This is not a love song (alternative title: Something’s Johnny Rotten in Denmark!)

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This is NOT, I repeat, NOT a David Icke/TPV post! 🙂

It is an OFCOM post! OFCOM is the far bigger fish to fry here and it just happens to be illustrated by the TPV fiasco.

I just realised I cannot possibly let this person (is that the “Corporate person” known as OFCOM or the legal person known as Kathleen Spokesperson?) get away with absolute total bullshit. God almighty the bullshit artists are everywhere aren’t they? Every bloody corner you turn, there they are waiting in the shadows to spout their objectionable, transparent CRAP – yet it’s all so incompetent. Pathetically transparent to a half brained twit like me. I guess I should now criticise myself for calling me such? Nah, I won’t bother.

So here is the letter back to OFCOM in reply to their communication of yesterday. Hey! SOMEONE’S gotta do it! And I just ain’t taking this shit from no-one – is that ok by you? If not, too bad.

To: Kathleen Stewart
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Let me start by simply saying that your letter’s contents are entirely disingenuous. I am sure you are quite aware of this. If you truly stand by your commentary on the status of “The People’s Voice” and your/OFCOM’s belief that David Icke has no controlling interest, either directly or by proxy, then let me state to you, that OFCOM are a joke. That is no flippant remark, it is a fact and a serious comment regarding the work your organisation is MEANT to do.
The letter from you is transparently evading the reality and I, for one, would like to know why you, as an organisation, are doing so.
Let me illustrate this “non controlling interest” of David Icke over “The People’s Voice” broadcasting network and Limited Liability Company:
1. The original Indiegogo campaign for £300K of donations.
The first video produced by David Icke to raise funds –
Two campaigns now launched, both by David Icke (see attached photo “Two campaigns”)
Please note on the Indiegogo campaign notes, the following:
‘I am excited by David’s new venture. We all complain about media bias and now we will have an outlet beholden only to the people. I think it will be crazy and fun and I hope to be on it.’ – Russell Brand

We’re a small team of people … but we have already achieved so much against all the odds …

Here are some of the things we have done recently:

David Icke Live at Wembley Arena – recorded 27th October 2012 (Produced by Sean Adl-Tabatabai, Directed by Simon Morris, Edited by Mathew Kennedy)

David Icke’s “ad lib documentary” at Occupy Wall Street – recorded November 2011 (Produced and Directed by Sean Adl-Tabatabai, Edited by Miki Zoric)

Music video for Gareth Icke “Remember Who You Are” (Produced by Sean Adl-Tabatabai, Directed and Edited by Miki Zoric)

We have access to and work regularly with very talented filmmakers, broadcasters and engineers who we will secure to work full-time with us once we reach our goal.

Please note that David Icke was (and is) the Creator of the entire venture (see attached photo: “Icke creator”).

Please view the list of “perks” down the right hand side of the Indiegogo campaign page:

1. £10: Q&A with David

2. £25: Signed poster by David Icke plus Q&A with David Icke.

3. The “Q&A”‘s continue with David Icke all the way up to £200

4. £200: An exclusive online preview in September of one of our prime-time shows with David before we broadcast! Plus a chance to submit feedback afterwards to the shows Producers // Plus ‘SIGNED POSTER’, ‘Q+A WITH DAVID’, and ‘BEHIND THE SCENES DIARY’

5. £500: A personalised video from David Icke thanking you for your contribution.
6. £500: Win a VIP ticket to David Icke’s Wembley Arena show in October 2014.
7. £2,500: Visit studio and meet David Icke.
8. £3000: Attend launch show and meet David Icke with HIS very special guests.
9. £3000: One of edition of David Icke’s new book “The Perception Deception” with hand-written personal message from – you guessed it – David Icke!
Now, that covers just the original campaign. Let’s move on shall we?
Here are a few of the video updates about “The People’s Voice” before launch. Every single one of them by David Icke explaining the entire ethos of the network and structure and needs of the network (without a mention of the Private Limited Company which controlled it up until YOU – OFCOM – contacted him/TPV to demand your licence be applied for:
Now, you have a little watch of them Kathleen and then tell me how much it is not in your personal interest to acknowledge the reality which OFCOM do not wish to have acknowledged? The acknowledgement of which is obviously FAR more than your job’s worth right?
2. Now Let’s turn, for a moment, to “The People’s Voice Broadcasting Network” Private Limited Company by share capital. While David Icke proposed and kept promoting that the company was a “Not for profit” station. That was an EXTREMELY misleading statement to make as you and OFCOM well know. Yet, again, you ignore this? So my question is of you, once more, what is the relationship between you/OFCOM and David Icke? It may not be direct but someone is protecting this guy and supporting him and his aims. If you do not have the clarity of mind to see that then, sincerely, I do feel for you.
Please consider the information on this blog. As you will see (and be fully aware of already), David Icke WAS a Director of “The People’s Voice” Private Limited Company – while may I also bring it to your attention that he is on record visually in his videos (and live on TPV itself) stating that he has spent his own money investing in equipment in the station! How much do you seriously think you can get away with ignoring Kathleen before people who read this (and it will be made public) recognise you for what your letter assumes I am? Seriously, I would like you to answer that question.
David Icke was a Director from the initial incorporation of the company up until late October 2013 – precisely the time that I had contacted OFCOM and they acknowledged my contact than they contacted TPV. Mr Icke then making the statement (Mr Icke remember, not any other person in the company or network) that HE and TPV spoke with THEIR lawyers who advised them they had to get a licence. Now, once more, you tell me how, again, it is David Icke acting not only as spokesman but also making the decisions and debating/negotiating these points with TPV’s lawyers?
Now, since then, David Icke has resigned his Directorship (funny old coincidental kinda world we live in isn’t it Kathleen?) BUT the new campaign for donations on Indiegogo, launched on 3rd January 2014 (after the fact that he is “no longer associated with the company” but still drives it?) has been created by? Well would you believe it? None other than…… DAVID ICKE!
Let’s have a look at that campaign shall we Kathleen?
The TEAM on this campaign just happens to have added a second “Icke”: David Icke’s son Jaymie! How weird is that Kathleen? It just so happens that in the original campaign, David Icke, in the first video, goes through the core team running TPV and it is him and his entire family including Sean ADL Tabatabai but also including his son Jaymie. Also, his son Gareth is one of the main presenters on the station. ISN’T THAT STRANGE? Ah but because there is no mention of the name “Icke” on TPV Limited’s documentation anymore, then you decide to accept that there is now no involvement? Ah the “legal person”, isn’t it a wonderful creation Kathleen?
Now, take a look down the perks of this campaign and what do you find? David Icke perks splashed all over it once more including the BIG £10,000 perk which is? “The Ultimate David Icke collection”.
And lastly what do we have on the TPV website shop?
Have a look Kathleen. Go on, I know you want to. A whole range of David Icke promotional material from caps, to t-shirts, promoting his name and his books and shows.
So Kathleen, while you, in your letter on behalf of that so called “regulator” you work for, side step, swerve and evade the fundamental reality of this venture by Icke and buddies/family, OFCOM are simply a party to fraud in my opinion. However, that fraud (by wilful misrepresentation) is supported by the legal framework which is supported itself by the fraud which is the “legal person” and treatment of a corporation (corpse – oration – the talking dead: I do hope you appreciate that) as like a human being with “rights”, which makes everything in your world “hunky dory” and not fraudulent at all. So I withdraw the comment about it being fraud Kathleen because, according to the law and the way it is implemented, fraud is perfectly acceptable and isn’t fraud at all. When everything is built upon fraud and corruption, it is impossible for everything built upon it not to be fraudulent in nature.
Imagine a cheesecake Kathleen. Do you like cheesecake? I do. A cup of coffee and a slice of cheesecake on a sunny afternoon sitting outside at a cafeteria just watching the world go by. It’s great isn’t it? But you can get all kinds of cheesecake Kathleen – Blueberry, lemon, chocolate even! Lots and lots of different toppings you can get. But guess what? The base is still cheesecake. What you’re doing here is just adding the topping! Nice topping, shame about the crumbling base though. While, if the people who have created and maintain that system say something is not fraudulent (even if it clearly is) then it’s not. Black is white and night is day. Perhaps it’s that “sponginess” in the centre of the cheesecake Kathleen – sponges can absorb a lot of moisture. Hot air and bullshit is moisture Kathleen! 😉
I do hope you enjoy your career Kathleen.
Perhaps this is a good time (although I never wished to publish this as it is a private communications between both, myself and Sonia Poulton but, unfortunately, it was misrepresented by the other party and has led to online blogs referring to a single statement made by the latter which is patently untrue) to add this since, just as above, in speaking of (and in this case naming of course) TPV and David Icke, my INTENTION in the above is to point the finger at OFCOM. My intention in the following is stated quite clearly to Ms Poulton BUT, for the purpose of explaining to her how it all came about, I mentioned elements which included my ex wife. I had ZERO intention of naming any names to the press (except perhaps my own) because the names did not matter – what mattered was the evidence of wrong doing and corruption I have against a Singapore court system, a judge in a small claims case in Surrey, a lawyer and judge in Singapore, a barrister who ignored the obvious in the High court in London, another barrister who admitted I had a case (while a company admitted they breached contract) and a Foreign & Commonwealth office that did nothing to protect me and my “human rights” abroad.
And if you ever have the “opportunity” to spend time in a Singapore jail because you were a “threat” to their perceived “justice system” then you will recognise that THIS photograph reflects just a part of how you are treated in such a prison.

When looking at that photo, all you need do os change the Army uniforms for Prison warden uniforms and it is exactly the same picture of Queenstown prison, Singapore (which now does not exist). You are lined up in a courtyard, told to strip naked, hosed down, told to stand between two lines of fence just 12 or 18 inches apart, your genitals and anus then sniffed by a sniffer dog, brought back out and put in a cell with no furniture of any kind, sleep on a stone floor with 3 other people, one of whom is coming down from some sort of drug induced high, a transexual and one other. A single blanket to cover you as you sleep and an open latrine in the corner where you piss and shit in front of the other three. Outside the cell you do not walk, you crouch and if you stand you are birched. Ok? Does that explain the picture fully?

And you endured that due to a contempt of court. A contempt of court because you pointed to the fact that the court was acting corruptly. You put the evidence before them and they acknowledged it and ignored it and simply demanded your acquiescence. You didn’t give it.

So, anyhow, here is the entire communication between me and Sonia Poulton. Unedited.

“The one where he wanted to sell his ex-wife down the river.”

Ms Poulton has taken something completely out of context and “packaged it” to make such a statement designed to colour me as a bitter, twisted individual looking to hurt my ex wife. Thereby having anyone read it consider me of “questionable morals” and that, I am sure, any woman (in particular) who may read it would obviously take the meaning she meant to project. There are women who I do know and have for some time and I have discussed such issues with them who know full well that I have NEVER wished, nor considered, some form of “retribution” toward my ex wife. For may reasons, a major one being I have two children and such a “war” would hurt them immeasurably and they have been hurt quite enough thank you.

I have never attempted to character assassinate Ms Poulton in any way shape or form yet she has chosen to do so toward me. For what? For asking questions of David Icke and TPV and the financing?

So, with that, let me share with you (because, unfortunately such is necessary to clear my “name”) the entire discussion which Ms Poulton refers to. The ONLY changes are that I have omitted my name (people know it but I need not publish it on here and that is my prerogative to do so).

What may also be of interest is Ms Poulton’s own words saying full time people will be paid on TPV.

  • Conversation started July 22
  • M

    Hi Sonia,

    I was wondering if there may be any paid positions going at the People’s Voice? I have a 30 year career in sales and marketing (telecommunications), a physics degree and Business Studies. I’m also a blogger (although haven’t been too professional about it thus far) and I create youtube videos and record a little. I have also got “experience” let’s say with the law – I just thought: That gives the impression I have been locked up! lol No but let’s say my outspokenness has gotten me into trouble a little plus I also whipped a barrister’s ass in court due to my understanding and research which then led me onto all of this.

    Anyhow, just thought I’d inquire.

    Regards, M (friend of S L’s)

  • July 24
  • Sonia Poulton
    Sonia Poulton

    Hi Mark, yes there will be paid positions for people who are full-time at People’s Voice. I would recommend you contact the admin/personnel team. Here’s a link, it will be one of these e-mails:

  • July 26
  • M

    Thanks Sonia.

  • August 4
  • M

    Sonia, another question if I may? Do you still write for the Daily Mail/Mainstream?

  • August 5
  • Sonia Poulton
    Sonia Poulton

    Sure M. At the moment I primarily write for the Sunday Express because of the subject matter I have been working on recently – institutional child abuse – and I much prefer SE’s approach to the subject matter than DM’s…but I still write for both and will continue to do so even when at People’s Voice. I believe both roles will complement each other.

  • August 5
  • M

    Well Sonia, it’s just I really would have a superb story for you (complex but very telling) re how our legal system does not work and how human rights do not exist and I could refer all of it to personal experience from a number of legal issues I have contended with over the past few years. It has nothing to do with child abuse of course BUT the “expose” of the legal person would help those whose children have been fraudulently and corruptly taken from them. Anyhow, if you were interested to discuss. I can assure you I think your eyebrows would raise even if you are ware of the legal person issue and positive discrimination by our courts which I’m sure you are. It proves, however, that our justice system and courts literally break the human rights act themselves while ANY public organisation which does (and the courts are such) are potential targets for being sued. Give that some thought.

  • M

    NB: I even have a barrister recorded (audio) stating “You don’t stand a chance in court because you are neither a pregnant woman, a homosexual or an ethnic minority”. How about that for explosive?

  • Sonia Poulton
    Sonia Poulton

    Hi M, the problem is, at the moment, that I don’t have the time or head space to take on anything else. I am currently working on a tv report, a documentary and two newspaper investigations as well as planning for the People’s Voice.

    I suspect from the sound of your outline (the clue was complex) that your story is going to require a fair amount of time to research and pull together. What is the main thread of your experience? Something that I could feed – as a one liner or short para – to an editor?

  • M

    Yes I understand Sonia. Ok, one liner: “You think you would have had to have committed a crime for the law to destroy you? Think again!” Ok perhaps rather dramatic but true.

    Paragraph? Man gets divorced in Singapore (so he thought). Wife steals £35,000 and perjures herself in court. Court doesn’t care and jails man for contempt of court. Man contacts UK Foreign and commonwealth office re Human Rights once he finds out Singapore court never had jurisdiction from the start. Singapore doesn’t like he found out – threatens him with jail again. Man jumps on plane back to UK in fear of being jailed again for longer leaving wife and children. Wife tells children their father is a criminal. Back in UK wife comes to Royal Courts of justice with a singapore court order giving her 100%. Man fights it and wins with no representation. Barrister is “educated”. Later wife remarries and man realises that she is, in fact, a bigamist because the Singapore court order was void due to lack of jurisdiction.

    Then man finds himself in battle re his home in Guildford Surrey. It was let out while abroad. Wife speaks with lettings agent and tells them man should not be given access. Man goes to court once more and wins. However court then charges man the other side’s court costs because man wanted justice not just money.

    Man then goes back to Edinburgh (home town) and man is then “visited” by Police for having an argument online with a jew. Police remove £2000 of equipment from man’s home and charges him with nothing. (This is 2011 and man still has heard nothing from police – effectively, then, legalised robbery).

    On to 2012: Man is terminated from a job he took in February and termination in August. Barrister respects it is breach of contract but does nothing once he sent one letter to opposing lawyers who just dismissed it. Barrister tells man that he had little chance of winning due to him not being pregnant female, gay or ethnic minority.

    Man has meeting with MP Damian Green who simply refuses to do anything for him while Damian Green freaks out at man daring to take a video camera to the MP’s surgery. The termination resulted in man having, in good faith, invested in a house in Kent on the word of the Managing Director that he had an ongoing job.

    Man is now about broke.

    And I can support everything I have said with documentation proof.

    Plus here’s a quick video of my “meeting” with Damian Green MP who then tried to suggest he felt threatened (not by me but by a camera as you will see).

    Finally however Sonia, I would like you to understand that I am quite well academically qualified in physics and business and I have had a global career in Business Management with 6 figure salaries. Just to ensure you understand I’m no idiot.

    Anyhow, thanks for the ear. If you ever do have the time and the inclination, I’d be happy to hear from you. You see, I can also work all of this into my studies of the legal person according to the UN and Parliament as well as Human Rights plus I can also explain the monetary con we are all under (fully and logically). This “story” wouldn’t be just for me, it would be to open many eyes I would hope. To get such a story in mainstream would be significant and, although it concerns me to do so (re my future), I have lost so much already.


    British MP freezes on confrontation!

    What is the Legal Person? What is a legal fiction? Is the government discriminatory? Is the judiciary discriminatory? Do I have to be a black, pregnant, gay …
  • M

    Sonia, on last thing: I just watched the video of you and another woman (on £50K a year) on Morning breakfast from last year. Believe me when I say, I do have a solution to the entire thing. It is not my solution in fact but that of a man named Mike Montagne. All I can say is that I have studied the whole monetary issue for approx 5 years. I have hit what i have thought to be solutions (understanding the fractional reserve issue etc) and I have trawled congressional and parliamentary websites but I have now firmly found the only solution (only because it is the one logical and evidenced/proven). Your issue with those at the top getting their tax breaks and then you have the middle class (who are being attacked now) and the lower class (who are always attacked) is entirely sorted by this solution Sonia. It turns things on their head and creates abundance. Ot is called “Mathematically Perfected Economy” and please do not let the name put you off. All it means is a 1:1:1 relationship between all assets, money in circulation to represent those assets and the money retired out of the system in paying down those assets. It is so simple, logical and factual. To get it media time would be an incredible feat Sonia and it would shake the entire system.

  • Sonia Poulton
    Sonia Poulton

    OK M, cool. I’ll send your outline to some editors and see what they say, OK? Will let you know.

  • M

    Well ok but do you see it even of interest to yourself if you had had the time?

    You won’t have to mention my name will you?

  • Sonia Poulton
    Sonia Poulton

    Ah. It would almost certainly require full identification including a picture M. My editors will only run anonymous pieces if they involve whistleblowers who are still in the job or people who are involved in sex abuse. We get heavily criticised for anonymous pieces and they are avoided. people say they are made up and it also makes it much harder for people to relate to them. So, in answer to your question, if you wanted this considered for coverage it would require full ID. I will leave it with you to think about.

  • M

    That’s not so much of the problem Sonia. I just meant for now – you wouldn’t have to give them my name just to give them a summary would you? If they wanted more detail I could then speak to them but I would want to ensure that the story would be told absolutely correctly before I put my name to it

  • August 6
  • Sonia Poulton
    Sonia Poulton

    no I wouldn’t need to give them your name now, M. Although I can tell you this, none of my editors would give you final proof read of an article. I understand your need to be cautious but there are a lot of conditions that you have which may prove to be an obstacle.

  • M

    Sonia, we know how the press can “spin” things. Any chance of having a quick 5 min/10 min chat about this rather than text it? If so, my number is 11111 111111 or, alternatively, if you’d rather I call you or Skype?

  • Sonia Poulton
    Sonia Poulton

    we can have a word later in the week possibly but I am in a studio at the moment and typing in between takes.

  • M

    Ok. I don’t really have a lot of conditions but I simply can’t understand that, if someone wished, with the right intention, to publish this, why they would not wish to be sure it was correct? Anyhow, later in the week then. Enjoy the day.

  • Sonia Poulton
    Sonia Poulton

    Enjoy your day too. It’s not about not getting it correct M, no-one wants that, but it is not practice for people to have final say over their copy. It simply isn’t and my editors would laugh me out of the room for suggesting it. I can’t promise we will speak this week, I have a load on as I told you and I am quite happy to pass what you have said to me on but I doubt I have time to tackle it right now. My plate floweth over. I’ll do what I can though.

  • M

    Sure. Pass it on and see if anyone bites. The paragraphs I wrote do not really create the full picture and the power of the story to really hit hard at government and legislation and their ultimate corruption but if someone can sense there’s more to this and value in it then I’d like to discuss with them. Thanks and catch you sometime.

  • Sonia Poulton
    Sonia Poulton

    I think that is the best way to go on this because if they bite then you may be able to negotiate it all to your satisfaction. Let’s give it a shot.

  • M

    I know YOU wish to hit hard Sonia ( I believe anyhow) but do these editors really understand things and wish to too? Ok cool.

  • Sonia Poulton
    Sonia Poulton

    no seldom they don’t but that’s why I am frustrated in the mainstream. Your story is complex, very few editors are even prepared to take on complex stories these days much less if these involve going off into areas of Govt and legislation. The amount of stories I have to abandon – in a similar vein to yours – is heartbreaking. Anyway must go.

  • M

    Sorry,,, (I know I can go on! lol) but there’s one other thing. IF this were to get attention and it hit hard (as I know it can) then I also know that the establishment would target me based upon particlerly what they would insinuate from my writing as “anti semitism” plus other issues. They would attack my character. I’m willing to stand for that if I can be sure of having the “voice” to hit back. Ok.. later.

  • Sonia Poulton
    Sonia Poulton

    hmmm, some of the things you just said are troubling. Why would you be called anti semitic? I will respond to this later when I have a mo.

  • M

    Well I guess that’s what the “People’s Voice” is all about. But be careful on that Sonia because you know you will be “coloured” by being involved with David Icke.

  • M

    Because I write about the realities of history (much of which is backed up in parliamentary archives) and the Khazar root of the “jewish” Israelis who are not truly semitic people. Sonia, David Icke writes about the same things so if you’re troubled by me you should be troubled by him.

  • August 7
  • Sonia Poulton
    Sonia Poulton

    I’m not troubled by David, I just don’t know you M. That’s all. Simple stuff. I will send your outline to editors.

  • M

    Neither do i know you Sonia. While I even have questions about the integrity of David Icke. But this is the whole problem we have in this world isn’t it? Distrust. And why do you think that is? Could it be because we have a system which, due to it’s entire set up means that to pay off our debts we MUST compete with each other? It’s dog eat dog and we have no way of remedying that unless we change that system to something better – which can so easily be done. The reprehensible Ms Katie is a product of that system and she is entirely bought into it because she doesn’t have the vision to imagine anything but the present system. So who am I? Well, on one hand, I’m a guy whose mother once used a saying when he was very young and which, for some reason, stuck with him: “A stranger is just a friend you do not know” and then he went out into the wider world of business and recognised that while that COULD be true, in the present, many times it wasn’t. So yes simple stuff. If you’re saying you have no basis upon which to trust that I am someone of integrity and honesty then I can say I am in the same position with you. Further, you suggest I ask too much (conditions). Well I know neither you nor your editors and you have just stated you’re troubled by simple stuff. So you can readily appreciate then that I will be too and that is my concern over handing this to people I don’t know either. I guess it’s a leap of faith?

  • August 14
  • M

    No feedback Sonia? By the way, I sent you a request to connect.

  • August 14
  • Sonia Poulton
    Sonia Poulton

    still waiting M. Mind you my editors are almost all on holiday and their posts are being covered by people I don’t know…bear with me….what request? let me go look. I haven’t done my friend requests for about a week. Hold on.

  • M

    The strangest thing has happened. The company I worked for and who terminated me (breaching contract) replaced me with a guy that used to work for them for 4 years and now, within the 6 month period – just as with me – they have terminated him too. Hard to explain how that is of any importance but, in my legal case against them (if I had one) it is VERY telling. I’m shocked. They knew this guy well. They knew his capability and work style. He had absolute proven experience of the job (having worked for them for 4 years previously) and worked in power electronics most of his career – and it seems they have done much the same to him! Corporations are getting away with whatever they wish with impunity.

  • August 30
  • M

    What do you think of the song Sonia? I’d like to know….

    Global Revolution

    Have you ever seriously looked at the system? And worked out how they’ve created the lie Do you ever wonder if you’re a person? A legal replicant of a human …
  • September 14
  • Sonia Poulton
    Sonia Poulton

    Did you tell me you did this M? It’s very powerful. Funny thing is it reminds me a bit of Talking Heads. The video is extraordinary. Really captures so much of our struggle. A great package. It’s a People’s Voice vid and song if ever I saw one!

  • September 15
  • M

    Hey! I’m glad you say it reminds you of Talking Heads because I love that band and they were in my mind when I wrote it. Really pleased you liked it Sonia! Yeah I mentioned it last sunday if you remember?

  • September 16
  • M

    Sonia, would you mind asking Sean to contact me or a number I can get him on? Or David even?

  • September 16
  • M

    Sonia, how do I get in touch with the guys?

  • Sonia Poulton
    Sonia Poulton

    I’d leave a message on the TPV facebook page M. David is out of the country and I don’t have a number to give out for Gareth. Reckon that’s the best way to do it but be patient, it’s hectic!

  • M

    Ok. Just wanted to discuss availability and also sponsorship/advertising. If you see Sean ask him to give me a bell?

  • Sonia Poulton
    Sonia Poulton

    Have you contacted Sean, M? I reckon you will get a quicker answer if you post an inbox addressed to him to the TPV page.

  • M

    I’ve left him a message on LinkedIn and we chatted quite a bit on sunday. Will drop a line on TPV FB page too at some point.

You cannot reply to this conversation. Either the recipient’s account was disabled or its privacy settings don’t allow replies.
Now, as I hope you shall see quite clearly from that, the “story” was about a number of issues I have experienced (INCLUDING my “divorce” which was international and it was fraudulent due to no jurisdiction by the Singapore court) and the story I wanted to present to the press was one about the sheer corruption within the law and the fundamentals of that corruption. I could do this because I had first hand experience across a number of issues and I could relate the “legal person” to it. The reason I would want to first check it before it was published (if that was ever to be the case) was because I wanted the story about the divorce to be generic more than specific. I had no intention of releasing the name of my spouse and create WW3 out of that. That was not the intention of the story. The intention was to cover 3 or 4 issues (particularly the corporation one) and demonstrate with factual, 1st hand evidence, how the court system, worldwide, is corrupt. At NO TIME did I ever even infer I wanted to attack my ex wife.
“Sonia, we know how the press can “spin” things”  – Ah the sheer irony. Yes Sonia, indeed we do know! 
A last few points on this Corporate, legal person issue wrt OFCOM.
Now, I read “OFCOM’s” reply and I simply say to myself “OFCOM must be a mental incompetent”. Now, to state someone (another legal person) as mentally incompetent is a form of slander is it not? I think it is. But, you see, Kathleen is replying on BEHALF OF OFCOM, as can clearly be seen from her letter. Therefore, it must be the legal person of OFCOM who is mentally retarded. Now, if OFCOM wish to pursue me for defamation then go ahead. I would just wish to ask of OFCOM: “If you are saying you are not mentally retarded, then please show the court your mind.” You see, when I was terminated from my job, I took the “resins” for such as being absolutely, unqualified, slander by the person who wrote the release letter. However, I was advised that I could not state slander in any way because the person who effectively wrote the release was the company and that any other person (legal person in their own right) within the company who read it (and there were a few) were all within the company and, therefore, the statement was not made to a third party – just me and the legal corporate person of the company.
So, in the same way, no single individual within OFCOM can state that I have stated they are personally mentally retarded because it is the legal corporate person known as OFCOM who is replying to me. That Corporate person has no brain therefore, to call it mentally retarded is no slander at all. It does not physically exist except as a piece of paper residing at Companies House.
Further, it is mentally retarded and incompetent when it suggests it will not accept a person whose intent is political. Here’s why. It’s very simple.
Who is PRESS.TV?

Mohammad Sarafraz (Press TV CEO) said in a June 2007 press conference that, “Since September 11, Western bias has divided the media into two camps: those that favour their policies make up one group and the rest of the media are attached to radical Islamic groups like Al-Qaeda. We want to show that there is a different view. Iran, and the Shi’as in particular, have become a focal point of world propaganda. From the media point of view, we are trying to give a second eye to Western audiences.”[3]

The network’s official vision is “to heed the voices and perspectives of the people of the world; build bridges of cultural understanding; encourage human beings of different nationalities, races and creeds to identify with one another; bring to light untold and overlooked stories of individuals who have experienced political and cultural divides firsthand.”[4]Sarafraz explained that “our experience tells us that pictorial reflection of news and the use of images are more effective than discussion and analysis.”[5]

Press TV is state-funded[11] and is a division of the Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting (IRIB).

On 20 January 2012, Press TV’s licence to broadcast in the UK was revoked by Ofcom. NEVER!???

Question: Why did OFCOM provide a licence to Press TV in the first instance?


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  1. Crystali said, on January 15, 2014 at 8:20 pm

    “1. £10: Q&A with David

    2. £25: Signed poster by David Icke plus Q&A with David Icke.

    3. The “Q&A”‘s continue with David Icke all the way up to £200

    4. £200: An exclusive online preview in September of one of our prime-time shows with David before we broadcast! Plus a chance to submit feedback afterwards to the shows Producers // Plus ‘SIGNED POSTER’, ‘Q+A WITH DAVID’, and ‘BEHIND THE SCENES DIARY’
    5. £500: A personalised video from David Icke thanking you for your contribution.
    6. £500: Win a VIP ticket to David Icke’s Wembley Arena show in October 2014.
    7. £2,500: Visit studio and meet David Icke.
    8. £3000: Attend launch show and meet David Icke with HIS very special guests.
    9. £3000: One of edition of David Icke’s new book “The Perception Deception” with hand-written personal message from – you guessed it – David Icke!”

    Thanks for the laugh, although it stops dead when you realise that a man can use truth as an excuse to go fishing for monetary gain from those seeking truth. He is treating his listeners with the same contempt tptb treat us all. I wonder what was really on his mind when he wrote “The Perception Deception”, I am just surprised there isn’t a donate button under every one of his paragraphs. lol :/

    I still won’t call him names though, I will leave that pleasure to you, just don’t lower yourself for him.

    • earthlinggb said, on January 15, 2014 at 8:23 pm

      You may not say it Crystali but you think it. The only difference between you and I is I say it. I like to stuff political correctness up any politically correct individual’s politically correct anus! That’s a big part of the problem we have. People have been programmed to fear saying what is really on their mind. Thought control leads to total control. “You can’t say that!!” “Why the hell not? Who are you? The speech police?”

      • Crystali said, on January 15, 2014 at 9:20 pm

        Oh no, not quite, I have no problem saying what needs to be said. Yes, granted, I am self aware of how I say it, but not intending to be so called politically correct, I detest political and won’t carry their line, I just have tact and unless I deliver it fairly palatable I feel bad. So you are right to a degree, but not in reality, I can be really foul mouthed if I want, but I choose to be polite, not because it pleases anyone else or follows a guide of correctness, it’s just the way I am, sorry about that.
        But I don’t tell anyone else how to be, what to say or how to say it, I never would, I like everyone for themselves, that individual uniqueness is wonderful.

        But you, yes, let rip, I love it.

        • Crystali said, on January 15, 2014 at 9:38 pm

          Oh, and I am not a speech police, Yes, I suppose when I see the posts I made it comes across a little like that now you mention it, I did not intend to come across like that. It’s not easy expressing yourself with just a wall of text alone.

          I’ll leave it at that.

          • earthlinggb said, on January 15, 2014 at 9:55 pm

            Haha. I know. I wasn’t speaking of you directly. I was speaking generally.

        • earthlinggb said, on January 15, 2014 at 9:38 pm

          Trust me Crystali, I am also “self aware” and in my private life, I tend not to use expletives (although it happens from time to time on the odd occasion) and have tact. But when faced with this level of bullshit, I’m afraid those who give it are not entitled to tact in my opinion. Further, on here, it is “Earthling” talking and not me. 😉

          • Crystali said, on January 15, 2014 at 10:08 pm

            You are implying there that Earthling is your alter ego, and you sit quietly at the back while Earthling lays into the trash… … is that good or bad…. … LOL
            I do understand which is why I use Crystali, but Crystali is totally transparent so me and her tend to agree. 🙂

            • earthlinggb said, on January 15, 2014 at 10:22 pm

              Oh I do tend to agree with him 100% Crystali, it’s just I would not personally ever make the statements he makes. I find his approach distasteful. He just doesn’t know when to hold his damned tongue! I’ll have a word with him about it one day but, knowing him, he’ll just tell me to piss off! He’s damned annoying that way!

    • Kate said, on January 15, 2014 at 10:05 pm

      I would reply but I demand 1500 quid for your honor of receiving one from me. LOL

      • Crystali said, on January 15, 2014 at 10:09 pm

        No interest? Not offering any shares? hehe:)

      • earthlinggb said, on January 15, 2014 at 10:23 pm

        That’s ok Kate, for every person who makes a monetary demand of me, I have my own terms and conditions which state I demand twice the figure for reading it! 😉

  2. Babs said, on January 16, 2014 at 7:03 am

    I never thought about it last time but why are there set amounts to give? Why can’t you give £3 or £8 why does it start at £5 then the next one is £12? The top “prize” ha is now £10, 000 and for that you get signed copies of 13 books and all manner of “goodies” 10 grand! !!

  3. David said, on January 16, 2014 at 8:28 am

    A very interesting read, and I feel your pain.

    I had two businesses in Eastern Europe, and experienced on a daily basis the foul thick fog of corruption from local courts, lawyers, police, town mayor, even health and fire departments. All led by a crooks. At least the mayor is in jail now, but the stick was just passed is really all that happened.

    I had my fun, and life experience stories to tell, but yeah…I didn’t end up in jail, but it was close sometimes.

    You have a great blog, thanks for the posts.

    I hope your personal situation is improving,
    Best wishes,


  4. HV said, on January 16, 2014 at 1:10 pm

    Do you read your e-mail?

    (form details and IP changed to force moderation – feel free delete without offence)

    • earthlinggb said, on January 16, 2014 at 1:35 pm

      Huh? Lost me there HV. However, if you’re speaking about my gmail account, I haven’t looked at it in weeks. I’ll do that now.

  5. Hector Vector said, on January 16, 2014 at 6:09 pm

    The latest from the good ship TP Voice is that there are only a few days rations left and it is taking on water faster than the volunteers can bail whilst celebrated well wishers circle in their yachts.

    I haven’t witnessed the distress call but reports say that Cap’n Icke is mighty upset. Pretty soon he will be lashing out at his crew like Charles Laughton.

    All points about funding aside, I’d like to say that Icke and his science fiction fairy stories were and are the biggest liability to any organisation with which he is associated. Any attempt to promulgate truth is crippled when it is contaminated with garbage for which there is absolutely no evidence.

    David Icke is ultimately responsible for the fate of The People’s Voice but like all good professional victims, he will blame everybody else.

    There is a silver lining the the cloud, in an early promotional video for The People’s Voice, he stated that this was going to be his final effort or words to that effect. Maybe the path will soon be cleared of Icke’s nonsense and way made for something with integrity.

    Should it interest anybody, here is Icke’s mayday message in three parts. I haven’t seen it myself yet.

    I’ve only listened to a few minutes of the first video, Earthling, but it definitely supports your position regarding OfCom, i.e. that he is the main energy behind TPV.

    • Crystali said, on January 16, 2014 at 7:53 pm

      If the peoples voice does not make it… … It’s OK, we have the internet which has always been the peoples voice which is why tptb wish they had not let it evolve from a military tool to a mass public tool for server profit.
      But it is still our voice, and yes it is becoming more and more censored without consent, I cannot view Earthlings blog through my phone, my network provider has blocked it without the option of a self chosen bypass.
      He does sound like there is no peoples voice unless it gets heard through him and his media which is a little bizarre.
      I only viewed the first video, I could not be bothered with the other two.
      It also sounds a little like that emotional blackmail, fund us or you are all insane and don’t care what happens to you and your future.

      Well Mr Icke, you know what, if YOU can’t change the world, millions of protesters can’t change the world, Hundreds of thousands of activists can’t change the world, and millions of already awake people can’t change the world accept pass the parcel of information, then withholding funding from just another information outlet, int going to make the slightest bit of difference! All it changes is the path of your personal life. (He probably read here!)
      That is the point people, you cannot change the world in it’s current form, all you can do is inform each other and show each other the mess, why? because the powers that be have bought this world to where it is, do you think they are going to change? Do you really think they will have pity, remorse, empathy and compassion for you with the sheer volume of contempt they have shown for millennia. Do you think they will alter it? No they want it like this, they will not change it, it is virtually futile.
      For every genius solution there is another way to suppress it because they will not allow it to integrate into THEIR system, and it is THEIR system, the fake system, the system crafted by those that love to place their symbols everywhere as a signature to their works.
      Yes, granted we will die informed, but not truly enlightened and happy and free knowing that we done the right thing by our children.
      People love this system, they love their houses and their cars and their package holidays and their modern technology, the components they want changed within it are impossible unless you remove every last megalomaniac from it, it is impossible.
      The only people that know what to do with this system are the bloody gypsies, that is why they are so hated.
      That is where your true solution is.
      That is why I would kick my heels and leave dust in their faces because they do not own me despite having to endure it too.
      I will die standing in my sovereignty if it’s the last thing I ever do on this planet. I don’t need an Icke to do that.

      LOL… …Rant over… … carry on. 😉

    • Will said, on January 18, 2014 at 5:14 am

      Cap’n Icke is blaming his crew and the weather. Nothing wrong with his leadership!

  6. spartacus said, on January 17, 2014 at 12:57 pm

    Awww go away Mr Icke, The last thing the people need is another charlatan like you. You really are not needed, you are irelevent. You have never ever brought anything original or new to the table in any case.
    I find it absolutely ludicrous that you think the establishment would be bothered to attack you or you’re station, when lets face it, it seems less and less people are listening to your sci-fi shapeshifting alien nonsense.
    You have made a lot of money over the years off the backs of the gullible and mentally challenged. So go and crawl back under that rock you came from. I am sure the people will go on without needing to send money to a man like you.
    One more thing, i dont think your illness is just in your body. I would urge you to seek professional help for your paranoid delusions, and the voices you hear in your head. This sounds serious to me. Have you spoken to your GP about all this? I bet you bloody have’nt have you Mr Icke? No because you know full well where that would lead dont you?
    You just have the courage of your convictions, and tell the GP about the shapeshifters and the royal family for a start. We are sick of hearing your crap, try the local health authority for a change, or with the fortune you have made with your rubbish you can afford to go private, unlike the poor saps that you target with all this emotional blackmail, you absolute B*ST*RD!!!

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