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David Icke: The man behind the personality

Posted in Uncategorized by earthling on November 27, 2013


How about that for irony? What’s worse than being a holocaust denier in the Icke camp? lol

This whole thing just has me in stitches sometimes. It’s bloody hilarious to anyone with a sparking synapse! Totally and utterly lost on Ickeans though! Truthfully, don’t you feel sorry for them? I do. I despise their incompetence but I have a heart you know!

I was listening to the TPV radio show earlier this evening when some guy was describing sociopaths and psychopaths. On almost every point I could see a picture of David Icke.

I am going to use absolute fact and David Icke’s very own words, along with a Sunday Times article which many of you will not have seen, from October 1991 which describes David Icke and the man I met perfectly. It is a factual account by the Sunday Times just a matter of a few months after David Icke appeared on the Wogan show in April of that year. The journalist did not attempt to attack Icke from a tabloid perspective in any way (as you will clearly read). He did not attempt to smear Icke as a “nutter”. Quite the opposite I would say. There was absolutely no need for the establishment at this point in time to try and “destroy” the man – he had already done that himself and was no threat whatsoever (he was talking to one man and his dog in telephone booths at the time if you remember? His own words!). This article just sticks to facts and attempts to understand the man behind the craziness.

However, what you are about to read, I believe, will shock you and make you think twice about who this guy is! As I said, I doubt whether many of you have ever seen this article (I hadn’t until just yesterday and thanks to Will for sending me it).

Now, once more, I repeat, much of this is David Icke’s OWN words and actions. Not mine. You choose to overlook and ignore? Be my guest! I’ll make comments on each page as we go along then wrap up at the end.

[I just realised after taking pics of the full pages, that you cannot read some of them as the resolution is poor so, my apologies, but I have had to enlarge the text sections and repost.]

Icke ST6


As an introduction to the piece, there isn’t much to say on this. I will say this however: I can recognise a man who wants what he believed to be “his” England back and I can understand that because, while not being English myself, we can expand that to Britain and I can honestly say I share that with Icke. At this point, please understand that I’m not the type to just attack someone in any which way I can for the sake of having some “grudge” against them. None of this is grudge based just as Icke’s attack (or yours) on Tony Blair or Ian Duncan Smith, or any one of these bastards, is “grudge” based. Yet those people themselves and their hangers on and the establishment/government will propagandise to the nation that your attacking them is based on envy, a wish to get something for nothing (which they all, themselves, do) and a “grudge” because life hasn’t worked out for you the way you’d hoped. No life hasn’t worked out the way you’d hoped but it’s not because of you, it’s because of a system of law, a system of money and a system of control these people have put in place a very long time ago and those in “power” today in so many various positions, do their utmost to maintain that system while the REAL power wishes to destroy it and that is where David Icke comes in. Whether he knows it or not, he’s helping create the very chaos these people want and the reason he is getting on air is to do exactly that while, personally, I don’t think he’s necessarily smart enough to work this out. He’s just smarter than most of you and therefore uses his “good luck” to make a buck from a population who once mocked him endlessly. Do you think for one moment he’s forgotten that? I don’t. I believe this man has found out (just as I did) how this world works and he’s studied it and studied the people who control it and their methods and he wishes to emulate them. He wants what they have BUT he – if he ever achieved it – tells himself he would be a benign dictator. However, I’ve seen the man behind that public face and I see a guy who could be just as brutal, if not moreso. But you don’t believe that is possible do you?

Have you ever heard of Joseph Estrada? Or Megawati? If not, look them up. I have met both personally. Let me tell you, in meeting them, you simply think how lovely they are. So kind. So intelligent and manner able. They hold your stare and smile and compliment you while smiling welcoming smiles. The fact is they mean it. It’s not put on. It’s not fake. They don’t know you and they consider that it could just be that you may be in a position to offer them something. Yes, little old me. Earthling could possibly offer them something of value – you want a bet? When you are a Regional Director for a telecommunications company who, through the use of electromagnetic spectrum at the 3.5GHz range can show them that, by tax and investment, they can financially gain significantly, then they will smile at you! Get the picture? You screw with them however and they will show no mercy. Just like when you embarrass a supreme court judge in another country, he will hound you! Let me see David Icke DARE go face to face with a supreme court judge! Let me see David Icke EVER have a Barrister in the High Court of Justice in London literally run off with his tail between his legs and then come back and treat him like an equal. Never in a million years could David Icke achieve that!

Anyhow, I digress. The point is, both of these people are, for want of a better description, considered as dictators by many. I have met both and had a very relaxed, comfortable time with them.

So, on with Icke (I believe this one is readable):

Icke ST2

Ok first of all, another little story from me: The Elton John Greatest hits reminds me of a time I was in a business meeting in Hong Kong with a telecom company by the name of PCCW. I had a couple of my colleagues with me and we were in a meeting room with a number of Hong Kong delegates from PCCW. They said we had to wait to start the meeting because their head engineer (if I remember correctly, he was the head of engineering) had yet to arrive.

Now, you may or may not know this but, in Hong Kong, people have their chinese names but they love to either use western names (first names) or, perhaps, their parents have even given them a western name. So names like Joseph and John, Michael, David, Richard etc, are all quite common. It’s not like that in China mainland or Japan or Korea however.

Well, the head of Engineering finally arrived and it was then a matter of exchanging business cards. In Asia (and particularly China and Japan), it is imperative to accept the card and look at it, spending some time considering the details of the card. I handed mine to this chap and he handed me his. I looked down on the card as I held it in both hands (another important action) and I read the name “ELTON TONG”. I shit you not! The guy’s name was ELTON TONG! I was scared to lift my face back up but I composed myself (with great difficulty). I then could not resist asking the following:

” Elton?”

“Yes” he replied with a friendly smile.

“Elton Tong. That is an unusual name. Were you given that name or did you choose it yourself?”

“My mother and father gave it to me when I was born”

“Ah!… I wonder, were your parents, by any chance, Elton John fans?”

“Yes, yes.” he answered with a beaming smile on his face.

So then I had to ask further (while, by this time, we had taken a seat and my colleague kicked my ankle under the table to suggest I shut the hell up. I couldn’t.

“Are you an Elton John fan too?”

“Yes yes.” he replied. And so that led to me simply trying to work out what era of Elton John’s work he liked the best (as you would).

I asked him: “What is your favourite Elton John album?” Thinking would it be Captain Fantastic? Or Goodbye Yellow Brick Road? Or “A Single man”? “Too low for zero”? You know? His career having spanned about 30 odd years of music after all.

Elton replied: “Elton John’s greatest hits volumes one and two”.

By this time, I wanted to visit the toilet but the meeting hadn’t even began.

Ok sorry, I digressed again (I feel like Ronnie Corbett!).

“David Icke comes into the room, matily extending a firm handshake but casting his eyes aside”. There is that one on one issue once more that I recognised myself. He seems to be so matey, so buddy like and yet he will not hold your gaze for more than a split second. IF he does, he glazes over as if he’s a split personality – one half engaging with you while the other is on planet Icke! That is a perfect example of someone who wishes to engage IF you are saying something they wish to hear and is useful to them or if, by engagement, it’s all about listening to them. I happen to like two way conversations myself. One where I listen and they listen, I talk and they talk. That is not Ickeland however.

‘..eyes which are bloodshot and swollen as if he might have been working all night, or crying.” Well I’ve nothing to say on that score but I have noticed that, for many years, David has had a sniffing and swallowing issue as he speaks and something I noted in person also. It’s quite pronounced. Now, it could be due to anything at all. It could possibly be due, even, to some form of asthma, I really don’t know.

[Here’s an interesting thing though. Cocaine users have issues with sniffing and swallowing also because they have snorted so much cocaine that it has burned the lining in their nasal passages. I’m not suggesting that is the case here in any shape or form, I’m just pointing to a fact.

“Binge cocaine use, during which the drug is taken repeatedly and at increasingly higher doses, leads to a state of increasing irritability, restlessness, and paranoia. This may result in a full-blown paranoid psychosis in which the individual loses touch with reality and experiences auditory hallucinations. Regularly snorting cocaine, for example, can lead to loss of sense of smell, nosebleeds, problems with swallowing, hoarseness, and an overall irritation of the nasal septum, which can lead to a chronically inflamed, runny nose.”

Interesting isn’t it? Just for general information of course.]

Icke ST3

This destructive (male) and creative (female) issue is something which people need to look at very closely because David icke is surrounding himself with people who do not seem to like males (particularly straight, hetero males) whatsoever.

Here’s an example (and remember such “comedians” – although I could never in a million years think of calling this woman funny but she tends to thinks so, so that’s cool with me – make jokes and come up with routines that connect with them in one form or another – positively or negatively. You choose what you think this is):

Hilarious wasn’t she? (while I get hassled for using the odd swear word). I’ll tell you though, I was creasing myself at this. Steve Hughes is Australian and damn he’s a good comedian (must be because he’s male right?). Cringeworthy. Anyhow.

Now consider Peter Tatchell. This hatred of men and masculinity is a thread that is running through all of what David Icke surrounds himself with. It is clear as day that, not only must you accept a quasi-spiritual and socialist agenda by Icke but you must be willing, also, to drop your masculinity. Note his words to me in his email to me: ” You have made your point very clear, Mark – you are a big brave man who doesn’t take shit from anybody. Message received.” As Icke himself continuously expresses, people’s words are expressions of them than the people they attack. I had made no suggestion of being “a big brave man”. Where did he get that from? Perhaps he just didn’t like being up against someone who could literally rip him to pieces intellectually. Perhaps he sees someone standing their ground and challenging him as someone with far too much testosterone for his liking? Perhaps, like his entourage, he despises strength and masculinity and especially hetero masculinity? He tends to like the Tatchells and the Brands of this world after all. Ever noticed that the British celebrity stylists talking of revolution are weeds? gay or very questionable in their sexuality? You have an underbelly in all of this which is attacking the male.

Hey David. I’m a hetero male mate: FUCK YOU and all your little effeminate bum chums! Clear? You want a war between hetero and homo? Go ahead.

Here’s Tatchell’s own words:

“Traditional hetero masculinity oppresses women and gay people, with sexist jibes, domestic violence, rape, homophobic taunts and queer-bashing assaults. It is also a source of the toughness and aggression that makes possible the social violence of racist attacks, police brutality, war and torture.”Freedom of opinion is the ruling principle of the universe. I’m not telling you that you have to believe what I’m saying. It’s entirely up to you to make that choice.”

Now, you consider who has been attacking the male for decades now and why. The very same agenda. Attack the male, attack the family and you have a new generation growing up who see the state as their parent. David Icke and friends are leading you down a very dark path while they throw 90% truth in your face.

You want to see more of Tatchell’s attack on hetero males? Look at this list:

The question must simply be asked: If David Icke is so supportive of all this attack on the hetero male, is he possibly queer? Or is his dick agnostic?

Carrying on:

Indeed David. Freedom of opinion. And yet, time and time again (as has just happened today on your TPV Facebook page), you and your moderator/handlers censor and ban people from stating their opinion of you, your team, your entire organisation, how you are doing things, how little transparency you are providing to those who fund you and how thoroughly ass licking you all are while you must maintain a mindset – a hive mind – otherwise anyone who dares question or shows individuality of thinking is excommunicated like any other cult-style religion (and I’ve personally experienced a few. Not by my own involvement but through others). You are a religion Icke and your followers just simply do not recognise it. It is precisely like the “prison planet” you speak of: The best way to control people is to have them believe they are free. You have your flock believe their ideas of the universe are their own while, in fact, it is you who is dictating to them. Sure they are allowed to disagree with you but if they come close to saying “Wait a minute Davey boy, you’re talking shit”, then that’s just a little TOO free isn’t it? You’ve then got to shut that sort of freedom up and that’s the job of Sean and the boys – the “intellectual” bouncers, the “mindset bodyguards”.

The best advice we can have in relation to reincarnation and karma was offered by Christ where he said, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you”. Now, the journalist then made a mistake by suggesting Jesus never said this when, according to certain passages in the bible (Luke 6:31 for example) he did. My point on this comment from Icke is why is he even quoting a deity (Christ) which he does not believe in for one thing? Even Sean (who, on the forums, by the way, removes any and all references to “the jews”, yet does he remove criticism of christianity or Islam? I don’t know, I have never lingered on the Icke forum for any length of time) has a go at christianity:

Another nice little tweet from the "enlightened" Sean Tabatabai

Another nice little tweet from the “enlightened” Sean Tabatabai

Does he realise he’s blaspheming against his Lord and Master? Does his Lord and Master even recognise that? Or were you just “Christ” for a day David? You’ve put all that behind you. Dropped it like a sack of shit like you’ve done countless other times as we shall see. Put a few more pounds on and you could be Buddha next!

But there’s another point in all of this. Later you are going to see how David works this “Do unto others…” in with his karmic belief in vivid, yet disgusting, technicolour. Remember, all his own words but, David being David, he will (and always has) disowned anything he has said in the past which doesn’t fit the personality he now wishes to project.

He looks furious. “What have you come here to do, my friend?”

You see, the problem Icke has is that if you ever try to pull him into a normal conversation where he isn’t in control of it, he shows his true character exceptionally well. That is why he cannot maintain a one on one with anyone with the exception, perhaps, of his innermost circle. This circle will not rock that boat and they know not to because David Icke is their meal ticket. They will protect him with everything they have because by protecting him they are protecting themselves and their livelihood. I can assure you of this: If David Icke lost his audience for any reason, these same people (who no longer had their income and their meal ticket) would slag Icke off more than ever you or I could. David Icke can only ever have a very small group of people that he trusts because he knows that if he were to increase that number too large, he couldn’t control it. That’s partly why, while he sits behind TPV and comes on to give his “vision” to the world, he does not get himself fully involved in the hands on of it all and leaves it to others. You will see this same tendency revealed within this Sunday Times article from 20 odd years ago. He wishes to preach but he never wishes to do anything or to even do as he preaches. He’s his own “Rothschild” creature – the man in the shadows who comes out every now and then to make a few observations or statements then returns to his little hole planning his next step.

“I thought the point of this interview was that you would come and listen to what David has to say?” So, the interviewer must sit and listen but he must never ask questions? Have you ever heard of an interviewer who does not ask questions? Questioning is disallowed just as it is on forums or anywhere. And that’s not just today, it goes back 20 years!

Icke ST4

“Either I must be the passive medium for his beliefs or we’re through.”

While now he is not only the reincarnation of Jesus but he was also, previously, Socrates. What happened to Plato, Aristotle and Confucius? Or George Washington and Thomas Jefferson for that matter? What a up his own ass jackass!

“..and he said Saddam Hussein is dead.” In 1991. So then let’s listen to him droning on about Saddam and Iraq in this video where no mention is made of the “fact” Saddam was already dead. He’s dropped that story also it would appear. You see it didn’t fit the context of what he was talking about in this case. The thing about liars is they find it difficult to maintain a line of reasoning when it does not fit what they are trying to achieve at another point in time. They massage story lines to fit the prevailing mood or agenda. He’s right about 9/11 and Iraq and so many other things. I don’t take that away from him. But I don’t need this guy to tell me it while he adds parapsychology, new age mysticism, talking voices and his messiah complex to it all to create a vehicle for him and him alone to emulate the very people he despises (or envies, in fact). Furthermore, this guy hates you! Why? Because it was “you” who laughed at him and now he’s getting his own back through you funding him. He said on his second appearance on Wogan what he thought about the general population in this country. Well, you ARE the general population and he’s just converting you to his point of view so that he can then capitalise on you. He despises you! Am I speaking of myself here? (as he would have you believe). Well, yes and no (at least I am honest). I don’t despise anyone (except those who would lie and abuse people) but I readily admit I despise people’s willingness to be abused. There is a subtle but immense difference. If I despised you, I would hardly be writing so much about David Icke to actually try and shake you out of your “trance” regarding this guy. I wouldn’t give a damn. The fact that I DO give a damn is compelling me to write this.

 (From 1:30:15 onwards)

An interesting small point regarding his attitude to foreign travel considering he consistently makes such a song and dance of how many countries he’s visited in the last 20 years (by the way David, you have a long way to go before you reach the number I have mate – granted I did not travel to them preaching the “gospel”). He has a “terror” of flying? Well he seems to have overcome it wouldn’t you say? Perhaps he was just lying and was a lazy little bastard when he was with the BBC?

“he never stopped bitching about the squalor and the filth and the heat.” While in Mexico City? I visited Mexico City and Monterrey in 1997 – not that much will have changed – and I had to stay there for approx 8 weeks working to finalise a piece of business. During that time my feet expanded like you wouldn’t believe due to being drunk after a party with colleagues down in a place called Cuernevaca south of Mexico city. I fell asleep outside and the mosquitos bit the hell out of my feet. Next day, I couldn’t walk! I also had one of the worst flights from Mexico City to Monterrey that I had experienced (not the worst by a long shot however) PLUS I was “kidnapped” by a mad taxi driver with very little teeth (aeropuerto amigo?) and Ericsson had called the taxi firm to book the little nutter! Let’s just say we had a “collision” with a lorry carrying pipes sticking out it’s back end and we were left with no windscreen glass! It was a close call. So yes, crazy places but BOY I wouldn’t change it for the world. It’s called living!

” I think he was bitter….” Well that’s exactly what he thinks of me. Perhaps I can turn that mirror back at him then? After all, he does say that when you speak of someone you are really speaking about yourself. You see David? You need to be very careful with what you say because it can and will come back to bite you! Oh and yes I know that so well. We’ve all made our mistakes in life dear messiah! Some of us face them some of us run away from them. You do the latter David. Time and again. We’re soon at the point of making this crystal clear.

“Icke turned his mind to the Isle of Wight, a stage upon which he would soon display the prima-donna traits of bullying bossiness and insistence upon his own way which he had never exposed to his television colleagues.”

“Icke joined the Isle of Wight steam railway society and applied himself with a passion which first astonished and then rapidly discomforted the other leading members.”

“He wasn’t interested in the steady development of business plans or feasibility studies. He couldn’t be bothered with the practicalities of the problems. As soon as he realised that we just weren’t going to be dragooned into doing things his way, he went off in a bit of a huff.”

The above three statements about Icke are very telling indeed if you give them more than just a passing glance. Firstly, think about how one creates change in any organisational framework. You must actually DO something. You must engage yourself with some form of process and you cannot expect change to happen overnight and just on your say so. Plus, if you were to say “This is what I want done (or changed)”, then the question is “To what? What change and how do we achieve it?” It was interesting the other night on TPV when the ebony and ivory radio duet were asking callers what they would put in the existing system’s place and/or how it would be achieved. Why don’t you ask your guru ladies? Ask him what he proposes as strategic or even tactical steps toward change and what exactly that change would be. Go on darlings, I DARE you to put him on the spot and demand an answer from his holiness!

You see, the man doesn’t have one and you know why? He doesn’t possess a left brained qualification of any type whatsoever which allows him to work on “steady development of business plans” or “feasibility studies”. All your guru wishes to say is “All change!” and click his fingers and Sean and Deanna etc will come running and create that change for him. Well, let’s see, do either of those idiots (in my view) have the slightest clue of what needs to be done? Indeed not. They wouldn’t know where to begin either they’re so high. And as an aside, what did the British establishment do over a century ago to bring China to its knees? They introduced opium. Why? Because when you’re high, you just say “Fuck it!” and you lose any drive to make changes and that is why the establishment LOVE that you’re all calling for legalisation of a plant (which should never come into view re any legislation whatsoever anyhow). They WANT you high as kites and you want to be high as kites. You bloody incompetent minded arseholes are walking right into tyranny through your weed ingested apathy!

What GOOD is a man who preaches for change and he doesn’t know what that change needs to be? He’s worse than useless. He’s DANGEROUS! And he’s far more dangerous than Barack Obama if he had the power of the latter. Give an idiot power and what do you end up with? CHAOS. The perfect ingredient from which to bring ORDER.

THE MAN IS A (excuse my french but it is necessary) FUCKING IDIOT!

And he despises left brained qualifications because he has none (and yet he will introduce people as having them to ensure you listen to them. He’ll even take on newly qualified journalists because they’re qualified with BA’s in journalism. The man’s sheer hypocrisy smells worse than an overflowing urinal in a nightclub!

The ONLY thing this guy has that none of the rest of you have is a couple of appearances on Wogan because he was once a BBC sports presenter! And you know the Mirror articles recently giving him more coverage? Well, how about this for a “Coincidence theory”:

Jane Simon Icke

And it just so happens that Jane is still with the Mirror today. “Synchronicity” eh David?

Now we hit the big issues (as if the foregoing wasn’t enough):

Icke ST5

Here is the explanation behind my last blogpost. I wanted to see how many of you would be absolutely disgusted by what I said. I wanted to you to recognise how you would react to someone saying the things I did. And here is the reason why:

“Icke was obsessed with the mentally handicapped. (we seem to know others who are also don’t we Holly? What a coincidence!). He had a messianic fervour on the subject as if he was undertaking a mission.”

“He was like a God to them”.

Look, sorry, but you have to admit, it is VERY strange that so many celebrities (and politicians, which Icke, in fact, is even now) become significantly involved in these types of charities and organisations and the parallel between David Icke and Jimmy Savile here is striking considering the former’s “knowledge” and subsequent attacks on Savile. Additionally, both of them being with the BBC and, contrary to what Icke likes you to believe, he did not, EVER “out” Jimmy Savile before he was outed by mainstream press. He SAYS he spoke about him previously but he NEVER put any of it in print nor is it seen on his videos from years ago. Nothing (unless you wish to prove me wrong which I am entirely open to). Yet, IF he says he knew about it, then why did he never report it? He was in the BBC throughout the 80s along with Savile. If he knew then, he said nothing.

There was a guest on TPV the other night – the Barrister Michael Shrimpton, full of his own self importance and hot air – but he said one very interesting thing: He knew of existing pedophiles in the government today (while he named the usual suspects who are now dead) but he said he could not name them for obvious legal reasons. What he said next, however was a total and utter contradiction of that. He said that telling the truth is entirely lawful. There is no illegality in telling the truth. The simple point is this: If that is so and he is stating fact about knowing of the pedophiles in government today, then he should (according to how own words) be able to name them. Otherwise he’s talking himself up as having “insider/intelligence knowledge” when he doesn’t. I know which it is. The latter. The man is full of crap, is a zionist sympathiser and continuously attempts to put the NWO in the hands of “the gerries” when we all know how absolute utter crap that is. Yes indeed you can refer to the NWO as a form of Nazism and that many of those (including the zionist Israeli regime) are Nazis in essence (and in fact, in fact!) but to lay the blame at the feet of germany is just preposterous bullshit. He is an establishment shill (and not a very good one). A barrister indeed. A man who, if he is one, has taken an oath to the temples of Her Majesty and the Crown. Give me a break! And TPV give idiots like him and others airtime? Truth? They wouldn’t know truth if it bit them on the ass!

But back to Icke, given Shrimpton’s obvious point that truth cannot be illegal, then why did Icke not expose Savile WAY before the mainstream did? Why did Icke tell me in the TPV studio that William Hague was “into kids” but then he has never published that in his book “The Perception Deception”? Neither has he reported it. If YOU had proof of what you were saying would you take it to the authorities and scream it from the rooftops? I bloody well would. And that is WHY both Icke and Shrimpton are two people who are full of shit!

Ah! “These efforts certainly added to Icke’s social standing on the Isle of Wight…” And that is, at the very least, precisely why he got involved. It was a show. It was to create a personality (just like Blair and all the others) to make out that he cared. He couldn’t have given a rats arse because he dropped it like a hot brick. Why? Because he wasn’t achieving what he needed from it OR because he had achieved what he needed from it and therefore had no more interest. You know as well as I that if you have a true, deep connection and love of something you don’t drop it. It continues with you and your efforts will only increase as time goes by.

Now, this is where the earlier point re “Do unto those…” etc comes in and the belief in karma. THIS is what it leads to logically and Icke even expressed it in his own words. One nasty son of a bitch then. And I don’t say that lightly. Now think back to my previous blog and how you reacted to what I said MY belief was (and it isn’t my belief, I did it for exactly this purpose now):

“… he had decided that mentally handicapped people have brought their sufferings upon themselves. In his book (The truth vibrations) he wrote “people don’t suffer from mental and physical handicaps by chance. Their souls give themselves disabled bodies on purpose to develop a part of their character and experience. Maybe they have treated a disabled person badly in the past and need to understand what it feels like. Maybe they made someone disabled. similarly, he has written that cot deaths are the result of karma. Sometimes a soul will decide to only needs the experience of growth in the womb and birth to balance its development.)”

So how many of you know of either a down syndrome, mentally handicapped or physically handicapped person? You want to tell them they deserve it and its their karma for being punished for what they did to someone else in a past life? How about David Icke at his next Wembley talk, invites Holly Greig onto the stage and, in front of his entire audience, tell her that she is being punished for a past life? Or how about this: Perhaps those who sexually abuse the handicapped are doing so because they agree with David Icke and they believe these unfortunate people deserve to be abused?

What if you took all of this to its logical conclusion? Ever thought of that? No? Then THINK about it asshole! What did Adolf Hitler think? What do the eugenicists think? Am I getting through to any one of you impotent minded blind faith followers of the (anti) christ?

These children loved Icke and he dropped them like pieces of shit like he drops everything else when he moves on to the next thing. But not only did he drop them, he then wrote they deserved their fate! What a SICK BASTARD! YOUR words Icke not mine! I told you before, you dig your own (very deep) holes with your hypocrisy and your deceptions.

“What made politics impossible for him was that he didn’t understand the political process. He simply couldn’t grasp the value of compromise. The idea that you could have a big political row with your opponents and then come back the next day and have a drink with them was anathema to him. Things were absolutely black or absolutely white for him.”

And knowing and sharing with Icke what I know of what politics is and who controls it, I actually agree with him here BUT, at the same time, it is now obvious that Icke himself has lost a good deal of that idealism (where it suits him – and we’re all prone to it) as he tries to embrace the very personalities who will  be mainstream (and his ticket to mainstream) but still part of the system. He WILL compromise with them but he WON’T compromise with people like you or I because we don’t have anything to offer him.

But there’s more.

What about this issue with telling everyone they have to do the “non comply dance” while he bends over backwards and takes it up the ass from Ofcom? Well, like all that has gone before, it is a pattern:


Icke ST1

Track record of Icke 1


and finally,

“Icke is perfectly qualified to be a New Age televangelist. He is genuinely gifted in television performance and nobody could doubt the sincerity (really? or do you mean they couldn’t doubt because of his performance? I think the latter. In fact i KNOW it!) with which he holds his opinions.”

You wish to follow a man who cannot fulfil ANY commitments he makes nor do as he preaches others to do and/or takes the view he does on the misfortunes of others being due to their past lives while he believes he is a son of the godhead and he was Socrates in a past life, then you be my guest. But allow me the principle of free speech and opinion: You are fucked in the head! You’ll believe any old shit that comes your way and you are deserving of your fate.

So here is a truth challenge to THE PEOPLE’S VOICE and to DAVID ICKE.

TPV state they will never transmit anything which is libellous. That is their ONLY control. Ok. Then have David Icke come on the show, live, and repeat what he states as fact: That George H Bush is both, a mass murderer and a paedophile and a serial abuser of children. Broadcast this worldwide on the show since it is very obviously truth. It is coming from David Icke’s own lips after all and as Shrimpton says (and anyone would agree), there is nothing illegal about telling the truth.

Once he has done it, then ask your entire audience to write to the British government directly to David Cameron’s office (and/or through their MP) and demand that George H Bush is arrested if ever he steps inside the European Union or the United Kingdom.

If David Icke has proof of these allegations (and you all believe him and he is stating it as fact) then he must have the proof. Then it is not libel. IF he doesn’t have the proof, then it is libel,

You choose TPV. Is your master a liar or is he someone you will support entirely.

Put your money where your mouth is or shut the fuck up with your “truth”!

I think that’s “check” don’t you?

Your move!

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  1. julian lowe said, on November 27, 2013 at 10:44 pm

    oh fuck sorry mate looked liked you pulled the wool over my eyes. i suppose now i look a prat. but there again i suppose thats what the bastard elite do to us and we fall for it. i can see what you were trying to do.. you were just trying to instill that emotion right. sorry mate. but you learnt me something valuable here. seriously. prejudging without facts,

    • earthlinggb said, on November 28, 2013 at 3:14 am

      No probs bud. It seems it did the job I wanted it to. It just proves, however, that if one is so willing to believe so quickly, everything that comes out of someone’s mouth, then it is easy to have one believe. People need to be a hell of a lot more discerning and considered before they jump to a conclusion.

  2. Sarah Ledsom said, on November 28, 2013 at 6:40 am

    Icke…… he had decided that mentally handicapped people have brought their sufferings upon themselves. In his book (The truth vibrations) he wrote “people don’t suffer from mental and physical handicaps by chance. Their souls give themselves disabled bodies on purpose to develop a part of their character and experience. Maybe they have treated a disabled person badly in the past and need to understand what it feels like. Maybe they made someone disabled. similarly, he has written that cot deaths are the result of karma. Sometimes a soul will decide to only needs the experience of growth in the womb and birth to balance its development.)”

    Hold your hands up David…

    This is someone who was diagnosed at 21 with an absolutely awful disease which affects every organ in the body, it’s not for the fainthearted…‎

    I know only too well as I was struck down with RA at the height of my career, aged 42 when I was a Nurse/manager of a Nursing home. I went through the grieving process, grieving at the loss of my world as I knew it, for the loss of my ability to do the one job I was born to do, having to deal with being told I had the aggressive form of RA and for the past 17 years finding ways to get through each day with constant pain and fighting off the all consuming depression that goes with constant pain and fighting big pharma with their toxic drugs. You have to cope with people talking over you in the wheelchair, yes people really do that! Or in my case, when shopping in the supermarket with my husband, being told that people like me have a day set aside to shop (Tuesday) and shouldn’t be cluttering up the aisles with wheelchairs LOL, yep seriously. However, my guid Scot’s upbringing is good at shutting their ignorant faces resulting in them skulking away. Bet David Icke doesn’t have that happen!

    A huge part of me taking on the judiciary re the last census, was definitely down to me having this disease. It was my way of saying, look at me, I’m in a wheelchair, have awful deformities yet, I DO have a brain that functions, in spite of the cards I have been dealt.

    I have no idea how David Icke’s RA affects him or what he takes to manage it, (there is no cure), all I know in speaking to many people over the years coping with RA, is that it changes you forever. When you have a “flare up”, you have to cope with someone, in my case a wonderful husband, feeding you, washing and dressing you, cleaning your bottom after a poo, and as all women know wiping you after a wee! As a nurse, I did that all my working life and now I was on the receiving end, and I just couldn’t cope at first. So maybe, just maybe this may give you more of an insight into why David Icke may be the way he is. I don’t know and like you have no way of knowing, but if all the people with RA that I know are anything to go by…

    I believe in Karma, but I do not believe that my RA is a result of anything other than vaccinations I received as a child, like everyone else living and dying with an auto immune disease and cancer.

  3. Sarah Ledsom said, on November 28, 2013 at 8:43 am

    It’s just possible that DI is on Steroids. I have been put on them in the past and the side effects are horrendous as well as life threatening. At one time, I believed that I could just get up out of my chair and run up the wall, across the ceiling and down the other side. Sense of well being is what the medical profession call it!! That is such an understatement. I believed that I could climb up the outside wall, and on to the roof to fix a few roof tiles that had become loose. I believed that I could walk out into the middle of the road and cars and buses would just bounce off me. The truth was that if I had tried to get out of my chair would have fallen straight on my face! I couldn’t sleep night or day, just napping for 10-15 mins at a time. My husband had to get me to hospital as he thought I was about to have a breakdown. Maybe others believed they were a Messiah or whatever, then came off steroids only to find they weren’t, but to save face…

    I would love to know how he manages to do all these tours, how he manages to stay on his feet doing those talks constantly walking up and down with RA. Oh and you do not get RA in your hands and only your hands as it said about DI in one of those links in my last post, it affects every organ, joint, muscle, tendon in your body and gives you incredible fatigue. Would love to know what drug(s) he is on.
    The previous link does not work, here is an updated one…

    Not having being a follower of DI, I have only just found out about his RA diagnosis at 21 therefore my reasons for bringing it up now. Am just wondering if anyone knows about any talks or posts he has done about his RA as he would have been in a position to help and support others instead of all this Karma shit he’s spouted. But then that would prove he can’t be the Son of God, as the Big Man wouldn’t allow his son to suffer, now would he? His “other” son Jesus, could and did perform miracles and David would have got rid of his RA by now surely. Please tell me he doesn’t do laying of hands!

  4. Sarah Ledsom said, on November 28, 2013 at 10:29 am

    The ultimate test… “TPV state they will never transmit anything which is libellous. That is their ONLY control. Ok. Then have David Icke come on the show, live, and repeat what he states as fact: That George H Bush is both, a mass murderer and a paedophile and a serial abuser of children. Broadcast this worldwide on the show since it is very obviously truth. It is coming from David Icke’s own lips after all and as Shrimpton says (and anyone would agree), there is nothing illegal about telling the truth.

    Once he has done it, then ask your entire audience to write to the British government directly to David Cameron’s office (and/or through their MP) and demand that George H Bush is arrested if ever he steps inside the European Union or the United Kingdom.

    If David Icke has proof of these allegations (and you all believe him and he is stating it as fact) then he must have the proof. Then it is not libel. IF he doesn’t have the proof, then it is libel”…in a nutshell, so over to you David.

    • earthlinggb said, on November 28, 2013 at 1:17 pm

      Simple isn’t it? Couldn’t be simpler. But it’s the simple things which deconstruct their bullshit Sarah.

  5. Faro said, on November 28, 2013 at 1:36 pm

    Excellent work!

    Thomas Sheridan, another guru trying to flog stuff, was the psycho ‘expert’ on the radio show. He has also been outed as a ‘path.

    Takes one to know one I suppose. Odd though that Sheridan didn’t relentlessly promote his appearance on his blog though, considering he is very commercially minded and egocentric.

    I’m wondering when or if, Jordan Maxwell (Russell Pines, although he denies this is his birth name) will make an appearance. Maxwell is the Jabba the Hutt of the conspiracy world, and where most of the gurus emanate from. Icke, Tsarion and Sitchin have all been his proteges. Most of the bollocks floating about in the conspiracy world, that people repeat mindlessly,come directly from Maxwell, such as Admiralty Law, humans being the offspring of aliens, UFOs and most importantly, the Illuminatty as he pronounces it. There are some interesting interviews where he claims aliens (The SRI) told him to go forth and spout unsubstantiated crap to the world, a very common theme in all religions.

    To my my mind if you want to set yourself up as a Guru, there is something seriously wrong with you and your ego or you are being paid to do it. Generally it’s both. People who have the gall to say they know all the answers then constantly change them to fit a new paradigm or to sell another book, are liars and frauds and by Sheridan’s own definitions, psychopaths. The fact is the whole conspiracy movement is controlled by these people because the psychos are the best, most convincing liars!

    I knew there was something wrong with Icke the day I met him, the football obsession (not very enlightened considering the whole thing is a fix and a distraction) the really boring messianic rambling, and most telling the ‘switched off’ thing you mention. At times he just stared into space as if someone had pulled the flex from the wall. I have also wondered about a Coke problem as he shows all the signs; the sniffing, the swallowing, the massive ego and the zero level of tolerance he shows to anyone who dares disagrees with him.

    TPV is a massive clusterfuck, and as seemingly most of the Ickolites are unemployable, how could it possibly survive on donations alone? The answer to that is it isn’t. I reckon come January there will be another financial drama, Icke will announce they will have to close and humanity will be doomed. The fans will dutifully cash the Postal Order gran sent for Christmas, and ‘miraculously’ (for a non Christian Icke seems to like that word, it intimates an aspect of divine intervention) they will be saved until May, just like the fake OFCOM drama. It’s the classic ‘Heroes Journey’ endlessly repeated and people are programmed to fall for it because it’s how Hollywood movies always play out.

    Where’s Bruce Willis when you need him?

    • earthlinggb said, on November 28, 2013 at 2:31 pm

      Very nicely and succinctly put Faro. 🙂 I would point out, however, that my reference to coke was purely for general interest you understand. 🙂

      • Faro said, on November 28, 2013 at 3:21 pm

        Of course! *Taps nose.

        • Faro said, on November 28, 2013 at 3:34 pm

          btw, this is another one of the presenters profiles:

          Seems to fit your man hating profiling pretty well.

          • earthlinggb said, on November 28, 2013 at 3:53 pm

            Dykes, queers, bisexuals. If you’re one of those, TPV will embrace you wholeheartedly. But have you noticed anything? All of them create their entire personality around their sexual orientation. Without that one defining trait, they are characterless and they are totally lost. This little girl is totally confused. Read the blogpost about her needing a man to cuddle up to and feel safe. Do heterosexuals even think of writing about themselves and their character entirely based upon the fact they’re heterosexuals? Do they/we base our personalities and our entire worth (?) as revolving around that one single trait?
            Icke and co (TPV) love these types of people because they are “lost” and they are rebelling against the norms of society and are desperate people who will do anything to get their voices heard. This girl has a burning ambition just to “be somebody” that the world takes notice of. Her drive isn’t to make the world a better place but to re-orient the world to her liking and find a place within it. She’s still a child. There’s no intelligence there or even an understanding of who she is and her place in the world. This is perfect for Icke. She’ll look to him as her “daddy”.

          • TheEqualiserGB said, on November 28, 2013 at 10:12 pm

            I like Mark was going to say no more about TPV for now and hence hadnt posted any follow up posts last day or so. But now Ive changed my mind as I investigate the ‘Inner Sanctum’ at TPV further 😉

            On the Subject of Jana Dowling. I think ‘Mixed up little rich girl’ is apt description and ‘Desperate Wannabe MSM presenter’ is too.

            Was sent to a private Roman Catholic Girls boarding school as a child, St Mary’s in South Ascot,Berkshire. This was after her father ‘Floated a software company on the stock exchange and made a bunch of money’
            to paraphrase Dana herself.

            See was Married to a Polo Professional for about 3 years and has described herself previously as a ‘Polo WAG that Travelled the World’ and ‘Even rubbed shoulders with Royalty’. She also ran a Polo Magazine for 17 months until May 2011. Before that various roles behind scenes at Endemol and Tiger Aspect amongst others and some brand promotion work etc. LInkedIn shows full details :

            Then she got divorced in 2012 I believe and has recently decided she is a lesbian 😉

            She has had training on how to be an presenter from an outfit called ‘The Presenter Studio’ and according to their facebook page (presenterstudio) was trying to pitch a Documentary program to BBC3 during June 2013 😉
            An example of a video to promote her by them is here :

            With that background does she strike you as someone who would work on TPV as she supports the purported aims of it ? Additionally does she come across as someone who is likely to be an unpaid volunteer on TPV? In both cases in my opinion the answer is NO. I suggest she comes across as someone desperately hoping TPV is a brief duration stepping stone to get her into MSM presenting and/or Producing and happy to pick up a pay cheque from TPV in the Meantime ( To supplement her substantial divorce settlement income I suspect).

    • spartacus said, on November 28, 2013 at 9:00 pm

      Very interesting faro. I did’nt know that about Sheridan despite him setting the alarm bell off in me for some reason. Admiralty law? I thought that was proved wrong by the freemen. Are you saying that that jackass Maxwell is promoting it as the law?
      “SOMEONE PULLED THE FLEX FROM THE WALL”. boy oh boy, you are spot on.

      • Faro said, on November 28, 2013 at 11:05 pm

        Yes. He may come across as a lovable Irish rogue, but that first post on the blog I put up was enough to put me off ever listening to him again. A couple of years ago we exchanged emails on a subject I had some ideas and inside information on, which he later passed off as his own on his radio show. Pretty much the norm in the conspiracy spectacle, Jordan doesn’t mind though as long as there are enough pies and he gets his paycheck every month.
        Why are the Gurus all so fat and unhealthy looking? Outer reflecting the inner? I wonder.

    • TheEqualiserGB said, on November 28, 2013 at 10:40 pm

      Spot on I think Faro regarding the TPV donations situation. Im sure they will try to keep TPV limping along until at least around the date of David Icke’s Wembley 2014 apperance, given How TPV seems to me to be a rolling advert for it and his new book 😉 As Ive said before I wonder if ‘David Icke Books Ltd’ are paying for the Advert Slots ? I think not somehow 😉

      PS Earthling another post of mine about Dana Dowling’s background has got sent to moderation by the spam filters as it had links in I think.

      • TheEqualiserGB said, on November 28, 2013 at 10:47 pm

        I Ofc meant Jana Dowling not Dana Dowling. Done that twice now 😀

        • Faro said, on November 28, 2013 at 11:15 pm

          The whole lot of them, apart from Elizabeth who is a total honey, are a bunch of media whores who have about as much interest in humanity as Icke. They are all hoping, as you said, on mainstream media careers. Jana was particularly feted at the casting even though the girl has about as much knowledge on the issues as your average polo wife turned fashion lezza. I’m going to laugh at her show right now infact, when I’m done mastur.. sorry meditating.

  6. atlantean2014 said, on November 28, 2013 at 6:16 pm


    Do you not think it’s time to step away from this one man crusade against DI & TPV? You even appear to have posted on the Daily Mirror website earlier this week, under an alias, responding to an Icke article published on there. You’ve made alot of excellent points in your previous blogs under Earthlinggb, also with some information I have been able to pass on, and also from SB, but isn’t enough enough? To start creating alias’s and blogging that way is a bit sad, at least create the ID in your name.

    Respectfully, it seems you hold just a huge grudge against Icke and TPV, from a third person looking in it’s clear, and I’m certainly not aware you blogged your opinions when you were volunteering there, only after you left. I was treated with distain towards the end of my time there (only in hindsight do I realise this) but I have just moved on now, even after receiving another petty email from DI directly last Saturday. He certainly doesn’t like you (or me for that matter)!

    To me, let it go. You’ve made your statement, move on.

    Ian Kelly

    • earthlinggb said, on November 28, 2013 at 6:27 pm

      As I have already said elsewhere, that was my last blog on the subject. There is enough said and if people can’t see it (and that was the entire reason for the blogs – for them not me no matter what you may think). As for me using an alias on The Mirror. I haven’t. Sorry to disappoint you there. If someone has posted my content that is up to them but it certainly wasn’t me.

      • stephen said, on November 28, 2013 at 11:37 pm

        That is a shame.
        There is actually a lot of outragious claims by David Icke that have gone unnoticed by people. Not just the son of godhead. White cliffs of dover. 1997. lizards. Moon. Matrix documentary.
        No-one seems to pick up on his more serious claims regarding spirit guides and Rakorski nor realise the significance and severity of those claims if they are infact lies.
        Also i would like to see him provide more evidence for his ‘patched man’ claim.
        All stuff i was hoping you could touch on.

        • earthlinggb said, on November 28, 2013 at 11:52 pm

          Stephen, this isn’t a “Anti David Icke blog” and was never meant to be. I hit on everything and the recent posts on Icke are hitting him right in the solar plexus. They are factual and they are fully evidenced. I’m aware of the rest of his shit but what’s the point of re-hashing what others have said and exposed? If people can’t see what I’ve presented to them factually then screw them to be honest. I can’t increase their fucking IQs. As for preaching to the converted, what use is that? You already know he’s a bullshitter so there’s no job to be done when you already know it.

          • cleo said, on January 3, 2014 at 3:41 pm

            So, let me get this straight. If people can’t see what YOU present to them regarding David Icke, then they are suffering from low IQ’s. Ever thought it could be the other way round? Maybe they’re just too clever to be manipulated by YOUR ‘presentations.’ As a member of MENSA and a supporter of David I take exception to your comments.

    • earthlinggb said, on November 28, 2013 at 6:36 pm

      Just one other thing though Ian. Considering what I have published here and considering what this “truth movement” is all about (exposing bullshit) and considering that Icke and everyone in it continuously publishes material to expose the characters they are targeting (and those articles go on forever re the Bush’s the Blairs etc etc ad nauseum), why would you consider the publishing of very bang on the mark points to expose a man who is actually suggesting he is doing all of this for the sake of truth, to be a “grudge”? You are applying two very opposing assumptions to different people. You do not assume “grudges” of anyone publishing material on the obvious characters yet you assume a grudge on my part because I expose someone I had the experience of first hand? That’s one rule for one and another rule for someone else Ian. Think about it.

    • spartacus said, on November 28, 2013 at 8:15 pm

      I have seen that mark has said he is stepping away from exposing Icke. (exposing, my word) I actually disagree with his decision. I think most can see that it does look like a revenge grudge attack. To be honest i can understand his anger, but it is not as if mark is peddling anything that is not true.
      I suggest you hang around here my friend, and give things a little more time, if as i suspect you are a decent man who has just been taken in by an expert conman.

      • stephen said, on November 29, 2013 at 11:44 am

        I disaree with his decision also.
        I respect his decision at the sametime as disagree with it.

        • spartacus said, on November 29, 2013 at 3:31 pm

          same here mate. I just think we all enjoyed seeing Icke get a good well deserved kick in the nuts imo.

    • Marko said, on November 28, 2013 at 8:45 pm

      Atlantean, what an odd thing to say. To take the time to say. I’m a bit tired and pressed for time, but suffice to say I disagree with just about every point you have tried to make. Anyway, you must be glad that you’re not involved with the ever faster moving train wreck that is DI and TPV, if nothing else.

      I’ll just say this: Icke has a massive machine behind him with momentum. Our earthlinggb is quixotically tilting at the windmill in the forest where the trees fall that make no sound. And I’m sure he realises that. He doesn’t do this for benefit, or for ego, or for grudge or for pettiness. He has a viewpoint and is making a small stand with the courage of his convictions. Why would anyone begrudge him that? I can see why earthlinggb cares, but I really don’t understand why you do. Each to his own, I suppose, but maybe that is not you world viewpoint.

      Maybe you should have a listen to some of earthlinggb’s music. This isn’t somebody who is small minded and with nothing better to do. It takes years of practice to play those instruments, and years of practice to write songs. And just as many years to learn how to produce it and put it all together with a bit of audio engineering thrown in. This shows to me someone with wide and varied interests and an expansive mind and outlook.

      He’s got a bit of a bee in his bonnet. But it’s well written, enlightening and amusing. Never spiteful or nasty.

      I was a bit disappointed to hear he thinks it’s time to knock it on the head actually. This is one sacred cow that could definitely be milked a bit more. It’s not like anyone is listening anyway, is it? Just like Icke, who is no threat to anyone – never was – never will be – just a bit of a safety valve for a few of the slaves to blow off a bit of steam and stop maybe a few of them from blowing their corks.

      This world is heading for real change. But DI has nothing to do with that either way. But the more charlatans like him are exposed for providing false hope, the better. Anyway, no one could assassinate DI’s character better than DI himself. He’s doing a sterling job. And all the other mugs that are enabling him with his little messianic financial complex (bit like the military industrial complex, but not quite as bad), well, let’s just say: They’ll never work in this town again. You got off lightly.

      That said, I wish you well in your future endeavours.

      • Sarah Ledsom said, on November 28, 2013 at 11:38 pm

        Well said Marko. This is nothing to do with grudge, David Icke is only one of many that has had the earthling treatment. As Marko says, “He’s got a bit of a bee in his bonnet. But it’s well written, enlightening and amusing. Never spiteful or nasty.”

        His videos are obviously time consuming as are the articles and yet he manages to do them to such a high standard, all done at no cost to the reader or listener and above all else, he takes all the risks.What investigative journalist could hold a candle to earthling’s skills? I have so much admiration and in absolute awe of someone who actually does all this, because he cares, because he genuinely wants people to be awakened to the reality, the truth.

        earthling himself is an open book, there is practically nothing of his personal life that hasn’t been part of this blog, and what a personal life he has had, what a film that would make!

        These are the categories listed in the blog, wide and varied, all written to the same high standard as he has with DI, and none with a heading for David Icke, so where does the grudge or ego argument come from?

        “Climate Change”
        Geo-Political Warfare
        Gross stupidity within society
        New World Order Religion
        Political History
        Scary Bin Laden stuff
        The Blair/Iraq Dossier
        The Corrupt SOB’s
        The illegal wars
        The Video Section

        TPV could do worse than get earthling on for an interview, now that I would pay to watch! 🙂

        • earthlinggb said, on November 29, 2013 at 12:02 am

          Haha. You’re just far too kind Sarah! I wish I could accept your view as at all accurate.
          As for my personal life being within these blogs – no way! A few little stories dotted about but they obviously make up a tiny tiny fraction of it. I couldn’t possibly consider putting my personal life full up on internet but I might do in a book. But you ask yourself: Who the hell would really be that interested? As for some of it, though, I could never put in print in a million years Sarah! We never can divulge everything – we need to protect the innocent! 😉

          • Sarah Ledsom said, on November 29, 2013 at 12:14 am

            Personal as opposed to family life, in as much as you taking on the judiciary, your time as a high flier etc. That tiny tiny fraction you refer to are big stories in themselves. The way you write E, you could sell sand to the Arabs! Who would be interested? Probably TPTB , every last one of them, to keep ahead of the game lol

            • earthlinggb said, on November 29, 2013 at 12:17 am

              I actually did sell sand to the arabs Sarah. In the form of silicon chips in Riyadh. I tried fish and chips but it wasn’t to their taste.

    • san said, on November 29, 2013 at 7:58 am

      Although i had a bit of an ‘issue’ with the post personally which i expressed to earthlinggb already……..i no way see this as a grudge or a one man crusade, in fact im glad that he is bringing this into attention , and i personally have lots of questions about him, i cant trust him and exp the people working for/around him!……so if there is anything worth pointing continue to do so earthlinggb…..good luck , thanks

  7. spartacus said, on November 28, 2013 at 8:23 pm

    I really hate to say this, but here goes. I could be wrong, but Icke does’nt half fit the bill for an MK Ultra mind control subject.

  8. Marko said, on December 5, 2013 at 8:19 pm

    Well, that didn’t take long. Looks like your prediction of DI saying the TPV is going to close down unless they get more donations, has come true already. Lots of people asking where the money has gone, where it is going to and why can’t anyone give a figure of what running costs are.

    Here’s an unlisted video of Icke laying it on with a trowel –

    There’s a thread about it too over at the forum.

    Vindicated so soon.

    • earthlinggb said, on December 5, 2013 at 9:13 pm

      He’s pissed isn’t he? 🙂 Well. as I said, when people catch on you’re scamming them, they’re hardly going to continue funding you!

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