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The tale of two anti semitic jews!

Posted in New World Order Religion by earthling on March 25, 2011
The following is an actual debate by two jews (one man one woman) on a political debating forum (if you could stretch to calling it debate which, I assure you, you couldn’t in all honesty).
This is the “Anti semitism” card in its full technicolour glory. Enjoy!
The thread was entitled “Legal professionals crucify jews at Nuremberg” and it is the FULL ‘debate’ from start to finish (thus far):
And this is how the Tricycle advertises the play…
The kinds of sham professionals promoted by the West makes me sick
Haven’t you done enough damage on her yet, Sandra?
(It should be noted at this point that the male, in his usual, childish and condescending fashion, changes the title of the thread from that point to “Sandra crucifies the jews” As you can and will see, we are studying the exceptional talents of two individuals who believe in the “superiority” in intellect, art and science of Jews over and above everyone else. Oh and did I mention also philosophy?)
Why Edward was Hitler Jewish? Were the prosecutors at Nuremberg Jews or do you just object to me pointing out that the gentiles crucified the Jews at Nuremberg by refusing to prosecute…by giving immunity…by complicit Holocaust Denial….
Your comments are ill-advised and radically injurious to me.
Sandra, your comments are ill-advised and radically injurious to the entire Jewish population!
I find no evidence of that Edward and frankly nor actually of you being a Jew…inasmuch as your posts are deeply antiSemitic. But you protest and protest and pose…so everyone thinks you are a Jew assaulting an antiSemite.
Your posts follow an ugly profile.
That is just about the limit, Sandra!
How an ex-Jew, who defected to Christianity and now has a guilty conscience, how possibly spout such vile, offensive crap simply beggars belief!
The worst anti-Semites are self-hating Jewish anti-Semites, of which you are typical!
Your ancestors, z’l, must be turning in their graves!
The self righteous and the pompous are found everywhere and in every religion and the dogma such religion brings but NOWHERE will you find a greater example of such than in the minds of zionists.
Just remember the words of Lloyd Blankfein: “We do God’s work”. A jewish, zionist banker illustrates the workings of the zionist mind and the sheer audacity of these people in 4 simple words.

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