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Richie Allen: You just couldn’t make this shit up!

Posted in Gross stupidity within society, Media by earthling on January 8, 2014

Richie Allen of TPV (You couldn’t make this up if you wanted to):
“The idea that former (and current) BBC, ITV and MTV staff would be party to any impropriety is frankly ludicrous.”

You have GOT to be joking Richie?


One photo:


I worked for the BBC. I'd NEVER do that. Ask Richie Allen! He'll vouch for that!

I worked for the BBC. I’d NEVER do that. Ask Richie Allen! He’ll vouch for that!


While your “houseguest” preaches to the world about how the mainstream media is “programming” them, how they’re owned and controlled by the establishment (as now you are through OFCOM) etc etc.

And yet YOU Richie, come out with a statement like that? I am seriously pissing myself, I don’t know about anyone else mate. That was either seriously dumb, seriously naive or, most likely, both! Sorry mate but you said it! lol


Statement from Richie Allen …

“I’ve been producing and presenting radio/television programmes for over 15 years. I’ve been in London for nearly four months now. I arrived in late September and rented an apartment in North Wembley. David Icke arrived the day after me and moved into our spare room. Caroline (my partner) arrived a week later. The rent is £1200 per calendar month. David pays £250 per month for his room. It’s a bit of a madhouse, with Jazz (our dog) running around looking for attention. But we have a lot of fun. Caroline is crazy about David and mothers him, even though he is at least one hundred years older than us!
I am paid to present and produce a show for TPV. I pay my rent from that. Full stop. The station pays its senior presenters and producers and depends on the support of dozens of volunteers, many of whom have jobs and come in in their spare time. Many do not have a job and come in anyway. It’s remarkable. I’ve never seen such commitment to an idea. Whatever comes of it, I will always remember those who come in, research, edit or perform various administrative tasks and ask for nothing in return. To a man and woman, the folks I am working with, who right now are running around and multitasking and working like crazy to get us on air, are absolutely disgusted that someone who left the project, rather than face the music and explain her intolerable abusive behaviour, has cried foul and made baseless allegations about the appropriation of funds at TPV.
The idea that former (and current) BBC, ITV and MTV staff would be party to any impropriety is frankly ludicrous. I am staggered at what we achieved in seven months with ONLY £300,000. To turn a massive empty floor into a state of the art broadcasting facility, pay senior staff and pay the exorbitant taxes and business rates and STILL be on the air is miraculous. The guys who dreamed it all up (David Icke and Sean Adl-Tabatabai haven’t taken a penny. In fact David is forever putting his hand in his pocket and spending money to plug gaps, as is Sean. In fact Sean has had to take a mainstream production job in the spring to make ends meet. They have taken NOTHING The oversight is first class.
What annoys me most about the half baked autodidact who made these allegations is the abject cowardice she has shown in making them. You abuse your producers until they leave (4 of them), no volunteer wants to work with you. You regularly threaten to leave if you don’t get your way and when you are asked to explain yourself, you run away and cry foul. What happened to taking responsibility for your actions and saying; “it’s a fair cop guv” and taking your medicine.
I said it before and I’ll say it again, I am 39 years old (shit) and I will never be involved with anything more important than this as long as I live. May the good Lord bless the good ship TPV and all who sail in her!”

I have to go now. The insanity of this circus has me in between stitches laughing and, as Icke just stated on his explanatory video with a handheld camera, close in shaky shots and his mouth dry with a mixture of nerves, anxiety and deep deep anger, “I despair at the sheer stupidity of the human race”.


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  1. Jef said, on January 8, 2014 at 7:47 pm

    He certainly fell into that one …but I wonder how many people will just read it and go along with it like dumb-clucks 😦

    • earthlinggb said, on January 8, 2014 at 8:01 pm

      Many. I just could not believe it when I read it. My eyeballs popped! lol

  2. Mr T (@TerryNOTA60) said, on January 8, 2014 at 11:46 pm

    I played Devil’s Advocate and Sonia took umbrage to it de-friended me and blocked me. Maybe, the word deep throat was too much for her to swallow. She’s backtracked on her initial statement where she even brought racism into it. I am more inclined to believe Icke’s version of events.

    • earthlinggb said, on January 8, 2014 at 11:49 pm

      On the events themselves, I am more likely to agree with you. On the overall picture however, that is another story.

    • earthlinggb said, on January 8, 2014 at 11:50 pm

      But hey, I’m sure Jimmy Saville would agree too!

    • jason36lg said, on November 17, 2014 at 7:29 pm

      Peoples wake up !! you should NEVER EVER dismiss something you know nothing about. If you did you research Mr skeptical’s, you would know that its all taking form now. WAKE UP PEOPLE !! Its happening right now. The more you keep doubting the more your losing your freedoms, D,Icke & crew are not doing this for money, there doing this for humanity. I’m the biggest skeptic there is this is really happening its been planned for a long long time. Its coming here and you will soon know it, thats if these secretive societies don’t antagonize Vladimir Putin to nuke us. Thats how close it is. Do you want to pe part of the non believers that sealed humanitys fate. PLS PLS wake Up People. Wake up.

      • Steven sawyer said, on September 11, 2015 at 6:13 am

        Never dismiss anything you know nothing about is the best advice anyone can give you spot on mate.

  3. stephen said, on January 8, 2014 at 11:52 pm

    Contradictions galore! (Hope earthlinggb does not mind me sharing this link to more errors and contradictions from Dickehead. The author of the site speaks highly of Earthlings blog and points people in this direction)

    • earthlinggb said, on January 9, 2014 at 4:38 am

      No problem with links to any other blogs on here Stephen. Feel free.

  4. goldenprince13 said, on January 9, 2014 at 2:28 am

    i just felt compelled to write this evening, sorry earthlinggb if i took up all the space, i wont be doing so again, just wanted to lay out some things here, as i have enjoyed you’re investigation of the tpv, so check in from time to time,and its been awhile since i last said anything about icke,

    So yet again we have team icke on the backfoot, with all those who gain financially standing by good ole dave as once again finances are being questioned as he squeezes them yet again for donations, despite myself showing all his mind controlled herd through research from a number of sources including court testimony from the royal adams case, that skint dave was in fact playing fiddler on the roof,

    As even by conservative estimates from books sold {despite his company being classed as dormant for a good few years, yet he released 5 books and numerous dvds in that time, that is trading dave if you’re reading this, you have never answered even that issue} he is certainly far from skint, he also had as im sure you will now be aware, over 100,000 dollars in a rockefeller funded tax free foundation, at the same time he was requesting donations on his website to fund his “research” despite the fact he had over 100.000 dollars squirrelled away, and the figures quoted from sale in the royal adams case revealed just how lucrative ole dave has been with his recycled “knowledge”

    icke and his team [adl to me is a secret service asset gatekeeper] are nothing more than a control system operation, hence the icke forum and its herd being moved from one pen [un-awakened] into one labelled freedom by team icke, which instead is more like a tavistock psychological data mining source and they are using that data to engineer consent and most of all compliance, when they talk peace, free will, no compliance, they are ALWAYS doing the reverse, thats why they herd cling tightly when icke and 007 adl engineer an attack on the site or tpv,

    As the data mining has soaked up all there psychological weaknesses hence the barrage over the years of polls, questions, and even tests to determine your psychological ‘type’ and knows exactly what buttons to press, hence the inability to even speculate is suppressed if it effects team icke in anyway,

    And they use others to create a pack mentality against those who speak out or question things team icke is doing, to either pull them into line or they will remove them, hence why when 007 adl was caught reading forum members private messages there was a mass exodus of moderators and he changed the terms and conditions to allow him to do so after the fact, that’s freedom for you via team icke,

    The whole operation is based as a psychological/data mining and social engineering project a’la Tavistock/Secret services, and i am amazed no-one has yet to fully write about it, i do my research from afar and rarely comment but make the effort from time to time, as Icke is without any doubt controlled opposition and he is being handled by the secret services, 007 adl plays a huge part in that as he has ensured the data-mining has given those they claim they want to bring down, a valuable source of data that enables them to pull the strings of those herded in there and gain a deep insight in to the machinations of the so-called freedom movement, and they have the psychological profile of that so-called movement so they know exactly how to take it down when they are ready,

    I said in a while back that when they are finished with icke they will set him up to fall, and when they do his herd will be decimated due to the psychological shock that the wizard of icke was not the great and powerful, but a devious little man who was moving them from one control pen to another just labelled freedom, they shock-tested them with the charlie veitch drama, that showed the psycho-drama in full effect as it caused a seismic shock in the so-called movement, some desperately fearful beings even clung onto the belief he didnt mean it and would not accept what happened,others went into denial of the fact they supported him etc etc,

    A classic shock-test, and still they did not learn, and continued to follow the wizard of icke blindly…

    Think about it, if he was TRULY revealing the agenda that those he speaks out about was not allowing to be known, as they have others like alex jones too disseminating this same regurgitated “info” which they WANT to be known to externalise the hierarchy, they have taken out people just because they ‘thought’ they might let the public know something they didnt want, just search the clinton bodycount to see how many just those two are alleged to have silenced, and how much of the agenda would they have known ??]

    Yet it is always said by icke that he has to die to be proved right…”pathetic”as he says, no dave you don’t, but it does the beg the HUGE question, if you can call them all paedos, if you are truly revealing information that will bring them down the very system he claims is attacking him and his “work” when its donation time or he has been questioned for having his fingers in the till…again,

    Why have they never caused him to be viciously audited by the tax-man leaving him nothing, or cancelled his passport, or prevented him selling his books wiped him off the internet, or even preventing ofcom even considering a license etc etc ad infinitum,

    The system would not allow roberto calvi to think of expressing what he knew, as he was the vaticans banker, hung by the neck where the tide ebbs and flows with masonry in his pocket under blackfriars bridge, do you not think the wizard of icke would have been ding donged and dead if all his hundreds of pages in his books “that will change the world” had said something THEY did not want others to know ???

    If anyone from the icke-pen thinks otherwise though then i suggest a mass trip to georgetown for you all, i hear its a portal to another dimension, and free drinks too.

    They could take him to pieces any time they want and if he even hinted at something they were not “allowing” to be disseminated he would be destroyed if not in body, they would strip him bare and cart him off to hospital, the man is an agent of the system..,controlled opposition, and the sooner people who he is herding grow a pair and look at it without icke-the-messiah tinted glasses the better they will be,

    So i shall end this long comment..with a message to good ole dave, the martyr who never says that he was ridiculed by terry wogan [decades ago], who never tells us that he couldnt walk down a street without others pointing and laughing [decades ago] etc etc etc…..why does he keep on bleating about his misfortune, well you see, that would make him a martyr and we all know that is what you love to portray yourself as, dont you dave ?,

    Because it suits you’re narcissistic personality, and hence why you fly into a narcissistic rage when anything punctures you’re very fragile false sense of self and why you always “attack” anyone who has done so and seen through you [the list is endless], and why even with Sonia poulton who readily admits she is fiery, because of you’re narcissistic condition you automatically assassinate her character on a 35 min justification video because you do what all narcissists do, use projection and reflection to push onto others what is said about you,and what you truly are, which you did in that video and was showing untruthful statements constantly through it and feigning losing your faith in humanity because of her,

    classic narcissistic behaviour, and it caused a narcissistic injury to you just like jesse ventura etc etc because it punctured your false sense of self which brought out the viciousness yet again, which has been noted by many previous to this episode, and you also know you will lose funding for tpv,

    And of course, you’re status will be affected and you will lose the one thing nobody so far i have seen has recognised that you constantly seek in you’re meek wolf in sheeps clothing persona, i.e you’re false sense of self,which is admiration/attention

    hence why you constantly remind others of the years of research you have done, how little money you make [cough. cough] or how everyone is horrible to you and all you have tried to do is for the good of humanity….this is you attempting to suck admiration you’re way by being the put upon martyr,

    You are a classic Narcissistic personality and when one of you’re munchkins from icke-land reads this,i hope they have the courage to go and read the diagnosis for Narcissistic personality disorder as you are the last kind of “person” i would want waking people up, they only need to wake up and see the fact of what you are , and what you are doing for the very control system you claim to want to bring down, you and some of you’re team work for them, others are just on the gravy train funded by your herd,

    you will fall quicker than saddams statue when they have no further use for you just as i said, and they have already begun…oh and nice choice for russell brand, he could not be any closer to the rothschilds, but still you shamelessly carry on and keep up a poor pretence…

    i send this final message dave, the true awakening for others happens far away from you and your master’s tavistock psy-op, you are far more expendable than you accept in your grandiose narcissistic mind, and 007 adl will show what a spineless flounder he is when its time,

    Others have said you will fall as they wanted you too, im telling you as you are going to, so please dont mix the two, the dismantling will begin soon and when it does, remember that i said it to you, as there is more than you realise watching what you are doing, and you are easy for them [the control system you work for] to take down.

    As for everyone else, all i say is follow no-one you dont need leaders, you need to be fearless,use your instincts and pull away from all groups that are steering how you do things and shaping you towards certain actions, as they are being infiltrated relentlessly by covert police and mi5, as they want to fracture these groups with dissent or even using provocateurs to incite certain actions that will bring trouble your way off the back of it, despite you not actually doing anything,you will be the ones taking the fall,

    They are also working to profile and steer these groups to a coup d’etat which will cause mass disillusionment amongst those who have followed what these covert intelligence sources like icke have been pumping out, you have everything you need to discern within yourselves who is around you, just learn to use your instincts and learn to know, dont ‘think’ you know as the mind can be manipulated if you are not aware of who you are allowing to shape your reality, they cannot control any kind of awakening if everyone focuses on there own growth, as they need groups in order to steer them they way they want,

    Without leaders, without a cohesive group all open to being manipulated as they come together in fear like herd animals, then people [to use that term] can take the time to develop themselves, and remove all the influences of fear, electronic harassment and clear themselves ready to truly take part in bringing freedom, one that will require far less than those banging the drum of fear constantly to keep you in check,

    Those who come together free from fear will be able to maintain their integrity of self and no longer be open to manipulation or steered into a hive mind, the agenda is a control system, they have to control icke.jones et al as they want to engineer how others react, see this and you will truly start breaking free, just remember without light there is no dark, this is what the essence of duality is, just as it goes one way which it has for thousands of years being dark, it has to go the other way too, darkness can never extinguish light…never, but it has had a good go, but feel the power within you, still the chattering mind by removing your fear,then you you will feel so much more and realise, that its not you who is powerless but them, for they have to do the things they do as they fear constantly, they fear losing the power they have hence why they hold onto knowledge they have that can transform things, until they are in a position that others wont seek to remove them from their position, they are far weaker than they ever want others to know, that is why they too herd together in numbers to forward the agenda as they all fear losing what they have,

    You are the power in your life, you have to remove the fear or they will continue to give you ‘their’ mind, and that is all they are doing, fear fear fear….i shall leave it here as im tired and have said more than enough

    There are far more good people in this world than is presented in the media, and the world or their global agenda is not something to be feared, as that leaves you open to manipulation, like icke does at donation times saying how close it is and he needs money to get the message out blah blah blah,

    That is manipulating your inherent goodness, and is why he has been able to continue their agenda which is soaked in fear, because they want you to feel powerless, they want you to cling to their shepherds like icke, because of that fear, that way they can steer the awakening and so-called freedom movement, the way they want to, all it takes is to set yourself free from fear, and i mean truly, fear NOTHING , then you will be your own guide and will find others true to the cause of bringing true freedom…not the new control pen of ickeland and jonestown.

    And it is time that ickes donators were no longer being milked reminiscient of roger from american it and see what i mean.
    All the best

    • earthlinggb said, on January 9, 2014 at 4:15 am

      Your welcome to take up any space you wish (as all are) particularly with a comment/message such as that. I tend to concur with much of what you have said and the ONLY reason I do not go into the intelligence aspect is I have no solid evidence. I have, however, taken note and written about ADL’s connections with globalist organisations. Only 2 or 3 but that is more than enough considering what these organisations are. Yes, certainly plausible, that the young “padawan” is a “Guardian” as Icke put it so well (didn’t you find that odd? I certainly did) and a handler. Break into what that relationship is all about and who funds Mr Tabatabai and there’s a whole new story to be told. The “face” of Tabatabai is one thing. Behind it is another thing entirely and when I say “thing” I mean it (no not literally). Thanks for the comment G.P.

      • Will said, on January 9, 2014 at 6:28 am

        Earthling you are right there is no solid evidence that Icke is anybody’s puppet and I don’t think such claims are credible anymore than his paranoid suggestion that outside forces are trying to destroy TPV.

        The sad truth, I would venture, is that his real political impact is as marginal and insignificant as the paltry vote he received in the 2008 Haltemprice & Howden by-election of 110 votes (0.5%). TPV is fringe infotainment and despite all the MSM coverage of his TPV venture, but not (so far) of this current controversy, there was no way it was going to move mountains given Icke’s combination of outlandish and unsubstantiated claims, and his squeamishness about taking direct political action.

        But his video address is worthy of further study, especially the creepy insistence he just a “volunteer” at TPV! It would appear he has learned a lot about informal leadership from his otherwise rudimentary study of the power-elite. Curious how this mere volunteer seems to be the principal guest and the most important perso in Ms Poulton’s fateful meeting….

        • Hector Vector said, on January 9, 2014 at 2:42 pm

          I seem to remember that, to all intents and purposes, Steve Jobs was a volunteer at Apple.

          • Crystali said, on January 9, 2014 at 7:05 pm

            Maybe then he ‘voluntarily’ accepted payment through share capital. LOL

          • Hector Vector said, on January 9, 2014 at 7:50 pm

            I’ve been a Mac user for a couple of decades more than it was fashionable and have a pretty good knowledge of its history, well at least its earlier history – I am not naive.

            My point was that ‘volunteer’ is just a word which could be used as a means to cover up anything. Just because you aren’t on the payroll, as Steve Jobs wasn’t, doesn’t mean that you aren’t doing very well indeed, thank you very much.

            • earthlinggb said, on January 9, 2014 at 7:52 pm

              Indeed. And this is exactly what the Ickeans don’t seem to be able to process.

      • goldenprince13 said, on January 9, 2014 at 7:05 pm

        Hi Earthlinggb, thank you for allowing such a long comment and i am happy you found much to concur with, i understand the evidential intelligence aspect, but by their very nature they are secretive and rarely leave much behind them,

        So in order to understand that aspect at play with team icke, you have to work in reverse and first of all understand the modus operandi of secret service and indeed the covert police involvement of such things, particularly historic [such as the infiltration of the new-age travellers movement, the animal rights movement and every other movement that is perceived a threat due to them not having control of them…

        Then once you have their blueprint, you then can begin to see the how team icke is set-up and functions, the whole thing is by design, and the very way it operates is in total alignment of a secret service/tavistock psychological operation within the very control system team icke speak out about, as it has not implemented any degree of change for the betterment of humanity, though some claim to have “woke up”, but that is only because the control system is spoon-feeding this info to them via intelligence conduits like icke,jones et al, as i said previously in my other comment, if they do not want anyone to know something [think dr david kelly, or the mi5.gchq employee found zipped up in a bag or even roberto calvi i mentioned above] they all bear the hallmarks of secret service/control system killings,

        As each knew something the control system did not want others to know, and they have no qualms silencing anyone if that is the case, so for others to put stock in the icke fear-based show, from a man who claims to be “awake” yet operates at a far lower frequency than his feigned chat he gives, his [narcissistic] rage has been seen expressed so many times, he cannot take any criticism despite him claiming he does not care what others think, just look at those who have said anything about him, he shows a true nastiness in his manner and always always goes from speaking all nice about them,like jesse ventura [im no jesse ventura suppoorter,he is a guaranteed stooge,] but then goes immediately on the attack, he has done it repeatedly , if he is a loving open being free from fear,who walks the walk of his talk, then i must be on fraggle rock, as he his hypocrisy and narcissism on legs.

        The control that team icke express over the forum,over ANY criticism or scrutiny of any kind is astounding, you would have to be un-developed enough to actually believe he his here for the good of humanity, this is to me without any qualms a secret service/tavistock operation and the modus operandi is to CONTAIN,CONTROL and psychologically HARVEST them for tavistock to profile the whole [ironically based] truth movement, a oxymoron if ever i saw one…!!

        Whilst insidiously socially engineering consent and compliance through those psychological methods based on all they information they are data mining , whilst team icke keep on going on regular smash and grabs because their herd has been conditioned to believe through fear and compliance that he is the one who will bring them new info and answers and lead them to safety, hence why they all get aroused when they drip feed new announcements of wembley talks or a new “ground-breaking” book which is basically the same book from the biggest secret with a few new chapters,..!!

        Others just need to learn the secret service/control systems modus operandi and then put things together and see they would never allow anyone to say anything they didnt want [just like team icke, who follow the same patterns of operation] and if you dont know who tavistock are please read up on who they are,

        Also think of 7/7 bombings, the way that was set-up by peter powers company before hand at astronomical odds of being in exactly the same place, see how the bus was blown up in TAVISTOCK SQUARE [on the square…means you are a mason, sorry to those who know, this is for those who dont !!] that too was a psychological operation,

        Team icke are exactly the same, and the control system have already shock-tested the “truth movement” based on the data-mining profiling they have been doing ,they are waiting to fully do it and cause mass disillusionment and more, thats why team icke keeps his followers in a holding pattern, he cant give solutions to what to do about it all, as he is one of them and is just grabbing what he can so he is okay when the s*** hits the fan…if you want to “wake up” then stop thinking he has done it for you, he has just fed you info, but then put you into a somnabulistic state, and you are sleepwalking right into a controlled “awakening” that will scatter your brain like rice crispies when experience see the psy-op they put you through, in order to shape your reality “THEIR” way…bye for now

        Anyway earthlinggb i really enjoy your writing and your investigations, and look forward to more,

        all the best


        • Will said, on January 10, 2014 at 5:43 am

          Without anything tangible this is just speculation or even “conspiracy theory”. You would first have to,prove that the UK establishment had concluded that the sort of people who are attracted to Icke’s theories or truthers were a significant political threat. Then you would have to explore in more detail exactly who had been helping Icke and whether there was anything odd there (how about Isle of Wight Sports Ltd?) that really supported the idea that he was there puppet despite two changes of government and four PMs doring the Messiah from Medina’s reign of “Infinite Love”.

          One might also look at how much MSM media coverage he had received over the years (answer lots) that had propelled him into the position of Britains king of conspiracy – his Wembley event and TPV launch all received lengthy of press coverage.

          And one might also look at how his truther competitors and critics had fared. I can think of three who died suddenly, usually within 12 months of taking issue with Icke, and a lot of other lesser truther critics who have not prospered… But I’m sure it is just a coincidence.

          So much work to do…..

    • Hector Vector said, on January 9, 2014 at 3:02 pm

      You mentioned the Jessie Ventura encounter and I think it’s worthy of review at this juncture. This is David Icke well outside his comfort zone. I am no fan of Jessie Ventura, I need to stress, but I don’t mind admitting that when I first saw this, even though I agreed with every question which was asked of him, I felt extremely sorry for David Icke. However, this shows that he does not have answers to the simple questions. The only question to which he can offer a yes or no answer is one he poses himself, i.e. ‘am I going to talk for nine hours?’

      I don’t know if all this is not just an overcompensation for his earlier failures. I’ve read that many tyrants are victims of ridicule and take the adage, ‘the best form of revenge is success’ to its extreme and the image of the Pied Piper in my mind (which was first picked up here, I think) gets stronger – the story was basically about revenge and in many ways, I find the idea that David Icke enchanted all those who took the piss out of him and led them off into some fantasy cul-de-sac where he abandoned them is exquisite and for that, I would applaud him – perhaps because I was not one of those who laughed when he was on Wogan. I remember feeling very uncomfortable indeed. Perhaps those who laughed are of the same mentality as those who are now ganging up in his defence. This is rhetorical conjecture because having studies social psychology, I know this is the case.

      My only concern, as I type, is wondering what might be going on, most likely in the UK, as the conspiracy community (an expression used to bait Private Eye) is distracted by this circus.

      Anyway, enjoy…

      • Will said, on January 9, 2014 at 9:21 pm

        I had no sympathy as it only showed Icke’s true colors. Consider what it revealed:

        (1) he could not answer Ventura’s questions and was very evasive and defensive;

        (2) heclearly expected his preferred softball interview ( like what he gets with Richie Allen on TPV) where he sprouts whatever nonsense comes to mind and the interviewer just nods…; and

        (3) in his two follow- up pieces on his website he still failed to answer Ventura’s core questions and instead provided no more than a torrent of vitriol and insults and the lame claim criticism of his reptilian theory epwas a form of validation, but when your primary response is personal abuse you are implicitly conceding your argument is false…

    • Crystali said, on January 9, 2014 at 5:16 pm

      A hive mind, I have heard that expression several times before and I am certain it comes from strategically placed agents in disguise, but I won’t get into that because then all you have is notions splintered all over the place, no one really agreeing with anyone else accept for a general topic way of thinking.
      The whole idea that people can fight back is to be on the same page and and at least all being bothered to read it. I am certainly not suggesting that we need to function as a ‘hive mind’, but it appears that the alternative is fragmentation and division, we have all been proverbially fucked because of the success of division among the human race. You can’t have division and successfully turn around the effects of what’s been done, a certain level of unified thinking is vital or else all these words are a manifestation of anger and no way to combine effort to change.
      So, I understand much of what you say, but I do not entirely agree that it is all rational.

      The best way to thwart your captors is not to fight them and play their games, it’s to turn your back on them and kick up your heels and leave dust in their face, otherwise it’s all just a war of words, which is interesting, but getting us nowhere.

      • Crystali said, on January 9, 2014 at 5:20 pm

        This was actually a reply to goldenprince13, it somehow deposited itself here. Sorry

        • Crystali said, on January 9, 2014 at 5:24 pm

          OK, I see my error, forget it, even I can be thick sometimes.

          • earthlinggb said, on January 9, 2014 at 5:35 pm

            lol. We all can be thick sometimes – just not stupid! 🙂

      • goldenprince13 said, on January 9, 2014 at 7:19 pm

        Crystali, you seem to make a very subtle hint towards something suggesting strategically placed agents talk of the hive mind….please let me refer you to this video that is a strategically placed agent, who puts a spin on the “mind” actually giving you theirs.

        Secondly, if you come together in fear then you will become one of the herd guaranteed, also division is not what i stated, i said go and work on yourself, free yourself then meet others on your own terms, but there was a lot to read and maybe you missed it,

        and turning your back and showing your heels is not what i will do but is what i would expect team icke to do, as they are manifesting anger and have done so for many years, anger comes from fear so any true open being who is fearless would not be the way you state [and certainly not fighting or war with them, that is what they want], but yet again ,maybe you missed that, i go cross-eyed when there is lots to read sometimes, but i just take my time.

        Anyway enjoy the video as that might answer a question for you about agents,

        bye for now


        • Crystali said, on January 10, 2014 at 12:51 am

          What I meant by turning heels and leaving dust in their face is not to run away from them, I meant it as in non compliance. If I could live my dream which is totally unrealistic and unlikely, is to live outside of their system, to abandon it and no longer be a slave to it. I would build a hobbit house (a nice one) with a paradise garden and grow my own (uncontaminated, seeded 😉 ) food never needing them at all. Travel would be difficult, but like a said, it is not really achievable and a too unrealistic, but that is what I meant.
          I would still have to fight them when they come to drag me back in LOL.
          We all need a dream.

          I have no fear, I don’t fear their form of cowardice which they throw at us from every direction conceivable, and if you want to spend your life fighting a system so big and intricate then good luck to you, because in all honesty it is not really possible now, all we can do is the best we can with what we have, even if it isn’t much. Maybe successive generations will benefit from the information we share and be able to successfully create a community outside of theirs, grow and crush theirs due to it being what the people really want by freedom of choice.
          What do people really want, the obvious is freedom to express themselves without interference from a governing body that does so without our true consent. To live in happiness and enjoy the abundance that was given to us by God, nature whatever you want to believe.
          I am sick of striving in a false pile of shit for nothing much while our children will be left with an ever growing burden of excessive, corrupt control, I am sick of being controlled by money that was devised by those that knew it was a tool for them to have advantage over others. This world is our world, yet I have been forced to live a life of serfdom because of it, I do a shit job (yes, my fault I know) just to keep the roof over my head, a box of bricks that enables the crooks to steal from you just because you exist as a false registered ‘person’ in it.

          There is more to people than what you get from them from a few texts of words, some more confusing than others. I don’t care that tptb chose to play silly buggers with life and take it upon themselves to treat us with contempt and absolve themselves with impunity, but I do care that it has negatively effected every one of our lives. And because of it I cannot live my dream as simple as it is.

          Sweetheart, I do understand, I am just sick of being cashed in by them everyday of my life and then watching the children and all good people endure it too.

          What are you fighting for in their system, the right to prove you see it clearly, maybe you would like to ask them who drafted your rights permission to no longer be ruled by them, what a paradox.

          • Crystali said, on January 10, 2014 at 1:15 am

            I went off on a bit of a tangent there, but I don’t see the point in seeing all that stuff you do, I know of it, but all it does is lure you into their game of cat and mouse and has no real bearing on you or I. It is a game they play of cause and effect, they cause and sit back to see the effect upon you while the shit goes on and on and on.

          • goldenprince13 said, on January 10, 2014 at 2:54 am

            Thank you for your response, though i do feel yet you have written it on the basis of engineering the idea, i am “fighting” the system, i stated in my previous response to you when you were clearly sowing the seeds of the idea of division that what i said was go and work on yourself away from it all, and it is about not being defeatist or fearful in anyway,

            yet what i have read in your response is nothing but that, fear expresses in many forms, even if as you state,you have no fear of THEM coming for you, does not mean you have no fear, that is a process and when you remove it ,you will see it is like layers of a onion, that is fully removing fear, getting down to your inner core, otherwise anyone could say they dont fear…but it is just words, not expressed true action, and those who have fully removed fear are able to see in expression through others actions and words just how much others express fear,,even when those others, state the opposite, but it does not effect you, for you are merely observing, the fear itself is not your reality but is others who still function like that,

            All you have written after expressing your ‘dream’ [which is possible many do it today] is how big the system is, how negative everything is etc etc…that is because you perceive that as your reality which is powerless hence fear-based, and then in your final paragraph you make another subtle comment, just as you did in your first response to me, and attempt to give me your vision of fear wrapped in a slight humour that i am [incorrectly] ‘fighting’ to prove i see it clearly,

            Then say i need to ask who allowed me not to be ruled by THEM, this is absolute fear-based, and negative as a response could be, then you say there is no point seeing all that stuff i do, as they play cause and effect, cat & mouse,

            Which again is a subtle little way of sowing negative seeds, they may well play cause and effect, but it only comes from a fear based perspective, you have to play their fear game for it to be that way, which cannot have the desired effect they seek if you are not fear-based, they fear the light of truth far more, that is why they are ineffective when attempting to prevent it, as they cannot control anything outside of fear,,

            If you dont see the point of all what i do, that is your choice, as the belief that they are sitting back whilst watching us, playing cause and effect, again is powerlessness as an expression of the fear you live by….they are not ALL powerful or able to continue shaping your reality when you let go of fear…then things truly change if others take up that understanding, as then the fear-based power system cannot make anyone powerless, or control anything, the only game at play is duality, that is what is being played out in this reality….but as you dont want to know that as you said, then we shall just have to see things differently through our own realities.

            I shall say no more to you as it seems we are on different paths of understanding, but thank you and goodnight.

  5. Hector Vector said, on January 9, 2014 at 4:19 pm

    I’m sure I already posted this – maybe on another story – but I can’t find it now.

    Fortunately, I had copied the text and it is stored in my extended clipboard.


    I don’t know if this is standard operating procedure for Indigogo but I just went back to the original appeal page to look at the big donations but is now seems to be hidden. I know for a fact it wasn’t a couple of days ago because I was looking at it then.

    Maybe they are hidden after a period but it seems odd that it should be hidden just as the finances are being scrutinised. Also, it says on the page:

    ‘The page you are looking for is currently in “DRAFT” mode and hidden from the public. Please contact the campaign owner if you feel this is in error!’

    So, I guess that it was the ‘campaign owner’ who is responsible for ticking that particular back end box.

    • Hector Vector said, on January 9, 2014 at 4:23 pm

      Just noticed another member of The Family is now in The Team:

    • TheEqualiserUK said, on January 9, 2014 at 6:55 pm

      Hello Hector,
      I think that was the original indiegogo campaign. The current one for £400k is at :–2,

      I see according to activity data that Jaymie Icke joined the
      TPV team on Indiegogo yesterday and picture shows him on a TPV set 😉

      I thought Jayime worked on IOW for David Icke books Ltd in some capacity?
      So IF Jaymie is working at TPV in London the questions it raises for me is :

      1) Is he a paid worker or a volunteer ? If he is a volunteer is he getting his expenses paid like
      any other volunteer should expect or has he got an expense account from TPV to use ?

      2) Following on from 1) IF he is he living in London to work at TPV who is paying for his accomodation ?

      I also see from Jaymie Icke’s twitter account (@jaymie_icke ) tweets between him
      and Monnica Sepulveda (@Monnica888) About a party where she met him apparently
      on 17th October 2013 & then her subsequent flight back to the USA from London. This raises the following
      questions in my mind :

      1) Was that a Party organised by TPV and paid for out of TPV funds ?

      2) Who paid for Monnica’s flights between UK and USA ?

      • Hector Vector said, on January 9, 2014 at 11:34 pm

        Hmmm… I don’t think you read either of my posts, EQ before you hastily commented.

        I said in my first post that it was a link to the original appeal page – as I said, I wanted to find the big donations and there aren’t many of them on the latest campaign. And, as I also said, I was looking at it just a couple of days ago.

        So, just to be clear, the original TPV May 2013 campaign page on Indigogo (noy the current £400,000 one) was there two days ago (I was looking at it) before the demand for transparency and now it’s hidden. Do you see the point I am trying to make?

        I am sure that if you have merely scanned this post there is still a slim possibility that you may glean that it was last year’s Indigogo campaign to which I referred and not this year’s and that two days ago I was looking at it and now it has been hidden.

        And, if you looked at my second post, you would have seen that it contained a link which went to the profile of Jaymie Icke – hence my comment, ‘Just noticed another member of The Family is now in The Team’.

        Fucking hell! It’s like talking to my dead granny.

      • Babs said, on January 11, 2014 at 10:14 am

        Interesting indeed. It’s a right old family business

  6. Babs said, on January 11, 2014 at 10:25 am

    How do the donations so far on this campaign compare to the first one? I wonder if all those people from the first campaign got their t shirts, signed posters and tours of the studio etc.?

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