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Posted in Gross stupidity within society, Media by earthling on November 19, 2013

Ok folks, I would, if you will, like you to consider this very carefully. It is a clear as day scenario which I really do hope you can recognise for what it represents. It is VERY important that you grasp the nature of the media, manipulation, the use of “bad press” as good press and the sheer desperation to suppress REAL criticism while using fake (or so very easily dealt with) MSM criticism (in this case a “smear campaign” used to your every advantage).

David Icke and TPV are complaining bitterly about the Daily Mirror article which attempts to use the unfortunate death of a young boy about 6 months ago to “smear” David Icke and “blame” the death on him. TPV and Icke are also saying “Isn’t it strange how they are running this story JUST before we launch?”

Now, please think very clearly about this. YES, I would agree it IS very strange they are running this story just before the launch.

Have you heard the term “All publicity is good publicity”? That is what all these celebs who are just celebs because of their celebrity use. Jordan/Katie Price etc. They have nothing to offer in terms of talent so how do they create their “celebrity”? By crass, “bombshell” stories – either positive OR negative – which keep you talking about them and buying “OK” and all the other mags.

Have you heard of reverse psychology and “paradoxical marketing”? I’m sure you have heard the former but research the latter if you have not heard of that. These techniques are being used against you every single day.

Have you heard about the curiosity that killed the cat? Sure you have!


Yes, by now I figure you know EXACTLY where I’m going with this and you’d be right. The timing of that article IS perfect (while it is an OBVIOUS “smear” such that it is no smear at all for the even slightly intelligent). So why do it?

CURIOSITY for one thing. How many people reading it will wonder about David Icke and google him and check out his website and find TPV?

You have heard of stories being “placed” in news for propaganda purposes. To highlight people or points etc. To drive an emotional response (no matter if positive or negative). This is the best thing David Icke could have happen to him and HE KNOWS IT.

Why do I say he knows it?

Here’s why:

Icke smear



He USES it. He actually links to the piece on his own website. Plus, because it is such an obvious smear, he gains kudos for it through the belief by fans that it is REAL attempt to attack him. It is brilliant. Not only that but Richie whatsisname is actually trying to get the journalist to appear on the show. Who guesses she will appear? She might and I would not be at all surprised if she did. Perhaps even to offer an apology, you never know!

Emily Retter is quite into her art plus she also has done freelance writing for the likes of the Mirror, the Sun, the Sunday Mail etc. Now, notice they’re all quite trashy publications which just publish all sorts of crap to a rather low brow readership but quite a mass audience of not too bright people (sorry but true). Now just imagine this for a second (it’s not that big a stretch): Let’s say Emily knows Sean, or Neil Hague or Sonia Poulton or any of the inner crew (media is a small world you know). Is it outwit the bounds of possibility that any one of them has said “Hey Emily, we know each other” or “Hey Emily, I know your editor” or even just go straight to the editor. Do not be naive. I KNOW how things work in the corporate world and they can be dirty – media is one of the dirtiest as you know!

Now think about this for a moment before saying “Yes but he needs to respond to trash like that!”

I am nothing when it comes to media. And yet, I know of a number of people now who have simply posted my blogs re David Icke to the David Icke forum and EVERY TIME this has been done, the moderators remove them on the basis that “He is a hateful, vindictive person” or similar (Yes “I-am”, I mean you). They remove the blogs rather than respond to them. They also, therefore, remove the capability of any and all who may wish to debate them on the David Icke forum. Those debates could end up being VERY negative and hateful toward me. I don’t care. That is not the point. Anyone who wishes to state their opinion to me on my blog is welcome to do so. You have to take the rough with the smooth. I will never allow comments that are pure character assassination not based upon considered points however just as I was concerned about a few comments made toward Icke (until the poster explained they were not intended to be threatening).

If David Icke is so quick and happy to actually publish (link) to a mainstream article which has an IMMENSE readership and is having a go at him, why would that be when he is absolutely suppressing all discussion and/or links to my blog on his forum?

Are you beginning to see this?

You see, I am not smearing him or attacking him on the basis of some poorly considered, trash “hit piece”. Further, David knows the circulation of the Mirror and how that can bring a tremendous number of people to his and TPV’s sites. What he WOULD NOT want is for that same number of people to read my articles on him because my articles are not trash. They are not poorly considered. They hit him hard because they actually use his very own words.

Sometimes a man’s worst enemy can be himself and his ego.

Nevertheless, brilliant promotion David. I tip my hat to you once more. 🙂

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  1. Babs said, on November 19, 2013 at 7:48 am

    Wow, yes brilliant indeed, I was one of those fans who wondered why they were digging up this old news, now it all makes perfect sense.

    There is no such thing as bad publicity except your own obituary.
    Brendan Behan

  2. Julian Lowe said, on November 19, 2013 at 6:21 pm

    You hit the nail on the head mate. You have a very strong and concise logic. You have ecplained in detail on many bloggs a reason to think and be analytical. In fact what you say shines more brightly and is more reflective that the Star or mirror. David icke can easily defend himself with the story of the poor unfortunate boy who drowned. Not with you however. That is why they delete your threads.

  3. D. Hounsome said, on November 20, 2013 at 1:31 am

    Got it in one. Great stuff.

  4. Marko said, on November 21, 2013 at 10:47 pm

    This story (against Icke) is so non-sensical and crass that it is in fact, a ‘non-story’, even by the low standards of that particular red-top. But it will create a few hits from those that have never heard of him, those that have vaguely heard of him and those that used to know exactly who he was and wonder what he’s up to now and what all the fuss is about. Pure click-bait. Classic.

    Yes, the timing is rather funny. In fact, it stinks.

    I have no axe to grind with David, but I’m starting to get a little bit fed up with the people blindly following him and censoring his website. The mods there are just in a class of their own. No I haven’t registered/posted/been banned. I wouldn’t waste my time.

    If Icke is leading the counter-culture charge then god help us all. The terrorists have already won. We knew that any way, but now we have a little mini-army of mini-mes to contend with as well. I’ve checked the amount of unique page hits DI gets a month, and I haven’t been able to find any one that gets higher figures, at least in the UK anyway. Happy to be corrected and educated.

    Getting back to the subject, I don’t even believe in ‘all publicity is good publicity’ as an unquestionable corner-stone of truth, but for the most part it is undoubtedly true. And this story as you so rightly point out is just perfect – No substance to it in the first place that anyone with 2 brain cells could take remotely seriously – A good sympathy giver for DI because it is so blatantly unfair against him – The timing – The possible set up for further milking of PR with a resolution nicely in place for the future – The timing!

    There is absolutely NO HARM or foul to DI with this. They might as well have just taken out a full page banner AD. But then again, that wouldn’t have been on would it? Nope, this smacks of subterfuge. They want our hearts and minds. Hearts and minds…

    • earthlinggb said, on November 21, 2013 at 11:32 pm

      And they’ll get them! “Awake”? People who believe fairy stories rather than the realities and want to believe in Nibirus and hollow fricking moons? The establishment couldn’t be bloody happier! They deserve what they get Marko. God help the poor bastards!

  5. stephen said, on November 22, 2013 at 9:20 pm

    If msm wanted to smear David Icke they could simply make this blog public.
    But they dont.
    Instead they give him free advertising in papers, google & youtube.

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