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David Icke: Geez a job!

Posted in Media, Uncategorized by earthling on January 22, 2014

I just intercepted (hacked) an email from a headhunter to David Icke. You see, I’ve become an “ethical hacker” since I applied for the job:

ethical hack 2

Dear David,

I am acting as headhunter on behalf of a medical charity who are searching for specialists in the area of solicitation. Your name has come up on a database of very successful opportunists in this area who seem capable of soliciting vast sums of money from people at  the drop of a hat. Generally, we find it is prostitutes of one form or another, politicians and media people – such as actors and actresses – who particularly excel in this field and, it is with your recent fundraising extravaganza being brought to our attention, we decided to contact you for this wonderful, international role which may give you the opportunity of adding a few more countries to that list of yours which you say you’ve visited.

What we need from you, however, is a copy of your passport – as is the law in the UK today – to prove you are a British citizen. Granted you live on the isle of wight but, as I’m sure you’re aware, there have been a number of individuals on that island which are already known to the authorities and it is also a “soft landing” for illegal immigrants of one type or the other. Additionally, that business partner of yours has a strange name – Tabata what? I’m sure you understand we cannot be too careful in this age of terrorism David.

If you take a look at this position, you may appreciate that there are parallels with what you have done with TPV. Our client is TPP and also “not for profit” – well in a way, a sense or, at least that’s what we promote – you know the score on that David don’t you?

You’d be managing philanthropy donors David! These are high net worth individuals! We’re not talking about people with just a pot to piss in here David! You never know, you may even, as a side note, get them to invest in your TV network (but don’t tell us about it because we don’t appreciate “moonlighters” – you’d be working for us and if you got more donations for TPV than TPP we’d be seriously pissed as I’m sure you’ll understand?

As you can see, we call them “gifts”- yes, people really do just give away gifts of 6 and 7 figures (that’s £million to £tens of millions to you and me). David, imagine tapping into these people? One donation could run TPV for a year or more. Now WHY do you think that a philanthropist (aka: good guy who cares for the world) wouldn’t wish to donate to someone who is seriously trying to help the world and change it for the better? The only possible reason could be that he doesn’t wish to have the world changed for the better so what kind of real philanthropist is he/she? So then, if he/she doesn’t give their money to good causes which are REALLY good causes, then what are they donating to and what do they really expect from it? Nothing? No, don’t be so naive. They expect a return.

So David, what we would like you to do in the job is develop long term relationships with philanthropic individuals (David Rockefeller?), Foundations (Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation?) and Corporations (Nestle, Coca Cola, Halliburton, Carlyle Group?) – you know them all David. We’ve read your books!

Skills and experience:

We like good actors David. We like emotional blackmailers who can tap into their target’s deepest fears, wants and needs. You’re PERFECT for that!

Ok you don’t have experience of solicitation at a 6 and 7 figure level so you’re a bit of an amateur in that department but we see your potential David. The arthritis helps too!

Are you committed to going above and beyond the remit of the role to achieve and exceed targets? What’s “above and beyond the remit”? Well, think about casting couches David. You know? Be ready to bend over, give oral, sleep with the CEO’s missus, that sort of thing. Do whatever it takes. You’re a “do whatever it takes man” aren’t you? After all, you signed up with OFCOM to get TPV launched so you did whatever it takes there didn’t you? You sold your soul down the river with that one! If Jimmy Saville had wanted a piece of ass, you would have bent over wouldn’t you? Wouldn’t you have? I’m pretty sure you would if he had offered the top “Grandstand” position at the BBC. I don’t know for sure though it’s just a hunch you know?

Intellectual curiosity to understand complex areas of research… etc. Now you’ve got that in spades haven’t you David? The curiosity that is, not the capability.

And the remuneration for this role would be between £45 and 50K David! You make us £millions and we pay you £50K. Sounds a good deal right? After all, it’s like you paying your volunteers sod all and yet you’re building (or trying to) a tv network which would end up with a share value of £millions. At least we’re paying you David. Peanuts, I admit but peanuts are better than a kick in the nuts aren’t they?

Solicitation job.

Ethical hacking eh? What’s next?

I guess Gary McKinnon was classed unethical.




It just occurred to me (don’t know why) but it could even turn out that you, David, got “bummed” by Jimmy Saville in his dressing room and that has still yet to come out.

Icke victim of savile


But then, it seems the Icke family have a thing for sticking objects up their ass. Gareth, case in point: There’s an old adage – “Like father like son” so perhaps it isn’t all far from the truth?

But it may even come out that the straws were code for Jack Straw but since Jack’s still alive well, you know how it is!

Jack Straw Icke


Amazing what media whores will do for 15 minutes of fame eh? Plaster their arse all over the web showing another guy helping them to stick bundles of straws up their anus.

Now that you’ve covered Saturn David, what’s next? The rings around Uranus?

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  1. Kate said, on January 22, 2014 at 8:06 pm

    That’s kind of an effeminate thin wrist that is handing Gareth the straws. I wonder if Sean helped set the stage. Such class acts. TPV’s money well spent! Well done!

    • Babs said, on January 23, 2014 at 10:26 am

      Yes Kate I agree. Pure class

      • mimi said, on January 25, 2014 at 2:37 pm

        the ‘straw’ video was uploaded May 11, 2011, Gareth was born December 12, 1981 so he would have been…what? 29 yrs old when he posted this, he’s now 32 yrs old and yet the video of him sticking straws up his arse and asking/encouraging another man to stick more in… has never been ‘removed by the user’ to this day,

        No angry calls or threats to have it removed etc.., he seems quite proud of it and not ashamed at all. It makes one wonder what has gone on when a camera is not being run. He certainly seems perfectly comfortable with having another man stick something in his arse on camera and allowing that to be seen by the public even at his now age of 32 yrs old.

        What the heck has been going on in the Icke household all these years and while those children were growing up? including David in the past having his then mistress live in the same household as his then wife and family? why have the TPV crew allowed a paedo apologist/advocate to be on TPV more than once (Peter Tatchell) while paedophilia exposing activist Bill Maloney has been denied? why is the TPV studio run by at least some people (men and women) of loose sexual values and blatantly sexist and offensive attitudes (I’m fucking that tonight) including but not confined to the director Sean who has also made vile public comments about women? why has porn related content been included on the TPV channel?

        • Babs said, on January 25, 2014 at 3:32 pm

          These are questions I would also like answers to Mimi. Why have Bill Maloney and Chris Spivey non been on TPV yet Peter Tatchell and Edwina Currie have appeared?

          I am in the same age group ish as DI and I have a son the same age ish as GI. I said on a forum the other night if my son had made a video of himself sticking straws up his arse I would have set them on fire!!

          But then my son was brought up to consider this kind of behaviour unacceptable if not depraved even. And who in their right mind would even bloody want to watch that!!

          As has been pointed out here and there GI says he gets no money from TPV but he did get himself a nice expensive studio playroom with all the gear without spending a penny, not bad eh? What does he do to earn a living then? Probably a director of another DI privated company no doubt. And when it all folds which it must do soon, judging by the current campaign contributions, they can sell the company assets and split the money amongst themselves.

          I cannot for the life of me figure out why a foul mouthed sexist younger man like Sead ADL has such control over DI.

          I hope I am not repeating myself but I would encourage anyone to head over to the Sanctum Zone forum, it’s a real eye opener and was started as far as I can make out by former DIF members who were banned for asking questions. Obviously there has been a very large influx of newcomers this past few weeks since the transparency questions started.

          I would also be interested in knowing the backgrounds of the presenters. It appears Richie Allen has worked on an expats internet radion station in Spain so hardly a big name unless I am missing something and the article I found on it has some very intersting comments. Quite a few comments gave me deja vu when I thought about the shambles that is TPV.

        • earthlinggb said, on January 25, 2014 at 9:37 pm

          Why why why…. all good whys. But hey, if that’s their “bag” let them carry on. Public opinion will sort it as it seems to be doing re the donations.
          Think about this seriously: A man says we are all one consciousness, infinite consciousness and love. That we are all, essentially the same and all perfect beings. Then Sonia Poulton raises some issues (a little ate in the day I have to add but nevermind) and the next quote that comes from this same man is “like a fly (Sonia) on an elephant’s (Icke) back.” Absolutely no more needs said really because that says everything that would ever need said.

          • Babs said, on January 26, 2014 at 6:51 am

            He certainly showed his true colours with those rants he did, very telling. I see the latest campaign has only had about 2300 or so donators not much when they only have 8 days to go, never mind the Reverend will probably put out another rant to his cult soon.

        • destroyallcinema said, on January 4, 2018 at 7:52 am

          I must bring to your attention Maloney’s connection with Tatchell.
          If you search various places on the internet you can see both Maloney and Tatchell protesting TOGETHER against the Pope during the early 2000’s. Bill even interviews Tatchell in his video on the subject.
          This connection is very concerning…

    • Tippers (@talktotippers) said, on January 29, 2014 at 4:44 pm

      I do have effeminate wrists don’t I! Well spotted. 😀

  2. Grace said, on January 22, 2014 at 10:02 pm

    100,000 is six figures
    1,000,000 is seven figures.
    Just saying.

  3. Babs said, on January 23, 2014 at 10:25 am

    Yes so classy I agree Kate.

  4. Babs said, on January 25, 2014 at 3:43 pm

    I should have said Sanctum Zone was started before this current debacle and was more about the DIF not The People’s Voice. If you don’t already know Sean is the webmaster and is said to have complete control of the whole site even reading forum members private messages. I know from personal experience you are not allowed to say anything anti DI on there because last year when I posted a link to Earthlinggb’s blog it was immediately deleted and I got a warning or being subversive. I said I want my (very small) contribution back that I made to TPV and I was told the forum was nothing to do with TPV!!!

    If you do join the forum please be aware that if you are a member of the DIF and use the same user name on there your account will be suspended or banned. I went on the DIF for a scout even though I haven’t posted for some months. I couldn’t believe when my account was suspended which obviously means somebody is following people on another forum and banning them for speaking out!!!

    Mind you Sean ADL is the gatekeeper to the ethos according to DI, which makes you wonder what their ethos is!!!

    You couldn’t make it up!!!

    • Babs said, on January 25, 2014 at 3:45 pm

      This is supposed to be a ps to my post down there!! vvvvvvvvvvvvvvv

  5. Babs said, on January 25, 2014 at 3:49 pm

    Deja vu anybody?

    Tim Jones
    AUGUST 15TH, 2012 4:20 PM
    The truth is that ex pat radio in Spain is what it is, people who run these stations to my knowledge have no proper background in the industry! most are on ego trips and as a previous poster pointed out would have no hope of getting on local UK radio! I cant think of ANY Costa Presenter who has ever done anything BIG in UK?? never been to a place where a waiter can suddenly end up having a radio show, really shocking at times, the above shows a complete lack of training from all parties!

    AUGUST 16TH, 2012 3:50 PM
    Ha…1-. all the presenters are failed entertainers that head for the costa, then end up failed kareoke presenters …that then end up on a 2bit local radio station …..that then goes tits up , and OH… they fail again …and 2-. the people slagging off the olive press …..well why do you read it !? DUH.

    Jake Goode
    NOVEMBER 9TH, 2012 12:17 PM
    I hope you don’t mind me asking a question here. Is everyone aware that the money from Fire Aid Concert was all spent on replenishing Red Cross medical supplies? Does anyone remember Maurice Boland declaring this was where the money was to be spent? My concern is that his own publicity, still on his concert website says the money was going to “help those who lost their homes and possessions”, but this is not what happened. I do not mean cash I mean to help the people he promised to help. Red Cross tell me that Maurice Boland went to meetings after the concert and was instrumental in the decision as to where the money was spent and was provided with a report over 4 weeks ago with all the details. Maurice promised to publish these details but why after 4 weeks has he not? I put this question to him yesterday on his italkfm facebook page but he decided to censor and delete my question rather than answer, why? Now I hear that he is being presented with a special award by the Red Cross in recognition of his contribution which personally I think is outrageous as the people he promised to help have received none whatsoever. Am I alone here in thinking this is not right?

  6. Babs said, on January 25, 2014 at 3:50 pm

    Earthlinggb do you think it might be easier for the reader if the comments were in reverse order, oldest to newest? Just a suggestion.

    • earthlinggb said, on January 25, 2014 at 9:44 pm

      I’ll see what I can do Babs. I’ve never really “played around” with the wordpress site to figure out how to do everything. I don’t know though whether you can satisfy everyone. I bet there would be someone who’d want it the other way just as it is! lol

  7. Gazz said, on January 25, 2014 at 4:42 pm

    A whole new meaning to ~ ‘ meet your straw man ‘ ? 🙂

  8. mimi said, on January 25, 2014 at 6:00 pm

    thanks for the link Babs, I think this Maurice Boland – Ritchie Allen connection is worth checking into.

    “Allen, former presenter of The 5 o’clock show, confirmed he is now launching legal action against his former boss.

    Friends explained he has quit the station over ‘a money dispute’.

    “He threatened to leave in May and has since received about €1,700 in expenses,” said the source.

    Boland, however, insisted last night the departures had nothing to do with money and that Allen had been sacked ‘over a private matter’.

    “It is internal business and it was the same reason he was sacked from TRE radio station,” he said.

    He added that former breakfast presenter Court had left of his own accord and that Mitchell was unable to present a show due to technical reasons.

    “Whatever money he is owed he has been paid,” he said.

    Boland – who was sacked from his former job as station manager of TRE – was backed up by current staff.

    hmmmmm.. I would also like to know more about the backgrounds of the TPV presenters and crew, Deanna, Sean, Liz Roberts, Ritchie Allen, Richard Rowland, Mark Windows, Ken O’Keefe, Miki Zoric, Simon Morris, Neil Hague, Jody Buckman etc.. in other words ALL OF THEM….

    I thought the whole Gareth-Straws thing was a joke when I first read comments about it, I had no idea what I was about to look at when I clicked the link to the video.

    • mimi said, on January 25, 2014 at 6:07 pm

      the above was in reply to Babs last post at bottom of page.

    • earthlinggb said, on January 25, 2014 at 9:49 pm

      All their backgrounds? I think you’d be shocked at that too Mimi. All I know is that, in a former life, I would never have even considered offering any job to most of them (I don’t know all of them however so I will refrain from saying all). However, I would have to assume that they must all be of similar mind (i.e. arse lickers and media whores) to remain where they are. I think that’s a fair assumption don’t you?

      • mimi said, on January 26, 2014 at 2:09 am

        yes that is definitely a fair assumption, unfortunately I don’t think anything can shock me these days, sometimes I wish I could still be shocked.

        • Babs said, on January 26, 2014 at 6:57 am

          I know what you mean Mimi!!

  9. t.walker said, on January 25, 2014 at 7:29 pm

    hello… earthlinggob…

    yes i’m sure your various rants about icke and his ‘public’ owned self profit broadcasting company (well icke pretends,or should i say his ridiculous wanna be gangster rent boy sean pretends its a ‘public’ non profit enterprise) hold genuine food for thought.

    all well and good that you expose what you believe to be wrongdoings with such brave passion.

    but how’s about you openly tell those you now preach to and champion who you really are and where you are from? anyone can mouth off hiding behind silly names like earthlinggob, even if those you rant about know who you are.

    you scream about ickes rent boy sean not being transparent with donations yet hide like a wimp and make yourself invisible? if you are going to reveal things to the public then can i suggest you start with revealing yourself? if you are going to join the anonymous gobshites then what are you ever going to reveal.

    i have no doubts your claims may hold credence… but icke and his rent boy at least do not hide their identities on their websites. and as long as you want to gob off in anonimity i’ll say that tells us more about you than those you claim are in the wrong.

    i hope your campaign is a success.

    best wishes tom

    • earthlinggb said, on January 25, 2014 at 9:30 pm

      Tom, this blog has been called “Earthlinggb” since the beginning of 2009 way before I ever stumbled upon David Icke. No-one has complained about “anonymity” until I started blogging about Icke. Sorry but I have my reasons for sticking with “earthlinggb” and it has nothing to do with David Icke. After all, he knows my legal fictional name already. As for your assumptions about “hiding” you are welcome to them but I don’t just jump for any TOM, Dick or Harry. Best wishes,

      • t.walker said, on January 26, 2014 at 11:51 am

        2009? You have been anonymous since 2009 earthlinggob? Surely you are mere novice then .. a bandwagon jumper. Surely you realise I couldn’t mention your anonymity before i knew about it, which i didn’t until 2013? How could i have pointed it out then? Let’s face it, It is only by giving icke publicity that you have a few temporary visitors and your anonymity is seen.

        That said, you are a bright young man so you should realise already that ‘when’ your rants about TPV are over, that the posse of looping haters you feed, those that live off ‘your’ frustration and crusade now, will go off and chase another ‘bright’ young man seeking the same thing especially so after you have ‘spent up’ on ickes attraction value and you have nothing left of any interest. I say that because your other information is basically useless and not attractive in anyway. Therefore, on second thoughts, i can’t blame you for remaining ‘anonymous’ when providing such things. I’d stay anonymous.

        Please don’t get me wrong. I agree with most of the things you say in your Icke/ Sean the rent boy information, but i also very strongly suspect that if you’d been given the green-light to take expenses and a wage packet from TPV yourself that your website rants would never have appeared and Icke would still be your wonderful leader that you previously pretended you’d work for nothing for, when kissing backsides to get your foot in the door. In fact I’d say there was a real possibility that you’d have had Sean worrying about his position if you’d have got in on the icke clique yourself and you’d probably (my opinion) eventually have taken his place as chief rent boy given the opportunity, hence you bragging about your slick job history and using a fake personality to sell it. In fact I’ve found people don’t describe a CV like that without being on a par with sean the rent boy. But obviously that’s only my opinion and of course you were only ever seen and then taken on to be an unpaid muppet by TPV anyway. Obviously when you went to TPV you were put in the ‘muppet line’ to be exploited. Appearances and first impressions say everything to prospective employers don’t they?

        So your attempts to wriggle on board TPV not only showed you what they thought you were and saw you as (The muppet list)… it also showed you that you couldn’t ever join the gravy train and actually fleece the sad PV donors yourself. Indeed being played by Icke and his rent boy should show you the level of your awareness, but of course you don’t think that way do you? You obviously thought your fake charm could lead you into ickes clique.

        Yes of course the money coming in was all icke’s and only he and his rent boy decided who got some and which silly muppets like you got nothing. Which obviously (my opinion) is the main reason you really wrote your blogs about Icke and TPV situation. But isn’t is easy to see that If you’d have got a share of the spoils you’d probably be playing jack the lad on your anonymous website now and more than that you’d have more icke adverts and icke begging letters on your website than TPV itself. It stands to reason if your attempts to get in the clique and on the gravy train would have been successful doesn’t it?

        It’s clear as crystal if only from where i’m standing anyway.

        But i’m sure you’ll disagree and what else could you do? We are suppose to see you as an anonymous warrior of truth when in reality you are as fake as any other fake on TPV and your passion is down to your own ego and your own failures over your own greed and comforts. The only thing that has really upset you about the sick things going on at TPV is that you didn’t get to join in.

        I wish you well earthlinggob.

        Good luck in your quest.



        • earthlinggb said, on January 26, 2014 at 3:20 pm

          Tom, this all started with my “anonymity” right? So one has to assume that you don’t know me from Adam right? Your diatribe is filled with (“my opinion”) and you are quite welcome to it but, let’s be clear, that is all it is. It is “opinion” formed out of nothing but your own assumptions. As for your disinterest in anything other than he Icke stuff, that’s entirely up to you too. Re slick job history – your perception and your use of the word “slick”. What I’ve presented re that is simply a fact. If facts are now considered fake so be it mate. Enjoy your opinion of an anonymous, unknown to you person which you create your own version of a character for.
          I like to actually meet and get 1st hand input from someone before I judge them. That’s why I decided to cast my concerns to one side and apply to TPV. You’re right on one thing: Had I got paid the expenses (AND, to add, I continued to see people who I recognised truly were in this for the right reasons and that everyone was being treated how they should have been), then yes, I would have stayed – and would have been right to do so. But I can already see you being willing to twist whatever I say to make a negative of it. Knock yourself out Tom.

          • t.walker said, on January 26, 2014 at 5:32 pm

            hello earthlinggob…

            Nothing started with my simply comment on your decision to write in anonymity. It started because of your obvious hypocrisy, your ego and your anger over being rejected by TPV. I just mentioned that its easy to slag folk of in anonymity than not. I’m sure i know who you are but i’ll respect your wish and right to write as you do. My opinions were based entirely on your own continuous rants about icke and TPV, nothing else. I think rejection from TPV and your inability to get cash from the pot inspired the rants and your comments in reply only confirm things as far as i am concerned. I thank you for confirming you would have stayed at TPV if they’d have paid you expenses (and wages of course?). I take you would have not exposed what was going on to those actually still being used as muppets by TPV, just as long as you were in the clique yourself of course… which to you, would be the right thing to do as you say.

            As far as twisting things i think you do that very well yourself, especially with company accounts, and as far as i’m aware there is no negativity in simply asking anonymous people why they are anonymous, well is there? And there is no negativity pointing out you are only ranting because you were not allowed in to grab the money of donating punters yourself. How is that negative.. its negative if you want to pretend you are a righteous warrior when you are simply a bitter ego boost seeker that couldn’t get to the money?

            Please tell us all what your real motives actually are? What do you want your ranting and being angry? Is you motive simply caused through being rejected and not wanting icke and his rent boy to profit from donors… …. simply because you couldn’t?… Seems so to me. But you claim i twist things… What have i twisted?

            Yes I stick with the thought that the rest of your blog is merely regurgitated internet fodder or you tube songs.. you have no unique info on display at all, but of course that’s why you went to TPV in the first place isn’t it? You may see that as me being negative again… But i can’t see anything negative in making a genuine truthful comment based on the facts i see.

            And of course Icke is a godsend to you as far as your blog hits are concerned… but again the Icke PV situation will blow over and you will be left with only the other (peoples) fodder you post. It is fact, not twisting anything. You are going to awaken the world by saying icke and his rent boy are con-merchants? Wow.

            Thanks for showing me your true motives and your true self. Because i nearly wasted more precious time here. thanks fer that. Again good luck with your icke rants because you have absolutely nothing else.. And yes… if you can’t steal the TPV donations yourself… then why the hell should he get away with it eh? Go for it!

            I’m sure it will be you that knocks yourself out whether most know who you are or not…. and sooner than you think!

            But you’ll never believe that.

            i’m gone… good luck and i wish your crusade well.

            …. bye.

            • mimi said, on January 26, 2014 at 8:58 pm

              you are a real piece of work Tom, you apparently have no compunction about being in your posts… a heartless jerk… who has very little insight or discernment into others but you think you do… you think you are so smart.. so able to see the supposed evil and entirely selfish motives that others don’t…. that you are so off-base reminds me of people I have known who are quite smart on a certain level but have no idea what they are on about when it comes to discerning other people… it is all mostly projection from their own usually devious minds but you can’t tell them that (that they are wrong about their so-called insights into your own character as if they know you and what you think and what motivates you better than you yourself do) because they will twist it around on to you each and every time so you know not to bother even trying to get through to the person.

              You leave them be and eventually they end up pissing off the wrong person or people yet they tend not to learn from their mistakes.

              from what you term the ‘fodder’.

        • mimi said, on January 26, 2014 at 7:48 pm

          The words ‘duplicitous’ and ‘superiority complex’ comes to mind while reading your post. For one who cares if he’s anonymous, he has every right to be, Icke and his cast of duplicitous arse lickers and inner circle minions have put themselves in the public eye as public figures which is also their right and decision but when it comes to using that public status for scamming, for manipulating, for lying, for sucking money out of people, many who are struggling then that bares scrutiny, it bares exposing, what you call ‘rants’ is an exposure of the lies and duplicitous nature of their motives and appeals.

          Looping haters? so you are a psychic then, quite the awesome powers you have… to be able to psychically see through the computer screen and inside the very hearts and minds of us fellow posters and earthlinggb as well to see what motivates us to be on this blog, no sense explaining since you already have secret and mysterious powers to see all our hateful loopy little spiteful hearts when it comes to Icke and company.

          It could not have anything to do with the truth or genuine motives and using the brain matter inside our own heads, ah ‘haters’ is a term now used like ‘newspeak’ to shut people up. If you are smart enough to see through the contradictions, the outright lies, the degradation and scams that go in in some portions of the alternative media as per mentioned cult icons like Icke and company and actually have the balls to speak up about it then you must be a ‘hater’ a ‘naysayer’ a form of lowlife out to spread negative energy to all and sunder with selfish motives too boot.

          Of course us fellow posters could not possibly have a mind and insights of our own.. through which we…based on our own inner discernment, experiences and research have come to many of the very same conclusions that earthlinggb has, hate actually having nothing to do with it but you have those psychic powers that can actually project onto others who you don’t know from a hole in the ground… exactly what you want to project, reality be damned…so be it.

          So icke and his little rent boy and arse lickers kept all the money to themselves and…. exploited (and exploit) their volunteers, expecting them to not only work for nothing in these times of hard economic struggling but to also ‘pay out of pocket’ their own expenses including gas etc… and someone had the balls to speak up concerning this kind of exploitation (the exploitation of the volunteers that is for the most part.. as the true and full extent of the financial scamming at the top at that time was still very much unknown compared to now) which is what it is.

          So flipping what if he wanted to at some point get paid the value of his time and experience and for out of pocket monies, me thinks they got rid of him in part because he was too swift, to able, experienced and knowledgeable to not be able to eventually see through this exploitation and financial scamming they were pulling, ie a potential threat, and yet WHILE STILL WANTING TO BELIEVE (as it was the early days of the project) that the project could be or actually was a source for good to ‘get the truth out’ he was willing to offer the knowledge of his own expertise and to speak up for his own rights, and to actually ask about and potentially expect to be given reward for that time and energy and experience with GOD FORBID…. an actual monthly paycheck at some point in time and to be treated fairly in conjunction with his input.

          How selfish, how awful to want such a thing in a cultish atmosphere of ‘doing it all for love’, of course those in the upper levels who allegedly ‘do it all for love and the infinite consciousness’ and who are at the same time guilting people through emotional and spiritually manipulative techniques often are not struggling with no or little income themselves or are those on the lower stratosphere of power allowing themselves to be used in cult like servitude towards the aims of those so-called ‘superiors’ in knowledge to the detriment of themselves as they are for all intents and purposes on the lowest caste levels of the infrastructure that is allegedly built on ‘oneness, love and infinite consciousness’.

          Not meaning to interpret your own experiences earthlinggb as I know you can speak for yourself on these matters if you choose to, just putting my own two cents in and feel free to correct me if I’m wrong. I for one am very thankful that you decided to see for yourself firsthand what TPV was about and for your insights, research and sharing of the experience with others and all the other info here as it has been in many ways yet another strong confirmation of what I and many others have come to the conclusion of completely outside of what is written here in this blog. Information on topics in other parts of this blog outside of the Icke-TPV debacle is also very relevant and of very much importance.

          Tom apparently has a bone to pick and seems to have no compunction about slighting and making derogatory comments towards the posters here in order to do it.

          • mimi said, on January 27, 2014 at 3:10 am

            And I must correct/clarify myself as well as in this is what happens when putting myself in someone else’s shoes when that person is so much better at explaining/giving responses for themselves as per the ‘Dear Tom Perception Deception’ thread especially when it is someone I’ve never met or had a person to person conversation with.

            They did not want to get rid of him (though I think they saw him as a potential threat after he had the balls to stick up for himself and all the other volunteers as far as the exploitation went in asking that they be reimbursed for out of pocket expenses and he has a lot of experience with financial/advertising/business world), they wanted to move him from the financial/advertising section over to the creative section which he had wanted to do in the first place and he ended up leaving on his own accord for legitimate reasons.

            If he was really in it for the money then he could have easily stayed and kept his mouth shut, played along in whatever section they deemed to put him in and sucked up to them no matter how they treated him or the other volunteers, instead he quit when he realized that they were not acting in accordance with what and who they were portraying themselves and The Peoples Voice to be.

  10. Julian Lowe said, on January 27, 2014 at 11:28 am

    Note to t. Walker the random talker. You have no idea how much earthling has investigated the set up of tpv. Plus indeed he did go for a job there. It was all new and looked a promising idea. The idea on the offset came across that tpv would actually represent the peoples with some accurate knowledge is as much as it would allow people some help to break the mind layers of the elitistic controlling mechanism. Sure,it did to a point then infact when haywire with ridiculous new age philosophy and opionion biased coverage on events taking place. In this world people who belief in idealogies often put their money where their mouth is.They also stand by their ethical convictions when in some arguable state wish to rrpresent the public with true information. Not information which would not even stand up in a bent court of law such a reptiles on the moon. And other ridiculous statements. When earth went for a job he was giving tpv benefit of the doubt. He nreded to acvess mr icke and the policy and the way the company was structured in a sense. Yes, he had the intension of working for tpv. Any one would on the hype before its launch professing it was out to speak for the nation. It was out to say no not compliance to those very things that were bringing the economy down.You can not serve two masters mate especially where you are supposed to be anti disestablishment. Tpv will fail on the grounds it is not geared up to be a true fuctioning media establishment whose core value is not built around the ethics is tries to profess.

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