Islamic fundamentalism (Wahhabism) created by Zionists! (Update)

Posted in Political History by earthling on August 3, 2011

Recently released documents by the US Dept of Defense have now supported the information in a previously blog written approx 2 years ago regarding the founding of the Wahabi sect of Islam and the relationship between the Al Saud family and jewish roots. The US Dept of Defense have culled a number of Iraqi intelligence documents from 2002.

Document:  wahhabi.pdf

Original blog:  407

Time and again, the information which has previously been condemned as “ridiculous” and “Conspiracy theory” is proven to be factual.

I only wonder why all of this is finding its way out into the public domain.

I have stated many times that, having read Zbigniew Brzezinski’s book “The Grand Chessboard” it is clear to me that the west is no longer (and perhaps never was except for when it was of use) interested in the state of Israel. The true nature of the west’s gameplan is to have a united Middle East and that United Middle East (and Africa) – the Muslim world in total in fact – to be led by a strong leader who will be in the pocket of the west. They are never going to achieve this by retaining a zionist threat in the shape of the state of Israel. They will, therefore, sacrifice Israel and have a strong Muslim leader to unite the region instead. This muslim leader COULD be Ahmadinejad (or another Iranian figure) or it may be a grouping of leaders all under western control. To eliminate Israel however, also means eliminating the Saudi support of Israel – Wahhabism. We may yet see the downfall of the Al Saud family.

Personally, I would like to see the Muslim world wake up to this while I would not want to have a muslim take over of the west. The people of Islam and the people of the west need to destroy both sets of leadership through knowledge and intelligence. Only then will we have peace.

We can live harmoniously with the two cultures which, at their root, have the principle of “Non usury” in common. It is a simple fact that the jewish religion (and the zionists who now control it from a political standpoint) has no issue with usury while it is the most disgusting form of a Crime on Humanity that you can think of. After all, the entire planet is in financial turmoil right now entirely due to it.

It MUST be eradicated.

I still think how telling it is that the names given for 9/11 were, for the most part, Saudi nationals. It would make a great deal of sense considering 9/11 was carried out by Israeli interests.

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  1. Misho said, on August 16, 2011 at 7:32 am

    There is no difference between zionist and a jew . The jew swine just created the word of zionism to divert the hatred from a jews to zionist to confuse us whites. The jewish Talmud was written by so call jews before the Khazars join the jew satanic religion in 740 A.D.,long after the Talmud was written. But the the real story is that the real twelve tribes of Israel are the “WHITE EUROPEANS”,the descendant’s of ADAM and EVE.
    Join us the real nationalist.

    • earthlinggb said, on August 16, 2011 at 10:20 am

      Zionism is a political ideology. There were jews who lived peacefully among the arabs prior to the formation of the state of Israel ( Zionist.Rothschild construct). There are jews today who live peacefully in IRAN! I have known jewish people who are perfectly decent, ordinary human beings. David Cameron, William Hague, Joe Biden and many many more declare themselves to be zionists for POLITICAL reasons. It was the zionist organisation’s disgareement of the Transfer Agreement with Hitler which led to the persecution of jews in Germany and Europe. They had every opportunity of removing them and saving their lives but chose not to so they could manipulate, politically, the call for a jewish state. There are the Naturei Karta (Orhtodox jews) entirely against zionism as there are thosands of people on the streets of Tel Aviv today (right now) calling for an end to the Netanyahu regime. Do you see our government helping them as they are suggesting they are helping Libyans etc? No. This is not a racist issue it is a political one. Further, I use the name “Earthlinggb” because that is exactly what I am. An Earthling. I do not believe in the divisions we have allowed to be created in the name of race or colour or religion so I could never join you. I believe you are misled.

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