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Posted in Law, Media by earthling on January 22, 2014

This is a follow up to the following blogs:



Now, excuse me, but I despise being treated like an idiot. Particularly by people who are obviously mentally impaired and/or are evading issues put to them which may just be giving them a small headache. It’s kinda like a dog with a bone – some may call it tenacity (something you need a lot of in Business Development and Sales). I don’t like dropping the bone. If I had done that anytime previously within the legal issues I had, I would be “dead” by now. I don’t propose dropping it here either BUT, as you will clearly see, these people hide behind shit and feel safe and comfortable doing so because it is known as “the law”. This is about as far as I can take it myself (unless there were many others who wished to contact Kathleen and complain about the way she is handling these communications that is).

Excuse my french but : FUCK the law! It is a corrupt construct of legal persons/fiction which is screwing you, me and everyone on this planet and it is run by people who enjoy doing so and remain in their positions of enormous wealth (all corruptly attained while committing serious crimes on humanity) who then dictate to their little minions in so called positions of political power (who are then well taken care of for their services to the Crown, to the UN, to the Vatican, to the US establishment and to all other establishments which support this insane and inhuman network of law and money).

So, here is the up to date communications with one “Kathleen Stewart” – a mouthpiece (i.e she opens it and spouts whatever the system tells her to – in fact, a repeater in Icke’s language. A repeater which protects Icke – how FCUKING ironic is that?) for OFCOM and the Secretary of State and government which legislated OFCOM in the first place.

Please read from bottom up. If you wish to read the prior communications, you may find them on the blogposts above and, prior to them, there are others.


You are now, obviously, purposefully evading all the points I am bringing solidly to your attention!
OFCOM have a policy which states that no-one who is political in their agenda is granted a broadcasting licence. David Icke dropped his Directorship of the Private Limited company known as “The People’s Voice Broadcasting Ltd”, yet it is PATENTLY clear that the man (and his entire family and core team) are political and have a VERY clear agenda. You CANNOT choose to ignore (blatantly I may add) the fact that David Icke runs this “network” and company whether listed as a Director, a shareholder or not. You are CLEARLY choosing to ignore this. While Mr Icke’s work (20 years of it and ongoing) is unambiguously built upon the ideology of destroying the very fabric of the society and state which you and OFCOM exist within and upon which you depend.
Now, I ask you, please do not treat either me or the public (or would you prefer: individual private citizens?) as the incompetents of mind which OFCOM, in this instance from your replies, are demonstrating themselves to be.
You are PURPOSEFULLY obscuring (and protecting in fact) what is actually going on with this network. To protect such a venture whose goals are to attack you and your organisation and the structure which supports it – even though it has abided by the statutory law requiring it to register with you (something it promotes it did not and would not wished to have done) – is absolutely ridiculous.
IF you are suggesting to me and the public that “well, it has abided by our regulations, therefore it is no threat to us” then I suggest OFCOM make a statement to such effect. Why do I ask this? Because then, while TPV are promoting themselves to their audience as “the great white hope” for destroying our corrupt system of government and the establishment institutions (of which you are a part, in case that has not be made clear enough to you already) and demanding and, as I see it, emotionally blackmailing people to donate for that very purpose, then OFCOM, at this very moment in time, are supporting a private venture which is using false advertising to its audience.
It is not possible for such a network to provide such programming and attacks on the existing establishment structure while it abides by that structure’s regulations!
That being the case, you and OFCOM are supporting what is FRAUDULENT MISREPRESENTATION of a Private Limited Company and, as such, you are a party to that fraud!
How dare you treat the public with such contempt!
Kathleen Stewart

Subject: RE: The People’s Voice
Date: Wed, 22 Jan 2014 10:43:00 +0000

Dear Mr ……

In response to your email of 17 January 2014, I refer to the response to your Freedom of Information request, dated 21 November 2013, which gives details regarding the regulation of appeals for funds by television channels.   Additionally I refer to my letter of 14 January 2014, which details the definition of general control of a channel.

As previously stated, the Licensee is obliged to comply with all the relevant licence conditions and will be responsible for putting in adequate compliance arrangements, including retaining recordings of programmes, and for ensuring that the service as broadcast complies with all the relevant Ofcom codes and requirements.  If you have concerns about a specific programme shown, you can complain via the following link;

:: Kathleen Stewart
Manager, Television Broadcast Licensing

Content, Standards, Licensing & Enforcement
Content, Consumer, and External Affairs Group
020 7783 4293

:: Ofcom
Riverside House
2a Southwark Bridge Road
London SE1 9HA
020 7981 3000

From: M []
Sent: 17 January 2014 19:44
To: Kathleen Stewart
Subject: RE: The People’s Voice

Hi Kathleen,


Nothing to do with The People’s Voice? Has no control over it or its content? It is not political in nature yet his entire spiel here (just yesterday by the way) is all about HIS audience not being able to bring the British monarchy, government and all its corruption to heel if more don’t “pays your money”?

It’s a picture of an awfully upset man (who, by the way, received donations for TPV via his David Icke Books Ltd vehicle) regarding a venture that really only he fronts and continuously demands the public’s money for wouldn’t you say?

Ah! But I guess it’s not the “public’s money” but “private individuals’ money” right? After all, all our money is not public money unless it is siphoned through the government right? And we’re not “the public”, we’re private individuals right? So then, if that is so, and I am not “the public” (therefore I am not an individual who comprises “the public”) then why am I paying tax? Another thing, why do our politicians refer to “members of the public”? And our police and judiciary do the same. Who IS this “public” that, when an assumed member of it (i.e. me) suggests that because The People’s Voice is promoted as a voice of the people, it must be in the public interest to know exactly where their money is going and exactly how it is spent. But no, because TPV is a PRIVATE Limited Company, you and OFCOM allow it to promote itself misleadingly to the pub…. sorry to PRIVATE INDIVIDUALS… and then protect it from those private individuals’ scrutiny because, according to you (when it suits) we are not “The Public”.

It’s a little like Bilderberg and the government and parliamentary attendees of that “Private meeting”. They are invited to attend purely due to their public function and capabilities BUT, to attend without being held to account, they simply state they attend in a PRIVATE capacity. That’s them off the hook entirely.

Are you telling me you seriously do not understand this total fraud on YOU as well as me and everyone else? Just answer yes or no. That’ll do fine.



Subject: The People’s Voice
Date: Tue, 14 Jan 2014 17:28:14 +0000

Please refer to the attached.

Remember, this woman gets paid a fairly handsome salary for this kind of evasive, wilfully evasive tripe!

And it’s entirely acceptable because the people who make the laws wish it to be. If you expose the tripe you become a form of “terrorist”. Why? Because you terrorise them by exposing them and having people appreciate just what a bunch of jacked up garbage they promote as law and “right”. If you make the law corrupt then you are breaking the law by being non corrupt. This is what people (or a lot of people) can’t seem to inject into their sub species craniums!

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  1. stephen said, on January 22, 2014 at 6:40 pm

    Pretty soon the DSS will be sending Icke unemployed people when they start their work for giro scheme.
    Just the perfect solution for ICKE courtesy of the very thing TPV is exposing.
    It would nt surprise me!

  2. Kate said, on January 22, 2014 at 7:41 pm

    Earth, its fine that you parody DI on your blog but willfully trying to destroy his business? Isn’t that a little much. What political agenda? The clowns he has working for them are a bunch of incompetent fools whose agenda is promoting themselves.

    • earthlinggb said, on January 22, 2014 at 7:50 pm

      Kate, this is not actually trying to do what you suggest. This is trying to make it obvious to all that OFCOM is full of shit. What political agenda? Of david Icke and TPV? Sorry have I missed something here? Or have you? While, if it were to destroy his business (and they are NOT only incompetent, they are, in my view, corrupt) then what’s lost? Bugger all is lost and people aren’t pissing their money down the drain. How is clearly showing the evasion of OFCOM re TPV and who runs it wilfully attempting to destroy his business? While, you are suggesting you want to allow a business which preys on people’s naive goodwill to continue? Sorry Kate, there’s no apology coming from here. Nothing to apologise for.

      • Kate said, on January 22, 2014 at 8:12 pm

        Well, people can choose to give their hard earned money to charlatans as we all have free will — and your blogs have helped open eyes, but it seems like (Above) unless I missed something that you are trying to get OfCom to withdraw its license for TPV by demonstrating that it has a political agenda by necessarily being affiliated with DI….They are corrupt, and as a result, they are destroying themselves. OfCom is being evasive as they have rendered a judgment on the matter. A spokesperson must be evasive as part of their job description – to protect the employer’s interests/ reputation, etc. and would have been fired if done otherwise.

        • earthlinggb said, on January 22, 2014 at 8:40 pm

          I know she must be evasive and it is obvious she is. These OFCOM posts are not really to fire at TPV but now to turn the attention on OFCOM and their evasion. Something is seriously rotten in Denmark. They KNOW what David Icke and TPV’s MO is – it’s as clear as day stated as such time and again. I don’t care if it does withdraw the licence (I know it won’t and that is not what matters). What matters is that people recognise OFCOM for the crap it spouts. It is as clear as day. They know Icke and close colleagues are in control. They know these close colleagues share Icke’s ideology (political) and they know that these colleagues don’t do a damned thing which is outside of ICKE’S ATATED ETHOS for which Sean is the guardian. So, considering Sean is the guardian of the Icke ethos and Icke’s ethos is what it is, then there is absolutely not one iota of an argument which can say Icke is not in control. If Icke is in control (which he is) then Icke’s ethos is to destroy the very fabric of what the governments of the world and their organisations and institutes (e.g OFCOM) stand for. That is IF that is truly Icke’s ethos (which it could be because the people really in charge WANT a destruction of the present political power structure paradigm to make way for a banking/financial, non democratic structure of world government. So, those who control (truly control) the british political status quo, will want someone like Icke to create the “chaos” from which they can bring order. And THAT is what I am certain of when it comes to OFCOM allowing TPV to exist and give Icke and friends their broadcast licence. It fits perfectly. Absolutely perfectly.

    • stephen said, on January 22, 2014 at 8:10 pm

      So we do agree it is his business and not the peoples?
      So again Icke is lying when he says tpv has absolutely nothing to do with him.

    • spartacus said, on January 23, 2014 at 2:07 pm

      Kate, “His business”? Do you think Icke is legit, and runs an honest and ethical enterprise? I am not saying earthling is trying to destroy Ickes business, but if he were, i personally would have no problem with that.
      I respect your opinion but i guess i just really HATE criminals of every stripe, i dont know why, but it is ingrained in me very deeply.
      I do confess that i am more Dirty Harry than i am Cliff Richard though, and Serpico is a personal hero of mine.

  3. Julian Lowe said, on January 23, 2014 at 10:27 am

    I think what people forget that everything is political especially where econmic staus quo is. Eathling posted a good blog on the matter where a guy claimed or at least provided prove for a cure against cancer. Why was he arrested and sent to prison. Was it because his policies regarding health would overturn the phamasutical polices interlinked to economic policies. Davied icke is not trying to set up a political party agreed. Besides his been their as s green party member. And this is what ofcom should have taken into account. Davied icke has beenaffilated with political parties as a llegitimate politican.To eben pursue that agenda from a conciouse point of view may be viewed that his own inner drive for a change in policy is being driven by his ideas. After all what are polices but ideas voted for and written in legislation.

    • stephen said, on January 23, 2014 at 1:11 pm

      David Icke is not running for politiical party?
      Forgive me if i am wrong but i think Divvie Ickes wildest sex fantasy is to have the people oust the government and ellect Divvie as Godhead so he can shag Fern Britton everynight in 10 Downing street and keep her updated about Phillip Schofields pay packet over some nasty pillow talk.

      Wasn’t it only 2008 Icke came 12th in Howden by election?
      Even more recently did he not finish 2nd to George Galloway in the running for the respect party?

      If Divvie is not politician then it is not for the want of trying.

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