishing countries and peoples matters little to him. Famously, he was quoted as saying in reply to his role in the 1997 East Asian currency crash, “As a market participant, I don’t need to be concerned with the consequences of my actions”.


Miniter quoted the following from Britain’s New Statesman: “In 1984 (Soros) founded his first Open Society Institute in Hungary and pumped millions of dollars into opposition movements and independent media. Ostensibly aimed at building up a ‘civil society’, these initiatives were designed to weaken the existing political structures and pave way for eastern Europe’s eventual colonisation by global capital.”

Some may remember Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim’s fondness for “civil society” when he was in the government. He still talks about civil society now. The similarity of ideas between the two, Soros and Anwar, is significant.

Miniter went on to describe events in Georgia, where Alexander Lomaia, who went from running Soros’ Open Society Georgia Foundation to become minister of education and science and later secretary of Georgia’s Security Council.

Georgia’s opposition Labour Party leader, Shalva Natelashvili, contends that, “Effectively, George Soros is the president of Georgia, whereas (President) Saakashvili and (Prime Minister) Zurab Zhvania are his governors. Soros’ foundation nominated nine ministers of the Georgian government, and all of them were appointed”. And Soros claims to be promoting democracy.

His supporters here also claim to be fighting for democracy while being led by an unelected leader who in turn appointed members of his family and cronies to various leadership posts.

Miniter quoted Ercis Kurtulus, head of Turkey’s Social Transparency Movement Association as saying, “Soros carried out his will in Ukraine and Georgia by using these NGOs…”

So why is Soros financing Malaysiakini, a Malaysian non-governmental organisation. Obviously, it is in order to achieve regime change, to put his nominees as prime minister and ministers in the Malaysian government. What will such a government do if not to carry out Soros’ wishes.

When inviting him to join the campaign to make war a crime, I was not talking about Malaysian politics. Certainly, I did not ask for nor did he give to the Perdana Global Peace Foundation any money. This campaign to make war a crime is for the good of all humanity — not just of Malaysia.

But he was quite unequivocally against making war a crime.

My view of Soros is that he is still a rogue currency trader and he compounds this evil by using the money to put his kind of people to rule the countries targeted by him. And Malaysia obviously is one of his targets.

Equally obvious, he regards Malaysiakini as the NGO to manipulate in order to achieve his objective.

There are of course other foreign NGOs and governments manipulating Malaysia’s opposition for their interest.

A vote for the opposition, is a vote for Soros, the rogue currency trader.

It certainly will not be for Malaysia and its interests. If there are Malaysians who wish to be re-colonised it is their choice. But I believe Malaysians would not want to be stooges of foreigners.

Now, here is what I find majorly coincidental with the missing MH370. Anwar Ibrahim – a major asset/change agent to the west within Malaysian politics and someone who UMNO and Mahathir distrust enormously – was sentenced to 5 years imprisonment just a day or so before MH370 disappears off the radar. Ibrahim is obviously gay (illegal in Malaysia and, as my own government tells me – they cannot interfere in the laws of a sovereign nation! haha. Funny if not for the fact it is sheer hypocrisy and only is policy when it suits them). Now what do we know about our own gays in politics? Also, how is it that homosexuals always seem to be of a zionist bent? (no pun intended).

Anwar Ibrahim

Malaysia wishes to stay Malay. Good on them. They wish to remain sovereign. Good on them. I just wish, in doing so, the corruption at the top would stop and they would share the country’s wealth with their own but that may be difficult when it is part Malay, part chinese. We have to get over these divisions somehow people!

What would the west’s interests be in Malaysia? Well, before even attempting an answer, it is quite obvious there are interests to essentially overthrow the regime. Now, what if, by falsely connecting Malaysia to a “hive of Iranian terrorist activity” and creating the idea that the country is incompetent in handling safety, you can destroy its economy and its people’s trust in their government? You then fund those within its political arena who are good for the west’s interests AND you wish to see, step by step, a Singapore being capital of Malaysia? You have an eastern “flank” in eastern europe facing Russia and Eurasia/China while you also begin (along with the TPP – Trans Pacific Partnership) to build up a south east Asian flank against China?

Mahathir TPP


This is what I think:

The US and CIA have been targeting Malaysia for some time and they want regime change. Malaysia won’t play ball. Mahathir and friends are no longer supporting the War on Terror and would jail George Bush, George Soros, Tony Blair and a whole bunch of zionist agitators if they could lay their hands on them. Malaysia also won’t play ball with the TPP. Malaysia IS muslim but they’re not aligned with Saudi’s version (the Zionist Muslims).

Anwar Ibrahim was important to the west and just a day or so before MH370, Anwar is found guilty (his appeal overturned) of sodomy and will be sentenced to 5 years in jail. He then cannot run for office.

THAT was a last straw and the west (CIA/U.S./Mossad) are teaching Malaysia a lesson.

Was the plane brought down? I think there are sufficient reasons to question that. I think there are sufficient conflicting stories to consider the possibility that MH370 landed somewhere it was told to or guided to.

This is an attack (or just the first step of a multi-stepped attack) on Malaysia and an attempt to destabilise its government.

And I wish Malaysia all best wishes in dealing with this attack. I, personally, do not support any action by my government or any western government or agitator against Malaysia. Malaysia is a country I had the pleasure of living in for a short time and even though one of their motorcycled cops attempted to coerce money out of me (which he didn’t achieve) I still appreciate the people who live there. We’re different but we’re the same! 

8 Responses

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  1. D. Hounsome said, on March 13, 2014 at 11:03 pm

    Excellent article, last paragraph excellent summary. I also spent time in was then Malaya, but was many moon’s ago, during the 1950s.

    • spartacus said, on March 14, 2014 at 4:49 pm

      During the “emergency”? as they called it.

  2. Tom said, on March 14, 2014 at 9:21 am

    Clear masonic handshake from Soros there

    • spartacus said, on March 15, 2014 at 8:18 pm

      Tom, i do have a problem with these masonic handshakes. I’m not suggesting you are wrong, it’s just that some people shake hands differently. Either the thumb is extended pointing at the person, or they tend to pull their thumb to the left across the knuckles. How the hell can we tell?

  3. spartacus said, on March 14, 2014 at 4:59 pm

    If there really is a devil, the C.I.A. are his boys for sure. They are like a cancer on the planet. Well all the alphabet agencies are really. The recruiting students is standard ops for them. Fake front institutions and businesses the same.
    As for Soros, oh boy.

  4. denk said, on March 19, 2014 at 9:12 am

    many posters in this thread
    agree with ur accesment.

  5. denk said, on March 20, 2014 at 10:39 am

    been thinking, why do so many countries doing roaring biz with china wanna poke the dragon’s eyes, japan , aussie etc comes to mind. ?
    malaysia has 0 incentive to antagonise china n vice versa.
    but malaysian officials do seem to be rather *sluggish* in coming up with info.
    fact is, they murmured about *details that cannot be disclosed at present* !
    now china is mightily pissed off.
    why ?

    is it too far fetched to presume that nsa/cia assholes have in their data base secrets of many leaders in this region, for which those concerned would do anything to stop it being *leaked* by one of those *whistle blowers* ?

    *Several years ago some Australian members of parliament were given a security briefing where a video conference intercept of two of the most senior malaysian military commanders was proudly shown to demonstrate Australia’s electronic surveillance abilities, where it implied the ability to access some of the most sensitive military and diplomatic communications in the region.*

    report of prolly mh370 debris sighted at aussie coastline, warship on the way.

  6. matsalleh1 said, on October 14, 2017 at 8:26 am

    Informative article! I have come to a similar conclusion based on my 30+ years in the area. – One would have to be incredibly stupid not to assume that the CIA, Mossad etc have active agents in Malaysia (and elsewhere in SEA. This is what they do. They have a long history of meddling in the internal affairs of most of the governments in SEA. – And also here in Europe..

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