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Positive Money & Michael Meacher.

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Date: Tue, 5 Apr 2011 19:17:17 +0000
To: Earthling
Subject: Michael Meacher is the latest MP to support our proposals

Positive Money
Hi Earthling,Michael Meacher is the latest MP to speak out against fractional reserve banking. In his blog, he displayed his astonishment that no serious reform of the banking sector had taken place since the enormous taxpayer bailouts of the recent financial crisis, and praised the proposals put forward by Positive Money and the New Economics Foundation. He criticised the money creation abilities of the banks, influencing the money supply by encouraging more or less money creation, and the fact that customers have no control over where their money goes. Mr Meacher also called for the  nationalisation of the money supply, rather than the banks, and said that the proposals would have “prevented the crash of 2007-8”.

You can read the article here

Gaining the support of MP’s such as Mr. Meacher is going to play a crucial part in the movement of fundamental banking reform into the political mainstream, why not contact your MP to see if they are aware of the issues and what their stance is on banking reform? You could do this through a tool we use for our One Good Cut campaign

Once you’ve written to your MP you could contact us if you’d like to get a group of you together to go and see your MP, either at your local surgery or in private – we can send out an email to people in your area if you’d like to do this.

Best regards

Ben Curtis

Haha, Ben, have you ever tried to communicate with either of my MPs mate?

It’s like presenting Einstein’s theory of relativity to two snails.

There’s one thing, however, that neither you nor Michael Meacher nor anyone else seem to have the balls to say outright and that is that, since its inception, the Fractional Reserve Banking system has been a criminal enterprise and con on every single person on earth. You know it because you, as well as Mervyn King and many others, are calling for its demise admitting it is what it is BUT you don’t call for the trials of those who have promulgated it all these decades and centuries. Why is that? Appreciate what you’re doing BUT you just don’t go far enough. They have already made their “killing” and have got away scot free. It’s like saying “Well, the Great train robbers managed to pull it off without getting caught so let’s just leave them be”. Did they do that? NO! Because the Great Train Robbers stole from THEM!

Or like Bernie Madoff (although it was really Santander the Jesuit mob) fleecing people for $billions. Just so happened it was a jew who fleeced other jews and you KNOW you’re not allowed to do that! But he took the hit and Santander, the Jesuits, got off scot free.

You’re locking the barn door once the horse has bolted and just like the Iraq inquiry, “no-one is to be blamed”. You don’t wish to take them on do you?

They should be incarcerated for the rest of their natural lives.

No balls Ben.

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