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Posted in Law, Media by earthling on November 10, 2013


You may criticise me. You may despise me in your belief that I have, somehow, attempted to cause “The People’s Voice” problems due to my having to leave the organisation. You may believe whatever you wish, it is entirely your choice.

However, I had reason to seriously question this man Icke and his proclamations about various things. I found that they did not stand up to scrutiny and I truly believed it was important that YOU were made aware of them because the organisation is promoting itself as absolute truth.

One of those major points that David Icke made was that TPV DID NOT NEED an OFCOM licence. This is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT TO YOU because his suggestion that this was the case was for the purpose of having you believe that TPV could not be controlled by anyone or anything EXCEPT the law of libel. This then giving you the impression that they were free to talk about anything without the fear of being taken off air. THAT WAS NOT TRUE!

Now, considering he has – via TPV live in the last few minutes – advised you that OFCOM had contacted them within the last two weeks (therefore, after my contacting them simply to ask the question whether such a licence was required and finding out TPV, the company, is broadcasting under the protection of the Communications Act 2003) and told them they required a licence, do you think for one minute that this one single guy (i.e. me) would know the position better than the entire People’s Voice organisation? Do you TRULY believe that?

David Icke has just suggested that OFCOM have just advised him of something he did not know WHILE HE HAD REGISTERED HIS COMPANY UNDER THE COMMUNICATIONS ACT 2003 – Do you TRULY believe that he did not know and do you TRULY believe that he had not planned to apply for such a licence?

TPV have now had to put back their launch. If my contact with OFCOM caused that then so be it. I make no apologies for it. However, I must state clearly that I DO NOT agree with the fact that The People’s Voice should be regulated by such and it is another example of how the establishment has things tied up. Now, if you’re smart, you can then use this information to lobby the government to drop this requirement – thereby supporting TPV. Why would I suggest you do that and that you could have a significant impact if you did, if I was wishing for the suppression of speech?

I will state again, I am on YOUR side, by being on your side, I am willing to look at anyone and criticise anyone who I see as lying to you or abusing your trust. I don’t care who it is.

As I stated in my blog “David Icke: The turd in the punchbowl”…..

Whatever the following outcome of this communication is with OFCOM, if Icke is correct in what he believes, then OFCOM are wrong or have been misleading. IF, however, OFCOM are correct then Mr Icke has been misleading. Further, I had a telecon with OFCOM and they expressed the need for ALL TV/internet to be regulated by ATVOD (and TPV are producing Video on Demand as well as live shows. As I understand it from what I was told, even while the BBC and ITV provide live shows on their respective internet channels, they are regulated by ATVOD.  Hmmm. it’s somewhat of a conundrum isn’t it? According to OFCOM, he needs a licence so I guess he will have applied and been granted one? If not, David might just be in a spot of bother. Otherwise, he has applied and received one and he’s in a spot of bother with you because he has told you and all of us that he is free to say and do what he pleases because he is “regulation free” of OFCOM. And he didn’t mention ATVOD at all now did he?

From: Mark
Sent: 08 October 2013 14:55
To: TV Licensing
Subject: Content licensing

Dear sirs,

I am trying to understand the following from your information on the Ofcom website. Can you please tell me if it is necessary to apply for a content license, or any license, from Ofcom if one intends to set up an internet based broadcasting service from the UK with live news channels and others on a 24/7 live broadcast basis?

In other words, does Ofcom regulate such broadcasting in any shape or form?

Thank you,


To: mark
Subject: RE: Content licensing
Date: Fri, 11 Oct 2013 15:29:12 +0000


Services which are broadcast from the UK via the internet are licensable. This is set out in the notes of guidance for applicants and reflects the requirement of the Audio Visual Media Services Directive.

I simply told you the truth because I am sick of you being lied to from EVERY side! But hey, shoot the messenger.

The question now is this: Now that TPV IS regulated and they have to apply for a licence, think about it. IF the establishment give him a licence then the establishment is giving him a licence to “kill” them. There is no getting away from that and you know how STUPID that scenario is.

If they allow it then there is a reason for them allowing it. That ONLY reason is that they see no threat. HOW could that possibly be?


The mainstream is what it is because it is regulated by the establishment. As you are now aware, The People’s Voice are regulated by that same establishment. So there you are. End of story!

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  1. stephen said, on November 22, 2013 at 11:11 pm

    Once again Earthling is 100% correct in his analysis

    David Icke was also asking for £5000 & £10000 donations.
    How would a person that invested £10000 after being told this is all they need, be feeling when later being told that this donation only pays for getting on air but staying on air requires another £10k? i would imagine a person that had invested this much only to be told that would be feeling suicidal or even murderous.
    David Icke is actually a ruthless and cunning conman and he must be protected by someone because anyone else by now would be getting chased by Panorama, watchdog and trading standards.
    Oh, and i personally dont believe it is Rakorski he is protected by. I think he is lying about being in contact with spirits. He is protected by some authority slightly more human.

    You cannot just go around asking people for £10k then later spin a story.

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