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The New Economics will be mathematics.

Posted in Finance by earthling on January 3, 2014

During the early 1990s, I was working as a European Sales & Marketing Manager for Racal. It was the early years of marriage and babies and I wanted to add a Business angle to my existing Physics background so I decided to embark upon a BA (Hons) in Business Studies at Napier University in Edinburgh where I had also done my Physics degree about a decade earlier.

Yes, I was solidly in the “matrix”. I was ambitious and wanted to ensure that next rung upon the corporate ladder. And I achieved it (in some respects, to my detriment).

I would like to share with you something which everyone of us – including me – on that course failed to recognise. We just didn’t question. That’s not what you are there to do. You are there to listen, to read, to write, to be able to repeat everything just as you are taught by the great guru in front of you who has previously been in your position and listened, read, written and repeated so well he gets to stand up before the next generation and feed them the same thing.

The course included significant study of Economics and cost accounting etc. The following book was our “bible” – I don’t know if this book is still used or an updated version still in print but this was the “bible” at the time…..

Xcel revenue 4Xcel revenue 5

Great minds write these books! Men who graduate from esteemed colleges such as The London School of Economics! (Yes, THAT school once again!)

BUT we, as students, never really question things when our minds are on trying to achieve, trying to pass the exams, trying to make sure we say and do all the right things so to prove to our peers (who are all doing the same thing) that we are worthy of sharing a classroom with them. We certainly don’t have the time or the inclination to say “Wait a minute! There’s something not quite right here”. After all, you’re the new one to the information and the lecturer knows his stuff inside out now doesn’t he? HE isn’t going to just tell you or regurgitate erroneous facts, figures, processes etc is he?

But let’s skip a couple of decades more and arrive at 2013. Those couple of decades have been one hell of a ride! You’ve climbed that corporate ladder, you’ve made the six figure salary, you’ve lived and worked in the most exotic of locations and hell! You’ve been a Director and Country Manager for International companies! What a STAR you’ve been!

But let me tell you – it’s all total nonsense! In 2013, you look back on your “stellar career” and you dismiss it all. Yes it brought you material goods, worldwide travel, exotic holidays, privately educated kids, but it was all achieved while the very system which allowed you to do it was rigged and while you ate and paraded around with your cars and your money and opulent homes, you had maids and drivers who hardly had a pot to piss in (no matter you tried to alleviate that a little) and just around the corner from your homes, in Manila, Kuala Lumpur and Singapore, there were whole families living in corrugated shacks by the railroad. There were women who would approach you not only to sell their bodies but, sometimes to sell their BABIES! Meanwhile, thousands died of starvation and disease all over the world everyday while you dined at the classiest of restaurants and stayed in the most luxurious hotels across the planet.

THERE WAS SOMETHING WRONG! But you didn’t know what it was and so many still don’t (and many of them don’t even wish to).

Then something happened. Something BIG happened to you! Big yes, good no. And it all just stemmed from a 20 year love which ended abruptly. You never saw it coming. It was like the proverbial steam train hitting you. But it was worse than just the ending of a marriage. It was the sheer scale of lies and deception and willingness of the other to do whatever it took to get the money! But it was so much more than that too. It was realising a court (Yes a supreme court in Singapore) was corrupt to the core. It was finding yourself jailed (with no record) because you had the audacity to tell them they were corrupt when you found out exactly what had been going on (Courts AND governments DO NOT LIKE IT when the small man shouts “Just wait a second here!”). It was looking over to “her” in court, after she was exposed as a perjurer, but YOU being thrown in jail because you would not play ball when the court ignored the perjury and she walked out of court with a smile as she saw you handcuffed and led down to cells before being thrown in Queenstown prison. Anyhow, that’s a whole other story.

But it was all of that that set you out to study – not another academic course written by those who wish to condition your thinking – but study law for the purposes of protecting yourself and defending against this onslaught you were faced with. You became “forensic” in following every single element of your case, the affidavits, the proofs of the claims, the attachments of expense claims, the whole deal. Your lawyer was hopeless. He was just playing the game with the other lawyers and the court so that, when you brought it to his attention that you had found out the court had never had jurisdiction from step one – the shit hit the fan and you had to get out of Singapore. Otherwise, you were in jail once more.

I told you they don’t like getting found out!

So what has all that got to do with this book and economics and the subject of this blog? Well it’s to give all those of you who may be commencing on your studies and/or your careers a heads up: You have no idea where life shall lead you and while you don’t and while you are in the growth mode of life, you will just accept that everything is just how it is and that there is nothing wrong and nothing obscured from you. Everything your lecturers relate to you is absolutely sound. However, I can assure you – it isn’t. Looking behind that curtain, lifting that veil and recognising it – or being willing to and open minded enough to – is difficult. Unfortunately, it is only when you are faced with something so blatantly monstrous and corrupt in your own life that you tend to want to find the explanation.

So, with that, back to the book:

Here are a couple of pages taken from it (from Chapter 33 entitled “Money and Prices”).

Xcel revenue 6Xcel revenue 2

Point 1: “Goldsmiths used to accept deposits of gold coins and precious objects for safekeeping, in return for which a receipt would be issued which was, in effect, a PROMISSORY NOTE. As time went by, these notes began to be passed around in settlement of debts ACTING AS BANKNOTES DO TODAY”.


WIKIPEDIA: A promissory note is a legal instrument (more particularly, a financial instrument), in which one party (the maker or issuer) promises in writing to pay a determinate sum of money to the other (the payee), either at a fixed or determinable future time or on demand of the payee, under specific terms. If the promissory note is unconditional and readily salable, it is called a negotiable instrument.

British law

§ 83. BILLS OF EXCHANGE ACT 1882. Part IV.[3]Promissory note defined(1)A promissory note is an unconditional promise in writing made by one person to another signed by the maker, engaging to pay, on demand or at a fixed or determinable future time, a sum certain in money, to, or to the order of, a specified person or to bearer.(2)An instrument in the form of a note payable to maker’s order is not a note within the meaning of this section unless and until it is indorsed by the maker.(3)A note is not invalid by reason only that it contains also a pledge of collateral security with authority to sell or dispose thereof.(4)A note which is, or on the face of it purports to be, both made and payable within the British Islands is an inland note. Any other note is a foreign note.

Examples of Promissory Notes:


Let me now point you to British Case law:

Case Law:

A Lord Denning judgement that says a bill of exchange once tendered has to be treated as cash… The principle is that a bill, cheque or note is given and taken in payment as so much cash, and not as merely given a right of action for the creditor to litigate a counterclaim (see Jackson v Murphy [1887] 4 T.L.R. 92). “We have repeatedly said in this court that a bill of exchange or a promissory note is to be treated as cash. It is to be honoured unless there is some good reason to the contrary”

(see per Lord Denning M.R. in Fielding & Platt Ltd v Selim Najjar [1969] 1 W.L.R. 357 at 361; [1969] 2 All E.R. 150 at 152, CA)

I trust that the above is clear and unambiguous enough for you?

“A promissory note is to be treated as cash”. No dispute, just fact. The reason? Because promissory notes ARE cash. That is why the banks accept your signing of them which, in turn, allows them to MERELY RE-PUBLISH your promissory note as a banknote or bank cheque or electronic fund transfer. The entire point is, however, it is NOT necessary for the banks (the entire system which exists) to hold this power of “transmutation” of your own commercial value. This is where the entire fraud/deception of the banks lies.

Meanwhile, please listen to this banker:

There are a few points he makes which you would then think “Yes he has a point” such as that about paying for the bus with stamps. However, it does not hold up in today’s electronic, card-based society does it? Yes, with the New Economy solution, everything would be electronic/cards. A cashless society in fact. “Just what the state and the bankers want!” I hear you say. Yes it is what they want BUT the immense difference is, they want it for your control and to pay them taxes and interest which are entirely unnecessary. “How..”, you ask, “..would MPE be any different?” Very simply: Along with MPE (Mathematically Perfected Economy) comes ACR (Absolute Consensual Representation) and a mandate which keeps a dramatically reduced government in check. A government which, by the way, due to MPE and no interest, cannot find itself fattened up by corrupt practices and feeding off the bankers’ handouts from the defrauding you of your money.

Meanwhile, do not consider that every transaction (for chocolate bars and newspapers or even furniture and electronics etc) would need a written, signed Promissory note”. It wouldn’t. Your “credit balance” would be held within the CMI (Common Monetary Infrastructure) which is purely and simply a database of people’s assets, liabilities and transactions (including government and corporations).

Now, the first column of page 474 then simply explains the idea of fractional reserve banking which most of us know about. It, itself, is quite a monumental con since the entire basis of it is lending money which the banks simply do not have (while they charge interest on it). When I first started to study this whole monetary issue, I considered that to be where the entire con lay. However, as I proceeded, I realised there was something more while I could not quite put my finger on it and articulate it.

There is a group/organisation by the name of POSITIVE MONEY which is gaining significant interest and support by people and even MPs while they are finding themselves being funded by various sources (Quakers being one – I attended a Positive Money conference in Edinburgh during which Ben Dyson stated this in answer to a question raised “Who is funding you?”). During that conference, which I attended on the basis, initially, of being very supportive of the goals of Positive Money, I found myself asking questions particularly relating to the question of basic money issuance and the words of Captain Henry Kerby in a Early Day Motion during the 60s in Parliament where he said that money should be issued by the Crown free of any interest. I found myself being somewhat ignored by the Positive Money team once I began to question some issues I had with their ideas.

A fundamental flaw by Positive Money is this: They are promoting the idea of having a two tiered monetary system whereby, in everyday high street banking, there would be no fractional reserve whereas, in the higher levels of investment banking etc, fractional reserves could still apply! The PROBLEM here is quite obvious when one considers the outcome of it. It would mean that, while the existing corruption and the corrupt individuals who play it, would be allowed to continue at the upper echelons of the economy – and through which all significant investment in business and infrastructure within the world’s economy is financed – we, the people who work within the real economy, are “starved” of this thing which they, the banks, purport to be money. We would be “starved” of it because of the very fact that there would be FAR less of it due to the eradication of the fractional reserve. Yes, we KNOW (as I have just explained) that the fractional reserve is a con BUT, within the current system, if you allow it to continue for the elite while discontinuing it for the rest of us, then you have, effectively, created an iron fence between the haves and have nots. The haves have already consolidated much of their wealth (corruptly by the use of the fractional reserve) and Positive Money’s idea is to effectively, allow them to steal it as they have, and lock the barn door after the horse has bolted. Our capability, then, to leverage off such a system (within the existing corrupt system as it is), is removed. I hope the reader recognises this?

However, the fractional reserve issue obscures the REAL, fundamental deception which has had the world locked into servitude where it need not be at all.

Let’s proceed to the “Credit creation” section on page 474 of the textbook…

A single bank system:

Think about the liabilities, assets, deposits and cash. What is staring you right in the face here? (and it is the same for ANY and ALL banks of the world).


The deposits are from depositors (you and I). The cash, on the assets side of the ledger are the deposits from you and I!


But it is OH SO MUCH WORSE THAN THAT! The text goes on to say that the banks then, by way of the fractional reserve con, LEND this “non existent” money to borrowers, from which, the banks gain interest on money which was never theirs and did not exist! BUT, there is an IMMENSE deception here also and this goes to the root of all:

While the bank is ALLOWED to use fractional reserve procedure when “lending” money to people, it DOES NOT MEAN that they necessarily will. What MUST happen first?

The bank MUST find borrowers who are “GOOD” for the issuance of this “non existent” money. PLEASE NOTE HERE THAT I USE “non existent” IN QUOTES BECAUSE, AS YOU WILL SEE, THE MONEY IS NON EXISTENT TO THE BANK BUT IT IS NOT NON EXISTENT WHEN YOU CREATE IT FOR THEM! Yes, YOU work “magic”. It is YOU who transmutate that “potential energy” of the fractional reserve into “kinetic energy” of real value.

How does this happen?

Well the bank cannot lend “money” which, as yet, does not exist and which is simply an arbitrary possibility which exists in the system which says “A bank can retain a its depositors’ deposits and lend a multiple of this figure”. If it could just issue money like this on a whim and keep doing so with NOTHING to back it, then why does it not? Starvation and scarcity could be ended overnight if that were the case.

The bank can ONLY make that fractional reserve manifest itself as REAL MONEY when YOU or I apply our signature to a loan agreement. Now guess what ALL (without exception) of those loan agreements signed by us are?


Please re-read the definition of Promissory notes. They are a promise to pay. Period! We promise to pay back the bank the original “loan” plus the interest they attach to it.


Just allow yourself to remove the blinkers which these people have supplied to you through endless years, decades and centuries of life. To you, your parents, your parents’ parents etc.


The banks, as you know, will not issue money (loans) to anyone without that someone being “GOOD” for the loan. What does “GOOD FOR IT” mean? Well, of course, it means that you have the wherewithal to pay back that loan and the interest. You have an income and/or other assets that act as that guarantee. IT IS YOUR VALUE THAT CREATES THE VALUE OF THE MONEY PAID OUT TO YOU AS A LOAN. IT IS, THEREFORE AS I SAID, YOU WHO CREATES THE “MAGIC” – THE TRANSMUTATION OF WHAT IS ONLY “POTENTIAL MONEY” INTO “KINETIC (REAL) MONEY”. YOU CREATE THE MONEY! 

The bank has a process doesn’t it? It does not issue you any money or loan until you can satisfy financial criteria. YOU see that as being absolutely natural and necessary (and it is) but you see it that the bank is then providing you something that they own – the money. You (and the legal/financial/government system which has you BELIEVE in this monetary system – remember it is ALL about “confidence in the banking system”. CONFIDENCE. Why? Because it is a CONFIDENCE TRICK!) have been led to assume that money (in whatever form) emanates from the banks (high street banks, central banks etc) but it doesn’t. When you sign that loan – that PROMISSORY NOTE – it is YOU and YOUR VALUE which backs the issuance of that currency and all the banks do is enter YOUR VALUE as a figure that YOU “PROMISE TO PAY” into their computers.

THE FRACTIONAL RESERVE (or the proportion of it which you are signing a guarantee to) then kicks in and the bank smiles because you have allowed them to manifest a potential value into real value. They need your income/asset statement to “report” validity of issuing that money.

Now, here is the thing: If everyone, tomorrow, stopped borrowing from banks and the original depositors removed their deposits, then the bank would have no deposits to use as a basis for fraudulent multiplication of those deposits by way of fractional reserve. They would, therefore have no cash assets because the cash assets they have are precisely the deposits which have been removed.

So WHERE is all that money that the banks create? NOWHERE. The banks DO NOT “create money”. YOU DO! 

So when you read or watch all of those documents and videos telling you that the deception is that Banks can create money “out of nothing”, it is simply not true and is another level of deception which is actually in the banks’ favour for you to believe because then, they maintain the “cloak” over what really happens.

Point 2:

Look at Page 475 of the textbook. You will see the following: “You can also see that each horizontal line in table 33.1 balances assets against liabilities and, therefore, at no stage are accounting principles infringed. The bank’s balance sheet at the end of the process would appear as:

LIABILITIES (£)                                          ASSETS (£)

Initial deposits 10,000                               Cash 10,000

Created deposits 90,000                           Loans & Advances 90,000

TOTAL: 100,000                                       TOTAL: 100,000

Again, please remember that not one cent of the money (deposits, cash, “created” deposits, Loans and advances) is money, IN ANY WAY, which has EVER belonged to or been produced by the bank. The bank does not PRODUCE value of any nature within the REAL ECONOMY.

But what else is wrong with the table? There is something missing although the bank/monetary system and economists will never bring to your attention. The table DOES NOT present the true picture and, where it is said, there are no accounting principles infringed and that the system is “in balance” – IT IS NOT!


It’s all in the “loans & advances”. Come on. Think. What’s missing? It’s the “elephant in the room” by its absence.


Loans and advances have interest attached don’t they? Ah! But THAT would put the whole picture out of balance so we can’t show that! But that INTEREST is real. It is added to the loan and advance so the actual figure of 90,000 is, in reality, multiplied by the interest percentage. THAT IS THE ONLY WAY THAT THE BANKING SYSTEM CAN MAKE A PROFIT BECAUSE ALL OTHER MONEY IS ACTUALLY OUR MONEY!

[Note to our Muslim friends who believe their system has no interest: Sorry to disappoint your religious beliefs but, while it is not applied with the word “interest” attached to it, every loan you get has “fees” added while you simply receive the principal. Those “fees” ARE interest and those fees would be applied to the “loans and advances” given in the table. There’s no such thing as a “free lunch” for you muslims either. You’re deceived by your own corrupt leaders too]

So what do we have here? We have banks, with NO money of their own, issuing us with entirely our own created money and charging us interest on it. While the money we create for them allows them to multiply it further and issue more to us when WE create it for them (with even MORE interest). The PROBLEM is this: The entire economy (the REAL PRODUCTIVE economy which you and I exist in) has ONLY principal.

If only OUR created principal exists in the economy then HOW do we, as a whole, pay back the INTEREST added? IT DOES NOT EXIST IN THE REAL ECONOMY. Not ONE PERSON has ANY portion of that interest to pay back. What does this mean?

It means that you and I have to compete (dog eat dog in fact) to see who can “win” the interest game and for EVERY “winner” there is a loser. However, the REAL winners are the banks because not only do they get paid some of the interest money by the “winners” but the losers relinquish their assets to the banks (your home/mortgage for example). Now take that up to government level (and ALL governments are borrowers). The governments compete (their competition result in wars and the deaths of millions for “supremacy” and resources and our soldiers are the pawns who ignorantly play this real game of death for them on this “Grand Chessboard”) and there are also winners and losers.

Why would our esteemed politicians play this game? Well it’s simple. Look at them. Look at their relative lifestyles and wealth. What happens when you legislate in favour of the banks’ goals and you are privy to the impacts that legislation will have? While, not only can you invest with that knowledge but also, you are retained by the Corporations and banks before, during and after your tenure in office (see Tony Blair, Ken Clarke, John Major just for three excellent British examples of this). The corruption, however, is throughout the system of government and public service because the system, to maintain itself, requires the military, the Police and the judiciary all to keep doing what they do. Meanwhile these people either do not see, or don’t care, that the very corruption they maintain to keep the system in place, will effect them in one way or another. They have families, friends, cousins, etc who may not be in a position of power and that system will negatively impact their lives at some stage.

Now, why do I enclose the word “winners” in quotes? Well how many people out there who thought they were “winners” in this game have recently (since 2008) found themselves losers? Millions of you! Me included.

While remember this: While the world’s economy has crashed, in these last few years there have been additional billionaires (and millionaires) added to the previous list. How can that be when the world’s financial system has crashed so badly and there is “no money” to be had?

Simple: The corrupt “mafia” who control this system have called in their loans – the loans that aren’t loans in reality but are our value disguised. They have stolen your labour and value by way of obfuscation (obscuring the real ownership of money by us).

Ok, before continuing with a closer look at how this obfuscation works (while I hope the foregoing makes it quite clear already), let’s consider some real world examples which impacts us all every single day:


From Houses of Parliament 1984: Dartford Tunnel House of Lords

The first Dartford Tunnel Act was passed in 1930, but the first tunnel did not open until 1963. That tunnel was so successful that Parliament, in the Dartford Tunnel Act 1967, authorised the construction of a second tunnel. That Act also provided for the whole of the cost of the second tunnel to be defrayed out of toll income. The tolls in 1963 were set at 2s 6d. They are now 60p which is considerably less than they would be if the ordinary rules of indexing for inflation had been allowed to operate. If those rules had operated, the toll would now be 79p or 80p.

There was evidence given in another place to suggest that we could reach that position even earlier. The hon. Member for Thurrock (Dr. McDonald) might laugh, because it sounds like a long time ahead. However, in the context of general Government finance, a period of about 16 years during which time a debt of £68 million is expected to be extinguished is not a long time. In the context of financing such an operation, it is a reasonable period that justifies the philosophy of charging tolls and allowing the user of such an exceptionally expensive crossing to bear the cost of doing so.

The next alternative is that the Government should take over the £68 million debt and that it should be borne by the general taxpayer who bears the major burden of road construction. The cost of building an ordinary motorway is perhaps £2 million a mile. We are talking about a tunnel of a little under a mile to be built at £40 million a mile. We are entitled to say that that is an exceptional cost, that a large proportion of the benefit is obtained by the local users and that some other way should be found of financing that proposition. I do not believe that we are justified in placing the cost on the general taxpayer throughout the United Kingdom.

From h2g2:

The first tunnel was completed in 1963 at a cost of £13 million; construction had taken five years due to difficult tunnelling conditions through the chalk. Traffic flowed in both directions between the A2 in Kent and the A13 in Essex.

By 1972 traffic had more than doubled, and construction of a second tunnel began to the west of the first. Again it was hampered by the difficult conditions, cost £45 million, and took eight years to complete.

The Queen Elizabeth II river crossing at Dartford (commonly called the Dartford Bridge) was the largest cable-supported bridge in Europe when it was built. Work began in August 1988, and took three years to build at a cost of £86 million – it was completed on time and within budget.

The following is from a Freedom of Information Act response: 

From: Smith, Kevin
Highways Agency

20 August 2009

Dear Mr Mark-William:Baker

I refer to your enquiry dated 10 August regarding the charges collected at the Dartford Crossing and provide the following information.

From 31 July 1988 until 31 March 2003 the Crossing was managed by the Dartford River Crossing Co Ltd. The QEII Bridge was not actually opened to traffic until 1991, the construction of this bridge started in 1988. 

For the period from 31 July 1988 to 31 March 2002 Dartford River Crossing Co. Ltd. were required to produce annual accounts and these may be requested from Companies House. 

They can be contacted at:
Telephone: Companies House Contact Centre – 0303 1234 500
E-mail: [email address
Address: Companies House 
Main Office 
Crown Way
CF14 3UZ 

This was an early Private Finance Initiative (PFI) concession, enacted by the Dartford-Thurrock Crossing Act 1988, which transferred the existing debt from the tunnels to the private sector who would retain toll revenue to pay off the existing debt and the debt incurred by building the new bridge. Tolls were set by the Department of Transport (and its forerunners) in conjunction with the Concessionaire. The concession was for a period of 20 years from 31 July 1988, but could be ended as soon as the debt was repaid. The Secretary of State determined that all financial commitments had been met by 31 March 2002.

However, the Dartford-Thurrock Act 1988, Schedule 6, Section 16, (4) (1) contained the provision for a Toll Extension Period for the collection of tolls to provide a fund for future maintenance of the crossing. An Extension Agreement between the Concessionaire and the Secretary of State was in place from 4 March 1999 and allowed the Toll Extension Period to run from 1 April 2002 to 31 March 2003. All Toll Revenue during this period was passed over gross to the Department for Transport. 

For the period of the Extension Agreement – between 1 April 2002 and 31 March 2003, the Highways Agency records show the sum of £68,363,698.02 received into their bank.

The current charging scheme at the Dartford Crossing came into force on 1 April 2003 under the powers of the Transport Act 2000. Since that date an annual account has been completed and these for the periods between 2003/2004 to 2007/2008 can be found on the Highways Agency website below, under “Reports” 


Copies of the accounts can also be obtained from TSO. (The Stationery Office) who can be contacted at;
Address: TSO
PO Box 29
Telephone: Telephone Orders/General Enquiries 0870 600 5522

The account for 2008/2009 is currently being prepared and should be available on our website in early 2010.

For your information there has been a charge in place to use the Dartford Crossing since 1963, when the first tunnel was opened.

From that time until the 30th July 1988, it was the responsibility of the Essex and Kent County Council Joint Consultation Committee. We do not have audited accounts of this period, but you may wish to approach either of these councils directly to obtain data on toll revenues for this period. Their contact addresses are; 

Address: Essex County Council Kent County Council 
County Hall County 
Market Road Maidstone 
Chelmsford Kent 
CM1 1QH ME14 1XQ 
Telephone: 0845 743 0430 Telephone: 08458 247 247 
Web: Web:

I hope this is helpful. 

Yours faithfully

Kevin Smith, Business Manager
Highways Agency | Federated House | London Road | Dorking | RH4 1SZ
Tel: +44 (0) 1306 878181 | Fax: +44 (0) 1306 878494
GTN: 3904 8181

From Wikipedia:

From April 2010 to March 2011, 50,939,941 vehicles used the crossing, at a daily average of 139,545 vehicles.[6] This represented a fall back to pre-2002 levels, from averages approaching 150,000 since the turn of the millennium.[6] The highest recorded daily usage was 181,990 vehicles on 23 July 2004.

So we have the following facts:

1. The entire crossing, composed of two tunnels and a bridge, cost £13M + £45M + £86M = £144M. Yes you may say that the £13M, £45M and £86M, at today’s prices, would be higher (but that is all part and parcel of the interest con we are under). But nevertheless, the relative costs WERE PAID FOR at the time. The material, the labour ALL bought and paid for. The supplier of materials and the workers, designers, engineers, everyone would be paid. As stated, for example, the bridge came in ON BUDGET. Therefore, it was paid!

2. In ONE year, 51 million vehicles used the crossing. Now, during that one year, the cost of only a car (not trucks, buses etc) was £1.50. Taking just that figure, the crossing made £76.5M. The cost of a car is now £2. The revenue generated over the 20 year concession (maintaining the £1.50 price for the purpose of demonstration): £1,530M

Let me repeat that: 1 BILLION 530 MILLION POUNDS STERLING!

And yet, even in their own words, they state “The concession was for a period of 20 years from 31 July 1988, but could be ended as soon as the debt was repaid. The Secretary of State determined that all financial commitments had been met by 31 March 2002.”

So what’s going on here? Well, it’s very simple. Privatisation and that privatisation is based upon national debt and the reality that we cannot pay that debt off (under this existing usurious monetary system). The costs we are shouldering for this example, and for a never ending list like it, are to pay the national debt interest (for which we also pay taxes – income and property+ others).


Yes it is true that our government/leadership do not have the intent to pay off our national debt. They simply wish to SERVICE THE DEBT. As shown here:

Captain Henry Kerby 2 Captain Henry Kerby 1

Ask yourself the very simplest of questions: Who would not wish to ever pay off their debt? And why?

Now, here is another example of a bridge about to be built:

Surrey Bridge

NOTE: “Cost will be shared between the government… and Surrey County Council”.

Where has both, the government and Surrey County Council got the money to build this? Yes, you guessed it – YOU! And that is the ONLY place they can get it from. So, now they will pay back that money to who? Yes you! In salaries for your labour in constructing it. Once its construction is complete and paid for, there should be no further costs involved (with the exception of annual maintenance which, strangely, we, the people, carry out – albeit through corporations which need to make a profit. However that KIND of profit is unnecessary because it exists to pay interest debt).

But let’s assume another way they can find that money: Taking loans! Loans, as we know, are Promissory agreements/obligations. How do the government and Council pay back those loans? Do they add anything of value by way of labour to the economy so as to take on these “loans” and be “good for it”? 

No. It is, again, YOU the taxpayer who pays the “loans” back!

But while this (vicious) circle continues, the debt is fraudulently multiplied by the addition of interest (which does not exist in the real economy which has principal only remember?).


To understand the solution, we must first understand the deception. How do you otherwise find a solution for a problem you do not see or understand as existing? You can’t. It’s like punching an enemy you cannot see.

So, I will attempt to explain this as clearly as I can.

1. The banks have no money.

2.The banks DO NOT “create money” they ISSUE it!

3. These issuances of currency/money are simply representations of your and my own promissory notes.

4. The underlying value of ALL money in existence is NOT gold and silver etc and never was and never shall be. Gold and silver, NO MATTER that they have been around as “money” for millennia, are nothing more than any other commodity – precious metals yes. Have an inherent value of sorts yes (but so does platinum, copper, seeds, in fact any commodity whatsoever) but they STILL represent the value you create within the existing monetary system as demonstrated by the fact they are exchanged for your promissory notes/banknotes (remember banknotes ARE promissory notes – see page 474 once more) – and, as such, they have the inherent fault of being inflationary and deflationary. [Note: Bitcoin also has this flaw and is, in no way, a solution to the world’s monetary system. Bitcoin is no more valuable than any other investment such as shares. They act in precisely the same way and, as has been shown, do nothing to prevent wild swings and do nothing, therefore, to prevent inflation and deflation]

5. Inasmuch as the banks are simply representing OUR value, all they are doing is RE-PUBLISHING our promissory notes to one another.

6. You see a house you wish to buy at £100K. You sign a promissory note (“loan”) which is a guarantee to pay  – with your labour and/or assets – but, instead of being free to issue that promissory note direct to the house owner/asset holder you wish to purchase from, you are forced to issue it to the banking system.

7. What does the banking system do? It “transmutates” that promissory note having inherent value (YOURS) into it’s own printed promissory notes/banknotes. It then passes those banknotes (electronically credits the house owner’s bank balance) to the owner of the asset/house. Insodoing, the bank then turns to you “the borrower” (who has created that otherwise non existent money for the bank by way of your signature of the original promissory note) and demands you pay them the £100K PLUS interest.

8. That £100K becomes a deposit and a cash asset within the bank and adds to all the millions of other people’s promissory note creations of money to the bank’s “assets” (not their assets at all as we have seen).

9. The banks then use the fractional reserve system to multiply those deposits even further and lends out more of this “money” they say they have. All the while charging interest to each and every “borrower”.

10. This system has been in operation for centuries while we now have approximately 7 billion people on the planet. These 7 billion people (and all those generations before) have, as a whole, never had the interest money issued into the economy to pay the interest so the very most we could ever do is pay what IS issued into the world’s economy and that is PRINCIPAL ONLY. The REAL ECONOMY cannot pay back money which never physically existed because the principal issued is the ONLY amount which reflects the entire value of our labour.

DO YOU SEE IT NOW? DO YOU SEE WHY THE GLOBAL DEBT (that means everyone on planet earth bar none) is what it is?

So if it includes everyone then why would they do it? Because they (the world’s financial oligarchy) will always be able to pay their interest/debt off because they control the system (not that they actually do pay but that’s another story). IT IS LIKE A CASINO. THE HOUSE ALWAYS WINS. The interest is sucked out and up to the global banking elite who then use that wealth to have our governments further legislate to pay off the debt by privatising infrastructure and land/resources. In the end, the elite do not want money. Money is simply the vehicle with which they indebt the rest of us (including governments) to the point where we have to hand over control of all resources, land and infrastructure to them. Once they have achieved that, then the legal system has them in full ownership and, if you own everything, you don’t NEED money!

11. The banks OBFUSCATE the issuance of money. They fraudulently take ownership of YOUR promissory obligation and, as we have seen, this IS “money”. When you sign that obligation (“loan”) they then add it to their assets. What they then can do (and do do) is SELL that note – because it is REAL value – and the market will pay for it. An example of them selling these notes are the Credit Default Swaps and CDO’s which we heard so much of during the mortgage crisis (which still exists). They package the debts (promissory obligations) up and sell them! How can they sell them if they are not REAL MONEY? What gives them their value particularly when, as you understand it, you still have not paid off the “loan”?


Additionally, according to “law” a debt paid off is a debt no more. If the market buys your debt they have paid it off! Does the buyer come after you to pay off the debt? No. Yet they are the owner of it now. So why does the bank demand you pay an extinguished debt?

12. The obfuscation of the banks then is this: You create the money. They RE-PUBLISH that money as theirs and issue it to the owner. That is ALL the banks do! They then charge you interest on your own created money. In any other circumstance, it would be YOU who charged THEM interest for lending them money! They make HUGE profits out of your signature creating that money for them. They multiply it and lend it out again and again!

So back to the solution:

1. That £100K house we spoke of. What if you did not issue a promissory note to the banks but simply issued it direct to the owner of the house? (this can be applied to any and all scenarios – private or public or corporate).

2. You would issue a promissory note for £100K to the house owner and the house owner’s account would be credited with the £100K directly and instantly.

3. Your account would show a debit/debt which must be paid down (and out of circulation entirely) over a period of time fitting with the type of asset purchased. In this case a house. The paydown period, in this case, could be 100 years. £100,000 paid down over 100 years is £83 per month. NO INTEREST BECAUSE THERE IS NO MIDDLEMAN WHO SIMPLY RE-PUBLISHES YOUR DEBT – i.e. The bank.

4. The accounting of that transaction (and all transactions nationwide or globally) would be handled by what is called a CMI (Common Monetary Infrastructure). A simple database of all obligations and the recording of all individuals and corporations accounts.

5. There would be no such thing as a bank or a central bank. There would be no such thing as “money” from the perspective of today’s understanding of what money is (which is wrong anyhow). There would be NO INTEREST applied to ANY principal within the economy

Do you remember the Liabilities and Assets table of the bank? The £10,000 of deposits and the £10,000 of cash? It was suggested it was balanced (but had not accounted for the interest). Well, in the case of what is MATHEMATICALLY PERFECTED ECONOMY, that balance would be truly kept.



Can you see/envision all the multiple impacts that the implementation of such a system would have?

Perhaps I will get around to writing a follow up to discuss these. For now, I hope you enjoyed the introduction and that it has achieved what it set out to do: Remove the curtain and exposed “The Wizard” in all his glory!

I am sure there will be many people who may read this and have questions of all sorts – a myriad of them I’m sure. There will also be those who read and will wish to dismiss it all – your prerogative – but you will find, if you apply yourself to learning all about Mathematically Perfected Economy, that there are no “catches”. When you can define the problem – and we have – you are then in possession of VERY powerful “tools” to arrive at the solution.

There are many resources on the web relating to MPE (PfMPE). Coupled with MPE is ACR (Absolute Consensual Representation). ACR fixes the present political/legal problems and, although I have already written many blogposts on the fundamental issue with the legal system, it can always be repeated and written in a revised way to make it even more clear. I intend to do that at some point in the near future also.





To further prove that these people who are imposing this austerity on us while our promissory notes have been stolen from us by banks who have then sold the notes on (and therefore the debt is extinguished) as securitizations (You remember the Credit Default Swaps etc from the mortgage crash don’t you?). Here is the reality of Promissory notes being sold as REAL value (cash) by the corrupt:

Regardless of whether you signed a mortgage or a deed of trust, you also signed a promissory note — a promise to pay back a specified amount over a set period of time. The note goes directly to the lender and is held on its books as an asset for the amount of the promised repayment.

Here is where foreclosure defense can begin to chip away at a bank’s claim on your property. In order for a mortgage, deed of trust or promissory note to be valid, it must have what is known as “perfection” of the chain of title. In other words, there must be a clear, unambiguous record of ownership from the time you signed your papers at closing, to the present moment. Any lapse in the chain of title causes a “defect” in the instrument, making it invalid.
Promissory Notes are Key to Foreclosure Defense

Some courts may also challenge MERS’ ability to transfer the promissory note, since it likely has been sold to a different entity, or in most cases, securitized (pooled with other loans) and sold to an unknown number of entities. In the U.S. Supreme Court case Carpenter v. Longan, it was ruled that where a promissory note goes, a deed of trust must follow. In other words, the deed and the note cannot be separated.

If your note has been securitized, it now belongs to someone other than the holder of your mortgage. This is known as bifurcation — the deed of trust points to one party, while the promissory note points to another. Thus, a foreclosure defense claims that since the relationship between the deed and the note has become defective, it renders the deed of trust unenforceable.

Your promissory note must also have a clear chain of title, according to the nation’s Uniform Commercial Code (UCC), the body of regulations that governs these types of financial instruments. But over and over again, borrowers have been able to demonstrate that subsequent assignments of promissory notes have gone unendorsed.

In fact, it has been standard practice for banks to leave the assignment blank when loans are sold and/or securitized and, customarily, the courts have allowed blank assignment to be an acceptable form of proof of ownership. However, when the Massachusetts Supreme Court in U.S. Bank v. Ibenez ruled that blank assignment is not sufficient to claim perfection, it provided another way in which a foreclosure can be challenged.

Another foreclosure defense argument explores the notion of whether the bank is a real party of interest. If it’s not, it doesn’t have the right to foreclose. For example, if your loan has been securitized, your original lender has already been paid. At that point, the debt was written off and the debt should be considered settled. In order to prove that your original lender has profited from the securitization of your mortgage, it is advised that you obtain a securitization audit. The audit is completed by a third-party researcher who tracks down your loan, and then provides you with a court-admissible document showing that your loan has been securitized.

A foreclosure defense can also argue that once a loan has been securitized, or converted to stock, it is no longer a loan and cannot be converted back into a loan. That means that your promissory note no longer exists, as such. And if that is true, then your mortgage or deed of trust is no longer securing anything. Instead of the bank insisting that you have breached the contract specified in the promissory note, foreclosure defense argues that the bank has actually destroyed that agreement itself. And if the agreement doesn’t exist, how can it be enforced? A corollary to this argument states that your loan is no longer enforceable because it is now owned by many shareholders and a promissory note is only enforceable in its whole entirety. How can thousands of people foreclose on your house?

Got that?
In their very own words (yet STILL not admitted outright but, in fact it is here) the ONLY real value of “money” is represented by YOUR PROMISSORY NOTE.

Question: Do we have any recourse even in THEIR own “law” to remedy this and put them away for life?

Answer: Yes (but only if the population get behind it).

It’s called the Theft Act – or Theft and deception Act 1968/1978.

Theft Act 1978

Now, please understand this: The State adopts ITS interpretation of law because we allow it to. We allow it to by taking NO action. Yet ALL of their Acts, their “Laws” can be turned and used against them and we can change how things operate and run in this (and all) countries. NOT by violence, rioting, insurrection etc (where the Human Rights Act allows them to quell such activity and kill you!), but by mass knowledge and intelligence. A true intellectual revolution.

I would like to say “If you wish to part of that, then put your name in a comment box below” but, somehow, and unfortunately, I have this feeling that very few of you would. There seems to be a thirst for knowledge but not such a hunger for solutions and action for change. THAT needs to change otherwise this misery and corruption is just going to continue.

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  1. Julian Lowe said, on January 3, 2014 at 9:49 pm

    I really liked the descriptive way you opened this blog. I like the way you brought it alive with the poverty in views eye. Great piece from that book your doing, I hope.

  2. Hector Vector said, on January 3, 2014 at 11:40 pm

    I suspect most other readers of this post, like myself, have been aware of the gist of it for some time and I am grateful for you providing an academic reference for the explanation of fractional reserve system as previous attempts to trace a reputable source led in circles. The text book is available on eBay for £2.45 and I have ordered a copy:

    A few points which I hope you will consider.

    1. You first mention MPE early in your post but it is not defined until near the end. I spent much of my time whilst reading wondering what it meant. I even wandered off into the darkness of the internet trying to find out at its first appearance (under the first video) before I reluctantly continued in ignorance.

    2. The pink text on the mauve background it very difficult to read and I having started reading with a slight headache, it was throbbing by the time I finished.

    3. I am very interested in this topic and have spent many a fruitless hour trying to explain it to people who seem determined to perpetuate their enslavement. It might be less of a deterrent for people to ‘sign up’ as invited if there was some explanation why it is necessary to publish their names.

    4. Although it is mentioned, you don’t go into detail about the promise on bank notes. Isn’t the promise valid? It promises to pay the bearer the value of the note in sterling silver. As has been shown (and thanks to you, now verified), this is the top level of deception – if gold and silver depositors had all tried to withdraw their treasure at once, it would have been exposed . The fractional reserve system is the level below that and the means by which the original deception is obfuscated – as is evident, there isn’t enough cash for everybody to withdraw all their deposits. Electronic money seems to me to be the rug under which the whole fraudulent system is to be swept – after all, how would it be possible for anybody to make a withdrawal let alone everybody withdraw everything simultaneously?

    • earthlinggb said, on January 5, 2014 at 5:14 pm

      Thanks Hector, you’re right and I had actually been meaning to change that font for some time now. Right again about not defining MPE in the beginning. I’ll sort that out.
      As for signing names, I guess it’s just like anything such as this – if everyone were to “sign up” saying “Anonymous” then there would be no real list of people putting their names and “money where their mouth is” so to speak. It’s not my site it is Mike Montagne’s and the group from MPE. I was once part of the group but left due to disagreements with Mike. Not on the validity of MPE I must hasten to add but on some related considerations. The point is that we get nowhere if we do not take the steps to change this system which are needed. ANY new system (and MPE is by far the closest thing to a working system I have ever seen), when first implemented will need to be tweaked just like any other “invention”. But MPE is not an invention it is solid logic. It is the one thing that seriously destroys the grip of the elite and destroys their wealth while creating a real, honest, level playing field based on integrity, no interest and “harmony”. Mathematics is all it is and, in fact, is very very simple maths. 1+1=2 stuff when you get down to it. It’s when people have been led to believe their entire lives that “money is complex” (which they have made it so – the economics based on this corrupt system) it is difficult for people to “switch” their heads into a new paradigm of logical simplicity.

  3. Crystali said, on January 3, 2014 at 11:56 pm

    There is nothing I wouldn’t like more than to turn their shit back onto themselves by standing in my own sovereignty and defending myself against a corrupt system.
    And of course there’s a but, always a but, which is probably more cowardice and lack of confidence than fear. I, like many really do not understand their system and procedures to be confident to stand against it as much as I want to. One slip and your goose is cooked in humble juices of embarrassment.
    I am sure many people feel that way.

    What we need is a teacher, someone who can teach people how to defend themselves against the tyrant in a no fail, easy to understand protocol.
    What information do we need? where do we get it etc., how do we use it without being condemned and ridiculed for being partially numerically thick… …ha ha, yes, well, anyway… The study of it is up to us of course, and helping and defending each other.

    You are very intelligent, not meaning to condescend you, and you have a gift of seeing shit and seeing through it, which I greatly admire.

    Do you understand where I am on this?
    It’s not that we, or I don’t want to, I lack the confidence to spit at the beast right in it’s eye.

    I know the information you share here is a start, but it needs a beginning, a start point if you know what I mean. I am just a knowledgeable novice 😉

    • fathobbit said, on February 1, 2014 at 7:31 pm

      Crystali, yes…. “we need a teacher” ..yes, a training course, and then, people who will be advocates and guides?
      Like the MPE alternative, we also need a representative alternative. 🙂

  4. andyslimitlessprofits said, on February 15, 2014 at 10:43 pm

    I have read many articles and watched even more videos on the subject of our fraudulent banking sysyem but thi is by far the best written and easieast to understand i have come across so far and if it’s ok with you I’ll share this with as many people as I can. this certainly seems a great article to help people at the start of their awakening who need help with the monetary side of things. Thanks for all your hard work.

  5. nacainte said, on August 24, 2014 at 1:58 pm

    I too have studied MPE extensively and spoken at length with Mike, the entire argument regarding the creation of money is defended in court vigorously and with absolute resolve by the Banks and the Judiciary, it is in my opinion, the greatest threat to their scam. The matter has been raised several times in Irish courts, most recently in Freeman V Bank of Scotland Plc, (Freemen is awkwardly the family name and not a reference to the Freemen Movement), Irish courts refer to Canadian and US precedence and now refer to Irish judgements since.
    I am almost certain that some cases have been settled in order to avoid a written judgement or precedent, as if when a person comes close to success in public a deal is cut, the nature of such developments is invariably a situation where the case is brought by a litigant in person,(as no legal firm would bring such a case) and the deal is accepted because of personal conditions, I do not fault anybody for accepting such a deal.
    I shall republish this article on my website, it is well written and as such easily read, unfortunately it is a precondition that a person is in financial difficulty before the research and awakening happens.
    Well Done…

    • earthlinggb said, on August 24, 2014 at 3:20 pm

      Ah but people are not in financial difficulty forever Nacainte and, given the opportunity, I would not settle for the out of court settlement. Why? Yes, it would possibly be very lucrative for me personally but, look at the big picture. You cannot enjoy life and this world system when the system collapses no matter how much money you have. What happens when £1M becomes nothing? Ask Germany in the 1920s. Money is not the game here, it is simply their tool. Their tool to gain legal ownership over everything. Once they achieve that they have no need for money. It’s very cut and dried. What happens then when you have a million in the bank?

  6. nacainte said, on August 24, 2014 at 1:59 pm

    Reblogged this on Awaken Longford.

  7. adams said, on August 24, 2014 at 10:22 pm

    Shared the article. You know, the only thing that bugs me is – with learning is there isn’t structure where there are teachers come together of such knowledge, for courts etc. Information online, different forums popping up, everywhere.

    And yet, we see the banks, everyone of these agencies combined, debt collectors, the whole lot of them… work together for one purpose.

    I think it is time now, people come together not under organisation or anything, but for us to all have focus, structure, where we learn, step by step, cause it’s hard sometimes trying to learn, getting info here, there, bits and pieces, trying to piece things together; and be able to use practically in courts, discharging debt, etc etc. It’s madness.

    But at moment, so many learning bits and pieces, and sure, “you must learn!” and believe, people want to but they need structure, real live examples, step by step, to such we can make the knowledge our own and hit back. Anyway, awesome article.

    Thanks for taking time to put it all together.

  8. Vincent k said, on August 25, 2014 at 8:04 am

    Excellent read.

  9. Marco Saba said, on November 4, 2014 at 3:55 pm

    May I ask if the principle of “perfection” of the chain of title apply also to the virtual money created by the banks ? I.e. They cannot proof/claim ownership of the money they lent because they don’t register the possession of newly created money in their books at first ?

  10. Natasha Thoday said, on November 5, 2014 at 12:22 am

    Interest buys assets and velocity enables interest to be paid despite a fixed quantity of units in circulation.

  11. Simon Bazley said, on July 11, 2016 at 3:56 pm

    Thanks for the great article. I think it is brilliant and an excellent resource that I have just shared. I have spent most of today defending its content to a Positive Money advocate who still maintains that their position is acceptable yet still refuses to listen as he suggest you misrepresent PM’s solutions. I used to be a PM supporter myself having been a prior fan of Bill Sill and money as debt etc until I realised that banks create nothing. Finding MPE and its advocates has been great as from my experience they actually take the time to support critical thinking. Joseph Magnole, Emerson Grey, Adriano Lorenzo, David Ardron and Alan Thomsen in particular have been inspiring in helping me to grasp it’s finer points. Having just discovered this post I am now looking forward to reading your other posts too. I am hungry for action and would love to push for a precedent to be established in law. Thanks again

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