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How do you plea? “Unwittingly your honour!”

Posted in Gross stupidity within society, Law, Politics, The Corrupt SOB's by earthling on July 4, 2013

This is James Clapper



It reminds me of Bill Clinton in a way:

Question: “Bill did you or did you not have sex with that woman?”

Bill’s answer: “No!… well perhaps, unwittingly, I ejaculated once over her suit in the oval office but I can’t remember. I was having a bad day. Perhaps I had to blow off some steam but got confused and blew my load”

Time and again, we’re led to believe (or told) that these sort of people are “in control” and know what they’re doing yet, time and again – whether it’s Bush and Cheney stating as fact that they never once said Iraq had anything to do with 9/11; or Condaleeza Rice saying the Whitehouse would never had considered planes being flown into buildings; or Obama saying he would never sign the NDAA; or Cameron stating that depleted uranium would not be used in Libya; or Blair saying there was WMDs in Iraq; or Rumsfeld saying that there were underground “Cave cities” in the Mountains of Afghanistan; or…or…or…. – they claim they are either impotent, incompetent OR that they “UNWITTINGLY” said or did something. It just so happens that their claims of incompetence always seem to happen after the event and when the truth emerges that they told a shitfull of lies. AND YET, the excuses of “unwittingly” or “inadvertently” or “The intelligence I got was wrong” or a million other excuses for being the true – not incompetents but – LIARS that they are, stops them EVERYTIME from getting a jail sentence.

So, next time you’re up in court (because, you see, the reality of law is this: There must be an “Actus reus” and a “Mens Rea” and while the court will determine itself whether YOU have a guilty mind – the mens rea – or not, in the world of politics it is FORBIDDEN to call another of your colleagues, who is a “Right Honourable Gentleman”, a liar. That being so, there is no-one who can say to these people “I don’t believe you and no-one does therefore you are a liar and you are going to jail for life”. You see Right Honourable Gentlemen (and Ladies) “don’t lie”. It’s as simple as that and the entire edifice of politics works on this basis. If an MP in the House of Commons or a Lord in the House of Lords (or a Senator or a Congressman) were to turn in Parliament or the Congress/Senate and call another a liar, then that MP or Congressman etc is ejected from the house PLUS, no matter if he is being truthful and we all know it, he will be dealt with severely.

It is precisely the same when it comes to asking questions. There are some questions YOU DO NOT ASK IN PARLIAMENT. One example being “Who owns the Bank of England?” It is OFF LIMITS and, in fact, the answer to such is protected by the Official Secrets Act (look up Bank of England Act 1946).

So. with that, have a read of this:


Released by Edward Snowden on his Twitter account…..


2013-06-21 DNI Ltr to Sen. Feinstein

Clapper 1


Clapper 2



Now, if you have ANY idea of what Feinstein is, then I don’t have to tell you that she’s going to support Clapper to the hilt and they’ll both run from this issue like the Clappers!

Did you notice, however, who was sitting to Clapper’s left hand side in the video? Well… nothing abnormal about that is there? After all, when it comes to “U.S.Intelligence” you can just drop the two first letters and replace them with the name “Rockefeller” because that is precisely who (with certain others) run the “U.S.” Intelligence services.

I’m sure they run it “unwittingly” however when people finally let the penny drop and call them out on it.

David Rockefeller: “I unwittingly stated in my memoirs that I wanted a New World Order and was working with others throughout the globe to achieve that aim. I unwittingly forgot that that would be tantamount to treason by me and those others I work with to achieve it when our respective countries have sovereign Constitutions. I’m a little senile after all – though I don’t know what the others excuses will be!”

Well their excuses will be like Ken Clarke’s: ” I am unwittingly a Steering Committee member of Bilderberg and completely forgot about it! What that has to do with Parliament however is beyond me since Bilderberg is a PRIVATE organisation”.


Well folks, let’s all UNWITTINGLY start up a PRIVATE organisation whereby we plot to do WHATEVER we wish. What should it be? Murder? Bankrobbery? Treason?

YOU NAME IT. PARLIAMENT (who make our “laws”) CAN’T TOUCH US IT SEEMS AND IF THEY CAN’T THEN THE POLICE CAN’T I WOULD ASSUME SINCE THE “LAW” (Courts/Police) JUST SIMPLY ENFORCE WHATEVER LAW THAT PARLIAMENT PASS INTO ACTS. If Parliament has stated that it cannot interfere or even investigate what the purposes are of a PRIVATE organisation then let’s all start one shall we? If Parliament ask what we’re doing we just tell them to go screw themselves after all that is precisely what Bilderberg AND the Freemasons do!

I wonder: Do the Freemasons also protect themselves by way of CHATHAM HOUSE RULES?








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