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By Rabid Anti-Dentite!


Dentists are calling for tougher laws to be introduced by the EU and also for the United Nations to introduce a new protocol similar to the “Rights of the Child” specifically to protect Dentists after what has been described by many EU Ministers as a racially motivated, hate crime against worldwide dentistry – commonly referred to as the “dentalspora”!

Worldwide, politically correct….. politicians (who else?) are speaking out in condemnation of groups who they say are associated with OWS (Orthodontal Western Socialists) who the political world alleges are carrying out a hate-based campaign against the Dentalspora by suggesting they are behind the “New World Order” – a Conspiracy theory which suggests that people like the Rothschilds (whose great grandad was a dentist and acquired his first million in gold bullion by murdering his dental clients before melting down their fillings!) and Rockefeller (who went on to fund Nazi medical and dental experiments on the jaws in concentration camps – later to be known as the “Holofloss”) rule the world through organisations such as the Tridental Commission.

Tridental Commission’s logo and flyer (while cadbury’s produce chocolate to rot away your teeth!)

Please note: Conspiracy theorists maintain that the Trident nuclear missile is named after the Tridental Commission and “Trident” has some form of secret meaning within the Satanic Dentist Society such as a Holy trinity of some sort. The second letter of the pre-endodontic dental Irnbrew period was R and the third letter was B (a slightly backward race then). The number sequence “322” for Skull and Bones (and Jaws) therefore would spell out BRR which would stand for Blankfein Rothschild and Rockefeller. When advised that these names/people did not exist in the Pre-endodontic period the theorist are undaunted, explaining that the Jaws’ Holy Book The “Torus” has many hidden formulas and hidden text which prophecise such future events and names. BRR also signified that they lived in times before global warming!

Dentists believe that, after the Endodontic and Periodontic periods, “Molar” son of “Mesial” came down from Mount Amalgam and gave the Jaws God’s ten commandments which the God of Molar carved into tablets of Amalgam using what the Dentaism religion believe to be the first pre-dental drill. After this event, the jaws (a tribe of dentists who were one of the 12 tribes of “Thathurtslikehell”) built the first Temple of Solomon (and as you can see, the Solomon’s dentist bloodline continues to this day run by one of the Sachs brothers in Maryland USA 1).

In fact, Goldman Sachs got it’s name from the Sachs brothers recognising the fact that most of the world’s gold reserves lie in the jaws of goyim and since goyim outnumber jaws by a significant proportion in today’s world, the Sachs’ and their Dental brotherhood believe since we have all the gold they’ll take all the money!

So the Temple of Solomon was built and, when deciding where to build it, they asked “Thathurtslikehell” for guidance. “Thathurtslikehell” (or Jacob for short) suggested it should be built in the land of Canine! And so it was. The City was called Letloosomephlegm and such is celebrated even today when you visit the dentist as you gargle and spit in the bowl – it’s all very occlusal you know!

The jaws holy book, the “Torus” was named after a peculiar outgrowth of bone. It usually develops on the roof of the mouth or around the premolar area only found in jaws.

During the pre “Thathurtslikehellite” and pre Molar era, it is thought that the Jaws appointed Molar to be their leader because he led the diastema (origin of the term “dentalspora” and now meaning “the space in between two teeth”) to the Promised Land during the “Excision” (mistranslated in the bible as the “Exodus”) and that he parted the Root Canal, thereby removing the necessity for a bridge. An incredible feat never repeated to this day! This is why, today, dentists would prefer not to supply jaws with bridges – lots of cost but not too much profit. Molar was, therefore, handed the crown and this is why crowns are commonly bestowed in jaws everyday throughout the world how we also know, by inference, that the monarchy “The Crown”) are really jaws!

Now, according to the Conspiracy theorists, dentristry has been infiltrated by freedentistry, a secret society founded by Adam Wisdomtooth in 1776. The theorists believe that most top politicians, bankers and dentists are all what is known as “33rd degree Freedentists” and, at which level, they secretly and quietly dabble in occlusal practices! This is why most Presidents and Prime Ministers have straight white teeth and smile a lot – it’s their version of a secret handshake. You may ask yourself at this point about the state of Tony Blair’s and most other British politicians teeth in comparison with their American cousins: Well this is simply due to that, in fact, the British politicians have achieved 32nd degree and not 33rd. You see, the number of teeth an adult has is 32 and while the Americans are big on their fake boobs and fake white toothy smiles and are willing to undergo plastic surgery far more willingly than the average brit, the British politicians tend to maintain their “britishness” so they generally stick at the 32nd degree level. IF, however, you were to count the number of teeth in Obama’s, Bush’s, Romney’s etc jaws, you’d notice a very strange anomaly. They have an EXTRA TOOTH. This proves, therefore, that they are 33rd degree freedentists and, effectively, IGUMMYNASTY!

An example of the before and after effect of transcending the 32nd to 33rd degree in Freedentistry can be shown here:

Sarkozy Pre-33rd degree

Sarkozy: Post 33rd degree IGummynasty (Private Album photo)

Now, each Jaw, at birth, goes through a Jawish tradition known as a “Sore spitzvah!” This entails what is known as a “Rabid” carrying out a pulpectomy on the newborn child WITHOUT any anaesthetic! This then induces a feeling of fear and rage throughout the newborn jaw’s life because it felt the pain and had toothpulp removed without being consulted and the individual then lacks all empathy for other human beings! So much for the UN’s “Rights of the child” eh?

The operation further ensures that there is added space in the jaw for an extra tooth if and when the child grows up to become a 33rd degree Igummynasty! They don’t all become such however, according to the Conspiracy theorists.

So, that is the background of the jaws and the Dentists. There’s more but perhaps for another session. Think of the foregoing as a descaling.

Meanwhile, the Conspiracy theorists and the OWS are of the opinion that it is the dentists who are destroying the minds of our young as shown here:

Having then watched this, it would seem to be a fair point!

However, the political and banking establishment and the ADL ( the American Dental League, a powerful dental lobby) have continually pointed out that extensive tests have been carried out over decades to show that the Conspiracy theorists beliefs that Fluoride being used in dental surgeries, in toothpaste (even when the dentists have done nothing to prevent the later onset of gingivitis and the danger of fluoride then attacking one’s system through the bloodstream) and fluoridated water negatively impacts the human nervous and brain system, is all simply paranoid nonsense.

The problem with the establishment line, of course, is that if fluoride was so damned good for people’s teeth then why did so many “Holofloss” victims have so very little teeth?

Ah! Just remembered: We’re back to the gold again!

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  1. Ian B said, on November 30, 2011 at 9:33 pm

    …ribs hurt… so much…. great post!

  2. earthlinggb said, on November 30, 2011 at 9:37 pm

    Apologies for this one. It was just during a bored and “quirky” moment! We all have em right? 🙂

    • Ian B said, on November 30, 2011 at 10:51 pm

      We certainly need em mate! Still makes the serious point that it is easy to create and manipulate predjudices…

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