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David Icke: The non compliance Ofcom alliance!

Posted in Law, Media, Uncategorized by earthling on November 17, 2013

Introducing the Secretary of State for Culture, sport and media: Ed Vaizey.

Ed Vaizey

On 18 May 2009 the Daily Telegraph reported that receipts submitted by Vaizey show that he ordered a £467 sofa, a £544 chair, a £280.50 low table and a £671 table in February 2007 from Oka, an upmarket furniture shop. The Commons Fees Office initially rejected the claim as the receipt said that the furniture was due to be delivered to Vaizey’s home address in West London, but was later paid when Vaizey advised the Fees Office that the furniture was intended for his second home at his Wantage constituency. Vaizey told the Daily Telegraph that we (he and his wife) “had it delivered to London because we would be in to collect it and we were driving down with it.”

When these claims became public, Vaizey said that he had repaid the cost of the Oka furniture and the antique chair which he had bought with taxpayers’ money: “I accept that the £300 armchair was an antique item and therefore that claim should not have been made. I also accept that the Oka items could be deemed as being of higher quality than necessary. I have paid back both these claims. I have not claimed for any other furniture bought for my constituency home at any time before or since.” Vaizey has described himself to be “relatively affluent”.

In November 2011, it was further reported that Vaizey had submitted expenses claims of 8p for a 350-yard car journey and 16p for a 700-yard journey.

[A comment related to my own experience of submitting expenses during my career. It takes time to fill in an expense claim. If I were to sit at my desk and fill in an expense claim for 8p and 16p, given the time taken to do so and the salary I was on which meant, in that time (5 mins?) I was paid approx £3 through salary; I would be sacked on the spot and rightly so.]

Ed Vaizey then, as much a cheap bastard as David Icke (Teddington Dave – tell them about Teddington). Luckily for Ed he works for the government however and his 8p and 16p expenses will be paid. Thank god you don’t work for David Icke Ed. But then, it can honestly be stated he reports to you doesn’t he? He’s submitted to your regulation after all.

Ed Vaizey is the man OFCOM report to at present. Ed Vaizey is part of the system (as is Ofcom) which David Icke purports to wishing to remove and destroy and his main way of doing that, he says, is for us all to play “the non comply dance”.

I want to make something clear to all you TPV workers who assume I am out to get you off the air: WRONG, I am not. What I AM interested in doing is showing YOU as well as a multitude of others, the charlatan that David Icke is (and most of his core team you work for as they get paid and you don’t). Once you’re of no further benefit to them (and I promise you this) your volunteering will be dropped. You’re a resource – cheap and to be used, abused and then, at the right time, no more. IF you have the guts you try to portray you do to take on the system then let’s see them: First, since you are supporting the network through your free labour and since you probably funded it through donations, TELL ICKE YOU WANT TO SEE THE BOOKS! Then, also, TELL ICKE YOU WANT TO DRAW THAT LINE IN THE SAND AND FIGHT OFCOM.

But you won’t will you? You’re all so defiant aren’t you? Far far easier to throw tantrums and boos at the likes of me than take on what you suggest you’re taking on. Shame you’re so full of shit and scared of your own shadow while you follow a man that doesn’t EVER walk his talk! What hope do you possibly have in taking on the system? Zero!

Anyhow, it’s this guy, Ed Vaizey, who is ultimately responsible for deciding who is and who is not “a fit and proper person” for holding a UK broadcast licence. Would you give your enemy the keys to your front door? For christ’s sakes grow up people, nevermind wake up because you’ve got a long way to go before you do that!


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  1. Julian Lowe said, on November 17, 2013 at 2:00 pm

    And that’s the problem and as always been the problem. Do as I say but dont do as I do. Don’t break the laws but we can. If theres something in it for ofcom or, infact, any regulationary organization, they will bend the laws and rules. I often wonder whether any of these authorities are sitting as non executive directors. Just as Norman Tebbit was with british telecom. I am even at the point where I am beginning to wonder whether or not mainstream and alternative media really exists. Maybe its simply just one media. The only criticism is the way that media is expressed via its delivery of content. Take main stream book publishing and the road to get that book on a shelf. Now take pod publishing. The idea of selling is basically the same. Readers buy information. So is ofcom a regulation body that can bend its own rules if there’s a way of lining their pockets. Goverments, banks, Local authority’s and regulatory bodies do the same. The fabric of ethical practices go through the window. The BBC once had a policy I believe, not to screen vulgar language. The word Fuck and cunt. Im sure there were times when they used censorship and bleep audio overlays. Somwhere along the line that policy got diluted and we can hear bolloxes, fuck, shag whatever. Was the BBC s policy for dilution brought about by executives taking back handers from producers. Who know. Great post anyway mate.

  2. stephen said, on November 22, 2013 at 10:49 pm

    No wonder we have rogue traders such as the Ickester somehow managing to get a license to overthrow government when we have likeminded rogues such as vaizey issuing the licenses.

    Icke is part of the flock ruining this world.
    He is in on the scam.

  3. stephen said, on November 22, 2013 at 10:54 pm

    Guys like vaizey do not give a damn if government collapses. So long as their pockets get lined. They have no interest in the peoples best interests.

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