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Money physics & the transference of power.

Posted in Finance, Gross stupidity within society, Law, Politics by earthling on December 9, 2013

Well, many years ago, I happened to study physics during my university years. Did it ever occur to me to apply physics (and it was “Applied Physics”) to the issue of money? Of course not! Did it even enter my head that there could be any connection? Nope! I didn’t want to be an economist or an accountant for god’s sakes. I wanted to be a physicist. My head was in Astronomy and space science and all that stuff which makes me read David Icke and his followers posts and say “Oh for christ’s sakes give me a break!” I keep saying you don’t need science degrees to recognise shit is shit but then, perhaps you do. Perhaps science degrees actually create conspiracy theorists? For instance (and this is the perfect example from my perspective). The law of momentum – as well as a few other laws – simply doesn’t allow the wings of a 767 to slice through a steel building like butter. What amazes the hell out of me is that there are hardly any physicists actually coming out and saying “Just wait a goddamned minute here! THAT is just not possible!” So, when you know it isn’t possible and you know there are substantial numbers of physicists in the private/public and educational sectors who seem to be keeping their mouths shut about elementary physics on the day of 9/11, then you lose all respect for these people.

However, that’s not what this blog is all about. It’s about money and applying physical concepts to it. All very simple so don’t have a heart attack over it. It’s just, once more, I haven’t seen this done either and yet, to an extent, it stares us all in the face yet we ignore it and allow these criminals to continue crimes on humanity by starvation (for one thing).


Bodies at rest and in motion

A body at rest has its entire energy stored and is considered to have POTENTIAL energy. Simply, then, the body has the potential to do a certain amount of work but, currently, is not. Imagine a slingshot or a gun. The stone has the potential energy stored in it provided by the tension applied by the stretching of the rubber which will, eventually, release it. The bullet’s potential energy will be converted to KINETIC energy (movement of a mass) when the bullet is loaded into the barrel and the trigger creates the explosive FORCE which then propels it. When either the stone of bullet is released, they will do “WORK” and work is equal to Force multiplied by distance or W = Fxd.

So, the energy expelled from the point of release of the stone or the bullet until it, once more, comes to rest (hopefully in a Rothschild’s skull) is the Work done on the bullet or stone. The energy of either projectile is calculated by E = 1/2mV² where E is energy, m is mass and V is the velocity. Note that velocity is not the same as speed since the former is a vector quantity whereas the latter a scalar quantity. For the purposes of this blog however, we can take velocity as meaning speed since we assume the bullet or stone to be travelling in a singular direction. Simple then!


Take all that expended energy then, that work done, and divide that amount of energy by time and what you arrive at is POWER. Now POWER can be expended OR it can be absorbed. In either case, it is a measure of work done over time. Tell me something? Why, if you were to work 24 hours a day while someone else played a round of golf for 3 or 4 hours and did nothing else, would you not assume to be more powerful than them?

Answer: You’ve EXPENDED your power while they, on the other hand, have ABSORBED your power. Muhammad Ali was good at that. He’d get his opponent to spend much of their power by absorbing the shocks of their punches (IF ever they actually landed one while, even throwing a punch expends energy and it’s lost. It tires his opponent).

So how does the politician or the banker absorb your power? You know the answer to that! They have you expend your energy constantly running after what they control – MONEY! MONEY is POWER! Yet money is literally only pieces of paper with very little mass and it doesn’t really do any work now does it?

Ah but it does!

Money (the paper) represents the very work (real work through expended energy) that you and I and everyone else does to make our living. If it truly represents that however then how is it that the CEO or Chairman of a company or the Head of state of a country or anyone of their Directors/politicians etc who, generally, don’t expend any energy whatsoever comparatively speaking, have more money than you who works every hour god sends just to keep a roof over your head and food on the table. Not only that but you may work in a vocation such as nursing – saving lives – or as a cleaner of whatever kind – thereby ensuring that our world does not decay and we’re over-run by rodents. Is it because of IQ? That’s what Boris Johnson would have you believe but let’s take him and George Osbourne for a moment.

Boris achieves a 2:1 degree in the classics at Oxford University. A second class degree in a “mongrel” course. What I mean by “mongrel” is that it covers everything from English literature to Archeology. A master of nothing then and finds IQ tests a bit of a problem.

George, meanwhile, is another 2:1, 2nd class achiever in History of all things. George has never run a business in his life. I’d be surprised if he knows how to read a spreadsheet – think about that. Yet, he is the Chief Financial Officer of the nation of the United Kingdom! A coke snorting, kinky black prostitute lover with a 2:1 in history. But then he does have experience of folding towels in Selfridges and entering date of dead people on a database.

Dumb and dumber

But let’s see, how could two dumbfucks like that end up as power absorbers? Well, you just need to look at their parentage and then the fact that Boris gets a King’s scholarship and George a Demyship, both at Magdalen College.

Oh and they’re both, along with the present PM, ex Bullingdon boys rubbing their dicks up against the likes of Nat Rothschild.

Take a look at this article re the PPE students who just know, even as they enter college (they’ve achieved nothing so far but know they will – it’s pre-determined) that they will end up in the power absorption business in one way or another….

“The thing is this,” one graduate laughs, “PPE is such a big subject that no one can ever know everything, so we all have to bullshit like mad at times to cover up our ignorance. And we by and large get away with it. So we carry on bullshitting once we leave Oxford and most of us are still getting away with it.”

But let’s stay on the subject of the idea of IQ being the basis for one’s “success” – that “success” being measured by the British government (and other governments) in terms of economic success.

This is worth a read, if not purely from the perspective of reading the final conclusion which is:

“The results of Terman’s longitudinal study of gifted children suggest that IQ can play an important role in determining life success; but high IQ alone is not enough. Variables such as family background, socioeconomic status, and educational experiences as well as personality factors such as motivation, the willingness to work hard, being committed to goals, creativity, and emotional maturity are also strongly linked to success in life.”

Basically, your success in life is a product of your environment. Your environment also teaches you whether you will “go along to get along” or whether you will stand for what you believe to be right. These politicians and businessmen generally have two things in common: They drop from a fallopian tube which has, in one way or another, provides the “right background” – Osborne: Data entry clerk and folding towels in Selfridges. Think about it – plus their character has been moulded by influences which create either the “go with the flow” attitude or the opposite. I agree it isn’t quite as “black and white” so don’t go off on one but, as a general rule, this IS the case.

Now let’s consider the reality of what money is MEANT to be: A representation of one’s debt to another and a means of exchange of such obligations for the purpose of making it easier for a large society of people to buy and sell various goods without having to first find a specific person who requires the particular good/product/asset you wish to sell while that same person having physical goods or services (resources) which are a precise match in terms of value of what he wishes to purchase from you, thereby resulting in an exact exchange of value. The “Resource based economy” fans are totally missing this point and would hate the very thing they promote! It would be a bloody nightmare and would lead to the world being less connected and “one”. Do these people actually think before they open their mouths I wonder? I think not.

In this precise exchange of value (however achieved) you actually have an exact exchange of POWER. Mr X has exchanged Energy of Fxd with Mr Y’s energy of an exact equivalent. A fair exchange then. This is achieved even with the use of an exchange mechanism called “money”. The entire human race will then interact upon the exchange of debts which, across the entire 7 billion people on earth, cancel out. There is NO “Global debt” where, somehow, the entire human race is in debt to the tune of $trillions to some “unknown” entity – who is that entity? God? Martians? No, you KNOW who that debt is owed to – the Central banking system which, in itself, is controlled and owned by a cartel of private individuals NOT “the public” 😉


The answer: They have created a system which WE support wherein pieces of paper (now, actually, simply 1’s and 0’s in a computer) become the wealth and power.


The second answer: No. You SHOULD be able to but not in the present system you can’t.

How obvious is this? Quite. Who digs the roads? Who builds (or even designs) the buildings and the bridges? Who saves the lives? Who keeps the streets clean? Who creates products or art/beauty? Who drills the oil? Who digs the gold/silver/uranium etc? Who manages the corporations or organisations which carry out these tasks? Who protects whether by way of Police or Armed forces? Who does all of this and everything else?

Answer: You, me and every last one of our “brothers and sisters” who actually find and are lucky to find employment.

Now you may say “Well a person working in a bank is employed and does a service too”. Yes, they do but the problem is they “provide a service” which is entirely unnecessary and does nothing more than prop up a fundamentally corrupt system of money. They could also be employed in a system which is entirely non corrupt and provide SIMILAR services.

The people who own this system only, in fact, have POTENTIAL ENERGY. They have never expended one ounce of that energy for the betterment of mankind. NOT ONE OUNCE! While, what’s even worse, is they absorb other people’s energy constantly and over time. Absorbing that energy and work done over time = Work Done/time = POWER. They are energy vampires – literally.

Let’s take a look at a recent release of the M2 money circulation in the USA by the St.Louis Federal Reserve. It actually tells us a lot when it’s considered in terms of physical equations and graphical analysis:

M2 Money circulation

Now let’s apply the physical equations to this graph which represent what’s really going on:

M2 work done

1. Straight off the cuff you’ll notice the line itself is curved. This demonstrates that there is an acceleration of the amount of work being done (the increasing dollar amount of assets being procured) over time. Throughout the 1980s and the first half of the 1990s, the slope of the line was fairly shallow and by the mid 1990s, it was levelling off. This levelling off was a representation of the fact that the economy was stagnating – there was no growth which would allow increase asset purchase. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing for the vast majority of people because, hopefully, what I will show is that the subsequent acceleration of asset purchase (change in “Work done”) does not represent, in any way, an increase in wealth for the broader population but is, in fact, the transference of wealth/POWER to a tiny fraction of the population.

2. I’ve used the green areas superimposed onto the graph to show the massive change of area displayed between 2 years (late 1990s) and the 2 years (start of 2012 and end of 2013). Note that the grey columns represent recessionary periods (the last one starting in late 2007/early 2008 through to mid 2009). Ask yourself how it is possible that, during that recession of 2008/2009, there was a very significant inflexion point representing a massive acceleration of “WORK DONE”/increase in financial assets held when the market and the economy was crashing through the floor! HOW is that possible? Well, it’s possible because the was enormous sums of money being gained by a very few people through bail outs and government/public money being privatised (put into private hands) allowing those private individuals to then buy up very substantial amounts of assets. Further, the hedge funds which bet on the housing collapse (not a bet at all because it is insider knowledge/trading) then pumped even more profit from others misery into these same small few’s hands and allowed even more asset purchases.

3. How is it possible that the amount of work done by 300 million people in America could rise from the green area representing 2 years, in the mid/late 1990s to the size of the green area representing the last 2 years? Has the US suddenly had an enormous boom in manufacturing and production in the last decade and a half? No. Quite the opposite. While surely, the line should have fallen from 2010 until now pretty significantly but it hasn’t, it just keeps on growing! Impossible right? Well no, it’s not. It’s called “quantitative easing” and that QE is representative of “WORK DONE” which hasn’t been done at all! But the purchase of assets by this small few continues because of it and what the graph doesn’t show is that, as those assets are accumulated by the private banking/business cartel,  the American government is sinking deeper and deeper into debt which means it has to find MORE ways of squeezing MORE “productivity” (money) out of you!

4. The green areas also represent something else however: Power!

Remember: Work Done (ΔEnergy)/time = POWER. Power can be expended and it can be absorbed. In this case, both are happening. The vast majority of people are expending their energy while it is being absorbed by the small few. AND IT IS ACCELERATING! Look at y2 – y1 in each case. The slope of the line has massively increased in recent years in comparison with the slope during the 1990s. This represents an acceleration of the transference of power from the vast majority of people (the 99% so to speak) to the minority (the 1%).

y2 – y1 (1990s) = $400billion. x2 – x1 = 2 years. The slope (acceleration of power transference) = 2

y2 – y1 (2013) = $2000billion. x2 – x1 = 2 years. The slope (acceleration of power transference) = 10

Now you may be able to understand, from a physics/maths perspective, why the following has occurred:

Forbes rich


While Michael Meacher ( a blithering idiot and/or a “gatekeeper” – even if the latter then that is still proof he’s a blithering idiot) gives you the following data:

Meacher billionaires in the UK


So why do I say Meacher is a blithering idiot? After all he “spoke out” about Bilderberg didn’t he? Forget he’s been in politics for decades and it took him to 2013 to eventually “speak out” at a time when it is so in the public’s consciousness and awareness anyhow that it gives the IMPRESSION that he is, in fact, doing something “dangerous” LOL If you had pointed it out to him even as few as 5 years ago or less, he would have replied (as Clarke and others did to me) in some condescending “palming off” fashion.

Here is why he’s a blithering idiot however: “instead of a more sensible Keynesian approach”.  Again, he proves that our political “friends” cannot think outside the box and they work on the basis of “left and right” and “Keynes and Friedman and Austrian” economics – ALL of which support the existing paradigm of interest bearing debt. DEBT is not a problem – I have said before and will keep on saying it: We ALL are indebted to one another in each and every interaction we have which includes money or not. For example, I have a debt to you reader who I feel an obligation toward in replying to your comments if they are a question of me or on my writing. To reply is keeping to an (albeit unstated but nevertheless real) PROMISSORY OBLIGATION. Without such, there could be no interaction. All that money is (or should be) is a means of exchange of PROMISSORY OBLIGATIONS which represent the exchange of assets and value between people. INTEREST only occurs in this existing, corrupt (and unnecessary) system where the banks (again, unnecessary) are given the power to ISSUE money (not create it) and act as middlemen who then RE=PUBLISH our debts between ourselves and add on a NON EXISTENT “debt” called interest. They have created a system where their “money” has become, not an ‘idea’ for the representation of exchange but a tangible commodity in of itself. This is why people like George Soros and so many others “bet” on (or hedge) against currencies. In a REAL economy devoid of interest, they could not do this because there would be no such thing as inflation or deflation.

So Meacher stays in the box and tries to find a solution to a problem based upon a system which IS the fundamental problem. Speak mathematics and logic to the likes of Meacher and he’ll glaze over. Why? Because he’s invested in the existing system. His entire being is invested in that system and, additionally, he would have no idea of what you are talking about because once you say “it is the system which is wrong” that scares the living daylights out of him. George Osborne cannot possibly even understand today’s economics nevermind have a mind that can grasp an improvement. The man is an imbecile.

But back to the graph for a moment because here is the bottom line:

What happens when that slope becomes a vertical line?

No more work is being done and ALL power has been transferred.

As that slope increases and the time (years) narrow to months and weeks and days as the M2 circulation goes spiralling upward, what happens is that, eventually (theoretically but also in reality except for the fact they manage it) you are left with ALL power transferred – no “kinetic”energy left and it is all transferred to “potential” energy in the hands of a very very small few. And THAT is the goal for these people. Once they have all power absorbed by them, they no longer need money because they OWN every last resource which they have captured through governments coming good on their promissory obligations (Government bonds) to them. There is no activity left in the private economy from which to derive the payment of the debt because ALL resources (human and capital) have been absorbed by the central banking private owners.

Now, finally think about the proverbial “Free Energy” because this is exactly how it works. “Free energy” in the sense of a perpetual system which feeds off its own energy, is impossible. I really do hope you know this. Free energy in other ways such as harnessing the sun’s energy is another matter altogether but creating a machine which provides its own energy input from its own energy output, is going to come to a very quick demise.

In a self-powered system, due to the losses in the circuit, the input energy decreases thus decreasing the output energy, which results in lower input energy. That is, a slow decay, ultimately ending in zero power output.

Now, apply that to the monetary system. It is self powered because we get the money from the same source – central banks – right? THEN you have losses in the system because you introduce the loss by the addition of INTEREST right? Adding interest is exactly the same as, say, offering someone £100 but giving them only £90 because you have applied the charge upfront. It comes to the same result when he has to pay you back £100 even though, in real terms, only receiving £90.

Thus the “input energy” decreases, which decreases output energy which results in lower input energy. Slow decay resulting in zero power output because, due to having to make up for the “losses” we are selling off our very resources to pay the “loss” (the interest). We then end up with no resources which results in zero output. The system collapses in the sense we are left paupers and the central banks have all resources and all laws.

ALL our WORK DONE over time has ALL of our POWER expended. That POWER does not disappear. Energy/power is always conserved – the Conservation of Energy principle. The energy/power is simply changed into another form. What the people who own the world’s monetary system have done is exactly that. They have had us expend our energy and they ave absorbed it. The power is simply displaced. It still exists it is just it exists in THEIR hands. The thing is, they have achieved this through fundamental fraud by way of the interest bearing system they have introduced and still support. Indoingso, they have committed crimes against humanity that far outstrip anything we have ever experienced by a two bit dictator. But they own the system which has them own the law.



That’s why I have a section named “Gross stupidity within society.

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  1. Philip Licinio said, on December 9, 2013 at 6:49 pm

    Psycopaths run the world! I’m sure you are aware,coz its obvious to me ya a clever guy,the moon is one 400th the size of the sun and the moon is 400 times closer to the earth than the sun! Ive looked into this in over a dozen books about the moon and the best explanation was an amazing coincidence! Amazing indeed!!!! Enjoying ya blogs very much! Kind regards! Phil

    • earthlinggb said, on December 9, 2013 at 9:05 pm

      While you look into that coincidence Philip, also try and find out why when we outstretch our arm and hold our thumb up in front of the moon or the sun, the tip of our thumb is also just about the right size to block them out perfectly. That’s because when the aliens created us, they began with the thumbs and used a mathematically ingenious formula to create our hands, arms and bodies in perfect harmony with the size of our thumbs which were originally based on the length of the outstretched arm holding the thumb up to obscure the moon and sun because the “thumbs up” sign is really a Pagan-Sun sign which means “May god (the sun) be with you”. Plus, in the very early beginnings of the human race, when a man and woman got “married” in a union so to speak, they cut each others thumbs and joined the two and that was their bond between the sun (man) and the moon (Selene, the woman).
      And if you believe all that crap…. 🙂

  2. Julian Lowe said, on December 9, 2013 at 7:27 pm

    Very interesting read mate and yes you’re right. After reading the physics of it you could also add the environment where the market forces take place. The enviromentnis a two fold environment. For example assume their was no deceptive assholes running the show, andcatrue market eeconomy was based on what you have explained work loads if expressed as energy would still be absorbed on different work out puts. A man with a shovel digging all day as a job would physically burn more energy than a bus driver.The money expressed as output is correct in correlation to energy as an expression but scarcity elasisity and saturation also plays a role in a market that would not be controlled bybthe assholes. So ithrre was not a demand then prices would fall as you know. If however their was a demand it would rise. Know.if we add the bastards into the equasion, the power or enegy we supply is artificially manipulated by them..whilst they control the stock markets snd purposley manipilste raw materials for example. They will through their fiscal and monetary polices purposley keep high productivity energy to a mimimum to justyfy their own means. Webtalked about this before, when discussing terraforming the desert. If a project likentjis did come about you could be sure the mam with the shovel would be paid handsomely for his emergy output

    • earthlinggb said, on December 9, 2013 at 9:12 pm

      Yes it is the artificial manipulation of – I hate to say it – perception and the value within an artificially constructed “environment”. But that particular “perception deception” is nothing more than man made greed. It doesn’t need holograms and aliens and SHITE to explain any of it. Not even from the point of view of it going on for millennia. It continues because the same families want their progeny to continue as the world’s masters and then, when history is written, the ones who existed in the past will be revered as the “great men and women” who made it all possible. Nothing supernatural about it.

  3. D. Hounsome said, on December 9, 2013 at 10:28 pm

    This I have to admit is a little above me, but your Blogs my friend, are out there on their own.

    • earthlinggb said, on December 10, 2013 at 4:31 am

      Damn! That’s disappointing Doug. It simply means that I haven’t explained it well enough. Help me out and tell me what parts you don’t understand. That might help me to explain it better then.

  4. lk said, on December 10, 2013 at 8:27 pm

    Where Did the Towers Go? Evidence of Directed Free-energy Technology on 9/11 [Hardcover]
    Judy Wood (Author), Eric Larse. Check it out at the Amazon site. The rest, it is about perception. I am not a physicist, btw.

  5. Crystali said, on December 11, 2013 at 11:06 pm

    [I know you have several more threads on the go, you are quick, I read my mails once every several days]

    And, as they put themselves as owners of the system they have over time deliberately contrived to construct around us with prior knowledge of the self appointed Governors of the land to syphon off and leech off the people. This is a deliberate act of slight of hand theft, an aggressive act of economic war on the very people that are ignorantly supporting it, obviously condoned and enacted by the so called self appointed government.
    Those who wrote the movie Matrix knew darn well what they were portraying, the turning of the people into nothing more than energy conservation for the leach robots who clearly hate everyone but their own. Or, more like a dynamo, work hard to make nothing for self so the leach robot can take it all for self to award themselves with undeserving power. I now understand why, since the creation of the computer and the plastic card, loans will never be given in cash.

    THANK YOU for helping me to understand the final piece of the puzzle I had not ‘got’,I knew what the banking cartels were up to, I could see that money was being created from nothing, I assumed it was impossible for the banks to go broke as they owned all the money in the world, (and of course the bailing out was nothing more than them reeling in the loot bags while the ‘government just stood back and watched, no, helped them fill their coffers while they filled their pockets’) but they do not, we do, they have simply stolen it. And all the while people do not see that this is what is occurring, they will keep doing it. I now know that they do not create money out of nothing, we create it for them and they steal it and have the audacity to put interest on it to rub our faces in it, the only creating they do is the machine and mechanism in which to drain it from us. I now fully understand, and can warn others, when the chance arises, that no, it is not just the interest that causes indebtedness, it is the whole sum. From the first pound you spend in credit, you have made them a pound where they had none to start with.
    You have to admit it is so very clever, but to use it against a world of people and put a hand forward toward destroying what could have otherwise been a reasonable system and wonderful world, and yet still there is no great level of outrage.

    • SPARTACUS said, on December 14, 2013 at 6:53 pm

      You say in your last line, “and yet still there is no great level of outrage”. This is one of the most puzzling things to me. They must have liquidized apathy and put it in the water supply.

  6. Marko said, on December 12, 2013 at 6:43 pm

    Ah. I was wondering when you were going to get around to entropy and the second law of thermodynamics.


    I often say to people that money is the conduit for the transference of energy between people. I also say that the great game of life is finding a way for the other guy to pick your potatoes for you. They have got us picking their potatoes alright. And they use the illusion of money as the principle for that transference of energy. In Kilo Joules or whatever it is measured in. The amount of energy needed to raise a cubic inch of steel a meter. Not really, I made it up. It’s abstract and it’s arbitrary, but it is also academic at the end of the day, because what it really is, is one big major scam!

    Now, you try saying to a guy in a bar ‘money is the conduit for the transference of energy between people’, and you will most likely be thrown out by the proprietor after being smacked in the mouth by the punters. Is this because it is an abstract concept or because it is actually ‘common sense’ when you stop to think about it. As you have done earthlinggb.

    Another point about energy expended. Ever wondered what is going on with those bitcoins? They need a whole shed load of energy to create in computer power and electricity. Anyone can mine bitcoins, but you better have the ability to pay a very expensive leccy bill for your render farm. Just a thought, not sure what the connection is, if any.

    And another point. Everyone wants to live in a nice house. A nicely sized house not a rabbit hutch. Greater space paradoxically means greater material to build the house, be it wood, brick, metal or glass. That all has to come out of the ground. Be manufactured into its component parts and transported to site. That is after the materials have been mined for the transport and creation of the raw materials necessary to make this possible. Oil out the ground to create petrol to make the truck drive to the place where the rock contains the minerals that have to be mined to only then be taken to a place to be chemically separated into parts that can be used for raw materials that will then be transported to a place that is able to do so. And on and on…

    So, big houses. Everyone wants one! I have often thought myself, what sort of energy expenditure would an average man or family have to give to come into equilibrium for the average decently sized house? Never mind time expended of course, because it is obvious that it will take a decent amount of time. But ‘energy’. It goes against the laws of physics that not everyone can live in a house bigger than the energy they have expended to create it, on average across the population. Yet we have massive skyscrapers with hardly anyone in them for the vast majority of their existence. Whilst most people live in rooms or houses so small that the proverbial cat can not be swung. That is if you could find the bleeding moggy in the first place under the clutter of ‘things’ as George Carlin put it.

    People want to work. They will work to build their own houses. Very few people expect something for nothing. They will dig the ground to get the materials to build the things to make the tools to create the structures…

    And yet, they do not want us to work. They will not allow us to work. They have effectively got us all locked up in one big outdoor/indoor prison. It’s very clever if you think about it. Certainly a lot cleverer than the dumbos who do not realise the degree to which they have/are been/being shafted.

    We have more than enough resources on earth to sustain ourselves. Money is not wealth. Buckminster-Fuller taught those two principles at length. And so have many other deep thinking ‘philosophers’. You can’t eat Gold, but you would spend your last 120,000 coins of it for the last loaf of bread on earth. It is intentional scarcity for the reasons of control and power. For the few at the top of the pyramid. This is not about money. It is about getting the other guy to pick your potatoes for you.

    Energy can neither be created or destroyed. But money can. First law of thermodynamics. Internal energy. Comprised of kinetic energy (work physically done picking potatoes) and potential energy (power of having to do sod all except reap the rewards not just now, but later on too). It’s a beautiful system. It feeds back on itself. The guy picking the potatoes will need to eat more potatoes just to replace the energy he expended to pick some of the potatoes in the first place. Those are potatoes that he needs to eat and potatoes for his master who will not just eat them, but sell them back to him for a price. So the picker pays twice. Once with energy. Twice with money. The conduit for the transference of human energy!

    Now, quite how someone can be fooled to this extent is an article for another day. Some might say ‘violence’, some might say ‘magic’ and others might say ‘ignorance’. Still it is nice to come across someone who is ‘awake’ and joining the dots. I still haven’t figured it all out, but it’s also good to see someone else thinking about it in the abstract. Or maybe not so abstract, when you do stop to think about it.

    Money is a double bluff at the best. Yes it can buy some people freedom in certain circumstances, but at what price? The words ‘buy’ and ‘price’ being the operative ones here.

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