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Dear Tom’s “perception deception”

Posted in Uncategorized by earthling on January 26, 2014

Dear Tom,

Is Tom you’re real legal fiction name? It may well be but the point is, one would never know unless one knew you. I don’t. If I decided to call this blog “John Stewart’s blog”, people would automatically assume that to be my name. Yet would the content within it hold any additional credibility? Who would know it wasn’t my name if I so chose to present myself in that way and never give any indication otherwise?

But Tom, don’t let this post go to your head man because it really isn’t about you and your perceptions of me so much as I, finding it personally interesting how people can conjure up entire versions of an unknown person’s character based upon nothing but their own assumptions and their sensitivity to how one writes and the words one uses. It’s fascinating.

Additionally, it may act as a form of clarification of my motives to all who may hold similar perceptions as you. It’s of no consequence to me personally what people read into what I say – I’m way passed caring about people’s perceptions. However, there is a guy who just published a book called “The Perception deception” and I’ll give him this: It is a wonderfully titled book while I’m sure it was never meant to turn that title on its author. The perception of a man who is doing what he is doing for the “love of humanity” is the deception. The thing is, perceptions are, more often than not, what people take as their truth even if those perceptions are simply generated from their own mind reading into things that which they wish to read.

So Tom, I thank you for the following contributions to my blog. They have enabled me to take your input and analyse it while then providing the simple answers to your assumptions and illustrating how you have simply assumed all you have written and projected a character of me which is built upon no experience of me in any way, shape or form.

I’ll comment on your comments as we go along……


t.walker said, on January 25, 2014 at 7:29 pm

hello… earthlinggob… (hello Tom)

yes i’m sure your various rants about icke and his ‘public’ owned self profit broadcasting company (well icke pretends,or should i say his ridiculous wanna be gangster rent boy sean pretends its a ‘public’ non profit enterprise) hold genuine food for thought. (Thanks Tom, that’s all that was intended)

all well and good that you expose what you believe to be wrongdoings with such brave passion. (Brave? That’s what Icke said. Brave doesn’t even come into it. Passion, yes.)

but how’s about you openly tell those you now preach to and champion who you really are and where you are from? anyone can mouth off hiding behind silly names like earthlinggob, even if those you rant about know who you are. (Why is that necessary Tom? While I chose the name “Earthlinggb” simply because I don’t view myself as a nationality – I see it as decisive which it is. Plus, it’s not fear of using my legal fiction name when having something to say about this entire truth movement and anything else I write about, it’s just I have another life also and I wish to keep the two separate. I’m sure you understand that holding certain beliefs and discussing all of these things can impact one’s career right? Or don’t you understand that?)

you scream about ickes rent boy sean not being transparent with donations yet hide like a wimp and make yourself invisible? if you are going to reveal things to the public then can i suggest you start with revealing yourself? if you are going to join the anonymous gobshites then what are you ever going to reveal. (Again, nothing to do with being a “wimp” Tom. Just being smart operating within what is becoming a very dangerous world buddy. Further, information is information. Isn’t that what Icke himself states? Correctly I may add. That information is the star – which, in his case is absolute tripe but nevermind).

i have no doubts your claims may hold credence… but icke and his rent boy at least do not hide their identities on their websites. and as long as you want to gob off in anonimity i’ll say that tells us more about you than those you claim are in the wrong. (No it doesn’t Tom. You see, the two people you mention want the kudos and the fans of their “work”. Icke, of course, needs to use his name because he is a brand. I’m not looking for anyone’s hugs and kisses Tom. While I acknowledge that you have stated twice now that you have no doubt that the info/claims may hold credence. Thanks Tom however, I hate to repeat myself, but that’s all down to your perception isn’t it? You seem to like the info but despise the author. That’s cool coz I’m not important. :-))

i hope your campaign is a success.

best wishes tom


My “campaign”? There is no “campaign” Tom. I just write/blog like any other blogger about subjects that interest me. But, finally, do you see a “DONATE” button on my site anywhere? No. I think that speaks a few volumes Tom.


  • earthlinggb said, on January 25, 2014 at 9:30 pm

    Tom, this blog has been called “Earthlinggb” since the beginning of 2009 way before I ever stumbled upon David Icke. No-one has complained about “anonymity” until I started blogging about Icke. Sorry but I have my reasons for sticking with “earthlinggb” and it has nothing to do with David Icke. After all, he knows my legal fictional name already. As for your assumptions about “hiding” you are welcome to them but I don’t just jump for any TOM, Dick or Harry. Best wishes,

    • t.walker said, on January 26, 2014 at 11:51 am

      2009? You have been anonymous since 2009 earthlinggob? Surely you are mere novice then .. a bandwagon jumper. (Blog started in 2009 so yes, I guess anonymous since then AND a “novice”. My humble apologies Tiger!) Surely you realise I couldn’t mention your anonymity before i knew about it, which i didn’t until 2013? (ermm.. yep that would be logical but you’re assuming it’s all about you Tom. I didn’t say YOU hadn’t complained, I said NO-ONE had complained. See the subtle – yet gigantic difference Tom? No?) How could i have pointed it out then? Let’s face it, It is only by giving icke publicity that you have a few temporary visitors and your anonymity is seen. (Bud, for one thing, I’m only interested in visitors if they take something away from it. If no-one visited then big deal. You see, I’ll repeat again: DO YOU SEE A “DONATE” BUTTON ON THIS BLOG? That said, I’m happy to report that the blog is approaching half a million visitors – not a lot in 4 years but still people who may then discuss with others and that is what it is all about isn’t it? Awareness of what we face? The Icke blogs have, perhaps accounted for 20k or a little more of that total figure of viewing and I have stated time and again how it pisses me off that they get more views in total than what I consider far more important posts – even if you don’t consider them such. Icke is nothing to me Tom. He’s just another subject which needed a lot to be said about it)

      That said, you are a bright young man (oh thanks your majesty!)so you should realise already that ‘when’ your rants about TPV are over, that the posse of looping haters you feed, those that live off ‘your’ frustration and crusade now, will go off and chase another ‘bright’ young man seeking the same thing especially so after you have ‘spent up’ on ickes attraction value and you have nothing left of any interest. (And that is entirely up to them. I don’t OWN anyone Tom. Readers come and readers go. I don’t cry myself to sleep about it. I sometimes get bored with doing the blog myself) I say that because your other information is basically useless and not attractive in anyway. Therefore, on second thoughts, i can’t blame you for remaining ‘anonymous’ when providing such things. I’d stay anonymous. (Well I won’t try to persuade you otherwise. Again, you take what you wish or don’t.)

      Please don’t get me wrong. I agree with most of the things you say in your Icke/ Sean the rent boy information, but i also very strongly suspect (ah you suspect do you? Based upon what Tom?) that if you’d been given the green-light to take expenses and a wage packet from TPV yourself that your website rants would never have appeared (£45 of expenses Tom. So later you mention stealing from the public – eh no. £45 of expenses I would have spent from my own pocket and simply asked for reimbursement, therefore, gaining a big ZERO buddy.) and Icke would still be your wonderful leader (sorry, another presumption by you. I never considered David Icke as any kind of leader, nevermind wonderful. Another assumption Tom. To wish to work on something he happened to be responsible for does not result in me thinking of him as some great leader. Your quickness to throw these statements as if based on knowledge is part of the twisting you do Tom. Again, you enjoy though and knock yourself out with it all. Just allow me to smile at it) that you previously pretended (Pretended? Where do you get this from Tom? I never once suggested to anyone I would or could continue working for nothing. I was happy to work as long as possible for nothing BUT I wanted expenses paid – for everyone who was out of pocket) you’d work for nothing for, when kissing backsides (kissing who’s backside Tom? Tell me? Who are you getting this shit from Tom? Or re you just making it up as you go along? If I ever kissed a backside in my life then god send me to hypocrites hell. Sometimes I wish I COULD have kissed backsides in my career but, unfortunately, I just don’t have that gene) get your foot in the door. In fact I’d say there was a real possibility that you’d have had Sean worrying about his position if you’d have got in on the icke clique yourself and you’d probably (my opinion) (Your “opinion’ – read assumption) eventually have taken his place as chief rent boy given the opportunity, (where do you get all the presumptuous garbage you presume Tom? You’re suggesting I’m a “political animal” who wants to just make money and knock people like ADL off his perch so I can suck Icke dick? Where does it all come from Tom?)  hence you bragging about your slick job history (slick eh? Well I’m glad you think so. To me it’s just a history and well and truly history now. But you see, I don’t think in those terms or words – “slick”. It’s just what it is. Does it impress you? Is that the issue mate? I wouldn’t be too impressed. It’s all just luck and a bit of drive and tenacity. Perhaps you don’t possess those qualities though. You may have others. I don’t know.) and using a fake personality (fake personality? You mean “Earthlinggb”? That’s not a personality, it’s just a name mate) to sell it (sell what? Do you see a donate button anywhere?). In fact I’ve found people don’t describe a CV like that (I’ve described my CV? I don’t think so. I have pointed to relevant business experience, that’s all. Tell me? What do you or anyone else look for when wanting to consider someone speaking about a subject authoritative on it? Do you like the idea our Chancellor’s job before entering the Tory party was as a towel folder in Selfridges?) without being on a par with sean the rent boy. But obviously that’s only my opinion (Yes, indeed it is. Once more, your totally perceived, assumed opinion) and of course you were only ever seen and then taken on to be an unpaid muppet by TPV anyway. Obviously when you went to TPV you were put in the ‘muppet line’ to be exploited. (Certainly would appear so although, at the time, that never entered my head) Appearances and first impressions say everything to prospective employers don’t they? (Yeah they do Tom. Perhaps why Icke stated he wanted me full-time)

      So your attempts to wriggle (wriggle? Again an assumption that I was joining for not the best of reasons, for which you have no basis) on board TPV not only showed you what they thought you were and saw you as (The muppet list)… it also showed you that you couldn’t ever join the gravy train and actually fleece the sad PV donors yourself. (Fleece TPV donors? Again, where do you get this stuff from? Are you speaking about yourself Tom? I had no intention of fleecing anyone and neither have I ever given one iota of a thought to doing so. You projecting that on me is just out of the ether mate and entirely your construct and disingenuous) Indeed being played by Icke and his rent boy should show you the level of your awareness, (Played? What by giving them the benefit of the doubt for no more than two meetings with them? While I see you offer me such with never having met me nor know anything about me in any shape or form except what you PERCEIVE from words on a page) but of course you don’t think that way do you? You obviously thought your fake charm could lead you into ickes clique. (Fake charm? Sheesh! i have to thank you for that because I don’t even try to be charming so if achieved what a bonus eh? lol)

      Yes of course the money coming in was all icke’s and only he and his rent boy decided who got some and which silly muppets like you got nothing. Which obviously (my opinion) (there goes your overheated opinion and assumption again Tom. You really ought to try and temper it before shooting off. Do you have premature ejaculation problems too?) is the main reason you really wrote your blogs about Icke and TPV situation. But isn’t is easy to see that If you’d have got a share of the spoils you’d probably be playing jack the lad on your anonymous website now and more than that you’d have more icke adverts and icke begging letters on your website than TPV itself. It stands to reason if your attempts to get in the clique and on the gravy train would have been successful doesn’t it? (No it doesn’t Tom because I had the opportunity of staying on the “Icke team” and TPV if i had so wished. The entire reason I didn’t and left was because I saw the characters they were – I may add long before anyone else did including Poulton who, at the time I was blogging about the shit and she was still there, then she was firing at me and doing much the same that you are now)

      It’s clear as crystal if only from where i’m standing anyway. (breathe in Tom. How does it smell in your environment?)

      But i’m sure you’ll disagree and what else could you do? We are suppose to see you as an anonymous warrior of truth when in reality you are as fake as any other fake on TPV and your passion is down to your own ego and your own failures over your own greed and comforts. The only thing that has really upset you about the sick things going on at TPV is that you didn’t get to join in. (Every word of that is, once more, your assumed “opinion” based upon absolutely sod all but your twisted little mind Tom)

      I wish you well earthling gob. (Aye and you too Tom. I sometimes think the entire world is populated by fakes and bullshit artists too but I STILL want to give people the benefit of the doubt. Unfortunately it was doing that which led to this. I STILL wish to however. It’s clear you certainly don’t. Enjoy your cynicism Tom)

      Good luck in your quest.



      • earthlinggb said, on January 26, 2014 at 3:20 pm

        Tom, this all started with my “anonymity” right? So one has to assume that you don’t know me from Adam right? Your diatribe is filled with (“my opinion”) and you are quite welcome to it but, let’s be clear, that is all it is. It is “opinion” formed out of nothing but your own assumptions. As for your disinterest in anything other than he Icke stuff, that’s entirely up to you too. Re slick job history – your perception and your use of the word “slick”. What I’ve presented re that is simply a fact. If facts are now considered fake so be it mate. Enjoy your opinion of an anonymous, unknown to you person which you create your own version of a character for.
        I like to actually meet and get 1st hand input from someone before I judge them. That’s why I decided to cast my concerns to one side and apply to TPV. You’re right on one thing: Had I got paid the expenses (AND, to add, I continued to see people who I recognised truly were in this for the right reasons and that everyone was being treated how they should have been), then yes, I would have stayed – and would have been right to do so. But I can already see you being willing to twist whatever I say to make a negative of it. Knock yourself out Tom.

        • t.walker said, on January 26, 2014 at 5:32 pm

          hello earthlinggob…

          Nothing started with my simply comment on your decision to write in anonymity. It started because of your obvious hypocrisy, your ego and your anger (Point to examples of the hypocrisy, ego and anger and we’ll take it from there Tom) over being rejected by TPV (not rejected Tom. I left of my own freewill). I just mentioned that its easy to slag folk of in anonymity than not. I’m sure i know who you are but i’ll respect your wish and right to write as you do. (Well thanks for that Tom. You still have a modicum of consideration and fair play in you then? Well you might not be totally lost then.) My opinions were based entirely on your own continuous rants about icke and TPV, nothing else.(No, your opinions were and are based upon your perceptions as to WHY I wrote them, not the content of them as you so clearly state may well have credence to it) I think rejection from TPV (again, wrong, I left) and your inability to get cash (twisting again Tom. I wanted reimbursed – BIG BIG difference from “getting cash from the pot” yet you choose to overlook that) from the pot inspired the rants and your comments in reply only confirm things as far as i am concerned. I thank you for confirming you would have stayed at TPV if they’d have paid you expenses (and wages of course?) (and wages of course? I see another assumed question? Yes bud, had I worked there full-time, 5 days a week ongoing, where the hell else would I get an income from? BUT I would have continued without pay for as long as I could AS LONG AS MY EXPENSES WERE COVERED! Is this really that difficult for you?). I take you would have not exposed what was going on to those actually still being used as muppets by TPV, just as long as you were in the clique yourself of course (nope. I despise cliques and that is precisely why I left. I saw it was. It was not just about me as you would have seen in my conversations with Aaron Calland. I said EVERYONE who volunteered and were out of pocket should be reimbursed. It was then the lies which I experienced and the attitude of Deanna and Sean and Icke which had me say “Fuck you!” to TPV while Deanna was stating she wanted to transfer me to the creative side – which is EXACTLY what I wanted to do in the first place so you have your whole argument arse for tit Tom. I didn’t even wish to be a part of the sponsorship/advertising group at first until I recognised I could help out because they were desperate for people in that group)… which to you, would be the right thing to do as you say. (Yes, if I saw that, overall, TPV were doing things properly and for the right reasons then OF COURSE it would be the right thing to do!)

          As far as twisting things i think you do that very well yourself, especially with company accounts,(Where have I twisted company accounts? I have posted the detail of the company accounts and they speak for themselves – there’s no rocket science in pointing out the bloody obvious! Sorry but am I speaking to a retard here?) and as far as i’m aware there is no negativity in simply asking anonymous people why they are anonymous, well is there? And there is no negativity pointing out you are only ranting because you were not allowed in to grab the money of donating punters yourself (But you’re pointing out a completely assumed piece of crap!). How is that negative.. its negative if you want to pretend you are a righteous warrior when you are simply a bitter ego boost seeker that couldn’t get to the money? (Christ this gets repetitive doesn’t it?)

          Please tell us all what your real motives actually are? What do you want your ranting and being angry? Is you motive simply caused through being rejected and not wanting icke and his rent boy to profit from donors… …. simply because you couldn’t?… Seems so to me. But you claim i twist things… What have i twisted? (Everything mate. Incredible the audacity of some people, it really is)

          Yes I stick with the thought that the rest of your blog is merely regurgitated internet fodder or you tube songs.. you have no unique info on display at all, but of course that’s why you went to TPV in the first place isn’t it? You may see that as me being negative again… But i can’t see anything negative in making a genuine truthful comment based on the facts i see. (There’s some regurgitation I grant you that but I do that when I think it’s important. The youtube songs are all mine and take a lot of work and time (whether you appreciate that or not) in the writing, recording etc. But most of my blogs are my own work/research. I see nothing wrong in using sources from wherever they may come from to then comment and debate on. All information is such – in books, blogs, whatever. That is why you have such things as bibliographies. However, a lot of my stuff is researched from parliament archives also. If you don’t appreciate it then mate, bugger off. I don’t really care. I think you think I do care. Sorry to burst your bubble.)

          And of course Icke is a godsend to you as far as your blog hits are concerned (no he’s not)… but again the Icke PV situation will blow over and you will be left with only the other (peoples) fodder you post. It is fact, not twisting anything. You are going to awaken the world by saying icke and his rent boy are con-merchants? Wow. (I am beginning to think you are a little handicapped)

          Thanks for showing me your true motives and your true self. Because i nearly wasted more precious time here. thanks fer that. Again good luck with your icke rants because you have absolutely nothing else.. And yes… if you can’t steal the TPV donations yourself… then why the hell should he get away with it eh? Go for it! (Has he gone? Can someone shut and lock the door and remember to put the lights out?)

          I’m sure it will be you that knocks yourself out whether most know who you are or not…. and sooner than you think!

          But you’ll never believe that.

          i’m gone… good luck and i wish your crusade well.

          …. bye. (Phew! 🙂 )


          Tom, all wrong bud. But you keep believing.

          Some mothers do ‘ave em huh?

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  1. Hector Vector said, on January 27, 2014 at 12:01 am

    What a strange person.

  2. mimi said, on January 27, 2014 at 2:16 am


  3. Julian Lowe said, on January 27, 2014 at 8:04 am

    Im totally lost by this guy Tom.He Seems more intrested in your identity and place of being rather than the quality of your written word. Maybe he is actually a living Tom Tom, you know, those route finders. I wonder how somebody can percieve tthe outer shell of another human neing and thus then say to themselves, mmm now I have seen him I understand his work more clearly. Or, do peoples sum up peoples works, achievements and creative endeavours for how a person looks. One must be very heavily mind layered to follow that path. But hey, ain’t that the case anyway. Weird.

    • mimi said, on January 27, 2014 at 1:00 pm

      I had the same suspicion as you that he was trying to shame earthlinggb into doing this blog under his ‘real name’ even though as earthlingbb said, a person can make up a ‘real name’ for themselves online. Frankly if it was me I would be a mite bit concerned about exposing my real identity in which people could potentially look up place of residence etc… when exposing Icke and his crew online. I do not trust the Icke crew when it comes to ‘revenge tactics’ for exposing/criticizing them let alone some of his rabid cult followers and people like Tom who project a character on earthlinggb that isn’t based on reality.

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