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Could Icke have sold out to the dark side? Could the very “reptilians” who possess the personalities he speak of possess him? Is that so hard to believe? Well let’s see….

Icke's possession

David Icke: Sold to the highest Buddha!



Let’s start this little journey into David Icke’s “Twilight Zone” by first taking a close look at the BBC and how they do things. You will see why… promise! ūüôā

Have you ever heard of “BBC Enterprises”? It started life as such but is now known as “BBC Worldwide”.

BBC Enterprises

BBC Enterprises was set up as a “mechandising arm” of the BBC. Essentially, it would take BBC content and product (for product think Tellitubbies for example, licensed to any and all sorts of manufacturers to produce Teletubbies merchandise) and sell it. Nothing wrong with that on the face of it right? But just give it a little more thought as to what is going on here. Let’s say there are 20 million homes in the UK all paying a TV licence (which goes to the BBC because the BBC “DOES NOT ADVERTISE”). 20 million homes x ¬£145 = ¬£2.9Billion. We (if you pay a licence) are funding the BBC Corporation per year to the sum of approximately ¬£2.9Billion. The BBC then provides (poor and propagandised) content to us while the quality of shows and drama etc has just dropped dramatically over the years and more and more repeats (funded decades ago in some cases) are provided. If it was not for our funding of it, the BBC would not exist but, more to the point, BBC Enterprises (BBC Worldwide) would not exist. The latter sells content and product worldwide, and to us ourselves, which has been funded by us. It is like its own virtuous circle: It promotes content to us by way of the BBC broadcasting shows, characters etc (which we fund) and then BBC Worldwide sells us those same shows and characters and generates over ¬£1billion in revenues and a healthy profit which is paid back to the BBC Broadcasting company. No, the BBC does not advertise!! It advertises every single day its own content and product (again funded by us) and has its merchandising arm sell us the content we have funded.

As an example:

BBC Enterprises2

There are 34 pages of 500 titles each page which the BBC sells to us and which they never would have been able to create without our money funding them. Essentially, we are buying our own creations. Strangely, this is exactly how the entire world works when you step back (as Icke would say but he won’t like it being done in this instance) and view it again. It is so clear. As an aside, let me give you another couple of examples of how we buy our own funded creations. Recognising all of this may shock you if you haven’t thought of it before.

1. Energy

We build national grids and offshore rigs (oil, gas, wind farms etc) and we work extracting the resources to provide ourselves with our energy requirements. We are paid, of course, to do so but we are also taxed. Meanwhile, the entire energy grid and the natural resources are owned by people who have never picked up a spade in their lives. It is suggested by these same people that it is all in public ownership and that we benefit from the income generated which is, in part, given to the treasury. But what does the treasury do with that money? It pays toward the national debt (interest on money borrowed by the nation where, globally, the only way of paying the interest is by borrowing more money from the same source which increases the debt further but is indebting the future generations). The real owners of all the resources and energy is, in the case of the UK, the Crown. I have blogged about this many times now. The Crown then licenses corporations to extract the resources (and we work for the corporations – we ARE the corporations) and the corporations (legal person entities) make a profit. This profit then being distributed among shareholders – the major shareholders being? You guessed it – the Crown and those individuals within it who have never done a real day’s work in their lives. These people then sell our resources to us which we have extracted for them and keep increasing prices on us while our salaries do not ever keep in line with the increases. We effectively build and generate our own energy and then pay for it. It is incredible what we will do and never question. We just seem unable to figure out the most simplest of cons.

2. Mortgages and housing

We build homes for ourselves. Yes we do. Builders, craftsmen, electricians, plumbers and all the other skills which go into building a home. We then take a mortgage from a bank (such a loan being unnecessary because it is we who create the money for the banks in the first place but that’s been covered numerous times now) by way of signing a promissory obligation which creates the money for the bank who then lend us our own money/value which we have to pay back (again with interest which, globally, is non existent. To pay it back we then have to “win” the race or the game of finding money from someone else). But, nevertheless, it is us, generally speaking, who build our homes. Let’s forget that the land we build upon is, once again, owned by land owners – a major landowner being the Crown – so we never truly own our homes, we simply rent them. If we owned our property we would have every right to do as we wished with it without planning approval. So we buy (and pay interest on) the very homes we build but we go a step further than that. The banks (and it is us once more that keep these legal persons called banks operating while they use our own money to indebt us with) then take the value of our properties (the promissory note we have signed to bring the money into existence for them) and sell them on. Who do they sell the values of our properties to? To you and I. How? They sell them to pension funds and the general market. Who do these pension funds etc invest for? For us! So we are buying our own properties once more. The banks then crash the property market making our properties worth far less and the derivatives sold on in the market worthless so our pensions are worthless. But what have they done in the meantime? Well, it is they who create the market conditions and it is they who then, with that insider knowledge, invest in shorting the property and derivative markets so that, as it falls, they have bet ON it falling and the money goes directly to them. How stupid is the human race?

And yet, David Icke proclaims “Human Race get off your knees” while he, as I am about to demonstrate to you, uses the exact same methods to create wealth for himself and his trusted little team.

Back to the BBC…..

Have a look at this:

BBC Worldwide

So, as I said, a revenue of over ¬£1billion and profit of ¬£156M returned to the BBC. ALL of it generated from coercion of you having to pay for a licence which funds the corporation and allows its shareholders to generate massive income for themselves and the various BBC employees who you look to as “celebrities” and people worthy of your praise and hero worship.

A “public service mission” which then pays profits to shareholders. It commercialises but it doesn’t “advertise”! haha What an incredible doublespeak that is.

BBC Worldwide 2

“BBC Advertising sells advertising…….”

“Be commercially efficient” – Indeed.

And oh look: “… highest standard of ethics…” etc. It’s amazing what you can state on paper or promote to your audience while keeping a straight face. It’s called “Sales” in essence and, personally, I’ve been in this arena for decades. I like to think, however, I DID have ethics in my approach – at least as far as I could afford to have them. But I know that, at the top, ethics DO NOT exist. They are merely words. I expected (naively) that “The People’s Voice” and David Icke would be different. I can assure you there is zero difference and you only have to have that “open mind” David speaks of and look at how he is doing what he is doing to recognise how you are getting screwed in precisely the same manner. Promoting yourself as ethical is such a crowd pleaser isn’t it? Getting the crowd to “buy in” to the promotion of a person or concept is especially easy when you are promoting what you know the market wants (and that’s ALL you are to David Icke – a market to tap into). Look how Tony Blair was promoted in 1997 and the landslide victory he had. People will buy anything if it’s promoted just right. In a war you are taught to know your adversary. In sales, you are taught to know your target market. You know how to press their buttons and you’ve got them just where you want them.

BBC Worldwide 3

Ok, on to David Icke in earnest.

What we have here is “David Icke Books Ltd”. (now one could theorise about the figures you see here but there’s no real point in doing that. You’d have to have access to his accounts to understand fully what is going on there so I’d rather not theorise on it).

David Icke books Ltd

This how David Icke makes his money. By selling his books (and his talks etc).

Then along comes another, entirely separate legal entity called “The People’s Voice”. BOTH companies, however, run by David Icke. He is a Director in both. Gareth, his son, is also a Director of “David Icke books Ltd” while Sean Tabatabai is a Director of “The People’s Voice”.

David likes to sell books doesn’t he?

Have you ever heard of “Transfer Pricing”? Well, once upon a time, I worked for a well known multinational telecommunications company who were at the top of their game, during which, I was involved in Business Management globally. Transfer pricing is all about the creation of profit by one division or subsidiary of the multinational company selling its product to another division or subsidiary of the same company. Transfer pricing can then be manipulated in whichever way is preferred by the divisions and the overall corporation to ensure that, on transfer from one division in one country (say the UK) to another division in another country (say the USA), the most “appropriate” pricing can ensure minimal tax being paid by the organisation as a whole.

Have a look at this:

Transfer pricing

Now, don’t go off on a tangent here and say I’m suggesting David Icke is money laundering or terrorist financing. No, no ,no. What I am saying is that “Transfer pricing” is a perfectly LEGAL and accepted way of doing business and YET, it is through such practice that such things can be, and are, achieved. Now, I’m not even suggesting transfer pricing by David Icke because transfer pricing is used between subsidiaries of the same company. “David Icke Books Ltd” and TPV are not subsidiaries of the same company. So what AM I getting at then?

“Hey, I have an awesome idea!”

“What’s that?”

“Well, I write books and I publish them. I was thinking how I could create an ever larger captive market for them and even have my own broadcasting station to promote my work. A broadcasting station which has global reach, will appeal to an even broader audience because it will broadcast everything from news and current affairs to music and art etc.”

“Yes but where will you source all the content and at what cost?”

“From the people themselves who will not only be desperate to have their voices and their art and music broadcast but who will provide their content for free.”

“Great idea but what about the investment that is needed to create this broadcasting network and keep it on air? It’s a shitload of money that’s needed for that Dave! Are you going to invest that ¬£25K cash you have in “David Icke Books Ltd” and/or liquidise the assets of over ¬£200K you have to fund it?”

“No no no. It will ALSO be funded by the people. I’ll do a donation drive through Indiegogo. I’m not going to spend my own money! This is not “David Icke’s Voice”, I’ll promote it as “The people’s Voice” – THEY can fund it! Although I won’t mention the obviously needed further funding coming from somewhere otherwise people will start asking questions. I mean most of the idiots out there haven’t a scooby regarding the real cost of funding a project like this and they won’t care. They’ll believe every word I say. I give them truth remember and I point fingers at corruption so how could they possibly consider me to be sucking them dry?”

“Oh man, you’re a genius! They pay for it, they provide the content free and they end up buying the content that you produce. Your very own multi-media empire spitting out your propaganda. But where does “David Icke books Ltd” come into the equation?”

“Oh come on man! It’s simple. Get with the programme! “The People’s Voice” is going to have me introducing movies, giving talks, promoting myself and the station as a whole right? So then I will also be promoting my books won’t I? Just exactly the same proven format adopted by BBC Enterprises or BBC Worldwide. Of course, I’m not getting paid by TPV – it’s for the “love of humanity” you understand. It just so happens that I have all of these books – a whole back catalogue of them too – which would then be promoted and sold through TPV as a “public service”. After all, TPV is all about truth so, to have an expense attributed to TPV for buying my “truth books” is entirely rational isn’t it? And justifiable.”

“Hey but that doesn’t make sense David! How can you profit from yourself buying from yourself?”

“Man, what is it you don’t understand about what I have just said. I’M not investing in TPV. It’s not MY money. So when TPV decides to buy “David Icke books Ltd” product for stock and then sell it to the public (who have funded TPV), it’s THEIR money, not mine, which is buying the books. TPV is an entirely separate legal entity from “David Icke Books Ltd” and so they buy, perhaps 1000 at a time? That generates profit for “David icke Books Ltd” and a rather substantial income for me. Whatever TPV then sell of those book numbers are bought by the very audience which has already bought them FOR TPV through their funding of TPV!”

“Oh Jesus Christ David, you truly are the messiah! Only he could come up with a scheme like that! It’s brilliant!”

This is how it works. VERY simple and VERY legal. Moral? That’s for you to decide….

TPV book sales


Stated out in the open, right under your nose! Furthermore, the legal person and company named “David Icke Books Ltd” does not, unlike all other potential advertisers and sponsors, have to pay a solitary cent for its advertising on TPV. IT IS ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT! David, I seriously do tip my hat to you!

DI books

So let’s analyse just exactly how this works:

David Icke sets up a company/broadcasting network which will advertise and promote everything David Icke related. This company, called TPV, does not receive a cent’s worth of his own money but he generates that money through donations from the public. He creates for himself FREE MONEY (JUST EXACTLY like the banks). He doesn’t even pay a cent of interest on it. There is absolutely no risk for him whatsoever. Not a penny. This new company, “TPV” will then buy assets with that money (for example, a cost to the business can be anything from buying the equipment to buying PROPERTY (YES PROPERTY). The property purchases can “justifiably” be stated as required to house certain members of the team who have travelled from different parts of the UK and world to relocate. Those members then, perhaps, pay rent of one form or another, to TPV the company which then pays off mortgages TPV may have taken out. This is all totally and utterly legal.

TPV then pays salaries to the core team of TPV while David Icke works “for free”. All of the investments TPV makes, with YOUR money, then become valuable assets to TPV and, at any point in the future – near or far future – those assets can and will be sold. Property is a very valuable asset and while you will have funded TPV’s purchase of such, when it comes to selling the asset and liquidising it into cash, who gets it? Even if that is 20 or 30 years in the future.

Meanwhile, there is an entirely separate company to TPV called “David Icke Books Ltd”. The latter is solely interested in selling David Icke’s books (would you believe?). TPV then turn to “David Icke books Ltd” and say “Hello David, we would be interested in stocking your books and selling them worldwide.” David turns to TPV (perhaps he speaks to one of it’s Directors and does a deal – he could, for instance, speak with….David Icke) and says “Sure. Sounds good. What about taking 1000 books per month as a stock and selling them on? At a retail price of about ¬£25 each that would be an income to David Icke books Ltd of ¬£25,000 per month or ¬£300,000 a year. I might even give you a discount David but really, in this case, it’s unnecessary. TPV is a not for profit concern so if you buy at ¬£25 and sell at ¬£25 then there’s no profit right? No problem!” And David Icke, on behalf of TPV says “Sure, sounds good to me but what happens if we don’t sell that number per month?”. “No problem…” says David Icke of “David Icke Books Ltd”, “ can just burn the excess for all I care. Take it as a loss and I still get paid.” “Ah indeed you do David. I wish I was as smart as you!” says David Icke of TPV. “You are as smart as me David, you are me! We’re all one consciousness remember? Remember who you are David!”. Then David Icke, Director of TPV, says “But David, I don’t like wasting all that money and losing it. You wouldn’t like to lose money would you?” and David Icke of “David Icke Books Ltd” states the obvious: “But David, what are you talking about? You haven’t lost a cent because all that money you are buying the books with isn’t yours! It’s money donated by the public. You’re losing THEIR money and all that money is coming across to me at “David Icke Books Ltd”. Trust me David, I WILL share it with you!”.

Icke and Icke




The central equitable principle applicable to directors is to avoid any possibility of a conflict of interest.

The purpose of the no conflict rule is to ensure directors carry out their tasks like it was their own interest at stake. Beyond corporate opportunities, the law requires directors accept no benefits from third parties under section 176, and also has specific regulation of transactions by a company with another party in which directors have an interest. Under section 177, when directors are on both sides of a proposed contract, for example where a person owns a business selling iron chairs to the company in which he is a director,[110]¬†it is a default requirement that they disclose the interest to the board, so that disinterested directors may approve the deal. The company’s articles could heighten the requirement, say, to shareholder approval.¬†If such a¬†self dealing¬†transaction has already taken place, directors still have a duty to disclose their interest and failure to do so is a criminal offence, subject to a ¬£5000 fine.¬†While such regulation through disclosure hovers with a relatively light touch, self dealing rules become more onerous as transactions become more significant. Shareholder approval is requisite for specific transactions with directors, or connected persons,¬†when the sum of money either exceeds 10% of the company and is over ¬£5000, or is over ¬£100,000 in a company of any size. Further detailed provisions govern loaning money.¬†¬†On the question of director remuneration where the conflict of interest appears most serious, however, regulation is again relatively light. Directors pay themselves by default,¬†but in large listed companies have pay set by a remuneration committee of directors.¬†Under section 439, shareholders may cast a vote on remuneration but this “say on pay“, as yet, is not binding.

Finally, under section 172 directors must “promote the success of the company”. This somewhat nebulous provision created significant debate during its passage through Parliament, since it goes on to prescribe that decisions should be taken in the interests of members, with regard to long term consequences, the need to act fairly between members, and a range of other “stakeholders“, such as employees,¬†suppliers, the environment, the general community,¬†and creditors.¬†Many groups objected to this “enlightened¬†shareholder value” model, which in form elevated the interests of members, who are invariably shareholders, above other stakeholders. However, the duty is particularly difficult to sue upon since it is only a duty for a director to do what she or “he considers, in good faith, would be most likely to promote the success of the company”.¬†Proof of subjective bad faith toward any group being difficult, directors have the discretion to balance all competing interests, even if to the short term detriment of shareholders in a particular instance. There is also a duty under section 173 to exercise independent judgment and the duty of care in section 174 applies to the decision making process of a director having regard to the factors listed in section 172, so it remains theoretically possible to challenge a decision if made without any rational basis.¬†Only registered shareholders, not other stakeholders without being members of the general meeting, have standing to claim any breach of the provision. But section 172’s criteria are useful as an aspirational standard because in the annual¬†Director’s Report¬†companies must explain how they have complied with their duties to stakeholders.¬†Also, the idea of whether a company’s success will be promoted is central when a court determines whether a derivative claim should proceed in the course of corporate litigation.

In short, if you can’t be arsed reading the above, there is recognition in law regarding the reality of doing precisely what a “reptilian possessed” David Icke is capable of doing and that the ethics are far more than suspect (because it is obvious what is happening) but, given the TPV and “David Icke Books Ltd” set up and the fact there are only two shareholders of each, all very happy with how things turn out, then the reptilian possessed Icke would get away scot free. ūüôā

And all Ickeans will say is “Well he’s got to make a living!” Sure he does and he is doing so very well from your money you stupid, naive, gullible prat!

Now, TPV may WELL be a “Not for profit” enterprise or it may not. I have no evidence of either. IS it registered as a charity? Or as a “Not for profit”? There is absolutely no evidence of that but it matters not one iota! “David Icke books Ltd” is a FOR PROFIT enterprise which can entirely legally sell its books to a “Not for profit” enterprise. The two separate legal entities can conduct business with one another. The “Not for profit” taking on an expense and the “For profit” making…. well…. a very healthy profit!

There is so much more to this and the capabilities of TPV to create a vehicle for, and take all the cost for, setting up Gareth Icke with his own little music business but I could go on forever demonstrating how all this can be done and what can be done.


In the UK, many nonprofit companies are incorporated as a¬†company limited by guarantee. This means that the company does not have shares or shareholders, but it has the benefits of¬†corporate¬†status. This includes¬†limited liability¬†for its members and being able to enter into contracts and purchase property in its own name. The goals (“objects”) of the company are defined in the¬†Memorandum of Association¬†when the company is formed. The profits of the company (also referred to as the trading surplus) must be invested in achieving these goals and not distributed to the company’s members.

I don’t have any time for this guy and his promoter, Jones, either but this speaks volumes nonetheless.

Meanwhile, check this out. EXACTLY the same wording except for one obvious element:

Here is the ad on Facebook for anyone who’s a musician and wishes to “come long” to the TPV studio to be part of a launch film for “The Banned” music programme hosted by Gareth Icke.

Banned FB

Now, here is the exact same wording for the ad which appears on a specific website for musicians/student musicians:

Banned ACM

Spot the difference? ūüôā

THEY REALLY DO HOPE YOU WILL COME OF COURSE. Let’s ignore that, once more, they are advertising for a certain type of person, a certain look, a certain attitude (that THEY like of course) – what happened to “The People’s Voice”? They are very choosy of what sorts of people and look and attitude they attract for it to be solely for “the people”. People come in all shapes, sizes, ages, attitudes, types but they want CERTAIN SPECIFIC TYPES to promote a certain specific type of network/channel/”hip” (in their view). It’s kinda like turning up at the nightclub but the bouncer turning you away because they want to attract a certain crowd. But let’s forget all that.

Noticed it yet?

Well, in the Facebook “shout out” they have “Sadly, there’s no fee for turning up, but we’ll provide some food, some drinks!” – But that’s for the general dumb populace who are just avid fans of anything and everything Icke does. That’s why they’re on his Facebook page after all.

The ACM one (not an Icke page then but Icke wants to attract the muso’s and cool student types):¬†“Sadly, there’s no fee for turning up, but we’ll provide some food, some drinks and we can cover basic travel expenses.”

Hahahaha. So they finally considered travel expenses as being important to cover – just not for volunteers giving their energy and time constantly but for those who the station are desperate to attract.

Good on ya Deanna. You certainly have your priorities sorted!

“We pay for what might be a bit more difficult to attract however serious fans are already captured so fuck them!” LOL


One last thing: “It’s raunchy, decadent…… people who look like they know how to party”

Let’s consider what decadent means.

  1. 1.
    characterized by or reflecting a state of moral or cultural decline.
    “a decaying, decadent Britain”
    synonyms: dissolute, dissipated, degenerate, corrupt, depraved, louche, rakish,shameless, sinful, unprincipled, immoral, licentious, wanton,abandoned, unrestrained, profligate, intemperate; More

a person who is luxuriously self-indulgent.
“for half a million dollars, he offers rich decadents the chance to lead a deadly safari”

Now, doesn’t that remind you of exactly what you would consider the “elite” (that is, in Icke’s language, “the reptilians”) are into and want from the world? Moral and cultural decline – for example, pedophilia. What a strange irony in so many ways Icke is displaying.


22 Responses

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  1. Julian Lowe said, on October 31, 2013 at 6:56 pm

    Oh that is so so so dam true. You’re right. Whats the point in keeping the rwo things separate. He as a perfect platform for selling his books. It wouldnt be unethical at all if he had funfed the peoples voice totally. Gee man how could such a man do this he is using the peoples donations to make him wealthy. I bet his son sets up an independent recording company. Its a shame really that all this David ever speaks about is repeated stuff and twists words of other researchers like stichens work. He is a copy manipulative man who preys on the weak. I think they will wake up though.

    • earthlinggb said, on October 31, 2013 at 7:00 pm

      No mate, David would NEVER do that! Only if he’s possessed by a reptilian surely?

  2. Jef said, on October 31, 2013 at 8:55 pm

    This is one of your best articles ever. Thank you so much for your patient and calm explanation of how the BBC and the banks do their sleight of hand stuff. It’s been really helpful and is great to show to others who haven’t yet been able to understand how all this stuff is done.

    We, the people, really have been dumb beyond belief, mostly through lack of information. People like you, with articles like the above, are managing to slowly change this. Many thanks!

    • earthlinggb said, on October 31, 2013 at 9:26 pm

      Thanks Jef. It’s really appreciated if not even just because it gives me feedback that I’m not writing in vain mate. Thanks again.

  3. Gazz said, on October 31, 2013 at 9:33 pm

    Knew You wouldn’t throw in the towel lad ūüôā

  4. Annalise said, on November 3, 2013 at 2:03 pm

    Wow, thank you, this is brilliant. I have learned many things!

  5. Michael said, on November 3, 2013 at 4:22 pm

    yeah some interesting food for thought … mmm .. well see if he was dangerous .. really dangerous … they probs would taken him out allready … ? or not anyone ( leke luther /x/kennedy/ghandi/lennon./911 key witnesses/ broadcasters /writers/ willhelm reich /tesla /free energy inventors and the list goes on) he seems to me quite an ego driven book seller …yes he is pointing out the the world is … hypnotised by the masons ptb etc media … .. but is using the same matrix to promote and profit from … but what is he doing in terms of inciting the rabble to take some real action ie priorities … should not we be focusing and useing our millions from books and dvd sales …on getting the murders and thieves , and coorporate heads arrested with the help of the police force .. or take some action … like setting up example self sustainable communities out of matrix … so show people how the world could be different …?

    • earthlinggb said, on November 3, 2013 at 5:18 pm

      And that has been my major point about Icke and TPV up to now. Probably getting close to a million people in the UK alone listening to this guy quite frequently and he raises ¬£300K. He could have had a VERY strong lobbying force set up which would have scared the shit out of the government but no, he wants to have his face on his own media broadcast network selling more books and telling others to stand up (where they can be picked off individually). This guy has never stepped a food outside the “matrix” and stood up for anything. He just tells others to.

  6. Anthony Dianno said, on November 3, 2013 at 5:01 pm

    Brilliant article. You have said exactly what I instinctively feel about Icke.

    Sheep + Icke = fleeced.

    • earthlinggb said, on November 3, 2013 at 5:15 pm

      I think there are many who do Anthony but they tend to put it aside for some reason. Glad it resonated with you.

  7. Halo Jones said, on November 4, 2013 at 7:08 pm

    I would just like to say that having Peter Tatchell on tpv has totally ruined any hope I had that this nonsense was for real.Your well researched article has cemented it!
    Peter Tatchell is a disgusting apologist and advocate of peadophilia and I urge everyone to research this pos that Icke is having on his people’s voice..what about my voice Icke??

    Also,I agree completely that with Icke’s influence he could have taken legal action as he would have our total support..but like someone said,he wants his face in the media for his personal gain..what a sham.

  8. Anonymous said, on November 4, 2013 at 9:07 pm

    Fantastically put. I used to like Icke’ stuff but he finally showed the truth for what it really is when he posted Russell Brands mugshot on his website and Russell saying he is an avid support of the people’s voice and what a great idea it was to ask the people to donate 300,000 to launch this supposed TVP site.
    Well to Russell Brand 300,000 quid IMHO is chump change. And some of the very very rich friends the Celebrity has something started to smell bad.
    I even donated a small amount just so I could say my bit on his site only to be responded by some fool who said” Well Russell Brand would not donate it is after all for the people! ” and some abuse.
    Well is Russell Brand not a person now then??
    Something is very wrong and how comes David Icke is still allowed to get away with what he says without any comebacks.
    Stinks if you ask me BIG TIME!

  9. The Equalizer said, on November 6, 2013 at 6:50 pm

    earthlinggb this is the best expose of Icke i have ever seen.

  10. Old said, on November 23, 2013 at 7:28 pm

    I knew this was suspicious, & had virtually worked out all the benefits for him even before finding your article.
    There is one aspect I’m still completely clueless on though! What advantages has he gained by registering an internet streaming service as a Televised Broadcasting Station with Ofcom, when he needn’t have done so?
    Please spell it out to me.

  11. Gary said, on December 15, 2013 at 3:47 pm

    Whats with all this sniffing icke does? looked back on some older stuff no sniff sniff then. Then Keith Allen on Sonia poultry some major sniffing from Keith.

    • earthlinggb said, on December 15, 2013 at 4:18 pm

      3 guesses.

      • Jef said, on December 15, 2013 at 7:17 pm

        I’d like to know too! I don’t know what the likely reason is for his sniffing, but in a video you posted several days ago, it was very noticeable …and very odd

        • earthlinggb said, on December 15, 2013 at 8:02 pm

          I don’t know either. Meanwhile, have a listen to this:

          • Kate said, on December 22, 2013 at 2:58 am

            The sniffing is consistent with coke abuse and would be consistent with his promotion of “depravity.” I love how he thinks its relevant to feature porn stars and promote The People’s Voice with breast exposing bimbos. Doesn’t he know that exploiting base natures is a tool of the elite for manipulation?

            He touches his nose a lot because he is a liar. Nose touching is a subconscious way of communicating that the speaker doesn’t believe what he is saying.

            A good thing about this sham station is that it has exposed Icke for who/what he is. I hope Karma bites him in the butt big time and that he loses his “empire” he so desperately wants to build for himself and little Gareth.

          • Kate said, on December 22, 2013 at 3:00 am

            I also think you said it best, Earthling, when he said he is trying to get the public to invest in his property — his station — to enrich him. At some point, he could then sell it off and keep all the profits, it he were successful. The whole thing is a sham which benefits Icke almost exclusively while others volunteer the content.

  12. Kate said, on December 22, 2013 at 2:52 am

    This station is all about promoting David and Gareth Icke and making a boat load of money in the process.

    It’s clear they don’t give a shit about “the people,” or even about their volunteers. This is their venture. Their business. And they get the people to pay for it. The business coud even buy David’s books and then sell them again, giving Dave double the money.

    Look, setting up a net TV station is not THAT expense. You need Skype, a studio, web cam, mics. And basic editing equipment, and a computer or two. Many people have created cheap internet web sites, with video and they didn’t need 300k quid to do it.

    That advertisement for party ravers and musicians reflects how unserious and vapid this whole project is. Are you serious about news or creating a platform for Gareth.

    I agree with Earthling’s characterization of “depraved.” Enlightened people are incompatible with the depraved. Depraved behavior is consistent with NWO and corrupt elites. DI’s appeals to the freaks is similar to Lady Gaga’s appeal to her “little monsters.”

    Why not accept THE PEOPLE and pursue THE TRUTH.

    Dave doesn’t care about anyone else’s input as his goal is not to create a credible, serious news station but to generate profits for Icke and his close circle off the backs of content provided by “volunteers” while he expands his vehicles to promote books and expand his audience and no doubt promote Gareth’s “career.”


  13. Scoopup Doggydogdo said, on October 24, 2014 at 11:30 am

    Surely, you don’t buy BBC products do you? Just watch them free or if you cannot, record them. Or watch it on BBC iPlayer.

    BBC Enterprises, formerly Worldwide, exploits brands created by BBC mainly for overseas territories. It just so happens that people like to buy products in the UK!!!

    The BBC do not force people to buy their products – they are merely supplying onto a demand that is there.

    If people from the UK wish to buy such products, it it their choice surely!! You article lacks so much it is unbelievable and goes off on roundabouts to make a point.

    It is very simple to me. Like it or not, we all need to live. Icke needs money like we all do. If he wants to make loads of money good luck to him!

    He has something to say, and it deserves being listened to. Whether you like it or not, what he was saying 20 years ago has since happened. For whatever reason, it is undeniably eye opening – it is also entertaining lest we forget that. Humans want to be entertained!

    People pay £1350 a season to watch a FAMOUS London football club. 10.5 Million pay £1000 a year to have PAY TV and catch the football live.

    Are you saying Icke is a con or part of the same thing he is espousing? So what?????

    He is enterainment to the captive crowd. His books are weird, but so what – people read them because he has a market – he’s just exploiting it. He is also a HUGELY intelligent man lest you forget that he was a BBC tv presenter back in the days – they needed good CVs to make it in those days.

    Would you not exploit your own talents? it is our destiny. Icke is merely fulfiling his, just like the BBC are theirs.

    Would you prefer to instead pay £250 per year for a licence fee Рthey have to compete with 2000+ COMMERCIAL stations worldwide to sell content and keep our licence fee competitive. And as for poor content, balderdash!!!

    BBC content is driven by a move fwd into new realms and they are all cutting edge. iPlayer, BBC3 BBC4 BBC2 radios 3 ,4 5 live etc

    ICKE IS ENTERTAINMENT and eye opening – that is all any rational open minded soul can say. The rest is down to each individual – Icke is just saying there are other paths.

    Are you saying that Icke should also be a standard bearer for what he talks about, and fly the flag in front of the ‘enemy’??? He’d be dead in a month, just like MLK, JFK, Nasa emplyees etc etc

    There is a groundswell developing. It is very quiet. Long may that continue.

    Icke is no leader – just a messanger, and maybe 50% of the stuff he preaches may have substance, but it is down to individuals intellect to work that out, in the same way 90%+ of the crap on the internet is misinformation. With misinformation, there is still good content there – you just have to have the mind to sift through it.

    Sorry, but this was a non article.

    The BBC

    recorsds it.

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