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David Icke: OFCOM REPLY 2

Posted in Law, Media, Politics by earthling on January 14, 2014

Ok folks, i sincerely do hope this is my last post on the Icke saga. It’s all clear to see.

A good way of rounding it off is what I just received today.

I said previously, that the reason David gave up his Directorship in TPV  – at precisely the same time that OFCOM contacted TPV to sort out the licence issue, was because David Icke would not be considered a “fit and proper person” (he could not possibly be) and that his entire writings were political in nature.

Further, I stated to OFCOM that TPV’s modus operandi was to attack the existing establishment (which, if you believe what you wish to believe of TPV – that it truly is attacking the existing establishment, then it is POLITICAL) but, as you can see, OFCOM have replied that they do not view TPV as political. This is obviously a “joke” and OFCOM know it. OFCOM also state that Icke is not in control. Puleeeze! How many of you believe that crap? While, all the Ickeans donated it BECAUSE it was “David Icke”. Imagine taking David Icke out of the equation last June and it was Sean Tabatabai and Deanna and, perhaps even Sonia and Ritchie, asking for £300K and giving you all those video updates, be honest with yourself, would you have donated, and if so, as much? Would they have reached that goal? While, remember, according to this new request for donations, it is STILL David Icke at the helm. Still he who is asking for the money and expecting it to be his name that creates that money (“out of thin air”). Don’t you think OFCOM know that? Don’t you think they see the Indiegogo site and who is at the helm? Don’t you think they see David Icke promoting the shows, promoting the presenters, PROMOTING HIS BOOKS AND HIS T-SHIRTS AND CAPS ETC?

So, you ask yourself (coz I’ve now said enough – if you don’t get it you don’t get it): WHY would OFCOM decide to ignore the absolute obvious? Because Icke withdrew his name from a piece of paper as a Director? DO YOU REALLY, SERIOUSLY BELIEVE THAT?


Good luck folks. As much as I can be terse (and I freely admit that) I am on your side and just don’t wish any of you to be duped. That has been my only goal in this. And contrary to what you have read from certain quarters regarding a communication I had with Sonia Poulton last year regarding a story I proposed for the Daily Mail, I can tell you 100% honestly: She took what I said entirely out of context and did so for a purpose. End. Period. Full stop. Purely your prerogative to believe me or not. I have nothing to gain and nothing to lose. I don’t know you and you don’t know me. Plus the ones who wrote it do not KNOW me either.

I wish you all well and I hope, somehow, we have better days ahead.

If you ever do visit the site again, please take the time to read the more important topics. I just felt compelled to give you a heads up on this subject and got “carried away” but there was so much to comment on. Perhaps there will be in future but I sincerely hope not. I don’t know about you but I’m sick and tired of it. While it is part “celebrity scandal” and, i suppose, provides a bit of “Coronation Street” for you, it is not the most important thing. It is just one small element of what we’re fighting. It will be one hell of a struggle and never be achieved unless we come together and concentrate on the real heavy issues and deal with them.

With that, ciao David. You may not provide transparency but you ARE transparent. It’s been fun. Be good now! (or am I hoping for too much?)






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  1. Philip Licinio said, on January 14, 2014 at 9:50 pm

    Lets fuckin move on n go for the beasts head…straight for the head!

    • earthlinggb said, on January 14, 2014 at 9:55 pm

      You can’t Philip. Not without total commitment (and total trust) between all of us who want to end this crap. And that would take the Ickeans to be in harmony too. It isn’t going to happen because Icke leads his followers and, according to Icke, you and I are POS. If we’re all divided into subgroups (exactly what the establishment like) then they just have the subgroups fight each other and they then pick us all off one at a time. Sorry Philip, I wish it could, but it is never gonna happen.
      This whole thing is a circus and I just can’t take it seriously anymore.

  2. Hector Vector said, on January 14, 2014 at 10:04 pm

    I’ve followed your blog for some time now and have gone back into your archives quite a lot to try to catch up on what happened at TPV and I have found your perspective to be interesting and, on the whole, in line with my own experience of David Icke and my observations of him and others over many years.

    What I have not really grasped, though, is your angle on the OfCom license. If I had been involved, I personally would have put my weight behind an effort to oppose getting an OfCom license and finding a way around it – plenty of ideas have been proposed.

    Maybe I haven’t quite followed the chronology but I’m not sure I understand why you wrote to OfCom in the first place. It’s fairly obvious that the net result is that it has forced David Icke into compliance and shown him up for the total hypocritical tosser that he is. But wouldn’t you have wanted him or TVP to have at least made some non-compliant pose by not being forced into licensing at the last minute?

    • earthlinggb said, on January 14, 2014 at 10:19 pm

      That’s precisely what I would have wanted, expected from him and would have been so happy to see him do. However, I walked before that issue even came up because I saw that this was not an organisation I wanted any involvement in once O experienced what I did. So I, personally (even had I been at the station) would have no say in the matter and neither would ANY of the others except Icke and Tabatabai. So with me leaving, that is the entire reason I contacted OFCOM. The first time I contacted them, it was a general question and did not even mention TPV. but when I got the response, then obviously, I simply said to myself “Well let’s see if Icke walks his talk re non compliance. I KNEW he wouldn’t but, if he had, I would not have been happier. He didn’t. HOW can someone tell other people to action what he, himself, is unwilling to do JUST AS HE DID with the Poll tax issue? And yet, people will ignore this absolutely fundamental/massive hypocrisy? It just blows my mind – that IS “cognitive dissonance” in a nutshell. They speak of it – they don’t stop speaking of it – but then THEY have it! Incredible! Just bloody incredible!

  3. goldenprince13 said, on January 14, 2014 at 10:35 pm

    Hi Earthlinggb, i feel your dismay through your words, and i know you are someone who likes the bit between his teeth and getting stuck into investigating it, but if i can offer any word of advice it is to take some time to re-connect with what is beautiful in our world, as there is more than enough ugliness to come back researching once you have had the time to see the beauty that still exists in some beings, most definitely in nature, and that will help you re-align with what it is all about,

    You have put a significant amount of work in, and just like anything it can become all encompassing, and it is easy to become so enmeshed that it truly does just require turning away and re-establishing your true sense of self, enjoy some good times away for a little while and that will help you shake of the ludicrous circus that is the “controlled awakening” as they want nothing more than to dishearten & disillusion those who see the truth of their actions,

    Icke etc are seen for what they are,just see it like picking a hole in a dam, first you get the small leak, then before long more and more, whilst the controllers and their agents like icke try and plug the leaks, sooner or later the whole thing breaks…then everyone sees,

    You have begun that process with others, now let the leaks start popping elsewhere, as it will become a torrent that nobody stops, just enjoy life away from it,not forever as many will miss you and i know you enjoy writing and researching or vice versa , find its beauty again, away from the tarnished vulgarity-ridden cesspit they have made so much of it, they are demonic in spirit, so a debased,debauched world is what they want to feel at home , but there is so much that will lift your spirit too if you go and seek it,

    Anyway,i just wanted to write to you as i feel from your words you have had enough of it all, but i know you have a spirit that never gives up like me too, so take a breather and i hope to see you soaring again soon…

    All the best G.P

    • earthlinggb said, on January 14, 2014 at 10:57 pm

      Cheers G.P. You read well but I’m cool. Really. I am just very disappointed in this “man” and his entourage. And I just don’t like the idea of anyone being duped man. I really don’t. There was a time I really couldn’t have cared less before all of this reality came into view a few years ago now. I had had personal experiences of corruption all over and many times had to fight my corner wondering why the hell people were the way they are. It was then the “biggie” which hit me and when you experience a cut down version of Guantanamo Bay in Asia because you caught a supreme court out in a massive lie/con and they couldn’t allow that, you then walk back outside and the world changes. From there, you analyse and study things to keep you from being screwed royally by “the system”, then you come across so called “truth gurus” who impart 70/80/90% truth but you’ve had more than enough life experiences to see through it all and see through fake people. You like what they say, you want to ignore the 10/20/30% that is bull in the hope that, somehow, they’re doing it for a good reason (but you haven’t studied these characters in depth because you’ve only really stumbled upon them) – I didn’t know who David Icke or Alex Jones were until 2009. I wasn’t in this “world”. In 2003 I was at an expat party in Singapore and was talking to a group of people (one black couple) and we touched on the Iraq war. I stated that George Bush should simply deport every last muslim in America because how was he to know who were the good and who were the bad? It turned out that the black couple (African Americans) were, in fact muslim. You know what though? They took my ignorance so damned well. So then, a couple of years later, all merry hell breaks out in life and you start to research stuff you never thought you would ever have to – law. Once I went forensic into that, that’s when all this “hidden world” came into view. How much of a prick do you think I felt when i realised that those couple of years earlier, I had actually believed the official story of 9/11? So then, you listen to Icke and you listen to Jones once you’ve already gathered what is going on. You stumble upon them and you find “Wow, I didn’t know there were people like this already talking about what I now know.” So, obviously, you listen and you think “They’re on our side” but little by little, you start to recognise huge holes in their arguments and you start questioning. But you STILL want to “believe” even though you know there is something not quite right. And then, finally, you want to give the Icke the benefit of the doubt that , somehow he really does have the right intentions. You find out he doesn’t and then you start to look at him and his stuff and his people more closely and you do not like what you see because it becomes transparent.
      That all said, mate, I can put all of these blogs together a lot faster than people tend to think. I’m a bloody fast typer and I can accumulate data and info and analyse it pretty fast. It was a big part of my career. So yeah, a lot of output but it’s not laborious. It’s really quite simple for me.
      Don’t worry however, I enjoy life. People generally think that bloggers are lads (or girls) sitting in their bedsit etc etc. Trust me, some of us have a life and have done a hell of a lot with it. 😉

      • goldenprince13 said, on January 15, 2014 at 12:02 am

        Glad to see you can come back so upbeat, as for icke et al, as i said it is a tavistock operation, hence why they jones icke etc are there for when others begin to question, they then shepherd then off to another pen labelled “alternative” or “freedom” but its to keep any true development from occurring, and also others find it difficult to pull awa y as they see icke and jones etc are the ones that “woke” them up, so again tavistock have played the dynamics to their advantage,

        It does not matter when you woke up earthling all that matter is you did and truly as you see the controlled awakening with its agents professing freedom, the feeling of wanting to believe despite your inner self warning you, again is how the psycho-dynamics are played out with icke/jones etc via tavistock,

        The data mining is relentless from his forum and facebook [oh the irony of mr freedom using that “”] and has been used in the charlie veitch situation, and will as i said be used to shape their minds up to them revealing icke as a agent when its time,

        Tavistock were even at occupy london with a “stall” asking others to fill in their dreams etc…you have a sharp intellect, good instincts and a great bull**** detector, that is all the equipment you need to see through all this smoke and mirrors,

        Those who think they will “awaken” whilst attached to large groups are in for a tavi-shock as that is how they are engineering them and using group/herd dynamics to control dissent to engineer consent and compliance,

        I will check in from time to time but must now go back to what i was doing, im glad you have done a lot with your life and that you continue to do so,

        All the best earthlinggb keep going as the dam wont hold forever !!


        P.s Icke’s “truth” is officially approved “truth” or they ensure nothing is said, as you well know,if they dont want even public documents to be released, they put a 50 year rule on them [and extend if they are still not willing] that is just for public documents !!

        So for him to parrot out all what he has, along with all the other reasons i have given on other comments, shows that he is a “official” mouthpiece for the “system” until he has served his purpose….bring on the dambusters !!

    • goldenprince13 said, on January 15, 2014 at 12:15 am

      Sorry one more before bedtime, did you see the building the peoples voice is in [Wembley point,the triangular shaped one] the prices for rental on rightmove were 100,000 pa downwards, not sure the exact size but it was more than team icke stated on their “financial statement” for just one small office per week,

      it has a cafe on the top floor and “leisure facilities too, no way would they get that for £1,200 since last june for that amount of space they have…
      anyway just wanted to mention it

      All the best


  4. Julian Lowe said, on January 15, 2014 at 12:22 am

    To me it goes further than icke. If ofcom cant not adhere to tjeir policies regarding political views then the whole media imcluding regulators is simply a con. Maybe it is brcausenhe has not motioned any particular policy as yet. I think however being anti is still a form.of.politicalness with a deeper undercurrent. But being a ditevtor or a non director to him doesnt chamge anything. They aint gettingba dividend as yet anywsy.
    Shaune as got a shit business record in managment to begin with and if all heads look at the director and his capacity, then I’m afraid for one id be very nervous when it come to donations.

  5. Halo Jones said, on January 15, 2014 at 12:52 pm

    Hello dear fellow.I have learnt so much from this site.I would like to say thank you.I have linked to you so often and others have found you tremendously valuable!
    I also watched your video,when you visited the MP,(his name eludes me atm sorry),fantastic stuff!
    I will continue to visit this site.Oh,and thanks for the video section…’Tony Blair sucks on a goat’ is my favourite .
    Thank you 🙂

    • spartacus said, on January 15, 2014 at 1:13 pm

      I’ll second that Halo. I have even got some plugs in for earthlinggb on the daily mail comments section, free adverts ha ha. I liked the Mandelson video from OCT 2010 called Lord and “lady” of the sith. At about 0.22 as mandy is walking along, something to his right catches his eye and for a second or two he seemed very surprized. I am probably wrong, but there is a woman there who at first glance could have been mistaken for Barbara Bush.
      I think mandy thought for a second that George and Barbara Bush had turned up especially for him. Pompous self important degenerate that he is.

  6. san said, on January 15, 2014 at 2:26 pm

    I will miss your blog on this topic, i know if there is anything to address in the future regarding TPV/icke, thats needs addressing and exposing this sham, you wont hesitate as you care for the people and dont want them to be conned ……

    i wish you well……

  7. John said, on January 15, 2014 at 2:42 pm

    I hope you keep blogging. I’ve learned a lot from your articles, especially the legal person information.

    I understand the weariness with writing about Icke & TPV. The cons they pull are so obvious to a normal person, that it’s almost like you’re repeating yourself by pointing them out.

    From my observations the con is on the point of imploding anyway, and their latest begging campaign at indiegogo is a disaster compared to their first one. Where they beat easily beat their target despite tripling the initial target figure. The last time I looked they’d only raised £27,000 of their £400,000 target!

    That’s still £27,000 too much, but you can’t save some people from their own stupidity. The suckers… I mean donators would probably lost their money to some other conman televangelist or 419 type scam anyway, so no great loss there.

    Anyway, good luck and keep posting. Some of us appreciate your non-icke stuff too.

  8. Passer By said, on January 15, 2014 at 5:39 pm

    Somebody needs to deal with these nutcases. They are playing on ignorance and paranoia. They clearly do uncover certain “issues” in the world but they are issues that most right thinking people know about but really care very little about.

    The real crime here is that Icke goes on leading the blind, affecting their lives in a far more detrimental way than any government or “dark force” out there

    Better the devil you know really.

    Icke could be taken down, truth is a wonderful tool.

    • Crystali said, on January 15, 2014 at 7:26 pm

      OK, now that’s going a bit too far, many nutcases bring some very valid and real information to people and to dismiss them outright as detrimental and a dark force just shows how far some people let their thinking slide when on a bandwagon.
      You can’t really knock the messenger for the message they share, what this Icke exposé is about is the fact that he clearly wants to prosper and gain wealth off the people that are interested in his message, are willing to pay for him to deliver it, which is all out there for free, it is just that they trust him as an apparent component to truth and had hope that he could be the cog that sets about change. It is devastating for people to discover he is no different even if a lesser form of corrupt .
      It benefits no one to lower yourself calling them derogatory names.
      If people want to give him their money in belief it is a worthy cause, then it is up to them, particularly when they have been shown and told of his less than honourable actions, but many do not want to see that, they just want the guru to be their only hope, but to those that see clearly it’s an insult!

      It is even more a shame though when ‘mighty messengers’ are exposed as It does a lot harm to the so called ‘truth movement’ and it only favours the powers that be, because every time a figure such as Icke reveals his colours to be less than pure and genuine and honest, their entire research is bought into disrepute and easier for those that cry ‘conspiracy theorist’ to pick bigger holes in their work and convince all it’s nonsense when it is not.

      • stephen said, on January 16, 2014 at 11:34 am

        For every truth Icke mentions there are a dozen facts he negelcts to mention.
        It is what he says that allows his readers to jump to a conclusion. Ironically they all jump to same conclusion because they do have the brainpower to conclude the obvious but not quite intelligent enough to work out that there was only ever one conclusion available and ironically the most outragous conclusion.
        However it is the stuff Icke neglects to mention that offers the other conclusions.

        Icke is a misleader and deciever on a scale beggars belief.
        The DIFFERS are victims to the biggest April fools hoax in history.
        Icke is not worthy of an Ofcom license.

  9. stephen said, on January 15, 2014 at 9:54 pm

    I personally am finished with David Icke.
    Not going to waste anymore time bothering about him.
    Who is he anyway?

    • earthlinggb said, on January 15, 2014 at 9:57 pm

      I think you need a Doctor Stephen. Speaking of non existent people is a sign of mental illness! 😉

      • stephen said, on January 16, 2014 at 10:48 am

        You are right Earthlinggb.

        I am completely and utterly delusional if i think i can just suddenly turn around and ignore a man that has told so many lies.

        I am absolutely raging at that pathetic decietful scrounger that scrounges off scroungers.
        Icke is trying to nominate himself head of the people. This is the fantasy of his cult. Icke tells people he provides information and allows his followers to draw their own conclusions. But like with an example i gave on another thread regarding Icke stating he believes the knight templars buried their loot in the Americas before Columbus got there and his main striking evidence for this claim being that south american shrubbery was found at Rosslyn chapel and the only way it could get there is if people have been to America to bring it back while totally neglecting to mention the small fact about the gulf stream which transports seeds across the Atlantic and they wash up in places like Oban.
        Therefor with the limited information Icke provides there really is only one conclusion you can draw. So he not really allowing his readers to draw conclusion(s) because if he had mentioned the small fact about the gulf-stream this would give his readers a 2nd conclusion to draw and then and only then could he say i allow my readers to draw their own conclusions.
        Does anyone see what i mean.

        Another fine example is the fact that Icke as part of his 9/11 theory uses the fact many of the bombers on the planes had been found alive.
        Thus with this information there is only one conclusion you can come to, isn’t there?
        But Icke fails to mention he got this information from newspaper clips in mainstream newspapers such as the Telegraph that reported this just one week after the bombings. He also fails to reveal that 4 weeks later all those mainstream media outlets that wrote those articles updated the information as a mistake and that it was just pilots that shared the same name as the bombers going in to announce it was not them. Also the photos clarify the pilots where not the same people as the bombers.
        Icke also uses the fact that NORAD just so happened to be conducting pilot training this day like that is some giant coiincidence to great to be true while failing to remind people that armed forces train EVERYDAY.
        What do people think they do while there is no war on? sit around eating buiscuts all day waiting for the next big terrorist atrocity? then how if they dont train will they be able to know how to deal with it? are they magic buscuits?

        Icke is a fraud.
        For more information on Icke half-truths and contradictions just ask me or google MartinFrost.

        Ofcom? they give a license to decieve!

        • stephen said, on January 16, 2014 at 1:54 pm

          In addition, Icke is impossible to please. He would be a nightmare to live with. He is so short sighted he does not even realise his own blindness.
          Regarding the fact NORAD had their pilots out training that day. Life is not perfect. In peace time military people get paid to train. Its their job. It is all they do.
          Perhaps Icke would say, “but if your fighter pilots are out training then how can they be there to protect inocents?” Norad could reply, “well yes, true, but then on the flipside if we dont train our military how will they be abe to protect innocents?”.
          Icke may say, “well could you not keep a couple of planes grounded with a few personel on standby while the rest go out training?”. Norad may say, “Well yes, in hindsight maybe”.
          Now, icke is so shortsighted he cannot even see it himself that if the military during peace time began allowing personel paid by the tax-payer to train to instead sit around canteens with their feet up waiting for bells to ring, he is just the sort of person to latch on to a photo of this with a headline on his website “WHAT SOLDIERS ARE DOING WITH TAX PAYERS MONEY” and he would scoff at suggestions they are on terrorist allert stand-by by pointing out it is peace time and he woud ask why they not out training.
          This is David Icke for you

  10. stephen said, on January 17, 2014 at 12:41 pm

    I would also like to add that it is extremelyy frightening the ease in which Icke reckons the planes should have been blown out of the sky by Norad. Thats 3 planes with approximately 150-200 passengers on each equalling approximately 600 lifes wiped out with absolutely no evidence that something catastrophic was about to occur. And could you just imagine if Norad had blown 3 passenger airlines out of the sky what Icke would be saying? he would be busy with his projector screen ridiculing claims they where headed for the pentagon and twin towers and would take clips from newspapers and put togethor absolutely anything at-all that could suggest with a bit of clever wordplay that those planes had never even been hijacked.

    Even when planes do get lost and travel into restricted airspace it is true tthat there is a law states they should be blown out of the sky. But planes actually go into restricted space quite often and despite this law they dont just automatically get blown out of the sky like Icke suggests.
    Blowing passenger airlines out of the sky and killing 200 is incredibally complex and although the military do go into red allert there are procedure they try to take like trying to contact the pilot and find out why he flying here. Even the Russians dont simply blow them out of the sky.

    It is incredibally frightening that Icke thinks blowing passenger airlines out of our skies can be done with such ease. What is he? a robot?

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