David Icke and the “island” of Dr Turi and ego.

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“I do more for the world in a day…..” – David Icke

Icke and Brand


When egos collide!

This is the communication of peaceful, loving human beings of infinite consciousness. This is “infinite consciousness” having a scrap. Enjoy……


To: Subject: Re: David

David Icke: You have an ego from hell Turi that desperately tries to hide your unbelievable levels of insecurity. That’s why you had to keep telling everyone who was not in the least bit interested how many women you were ‘having’.

DT Rebuttal: Gee David…I am shocked! Offering you proofs of my legitimacy on two television shows is not insecurity but confirmation of my abilities based upon many years of hard work mastering the Cosmic Code following four solid UFO experiences…You seem to forget you, Jordan Maxwell, Jon Rapporport and myself came from the Truth Seeker in California and who made you in the US. To this day you never said thank you to Bonnie Lang, Jordan Maxwell or me for helping you all along… Your reply was short and to the point for a change David “ Why are you sending me this? Why would I in any way be interested?” Your rebuttal clearly indicates that if anything does not involved YOUR name or YOUR work it is a total waste and not worth your time. Talking about insecurity and ego is misplaced here mate! I wanted to create a reaction to teach you in the eternal battle between emotion and logic, emotions will always win…In fact I controlled your behavior so I could engage you directly, something I wanted to do for a while now! Thank you for giving this opportunity!

As far as the “many women you were ‘having’ success with the opposite sex and magnetism also brings jealousy but this did not really made me happy because true love was missing all along…Quality no quantity was my own learned lesson David.

David Icke:  You are one of the saddest figures I know, bar two. Maybe even bar one.

DT Rebuttal: I am the most happy and respected man on the planet and never was the joke you once was on national TV David and once the Discovery channel offers the undeniable truth of my abilities I will create a very different reaction than the one you suffered years ago. Without this nasty experience the drive, pain and ego suffering may not be there to prove your own worth? During one of your dragon UNLUCKY window dates… “ In April 1991 he said on the BBC’s Terry Wogan show that he was a son of the godhead—though he said later he had been misinterpreted—and predicted that the world would soon be devastated by tidal waves and earthquakes. He said the show changed his life, turning him from a respected household name into someone who was laughed at whenever he appeared in public.”

Unlike you in my many years on television and radio I never predicted the end of the world (just the opposite) or pretended to be a God or a guru of some sorts and your predictions of the end of the world are as good as the ones of Camping. Harold Camping Demented Spirit – Stay with conspiratorial material David, stay clear from predictions, you only need a fertile imagination and a lot of help for the conspiracy stuff, your expertise / gift with the stars and UFO is simply non existing because they require solid Cosmic Consciousness and a true connection with UFO, and you lack both…

David Icke – I do more to contribute to the world in a day than you and your mate will do if you live to be a thousand. It’s all about you … me, me, me, me, me, me, me, me is all I hear from you and your kind. The world is falling apart, terrible things are happening, and yet still it is only about you. Utterly disgusting and if you don’t realise that there is big-time karma for that then you are in the wrong profession.

DT Rebuttal: Your contribution to the world is not only demonic and troubles steering but do reflects your own fears of losing power and your lack of trust in anyone who owns more power than you do. I am a light worker offering the truth, love, respect and faith in the future of humanity. I am so sorry for all the unconscious people you contaminate each time you ramble for hours David, because you were born a true “talking Head” resembling Hitler’s endless hypnotic speeches. There are no accidents my friend and for God and fate to make sure we crossed path has its own karmic purpose where David Icke will have to face his own demons and accept the facts about himself. You have absolutely NO clue of the Supraconscious in time and space responsible for humanity’s fate and you behave robotically, neurotically your stars conception being part of the 99.09% of the world’s moronic behavioral unconsciousness.

David Icke- If you were any good you would not have to constantly tell everyone how wonderful you are, it would be obvious. And it isn’t. You would also have more class than to have to spam website forums and betray confidences with your usual lack of integrity.

DT Rebuttal: Being a public person put any celebrity (friends and Foes” at risks with me David, especially where the truth is concerned! There is nothing confidential when you are Dr. Turi or David Icke and exposing your confidential marriage problems to the world is also betraying Pamela’s privacy! David Icke and Pamela

My work is designed to help the public at large by gathering more cosmic Consciousness and avoid paying the price of ignorance! I can not be blamed for working overtime to accomplish such a dignified goal!

All I am doing by posting my hits is to offer a chance for my readers to check and justify my claims and not dance with my “ego” as you assume. Only those blessed and secure enough would DARE putting the money where their mouth is… How many of your psychics friends do so? Where are your “psychics” friends unarguable predictions David? Integrity is something you are born with and my behavior reflect the values and the integrity of my mission. As a “friend” I always endorsed, helped and advertised you. I also went to your hotel and gave you a ride from and to the radio station where you were my guest prior to speak at your next day event in Phoenix. All you did was to talk and wonder why I drove a red hummer. Actions speaks louder than words David! You accuse me of suffering a big ego so be it, I will now give you a real reason for you to do so and check my new black Hummer! Let’s be childlike in the public eye because you started it all up with your frustrations, loneliness and insecurity.

David Icke – My father had a term for people like you, mate – all mouth and trousers. There is another … empty vessels make most noise. This arena needs adults not little boys in short trousers like you and children in aging adult bodies stamping their feet like a two-year-old. Grow up, mate. Go on, give it a try for the first time in your life.

DT Rebuttal: Your childlike soul is empty and scared David, like all the people that vibrates at your low spiritual level, victims of fears and ignorance! This is why you try so hard to convince them all to assure your own self that you own the truth…You do currently make much more conspiracy noise because this is what the stars dictates currently and all was fully predicted! The music of the spheres demands a much higher level of intuition and my readers are not that easily captivated by your fears of the future and your disdain of political people who own real power. Unlike you I did not come to America back in 1984 with a first class British Airway paid plane ticket, a big house, food and a contract offered by the Truth Seeker company in San Diego waiting for me. It take a real man to come in the US totally destitute with only $50 in my pocket! I had to work overtime for months to be able to afford my plane ticket and a serious dream to move to a foreign country!

No friends, no place to stay, no green card, no job and no contract awaited me here David! Nut up mate, I never begged my audience to pay for my divorce attorney either! Unlike you, I was alone all the way and this speak of being a real man. If someone must grow up its you David not me, I own the American Dream right from the scratch and if it was not for the thousands of dollars given to you in a gold plate by the Truth Seeker company, advertise you all over and baby you from day one you would never have had the gut to came to the US empty handed with only a dream and real wisdom to make it happen!

David Icke – Don’t bother replying because you’ll be writing to spam. I am sick of the selfishness and self obsession that people like you represent – it is why the world is as it is. I know who I’d rather be for all your bullshit about interesting karma and it ain’t you and your mate.

DT Rebuttal: Do not blame me for any karma David, God is watching me closely, I have established emotional, financial and spiritual stability and I am still free of fears and spiritual pride! You live in a world of demented fears and hatred, it shows in all your words where trust and faith is missing and unlike you I do not own a Dragon’s Tail (negative) in Leo (ego) or attract UN- fame and laughs the way you do. Terania and I serve the world in a very different way where light, love, true guidance and real predictions blesses our readers all over the world.

By the time you think of writing a single newsletter David I have generated ten of them and I am French and does not know how to type, does this tells you something about God’s divine creation and my creativity? Why don’t you do all you do or write in a foreign language to see how it feels Mate? Right there I am million miles ahead of you in terms of accomplishments but I am only trying to make a point and I am doing it in ENGLISH in your own natal tongue so you can understand your idiosyncratic selfish self centered attitude.

Just between you and I David, the only reason why you are successful is not because you are a genius but because your topic is logical and reflect the same disgust and pain all unconscious political readers are inflicting upon their tax payers. Its just plain ignorance in action and it does not take a brain surgeon to assimilate your work knowing America is currently a perfect melting ground for “occupy” insecurity. All was predicted but it seem you missed the boat or not interested or capable of building your own Cosmic Consciousness when I speak the wisdom of the stars and the future through my predictions…

My work is the results of my own, created, generated mental work and not the product of a vivid imagination or stealing others’ intellectual properties and reinventing a new David Icke with the ridiculous assumption that the Moon is a living UFO bases, “Moon Matrix” or your delusional reptilian material reflecting your insanity. The fact is you are afflicted with dementia David and I saw it all coming to you in one of the many readings I did for you and Pamela when you were still married. Yes David the demented Dragon that stimulated your subconscious to “see” the reptiles a few years ago will be back in a couple of years and god Knows what type of deep psychological changes you will then experience. The people that sign up for your work are also somehow afflicted negatively subconsciously but like you, unable to auto analyze themselves of control the fear and destructive imagination. You need help David, serious help but you won’t hear me just yet!

I know your stars David and I know money, ego, fear and power plagues all souls born in April … Your stars “connection” with Bernie Madoff and Hitler speaks volume to me through a cosmic language you are unconscious of…The fact is you are mad at the world David and your emotional distraught does not help …UPDATED -David Icke – THE WORLD IS MAD … Dealing with an unconscious mass is easy David, you can tell then anything because they do not know better and will endorse the same fears that motivates you! But dealing with me will force you to use the facts and no animosity because this is common practice for someone showing signs of insecurity and inferiority complexes you seem to suffer.

David Icke- I wake up every morning and I am delighted to be me doing what I do. To think that you have to wake up every morning and remember that you are still you. What a nightmare.

DT Rebuttal: I wake up every morning near a woman that loves and respect me, ready to take on the tremendous task to fix the psychological damage you inflicted on your ex wife and on unconscious people victims of your dementia. Your messed up Pamela’s psyche and never appreciated or rewarded the totally dedicated, sensitive woman she truly is. You finally woke up to your own errors, your own selfishness and only nurture your drive for wealth and power… typical soul born in April…

Your soul’s purpose, as the first sign / month of the Zodiac is to uncover yourself and stop being consumed with YOU, your affairs, your life, your career and start to realize that; it is because of others and people like Pamela and I, the Truth Seeker and so many others people that you became David Icke. We used to be close friends and I have shown you all along how to treat a friend. I even shared a hotel room with you because you came too late to the event and you were desperate. I treated you as a real good friend for years, offering you my books Moon Power, my guidance and predicting each steps of the way your successful karmic career.

I have mentioned your name, wrote about you in a very positive productive way and I did so for years David Icke A man With A Mission but when is the last time you ever endorsed my good heart and my work or anyone else in your lectures David? Unlike you, George Noory is wise and secure in his skin and so is Gary Busey and like many others radio/TV hosts, they are all endorsing my work at any given chance. Note that I do not need you my friend; Google Dr. Turi 11.600.000 results (0.16 seconds) or David Icke 7,460,000 (0.14 seconds) because numbers do not lie and while I don’t cruise the world poisoning the unconscious, more people are finally listening/reading about the truth. The fact is you are not only very insecure but extraordinary competitive (typical Aries) and again this is your natal stars in action, that’s all. And for this I cannot hold any grudges against your UCI or “Unique Celestial Identity” David. All I am doing, as a true truth seeker is to offer you the opportunity to auto analyze yourself and your actions…Because for every actions there is an equal and opposite reaction which is called KARMA!

For what it is worth David, slow down a bit the Dragon sits right on your messed up heart and regardless of our differences I will always help you if asked!

Icke and Turi in "happier times".

Icke and Turi in “happier times”.


You see folks, it’s all about money, media, scratching each others’ backs, promoting each other and ensuring that they keep their industry going. Giving you truth yes but adding a whole dump of bullshit and fiction on you with never the intention of truly attacking the problems. Meanwhile, it’s “my conspiratorial dick is bigger than yours”.

Nothing changes under the sun even after you’ve tuned into the higher planes of consciousness and were Socrates in a previous life. The need for admiration is still there and the ego loves you for it.

A woman just contacted me on twitter about my “You want solutions??” blog saying:

@earthlinggb You want solutions? I’m quite sure bashing others won’t lead to any. 🙂

What she doesn’t appreciate is, I don’t give a damn. I have no respect for any of you in the David icke movement or the truther movement. So yes I’ll “bash” you because you deserve it. If you choose to only accept facts or truth when it’s fed to you by charlatans with a good voice/face/name for media or by a politician or businessman or banker or head of state because they’re “worthy” of your attention, the you carry on. Everyone voted for Tony Blair after all. Smiley, into his pop artists, told you what you wanted to hear and now he’s been responsible for all manners of shit while he works for the Rothschilds and has been responsible for millions killed in Iraq and Afghanistan and our own troops lives plus all the laws he changed here etc etc. But he smiled and gave you a story.

Goebbels (or was it Hitler himself) once said “Make the lie big enough and they will believe…”. I guess you won’t believe him or what that tells you because of who it came from?

Get my point? If you don’t, too fricking bad!

You don’t want solutions. It takes too much work. You just want solutions to miraculously appear. They never will.

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  1. Will said, on January 8, 2014 at 5:33 am

    What a pair of deluded tossers!
    Still it’s interesting how the ever modest icke interprets any criticism of his world- saving “work” as an act of utter selfishness.

  2. Babs said, on January 8, 2014 at 8:04 am

    Did he ask for donations to pay for his divorce lawyer? :O

    • Hector Vector said, on January 8, 2014 at 11:54 am

      I remember there being an appeal for money a few years ago because of some legal issue involving, if I remember correctly, someone he described as having been close and who was attacking him – or words to that effect. I think there may have been some slurry piece in the Daily Mail shortly afterwards which focussed on Pamela Icke’s side, at which point I fell asleep.

      • Babs said, on January 8, 2014 at 2:03 pm

        She had a lucky escape. Fancy asking for donations for such a private matter.

  3. Floppydisk said, on January 14, 2014 at 5:41 pm

    “dr” Turi is a fraud though to be fair.

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