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David Icke: And the little question about approximately £270K of profit from donations.

Posted in Media by earthling on November 20, 2013

My humblest apologies to all of you Icke fans out there in never never land. I was wrong! So wrong! What can I say? Except this…….

In my blog “David Icke: The turd in the punchbowl” I offered you information (correct information) as to the costs associated with setting up what David was setting up. I pointed you to his own words regarding the costs and the quality of such equipment and, as he said, the £100K (then £300K) would be just enough to get TPV on air. I stated that this was rubbish, impossible (and David Icke did say he was “performing miracles” after all) and my calculations (again, still valid) regarding ALL of the costs to do what he was stating was being done, suggested that he could never achieve it and have change out of a couple of £million.

ALL of the above is correct and, if you have read the blog entitled “David Icke: The turd in the punchbowl” you will realise it is so. I provide detail on the costs of equipment and rental of premises plus telecom utilities (although the telecom utilities are variable but, to chi eve what he had suggested using fibre optics and, therefore, substantial leased lines to bring the highest quality broadcasts would be in excess of the example I gave). One needs to further consider the costs of other utilities such as heating, lighting, power for all equipment – costs of which are significant in such a case. All of these ongoing costs would need be taken as, at the very least, an annual contract. He could NOT say to a telecom provider for instance: “We’ll take a leased line for a month and continue month to month and see how the donations go”. Same applies to the rental on the premises and all other utilities.

However, ignoring that for the moment because to get the channel launched with the £300K, he stated quite clearly that the money would be spent primarily on the substantial cost of equipment needed (even though, as I have just said, £300K would not even cover 5 of the “top range” broadcast cameras he told you he would purchase. But ok, let’s assume he got a good deal and managed it all within £300K. What would be left to ensure, as he added, the critical personnel such as Simon Ludgate, Sean Tabatabai (very strange relationship there which I intend to cover again at some point), Sonia Poulton plus a handful of others. If you believe these people are working for nothing well, in David’s words, I’ve got a nice two bed seafront bungalow in Birmingham if you’re interested?

Consider this:

Simon Ludgate’s IMDB profile –

Ludgate IMDB profile

Now, am I saying Simon SHOULD work for nothing? NO not at all! Neither should Sonia nor any of the others (including the abused volunteers even though they love being abused). How can someone possibly work for nothing if it is their career? Come on people, at least be a little more “awake” please!

Here’s Simon. Nice big bright smile for the camera (although seeing him in the studio once or twice, I couldn’t recognise that smile at all – I wonder if it was already the “Icke effect”? Probably not. After all everyone smiles for a publicity shot right? :-))

Simon Ludgate

Now, if you happened to view my video regarding Icke’s noncompliant compliance in an earlier blog, you may have noticed this pic of Ludgate and the following article being connected without stating exactly what that connection was.

Teddington studios

Note the date of the article.

Note that the TPV Limited Company was “born” during late May of this year.

Note the premises for TPV weren’t acquired until approx the July/August time if you remember. Therefore, at most, the cost of having those premises plus the little utilities needed through to this month (November) would be, at the very most say £7000.

Note the amount required by the donation drive: £300K. Subtract £7000 and you arrive at £293K.

So, they bought all of that equipment with, at the most, £293K? So you still feel you got your money’s worth right? Although, as I said, correctly, there is no way it all could have been bought for £300K EVEN WITH a very good deal.

BUT I ADMIT I WAS WRONG DON’T I? ALWAYS be willing to admit when you’re wrong!

How was I wrong? Well, a TPV insider (who wishes to remain anonymous, for which I apologise but I keep my word when asked) has advised me of the following:

“Ok you can mention the £20k Teddington equipment. It was my understanding from Deanna the original quote to buy was £30,000 however Simon Ludgate negotiated down to £20,000 for all the equipment, including the cameras in the studio. The desks and pc monitors were thrown in to the deal as Teddington studio’s were clearing out and desk’s etc would have been thrown in skips, so TPV simply loaded them up.”

Got that? All of the equipment and cameras plus all the desks and monitors you see in the news room – everything, essentially, which David Icke said he needed the £300K for, was bought and paid for for £20K. All of it cast offs like going to a Broadcast equivalent of OXFAM (or was it OFCOM? ;-)).
So, I was wrong because Icke and friends got an offload and just so happened to time the “great idea” for a TV station with the knowledge that Teddington Studios were calling it a day. Now THAT is what I call “synchronicity” don’t you?
But I can still hear the Ickeolytes shouting “Well, he got a great deal, good for him! What’s wrong with that?”
Well little Ickles, you’re missing the big elephant in the living room! You won’t pass your Ickey exams if you keep doing that now will you?
David Icke: “We need this money just to get the equipment we need just to get us on air!” Yet, they KNEW that equipment was £30K and Simon negotiated it to £20K so what, then is the £300k for? £300k minus £7K minus £20K is £273K. Let’s assume 6 people in the inner sanctum (Icke not being one since his new TV station will bring in masses of new orders for his books). He COULD have his 6 main staff paid a full year upfront salary of £45,500 each. OR he could have given them salaries per month equivalent and stashed the rest in the TPV bank gaining interest. OR he could have used a good portion of it to buy an Islington flat! Downpayment or perhaps just a rental (although I doubt he’d want to just rent when it would make a good investment).
Why Islington? Here’s why:

“It’s possible Deanna has a working visa, but I don’t know that, didn’t ever ask her. What I do know if she’s a seamstress and by default not done any work since June at least, so she must be getting paid by TPV to survive. She’s living in the apartment in Islington that was rented originally for Matt Smith and his people, so that won’t be coming cheap. Before that she was living in Camden. I believe she’s been in Hawaii the past 2 weeks, that was her plan at the end September. Not cheap to go to Hawaii …!”

Deanna Amato and Sean

Nice apartment guys!

Now, Deanna Amato is a seamstress in Australia. Yes, a seamstress. She’s been in the UK since June this year so not making an income from her seamstress activities then. So where’s the income coming from? And here’s a question: Does she have a working visa or a vacation visa? Is she paying taxes? If so, where? Or is the money being sent to Hawaii? 😉

“Another Australian, a presenter doing a show called ‘Wakey, Wakey’ called Ellisa Hawke is definately on a holiday passport from July as I have met her, had lunch with her and she cannot officially earn any money from TPV with the passport she has. Regardless, David Icke has employed her, but I don’t know if she’s being paid or not (cash in hand?).

 There are many many volunteers, all doing unpaid work, and in my view the venture cannot survive on people’s good will only. It’s clear there are certain individuals being paid though.

 Your blog from October resonated with me as I had so many similar experiences with Deanna and TPV.”

Elissa Hawke TPV

” I do believe there is alot happening behind the scenes that would possibly ‘kill’ the TPV venture dead if people knew. “

Well now they do! At least some of it. There’s some which is not for publication at the moment but would you believe racism? And David Icke did NOTHING about it! Once more he chose to protect his favourites within the inner sanctum of Ickeland.

Oh and I meant to add: I, personally met Matt Smith while at the studios one day. He had his father, his sister and one other over with him. He was meant to be heading up the L.A. studio. We chatted and we seemed to get along. So much so, he asked me if I’d like to work with him on some of his programmes. “Sure!” I said. A very strange look and reaction came across from Sean Tabatabai at that point and he said to Matt “Do you want to do that? You don’t have to”. I mean WTF??

Matt replied “Yeah I like the guy”. Perhaps we would have done some good things together but, unfortunately, Matt was offloaded even before I was! I was shocked. No-one would say why and yet I thought about the work his father did in the studio – he had just come off a plane from LA and got right to work. The LA studio, at least for now, is not happening (lucky Americans!). But recently I heard the strangest thing from an inside source:

“The LA studio has been cancelled. Matt Smith (ex LA child actor) was chosen to run an LA studio and he came over in late September with his lady friend, a few days later his father was also brought over to help out with the construction of the studio. I met his father at Heathrow airport. Within 4 days Mr Icke had sent back Matt Smith, his father and friend to LA as he felt TPV has been infultraited by the lady friend. So forget the LA studio for now.”

It would seem David doesn’t trust women too much. First Pamela and now Matt’s “lady friend” (I think the source is referring to Matt’s sister).

I’ll say this for Matt: He had a sunny character. Easily likeable. Perhaps that was the problem? More likeable than “Ickeable”?



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  1. Babs said, on November 20, 2013 at 9:58 am

    I don’t understand what Deanna, a seamstress you say, has to do with TPV, is she admin of some kind?

    • earthlinggb said, on November 21, 2013 at 2:05 am

      See new blogpost Babs.

      • atlantean2014 said, on November 22, 2013 at 6:43 pm

        Deanna helped David Icke with a previous speaking tour to Australia a couple of years ago. She was brought across from Melbourne as ‘Production manager’ in June.

        • Babs said, on November 22, 2013 at 7:18 pm

          Do we not have any in England then??

  2. Marko said, on November 21, 2013 at 11:08 pm

    I call bullshit. No way. You do NOT dump stuff like that in a skip ‘if no one wants it’. You can find some pretty amazing stuff in skips for sure, but I can’t remember the last time someone came home with a pair of Genelec studio monitors (which is what DI had in his youtube video showing off his new MultiMedia Editing Suite). Don’t happen. And as for the discount. Bullshit again. There are enough companies out there with big enough budgets to buy this stuff. They would rather burn it than discount like that. Just who are these companies willing to write off their profit margin? And there is a second-hand market for Audio Visual equipment in good working order. And by the looks of that video, that stuff looked absolutely mint. I don’t believe it. Not calling anyone a liar, but I also wouldn’t believe them until they showed me hard evidence and talked to the people behind ‘the deal’. Until then, I will consider the possibility that someone is blatantly lying about it all.

    But again, let us give the benefit of the doubt. What a lucky break! The spirits truly are with Messiah David. His run of good luck, is, how can I put this? Incredible? Unbelievable?

    He’s on a roll for sure. I just can’t wait to see what he happens to pull out of the hat next.

    • earthlinggb said, on November 21, 2013 at 11:19 pm

      Marko, you do have a point there because I was absolutely stunned myself at £20K for all of that (the skip referred to just the tables though I have to say not the equipment). But the thing is, I got it from someone who should know AND they were told this directly by Deanna. This, however, surprises me also but then doesn’t because Deanna has a big mouth and is a loose canon. I doubt she meant to let slip to me that Icke was moving house for example.
      However, if this is a “story” to be managed and leaked then it is not a good one because it raises the question about what has been done with £270K of donation money when all they need to launch was, perhaps, about £50K. Meanwhile, depending on how good Ludgate’s contacts and relations are with whoever at Teddington, then it is not outwit the bounds of reason that they could get it at this price. Further, there may well have been strings attached of some form or other. Business is a dirty game Marko. Especially media business.

      • TheEqualiserGB said, on November 22, 2013 at 5:28 am

        After you posted the situation about TPV getting that Gear for £20k I have done some further investigation and estimated the costs to date based on that £20k figure been true.

        1) Wembley Point 8th Floor studio rent assuming 8000 sqft Sept – November : £25,000
        2) Studio Equipment ( Gallery Suite , 5 Cameras etc ex teddington studios) : £20,000
        3) General Office Refit , Furniture and Computers etc :£12,000
        4) Electricity,Heating,Telephones and office Internet etc £2,000
        5) IT and Telecoms for internet Streaming. Setup costs + streaming to date £10,000
        6) OFCOM license £5,000
        7) Legal Fees £5,000

        So making it a nice round number I would estimate £80k spend to Date.

        The rent BTW is what 8000 sqft is going for at wembley point according to estate agent ads online namely £100k per year.

        I of course havent factored in costs of the claimed US studio or the OB from abroad etc. Until I see them on air like everything related to TPV I now consider it hot air from the core TPV people. I think what that contact told you about the Los Angeles TPV studio been cancelled will soon be proved correct

        I think it is quite plausible Simon Ludgate got the studio equipment for 20k . The gear even if mint is far from cutting edge from what I saw. I could see Teddington studios offloading it for that kind of money especially if Simon has right connections/relationship with the operators of site. Given how many TV companies Simon has done work with in last decade or so I can well imagine he might have such contact/s etc. It also dawned on me too that they might have bought gear for £20k with strings attached or it is even an annual equipment loan deal for that money?

        I totally agree Earthling If the £20k cost for the studio gear is a “story” to be managed and inentionally leaked then it is not a good one.because in my opinion it even further raises the question about exactly what has been done with at least £200K of the initial donations ? Especially given all the current begging for further donations with inference they can only stay on air a few weeks without them.

        One thing I think we can be certain of is very little of that £200k+ has been spent paying for reasonable expenses by volunteers for TPV given your experience Earthling which I think was utterly disgusting.

        Keep up the Good Work ! There will be more to come from me in due course.

        PS there is a post of mine I assume awaiting moderation under the blog post ‘DAVID ICKE: TPV (THE DIRECTOR’S “CUT”)’ because it has a number of URL links in it. Thats why I didnt put any URL links in this post 😉

      • Marko said, on November 22, 2013 at 11:05 pm

        Actually, I was stunned at believing it could cost in the region of 300K – 20K.

        The fact that it has been said that it cost 300K – 270K, well that is just fruit cake land. The other was insulting, that figure is insane. I defy anyone to show me the receipts for that! I’m confident enough here to call people Liars! That is me btw, not earthlinggb – I take full responsibility. Anyone from the PV gonna call me out with facts and figures? I’ll give my name and address on request and will appear in any court in the land of your choosing, at your beck and call.


        • earthlinggb said, on November 22, 2013 at 11:56 pm

          My point from the beginning though Marko is that that is precisely what this “People’s Voice” will not do. Open up their books to their funders. However, re the £20K, it has come from a source I consider sound. If it is a story, then it is Deanna who has fed it to them but why she would do this (and how she would consider it to be a good story to put out there) is anyone’s guess. Either way, they either spent £million+ OR they got it for a song – either way, they have pissed on their donators.

  3. said, on November 21, 2013 at 11:41 pm

    Wow… Thank you for doing a marvelous job of sussing-out this information, and shining-the-light on the “activities” of this guy. It is important that people know this information, and that Icke explains himself, FULLY.


    • earthlinggb said, on November 22, 2013 at 11:34 am

      Lindsey, there is not “statutory” requirement for Icke to explain himself at all. He asked for £300K to build a studio. He did it with £20K (let’s add another £20K for sundries just to be kind). He got £300K of donations and “thank you very much fools!” Furthermore, he is not, now, a Director of the company so he has nothing to do with it (;-)). He can “statutorily” state that he doesn’t know how the money is being spent. Sean Tabatabai knows all that (plus whoever else is behind this). But there is no “statutory” requirement for a Private Limited Company to divulge how they spend their money. Once people part with their money as a “gift” (and that is essentially what a donation is) then they have no further rights to know how it is spent. Statutorily! And not ONE Icke fan is going to stand up and ask or demand. They’re too far gone down the “stream” of consciousness.

      • bobshepton said, on April 2, 2014 at 6:35 pm

        I bet some of the money went on that bender Sean’s …… ahem “Wedding” – juding by the champagne they were glugging while they were “making history” by being one of the first gay couples to “marry”

  4. wakeupbomb said, on November 24, 2013 at 12:42 am

    I don’t have any problem with them asking for donations, or making a profit. I’ve crowdfunded films in the past, and have been happy to do so. What I do think is wrong is the lack of transparency. If you’re going to run something of this nature, fund it the way that they have, and make the lofty claims attached to it, then you have to run it co-operatively; ie. give everyone an equal share based on contributions, open up the accounts to at least the people who contributed, and generally seek the opinions of those who contributed (ideally, this would be potentially quite complicated). Otherwise, don’t claim that it’s ‘The People’s Voice’, state that it’s a run-for-profit television station that will be providing alternative information and looking at subjects from an angle generally not provided by the mainstream media, which is calling itself ‘The People’s Voice’.

    Equally, as I’ve said previously, you cannot on the one hand pay one group of people, but then ask for others to work on a voluntary basis. You have to at least pay everyone the minimum wage, otherwise you’re no better than other small to medium-sized organisations that do the same thing:

    However, I knew this was going to be the case, another two-tiered organisation, as soon as I heard Sonia Poulton was involved. She simply wouldn’t get involved without serious guarantees about salary, which given the fact that this is going to be a station that seriously struggles for money if it’s not taking commercial contributions, means that you’re definitely going to end up not paying lots of people that you need to do vital work.

    Whatever happened to ‘giving people a chance that haven’t had the chance to do this work before’? That was a noble, if perhaps unrealistic concept, but if you ask people to email you their CVs, that goes out of the window straight away, because people that haven’t done relevant work before don’t have CVs.

    Despite my reservations about what I’ve discussed previously, I contacted TPV, and stated that I’d be happy to be involved, and linked to the dozens of relevant articles that I’ve had published, many of which are (fairly) mainstream media, the book I’ve had published, the second book I was working on, the radio programmes that I’d made, and my full experience as a freelance writer. I stated that I didn’t really want to be a television presenter, but I’d be happy to write for them (as all television stations need tonnes of script writing and research done). But that I wouldn’t be willing to work in anything but a paid position.

    Guess what? I never heard back from them.

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