The tale of two anti semitic jews!

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The following is an actual debate by two jews (one man one woman) on a political debating forum (if you could stretch to calling it debate which, I assure you, you couldn’t in all honesty).
This is the “Anti semitism” card in its full technicolour glory. Enjoy!
The thread was entitled “Legal professionals crucify jews at Nuremberg” and it is the FULL ‘debate’ from start to finish (thus far):
And this is how the Tricycle advertises the play…
The kinds of sham professionals promoted by the West makes me sick
Haven’t you done enough damage on her yet, Sandra?
(It should be noted at this point that the male, in his usual, childish and condescending fashion, changes the title of the thread from that point to “Sandra crucifies the jews” As you can and will see, we are studying the exceptional talents of two individuals who believe in the “superiority” in intellect, art and science of Jews over and above everyone else. Oh and did I mention also philosophy?)
Why Edward was Hitler Jewish? Were the prosecutors at Nuremberg Jews or do you just object to me pointing out that the gentiles crucified the Jews at Nuremberg by refusing to prosecute…by giving immunity…by complicit Holocaust Denial….
Your comments are ill-advised and radically injurious to me.
Sandra, your comments are ill-advised and radically injurious to the entire Jewish population!
I find no evidence of that Edward and frankly nor actually of you being a Jew…inasmuch as your posts are deeply antiSemitic. But you protest and protest and pose…so everyone thinks you are a Jew assaulting an antiSemite.
Your posts follow an ugly profile.
That is just about the limit, Sandra!
How an ex-Jew, who defected to Christianity and now has a guilty conscience, how possibly spout such vile, offensive crap simply beggars belief!
The worst anti-Semites are self-hating Jewish anti-Semites, of which you are typical!
Your ancestors, z’l, must be turning in their graves!
The self righteous and the pompous are found everywhere and in every religion and the dogma such religion brings but NOWHERE will you find a greater example of such than in the minds of zionists.
Just remember the words of Lloyd Blankfein: “We do God’s work”. A jewish, zionist banker illustrates the workings of the zionist mind and the sheer audacity of these people in 4 simple words.


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Even possibly the greatest known Jew ever (although personally, I believe he was a fraud) had these words to say regarding the zionist terrorism which took place during the mid/late 1940s to achieve the Zionist goal of Israel:


The facts are just plain facts. The zionists, ironically, are the REAL “deniers” of truth and history.

It is time to destroy Zionism and let the world move on. Until, it is destroyed, there will simply be no progress.

There is no justification for zionism in the 21st Century. The only problem remaining then would be the understanding that, zionism itself was but a tool – that tool in the hands of a far greater threat to humanity: The Rothschild family and the Black Nobility/Monarchy/Jesuit circle. Make no bones about it, it is among that group that the “Anti Christ” resides and I do not use the term “Anti Christ” in reference to a being but as an inhumane ideology.

The scourge of ZIONISM

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TO ALL THOSE MPs NOT MEMBERS OF THE FRIENDS OF ISRAEL I SAY: “What? Are you stupid? Don’t you think of your career?”

The young rabbi, Yaakov Yisrael Dahan was murdered on July 1, 1924. He was a man who devoted all his energies and the best years of his life to saving the remnant of loyal Jews, and to promote peace with the veteran Arab residents of the Holy Land. Through his knowledge of politics and diplomacy, Dahan contributed much to crystallizing an independent position for Orthodox Jewry unaffiliated with the Zionist leadership.

At a time when the first followers of the Zionist movement began streaming into the Holy Land in large numbers, defiling the holiness of the land, and by virtue of their idiotic ideas began to work to expel the Arabs who had been living there for centuries in order to establish a Zionist state.

The Zionists first approached the British authorities by pretending to present themselves as the representatives of the Jewish nation, who desired to establish a “national home” without any regard whatsoever of the fact that the vast majority of the Jewish People opposed Zionism in those days. However, through their various contacts, the Zionists managed to bring about the Balfour Declaration (known among our rabbis of the time as the Baal Peor Declaration – a pun referring to the idolatry mentioned in the Bible), based on the “right” of the Jews to establish a state in Palestine, and ultimately the state itself to our great misfortune.

Read more about the murder of Dr. DeHaan in online book, “A Martyr’s Message” by Emil Marmorstein

Good relations existed between the Jewish and Arab communities, and the leadership of the Orthodox Jewish community conducted themselves according to the principles of Judaism, never provoking their non-Jewish neighbors. The Arabs were very friendly and neighborly, and a spirit of mutual respect was typical.

When the winds of Zionism began to blow through Palestine, the Arabs began to change their attitude because of the fact that they heard that the “Jews” wanted to grab the Land from them and expel them. Of course, they did not distinguish between the Zionist troublemakers and the members of the loyal authentic Jewish community that advocated tolerance and peace. There were outbreaks of violence here and there, until bloodshed began and many people died.

However, instead of learning from this experience that brought suffering upon the Jewish People in the Holy Land, and ceasing their dangerous lawless behavior, the Zionists used these events as “additional proof” for the need for a state and an army to protect the Jews from violence. Jewish blood was of no importance to the Zionists in comparison to their “lofty” nationalist goals.

It was clear to the leaders of the Orthodox community that there was an immediate need for an organization to confront the Zionist organization, and demand that the British desist from endorsing the idea of a Zionist state, and resolve Arab-Jewish tensions peacefully.

A great and unexpected opportunity presented itself in the form of Rabbi Yaakov Yisrael Dahan, who had embraced Judaism from a life of secularism, and had made his way to the Orthodox community of Jerusalem during those difficult days. He sensed the truth, and from then on never ceased to march with the great rabbi of Jerusalem, Rabbi Yosef Chaim Zonnenfeld, who wisely advised Dahan.

Dahan established extensive contacts with many governmental authorities in Europe, including the English, and proceeded to carry out his work immediately. In no time at all he transformed the loyal Jewish community from a tiny one without any international recognition to a community standing up against the Zionist heretics. He and other members of the community represented the Orthodox Jews under the name of “Eida Haredis” (G-d-Fearing Community), and represented the position of the loyal Jewish community.

It goes without saying that the Eida Haredis was accepted warmly among non-Jews, much more so than was the case with the Zionists – both because of the fact that the Eida Haredis represented traditional, authentic Judaism against Zionism that openly rejected Judaism in its entirety, and because of the fact that the Orthodox position made more sense in order to prevent bloodshed and promote harmony in Palestine.

Rabbi Yosef Chaim Sonnenfeld
View the video of Rabbi Sonnenfeld
meeting with Lord Winston Churchill
to see film images of Dr. DeHaan

Rabbi Dahan then organized a delegation of Orthodox leaders to meet with Arab leaders headed by King Abdullah. The Jewish delegation was headed by Rabbi Zonnenfeld, and was welcomed by the Arabs like royalty. The king even gave them expensive gifts as a sign of his affection. Of course the Zionists were gritting their teeth when they learned of this event, and saw the possibility that all of their projects may end up collapsing in front of their very eyes. The Zionists began their attacks against the loyal Jewish community in general, and against Rabbi Dahan in particular. They slandered him with increasing brutality until they went so far as to call for his murder.

In those days the G-d-fearing Jews were persecuted greatly by the Zionists, and whenever they ran into Dahan in the street they would insult him. However, Dahan never ceased his holy work on behalf of our rabbis. When the Zionists realized that their persecution of Dahan had no effect, they decided to kill him.

In a plan approved by the leading Haganah Zionists a number of young Zionists encountered Rabbi Dahan as he left the Shaarei Zedek Hospital in Jerusalem. The Zionist Avraham Tahomi, may his name be obliterated, shot Dahan three times in the chest, and shortly thereafter Dahan expired, returning his soul to heaven. This murder was carried out with the approval of the Zionist leadership.

On that fateful day of July 1, 1924, when the Zionists committed their crime, for which we suffer to this very day and still do not see the end in sight, they shot him in his pure heart. But they did not only shoot him and kill him, but they shot and killed the entire People, thereby preventing any plan that did not comply with their wicked intentions.

Nevertheless, some seventy-eight years after that horrible day, there is still a community of Jews following in the authentic path, and refusing to bow to the Zionist idol. It is in large measure due to the selfless holy efforts of Yaakov Dahan, a martyr of his people who paved the way with self-sacrifice that there are still Jews who refuse to succumb to the Zionist regime of heretics despite the fact that the Zionists overpower the authentic Jews with their laws and power. It is in the merit of Yaakov Dahan that there are still Jews today throughout the world who stand and announce unflinchingly their unswerving loyalty to the countries in which they live, and that there are still Jews in this world who declare to the nations of world that the Zionists and their state have no link with Judaism or the Jewish People.

His murder proved to every loyal Jew that the Zionists appearing on the scene were no friends of the Jewish People, but were murderers who hated Judaism, something that was the beginning of the opportunity of recognizing the enemy. On the most recent anniversary of Dahan’s murder we remembered the good work of Rabbi Yaakov Yisrael Dahan on behalf of authentic Judaism in his war against Zionism and its wicked plans. Let us learn from his work to strengthen our resolve and dedication in refusing to bow to the Zionist idol, and to pray for divine providence to redeem the world.

British Parliamentary record on news of the murder.

When it came to ISRAEL (and still to this day, when it comes to ISRAEL), the British government feel they should never intervene. Everywhere else is fine. But if Israel wishes to be brutal, that’s just hunky dory. It’s none of our business. Funny that isn’t it? I can only surmise it must be because ISRAEL is a “democracy” and in democracies, brutality is fine. Well, it doesn’t really happen in democracies after all does it? It’s always just “an unfortunate error” like the Police knocking down and innocent bystander who dies hours later or “Oops! We shot him in the head SEVEN times but we really thought he had a bomb”.

Isn’t that right UK government?

PLEDGES to the Head Zionist Lord Rothschild – the family which owns and controls ISRAEL:

A Commons exchange in 1982 which offers a little insight:

Another little exchange within Parliament decades earlier:

Now, I may say THIS is a cracker: A solid parliamentary statement referring to the Zionist organisation’s affiliations with the Nazis:

Reference to the IRGUN Jewish Extremists while Palestine was still governed by the British:

The desperation of the British Government not to equate Zionist organisations with terrorism. They can’t be called “Jews” and they can’t be called “Zionists” so we’ll call them “abnormal sort of zionist kind of terrorist groups”:

No no no, WE don’t supply money to zionist terrorist groups! We just supply money through “charities” to zionist organisations. We can’t be thought of as having supplied arms to the Irgun who ended up blasting our people and other jews and arabs to kingdom come in the King David hotel and a host of other incidents now can we?

So question: WHERE did these groups get their arms from and the money to equip themselves? Was our government of Palestine so impotent at the time? LOL

12th August 1947 British Parliament:

Even in the British Parliament, the same “card” is used if anyone has the audacity to criticise Israel. The “Anti Semite” card gets played everytime (while Lord Rothschild keeps a check on who’s who):