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Rockefeller EUGENICS (A Nazi in disguise as a philanthropist)

Posted in "Terrorism", The Corrupt SOB's, Vaccinations by earthling on August 4, 2010

Lily E. Kay:

Dr. Lily E. Kay, a visiting scholar in the Program in Science, Technology, and Society (STS) and one of the outstanding historians of biology of her generation, died on December 18 2000 of cancer.

Dr. Kay’s work drew from multiple disciplines to understand science in its many social and cultural dimensions. Her most recentbook, Who Wrote the Book of Life? (Stanford University Press, 1999), traced the efforts of biologists, biochemists and information scientists to explain the genome as an information system written in DNA code. Dr. Kay showed how the “code” is not really a code and thus why cryptoanalytic techniques failed, and how the genetic “code” was eventually broken instead by biochemists who only reluctantly translated their work into the metaphor of code because that language had become the only way to get a hearing.

Her earlier book, The Molecular Vision of Life: Caltech, the Rockefeller Foundation and the Rise of the New Biology, has become a classic account. When it first appeared, it too was controversial but also received accolades from scientists such as Joshua Lederberg and Linus Pauling. Her views were always sharply argued, holding to account both extreme biologial reductionism and legacies of eugenicist views in contemporary biology.

Born in Krakow, Poland in 1947 to concentration camp survivors, Dr. Kay moved with her parents to Israel and then came to the United States in 1960. After she graduated from the University of Pittsburgh in 1969, she taught high school physics in Pittsburgh and was a research associate in biochemistry at the University of Pittsburgh from 1974-77. In 1977 she became a senior research assistant at the Salk Institute in La Jolla, CA, working on the molecular biology of viruses. She earned a PhD in the history of science from Johns Hopkins University in 1986.

After two years as a postdoctoral fellow at the American Philosophical Society in Philadelphia, she joined the history of science faculty at the University of Chicago, and in 1989 she began an eight-year stint on MIT’s faculty in STS, which had just established a new PhD program. In recent years, she worked as an independent scholar, with guest appointments at Harvard University and the Max Planck Institute for the History of Science in Berlin.

When she died, Dr. Kay was working on a book on the MIT neuroscientist Warren S. McCulloch and the fields of research he helped spawn: serial computing, artificial intelligence and models of brain function.

One can read most of the book, “The Molecular vision of life…”, here:


However, let me offer you just ONE small section taken from Page 9:

I’m sure you will recognise that Dr. Lily E. Kay was as far removed from “Conspiracy theory” as one would wish to be. It is simply this: When you LOOK, you FIND and there are masses of absolute facts proving who and what the Rockefeller family is and what it’s agenda is.

So, with the very best intentions of not hurting anyone’s feelings: Shut your ignorant mouth if you are, once more, going to throw the pathetic “Conspiracy theory” insult at any of this for if you do, it is this simple, you are insulting yourself by displaying your own incapacity for logic and understanding. Of being able to see what is right in front of you!

While isn’t it interesting to note:

Rockefeller Foundation: 1913

Federal Reserve Act: 1913

Founding of the ADL: 1913

Founding of the IRS: 1913

This is all ridiculous right? Of COURSE it is!

While the NHS is being pressurized by Doctors and government suggest it should have a renewed “Constitution”. Don’t heal the sick from lifestyles which have been pushed on people as A-OK and have, in fact, provided the government with huge sums of tax income while they still legalise it. BUT they criminalise such things as medical marijuana.

Yes yes, it’s all a ridiculous fabrication indeed!

‘Gordon Brown promised this month that a new NHS constitution would set out people’s “responsibilities” as well as their rights, a move interpreted as meaning restric­tions on patients who bring health problems on themselves. The only sanction threatened so far, however, is to send patients to the bottom of the waiting list if they miss appointments’.


‘Patients would be handed “NHS Health Miles Cards” allowing them to earn reward points for losing weight, giving up smoking, receiving immunisations or attending regular health screenings.

Like a supermarket loyalty card, the points could be redeemed as discounts on gym membership and fresh fruit and vegetables, or even give priority for other public services – such as jumping the queue for council housing.

But heavy smokers, the obese and binge drinkers who were a drain on the NHS could be denied some routine treatments such as hip replacements until they cleaned up their act.’

So, we’ll push the drugs. We’re admitting they kill people (just like illegal drugs but the legal ones kill even more) but what we’ll say in our and the tobacco and alcohol industry’s defence is that it is a choice and choice is a cornerstone of peoples human rights and freedoms. However, we will remove such rights and freedoms (therfore proving we’re a crock of shit) when it comes to those drugs which grow freely on god’s earth. There, we say you have no rights (because that’s just too lucrative a business for us).

So while we offer SOME rights that we know kill you, what we won’t now provide is your right to healthcare. It’s a LOVELY genocide tactic isn’t it?

Meanwhile we government, banking and other corrupt bastards with money which we control the issuance of, have our private health and no matter WHAT we do to our bodies WE will get that healthcare – a healthcare which is, in fact, funded by you the taxpayer (Yes, even though “private” it STILL gets funded by the tax you pay) who perhaps can’t afford it yourselves!

“Trusts are being encouraged to concentrate on profitable areas of work rather than the most essential … like mental health, accident and emergency and care for the elderly. These are not profitable. But heart operations for wealthy Arabs will be.”

What did he just say????…. Ah! Wealthy Arabs he said not Wealthy Jews. I guess that’s not anti semitic or racist then huh? The ADL won’t be chasing after his ass then! Funny the double standards we have isn’t it? And it’s like a one way street: Say whatever you want about any other religion and no-one gives a toss but if you mention a political ideology such as Zionism (which is actually the most anti semitic ideology on this earth) then, ironically, you’re treated as if you are some form of jew hater! I wonder what the Scottish judiciary think of the substantial number of jewish people who are anti Zionist?

I say: Get a fcuking brain and learn something!

We’re just brilliant aren’t we? Brilliantly Evil!

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  1. Steph Taylor said, on October 13, 2016 at 9:15 pm

    The keyword in p9 of the book, which stood out for me is ‘protein’ structure. Its the processed food and meat being used to gm the people. Once upon a time docile pig used to be wild boar, so obviously selectively bred. We have no control over meat production, industry does it all. Even plants are not safe, with various animal genes being added in, to promote resistance to this, that, the other. We have been so encouraged to eat animal products every meal, no wonder the protein-mad population are sick. Stick with plants and grow your own! WWIII looms: crisis, war and economic collapse all on the table now, only 2% of the population know how to grow 😦

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