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The Chinese legal person: The Ferengi

Posted in Law, Political History, Politics by earthling on March 11, 2014

The use of the word “farang” in Asia, is normally in relation to a foreign, western man/woman and is, somewhat regarded as a put down.

However, I have written before about how Star Trek mirrors the U.N. principles in many ways through the “United Federation of Planets” so much so that it uses the olive wreath that is also used by the U.N.

United Nations Flag

United Nations Flag

StarTrek_UnitedFederationofPlanets_freedesktopwallpaper_1600Now, I know this is something obvious which people have picked up on. Nothing new. But, I was “wandering” around JSTOR and I found a number of things regarding the “Legal Person” which I will be sharing with you over the course of the next few days/weeks I hope. All quite enlightening and will tend to shut up those who think this legal person issue is just some sort of “conspiracy theory” on the part of people who just don’t wish to pay their way in society (when the reality is, it is quite the opposite).

Farang (Thai: ฝรั่ง [faràŋ]) is a generic Thai word for someone of European ancestry, no matter where they may come from. Edmund Roberts, US envoy in 1833, defined the term as “Frank (or European).” People of African ancestry may be called Thai: ฝรั่งดำ farang dam (‘black farang’) to distinguish them from white people. This began during the Vietnam War, when the United States military maintained bases in Thailand.

It is generally believed that the word farang originated with the Persian word farang (فرنگ) or farangī (فرنگی), meaning “Frank, European”. This in turn comes from the Old French word franc, meaning “Frank“, a West Germanic tribe that became the biggest political power in Western Europe during the early Middle Ages, and from which France derives its name. Because the Frankish Empire ruled Western Europe for centuries, the word “Frank” became deeply associated with Latins who professed the Roman Catholic faith by Eastern Europeans and Middle Easterners.

According to Rashid al-din Fazl Allâh, farang comes from the Arabic word afranj. in Ethiopia faranji means white/European people In either case the original word was pronounced paranki (പറങ്കി) in Malayalamparangiar in Tamil, and entered Khmer as barang and Malay as ferenggi.

The following is taken from the American journal of comparative law. I will publish page 1 for today because there are approximately 37 pages which need to be uploaded as jpegs.

Ch legal 1

So, “faren”, in other words, meant a strange concept to the chinese – that strange concept applying to each and every one of us who lived under that concept in the “west”. However, since 1979, this concept of “legal person” has become normal within the new chinese civil law system. Now why would that be? Why would it be adopted?

China's new civil law

Well, it becomes apparent that there were forces (wealthy people) probably within China and certainly outside of China, who wished to open China up to direct foreign investment but China’s existing legal framework of law did not allow it to happen and, structurally and fundamentally, this was due to the fact that the west based their law upon a concept known as the “Legal Person” whereas China did not. Somehow, the two different systems of law had to “married up” and it looks like it was China who acquiesced to the western system to enable it.

China's legal framework for foreign investment

So, once more, it is readily apparent that the entire global legal system is created and maintained for the purposes of economics and world trade. It has very little, in actual fact, to do with what we know of as “Human Rights” because, as I’m sure you are aware by now, there is no such thing as “Human Rights” but only “Legal rights” – if you can call such “Rights”.

“The Legal Person in China: Essence and Limits” makes for interesting reading and I have every intention of posting the full 37 pages over the coming days.

Meanwhile, to crystalize what was happening in the run up to 1979 re US and China, here’s a little more detail:

Rock China 1

Rock china 2

Rock 3

Office of the historian US china

US China chronology 1



By the way, do you like what the US and UN did to Taiwan in 1971? “Stuff you Taiwan, you no longer have a seat in the United Nations. We’re handing you over to China from now on. We’ve got bigger fish to fry than you, you minnow!” And that about sums up International law for you! An economy to exploit!

US China chronolgy 2

Kissinger starts the ball rolling and Brzezinski finishes it off. Two sides of the fence working together for the same goal over the course of a decade.

And finally, we come full circle once again to the United Nations:

Taken from Rockefeller Foundation’s own documents –

Rock UN

Please note that the Rockefeller Foundation is a family owned, NGO which pays zero tax and it has funded, by way of a CONDITIONAL “gift”, $8.5Million (in 1946 dollars) to the UN to purchase the site of the UN building.

While the Rockefeller family, to this day, are fully involved in the United Nations – the world’s source, essentially, of International law.

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  1. faro said, on March 11, 2014 at 6:05 pm

    In most romantic languages foreigner can literally be translated as ‘stranger’, as in Spanish ‘extranjero’.
    In English it means ‘for reign over’.
    Says it all really.

    • earthlinggb said, on March 11, 2014 at 6:08 pm

      Yeah. I thought it mentioned that – foreigner that is. I must have missed that bit out. Cheers.

  2. Marko said, on March 11, 2014 at 7:56 pm

    Heya, earthlinggb, old chap. Long time no read. Just jumping in here arbitrarily to say hello; I’m sure the article is very good as usual, but you seem to have a lot of them lately. I can’t keep up.

    Hope you are well and fine and kicking. I’ll get around to reading a bit and commenting soon.

    Take care.

    And keep doing that voodoo that only you do, so well!

  3. Gazz said, on March 12, 2014 at 1:36 pm

    Cue Muad’Dib ? 🙂

    Sterling work !

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