David Icke: Once a footballer, now a jockey!

Posted in Media by earthling on January 7, 2014


He’s fleeced his sheep!


Infinite consciousness! Infinite love!

The departure of Sonia Poulton (and Icke’s criticism of her) proves: It’s infinite bullshit!

But remember, “when we open our mouths and criticise others, we’re really speaking about ourselves” – David Icke!


Just to make it clear, the sheep he is riding is called “CB” – short for David’s own Central Bank! 😉

The question is: Will he hit the finish line or is he finished?

No doubt he’ll survive (with a whole heap of less believers thank god) because there are others enabling him.

You can take that to the central bank!

You just had to be open and honest Davey Dyke! Lived up to your “name” and your preaching. But you didn’t because you couldn’t.

A private limited company owned by shares Davey!

No transparency Davey.

OFCOM Davey.

The list goes on and on. As does the plea for donations.

Donations for your legal fees a few years ago.

Donations for your legal fees during your divorce.

Donations for your website upkeep.


Giving you a free Broadcasting network (yes, free for you while your companies – “David Icke Books Ltd” and “Lion’s Epoch” Limited have £160K in cash in the bank and the equipt only cost £20K while you led your donators to believe that is what most of the £300K was for).

Now you’re asking for £400K and the idiots keep donating.

Once that Broadcasting network is funded and you’re really making waves, it’ll be worth a bob or two and you know it.

But your sheep don’t see it.

Word to David’s sheep: The “sheep” YOU speak of at least are not quite so stupid as to fund the setting up of a broadcast network for a guy that just clicks his fingers, says “I’m David Icke. truth sayer” and then he walks away with their money.

So before you EVER call someone a “sheep” Ickeans, look in the bloody mirror will you? 🙂

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  1. russ hook said, on January 10, 2014 at 7:43 am

    I LOVE this! After being banned from the ADL-run Icke Forum years ago the TRUTH is coming out about Icke! I have met him twice briefly when he began touring in the 90s, and he came off as a pompous pustule! L0L He did help me a lot in the beginning (I think) Or maybe I would have found the truth anyhow b/c that is just who I am? WHO is the author of this blog anyhow? I didn’t see it anywhere. Kudos to you whoever you are! Now back to the rest of this site…BTW, if I ever meet that SHIT-SKIN Sean ADL Teletubbi I will personally tear him a new arsehole!

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