Climate Change: Same old propaganda!

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From: Earthling
Sent: 30 January 2010 21:18:00


Reply to your letter 21 January 2010


You’ve never met me so I can’t say whether, according to you, I look like an idiot! While you seem to wish to continue to treat me like one!!

I’m seriously becoming tired of your lip-service and your continuous lack of any debate on any topic I put to you. I don’t think I’m the idiot here though.

1. The response from the Energy and Climate Change Minister, Joan Ruddock MP, is a standard letter, obvious by the fact that it it refers to an un-named constituent with a space left for YOU (probably) to write in the name of your constituent which, even then, you omitted! It’s of great interest then, that there exists such a “standard” response for it clearly demonstrates that the Department feel it is necessary and suggests you/they are receiving a hell of a lot of communication from people stating the same issue – that Climate Change is COMPLETELY BOGUS!!

2. Even MORE to the point, do you think for one moment, considering the number of “scientists”, MPs (as in the case of Ms Ruddock), delusional activists  etc who have a stake in this propaganda that someone like Ms Ruddock who works within something known as “THE DEPARTMENT OF ENERGY AND CLIMATE CHANGE” is going to turn around and say or do anything to suggest that her whole raison d’etre is without justification?

Do You? Seriously? And do you expect me or anyone else to accept this?

Neither Ms Ruddock nor yourself know a thing about Climate Science! Ms Ruddock is as conditioned into believing the claptrap as you are AND she makes a living out of it so why question it right? I can see the headlines now:

“Joan Ruddock, British Climate Change Minister, admits Climate Change is a fraud and is wholly based upon the need for the government to create further tax on the population, in part due to the enormous debt burden the government has built up by unnecessarily having UK currency supplied by a cartel of International Bankers rather than issuing it’s own true British currency. This debt, meanwhile, is proving itself unable to be serviced by a country which now has no significant industry to speak of and, therefore, who’s GDP is not only not growing but is unlikely to see any real growth at all for years to come. The Banks are bailed out to the tune of £billions, aid is sent all over the world to the tune of £billions, yet the UK government cannot (will not) invest in its own people’s education, healthcare, industry and business BECAUSE the Banks (who are NOT controlled by the government but who control the government in essence through the government’s acceptance of the terms of the IMF) will not lend to the taxpayer who bailed them out!”

Now, as for the detail of this piece of absolute rubbish contained in the letter:

The CRU “is just one of a large number of highly respected (my emphasis) scientific research groups…”

Groups, such as your own Labour Party and “Government” (if that is what you wish to be referred to as) are comprised of people. So let us take a look at some of these people who comprise these “highly respected” groups. Then you may wish to consider who you collaborate with and treat as “friends” or “acquaintances” or as “highly respected”:

Phil Jones – climategate-professor-phil-jones-could-face-ten-years-on-fraud-charges#comments

So there is one major “component” of the “authoritative evidence base” which “inform(s) our policy development”.

Note, the author of the above piece is actually a rather intelligent friend of mine by the name of John O’Sullivan. Like you, Mark, he’s a Lawyer but he practices his trade!

Michael Mann –  climategate-scientist-received-over-half-a-million-from-obama-stimulus-package.html

As for your statement regarding “Peer review”; It is a well established fact that there are over 30,000 scientists whose views are suppressed by the IPCC and “Peer review” BECAUSE they disagree entirely with the idea of AGW or their research does not support the findings! As the above article shows (and is fully understood), the vast amounts of money being injected into the IPCC and it’s main protagonists to “research” AGW and come up with the “right” results is rather significant and a Mann or a Jones and their “Peers” are certainly not going to allow any research which is going to question their findings and lose them all that investment now are they? After all, they are the “God’s” of Climate Change “science”.

So, as an example, here is a little piece on your “peer reviewed” ideas. Just one of a great many:


And Mark, as for NASA and NOAA, you don’t have a clue do you? You don’t even ATTEMPT to keep up to date do you? And neither, it seems does Ms Ruddock!! I can only guess that her standard letter was written some time ago:

Read it Mark:  steve-janke-more-unsettling-science-in-the-global-warming-camp.aspx

I’m suggesting you read all of this because Mark, I’m telling you, whether by apathy or by ignorance or by an invested interest in one form or another, you, by your constant rhetoric of “I’m convinced and that’s all that matters” when presented with this information which presents you with facts which kill your arguments, are, perhaps inadvertently, colluding with a fraud.

NOAA/NASA now admit they have NOT found the “same trends”!! They are clinging tenuously to “warming” even though the earth has NOT warmed in the last DECADE, while they NOW say absolutely emphatically, that CO2 is not the issue! The ENTIRE Climate Change fable has been based on increasing CO2. YOUR GOVERNMENT have introduced CO2 taxes based on this! But YOUR government don’t have the BALLS to admit your input was false and fraudulent!

The “economic analysis” showing “investing in a low carbon society” to protect us is based on absolute GARBAGE as your own “authoritative evidence based” sources are now coming out and stating!! The “economic” and “investing” crew is what this whole SCAM is about!

As for “irresponsible” – It is people like YOU and Ms Ruddock, in your ignorance and apathy who are entirely irresponsible!

This, as so many other elements impinging upon the UK (and globally) today, is all due to the fact our government is entirely owned and controlled by the Banking cabal. The control is simple and it is total. YOU, Mark, are nothing but a cog in a wheel of a car. Ms Ruddock is but another one. The IPCC scientists are others. The entire UK political system and establishment is corrupted and you people collaborate within that corruption, generally in ignorance of it because you work within your own little box.

You deal with me as a constituent. No other MP will communicate with me because I am not their constituent. This happens up and down the country. It is one form of control of information and who can communicate with who. Your responses to me have absolutely no interest in what I am saying to you because the questions and facts I put to you are too difficult and will cause YOU issues. You do not answer to me or your constituents (although you should). You simply toe your party line otherwise you don’t have a job! The same goes for Ms Ruddock! You ensure your own survival – Period!

So that is how YOU are controlled. The control mechanisms are there all the way to the top.

If there are any significant Parliamentary motions to be voted on across parties (such as the EU referendum), the government’s wish is granted due then to a party whip system AND a collusion between parties! There is NO difference between Ken Clarke and Peter Mandelson as Business Secretaries! They both bow to the same masters! Bilderberg! Even George Osbourne is being groomed by the Rothschild/Bilderberg lot. Cameron too! You’re ALL owned by the Bilderberg/Banking crew who use the IMF to dictate to the UK, as to other countries, how the government spends its money. Its money which is created by debt, the debt owned by the Banks. How difficult is this for you to comprehend? Brown and Cameron etc are puppets! It’s pathetic!

The Labour/Tory game at the end of the day is a struggle to see which one can pitch the best “solution” for the bankers. Decades ago there was some semblance of a divide between the two parties but today there is none. The TV/Media portrayal is all contrived whereas the two parties (forget the Limp Dems for now but they play their part too) are so close in policy because they HAVE to be to stay within the confines the Globalists want!

So, yes, you’re a cog in a wheel. The car is built up of wheels plus engine and transmission etc and the passengers are the population while the engine is the government, the NGO’s the transmission etc. But, at the end of the day, the guy in charge of the steering wheel guiding the car are the banks/International Bankers/IMF. That car is being steered directly toward the edge of a cliff but the guy in the driver’s seat will bail out just before the edge – just as the Banks got bailed out. Meanwhile, the passengers can’t bail out because of the child locks.

But you’re a cog in the wheel Mark and you’re as dispensable as the rest of us. You’ll never accept that however because then you’d have to do something about it. The fear you have of not being “MARK LAZAROWICZ MP” any longer ensures you’ll never act however. It’s so much easier to ignore people like me.

Now, I wonder why, thus far, 130 MPs are standing down? Any chance it’s because they recognise there is no real job left for a politician these days? Any chance they recognise that they are cogs in those wheels? Possibly they no longer wish to deal with the trash we are going to be saddled with from an unelected government in the EU which Mandelson and Clarke, as Bilderbergers (plus others such as our “esteemed” ex PM Blair and the incumbent) worked so hard to achieve while the rest of you look on scratching your heads trying to work out what’s going on then, as the penny dropped, just wished to hold on to whatever you could in your career within the corrupt “industry” you’re in.

Quick question: Is Nigel Griffiths an odd job man? A jack of all trades?

“Potholes, street cleaning, loose paving slabs, broken streetlights, blocked drains, abandoned cars, unfinished road works which appear to have been abandoned…..

If you have major issue Tell Nigel and he will do what he can to help.

Contact Nigel Today…….”


Just don’t bother him with anything REALLY serious right?

Lastly, I STILL have no response on that pathetic, arrogant reply from Mandelson re the Privy Council Oath. He admits to the oath being law and of the utmost seriousness (of course, he’d have to) BUT, he breaks it? “no foreign state”.

You people really are something else!

I just can’t wait for the IMF/SDR reply! That will be a hoot!


PS: Why is this post under “Terrorism” and “Geo-Political Warfare”? Well, I noticed I didn’t have a “Climate Change” section but then it occurred to me that that isn’t what it’s all about anyhow. Scaring the world into believing this trash of “The end of the world is nigh unless we rob you” is the greatest terrorist action that has ever taken place in the history of the world! Even Dr fricking Evil would have been proud of this little scam!

The key to Humanity’s liberation

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The liberation of human beings involves knowing about the money-as-debt fraud.

The majority of economists do not know how money is created; however, usury or charging interest is regarded as a “sin” in most religions of the world, throughout history, with the exception of Judaism. Just fact.

The penultimate step in this conspiracy was the creation of the United States Federal Reserve. In 1913 a select group of bankers (Warburg, Rockefeller, Morgan, Kuhn, and representatives of their European bosses) met together on Jekyll Island and founded the Federal Reserve. The fact was reported in the news papers of the time, although not surprisingly Americans were not told of the real reason for the meeting. Thanks to the financial crises of 1909 and 1929, engineered by this group of putatively Zionist bankers, the Fed was able to usurp control of the Public Treasury and the issuing of money. The inclusion of the All-seeing Eye (the symbol of the Bavarian Illuminati) on all American banknotes is the best overt representation of this.

As with 109 of the central banks of other countries, the Federal Reserve is a private bank whose purpose is to lend money to the State. Between 1917 and 1933, this entity succeeded in usurping the government’s faculty as issuer of the national currency. Speaking of the setting up of the Federal Reserve, approved as it was by Congress at Christmas when many congressmen were on holiday and signed by President Woodrow Wilson, Wilson himself was to confess in 1922: I have betrayed my country and I have sold it for generations to come. Charles A. Lindbergh senior (father of the famous flyer whose son was kidnapped) was the only congressman to stand up in public and decry this act whereby the United States was sold to a handful of bankers (and the same went for the rest of the world).

Britain had already succumbed to this in 1694 with the Bank of England Act. The Fed Act was simply a repeat and ensured that, finally, “Britain” (but, in fact the Banking oligarchy of the British) had fully recaptured the USA and the War of Independence had finally been won – but NOT by America.

In 1971, a little before the outbreak of the Oil Crisis, the world monetary system that had emerged out of Bretton Woods abolished the gold standard, so that the petrodollar, that is, the union of the price of the dollar and the price of oil, took over control of the world economy. Whoever was in possession of both forms of money, would control the economy. If the bankers were already in control of the dollar via the Federal Reserve, they still needed to get their hands on the oil, hence the crisis of 1973 and the wars of the beginning of the 21st century. The abolishing of the gold standard which backed the US dollar caused most currencies to float, not being tied to the conversion to the gold standard. This change was what turned the world economy into a casino, where the national currencies are gambled on and where speculators can bring a currency down, or the economy of an entire country, as happened in Argentina.

The formula for doing this is a simple one: first, the lending institutions offer cheap loans, so that everyone gets into debt, infected by the collective euphoria. Then, money is taken out of circulation , triggering unemployment which in turn leaves a large slice of the population insolvent, broke. The big banks appropriate just about everything, including the smaller financial institutions and companies. Today, the transactions of the real economy justify a mere 2% of international transactions, so that the vast majority of the money in play is fictitious. These data on monetary speculation are provided by the Bank for International Settlements, and were resumed in the book Beyond greed and scarcity: the future of money, by Bernard Lietaer. Today, money is no more than belief in a system because there is nothing actually supporting the reality of its value, and the economic downturn that we are experiencing only reaffirms this fact. Monetary supply and debt have broken down in the absence of convertibility of money into gold, and it is difficult to know exactly what money means these days. What we do know is that it is no longer a depositary for value. It is a measure, certainly, an electronic accountancy system for loans and debts, which is accepted by the world as the only way of doing business.

Every day, several million dollars travel round the world looking to attract more electronic loans for their owners but, more than anything, it is an empty promise. Money today is not backed by gold or by anything else, other than our confidence in the monetary system. In the final analysis it is faith in those who create and control money, in the commercial banking system and in its principal shareholders: the Iluminati families. The phrase on all dollar notes “In God we Trust” is perhaps the greatest proof of this trust. Who would not trust in something that seemingly is so close to God?

Let us recall the modern origins of the issuing of Money, of coin of the realm… Most of the money today is created by the banks who issue loans to the non-banking public. Almost all money (more than 95% at any one time) is created out of the creation of the corresponding debt. The money in circulation is just a small part of the total money supply and is created by the Federal Reserve system, not by the government of the country. Truth to tell, the Money is created out of thin air by the commercial banks and the Federal Reserve system. All they do, in fact, is write the figures in their computers. And what happens in the USA is identical to what happens in Europe with the European Central Bank.

Money is created in main two ways. Firstly, the basic Money is mainly created in the form of physical notes, on the orders of the Federal Reserve.The second of the two main forms of money creation involves current and deposit accounts created by the commercial bank and constitutes the principal money supply. This is money-debt. Basic Money (also known as high powered money), is created when the Fed carries out the so called Open Market operations. By means of this process, the Federal Reserve injects money buying government guaranteed bonds, which become government debt, the debt owed by the government (that is, the tax payer) to the Federal Reserve. And where does the Federal Reserve get its money to buy these Government Bonds? Well, the answer is out of the air– it simply invents the money without any basis for doing so.

The Federal Reserve has no budget because it simply does not need one, it invents money whenever it is needed. In point of fact, almost all the dollars on the market are based on very high powered money that the Reserve invented at some moment in the past. The Federal Reserve thus creates a spurious debt on its balance sheet, chargeable Federal Reserve money and in return receives government securities, which the pub- lic has to pay with their work. Every time the Federal Reserve creates or destroys base money, the financial press and other mass media report that the president of the Federal Reserve has announced a new interest rate. This is not technically correct, but sounds better than saying “the Federal Reserve has just conjured up some money or has made it vanish”.

Once this high powered money has been created, the banks can create nine times this quantity in current and other accounts. And they do so by means of loans to the non banking public. Thus, money is mostly created by a banker writing numbers on a piece of paper, or the modern equivalent, typing bits and bytes into computers – because money these days is really only a state- ment in a computer. This means that when you borrow money to buy a house or a motorcar, the money is really created out of nothing by the bank, and is accredited to the customer’s account. The bank has a particular advantage in all this for the mere fact of being a bank. If you cannot pay the mortgage with the sweat of your brow, they take your house, and all for writing some numerals in a computer! From the banks’point of view , however, if the loan is not paid off, they have to write off the loan and this will affect the profits they report.

In the documentary America: from freedom to fascism, we learn how, at the beginning of the 20th century, the United States was a land of self- employed workers, with their own shops and businesses, and now it is a country of salary earners, of employees. Today, around the world, we are witnessing the proliferation of franchises and chains in all sectors (nuts and raisins, food, hairdressers, education and training, clothes, household electrical goods, taxis!), not to men- tion culture (music, journalism, literature, cinema…). It is practically impossible for an individual to survive thanks to their own business, and there is little doubt that this is due to the tax system, to the income tax that favours big business, the bankers, and the big corporations. It is increasingly difficult for anyone to survive independent of the big corporations. So much so that today what we find are subcontracted workers rather than salaried workers, with all the drawbacks of the self-employed without any of the rights of the salaried workers of the past century, in the hands of the temporary employment agencies, one more middleman. And all this thanks to income tax.

According to the Spanish dictionary, the word renta (income) means: “utility or profit yielded annually by a thing, or that which is charged for its use”. Why do we have to pay tax on our incomes, if we live off our own work and do not have possessions?.

SANTANDER: A Banking giant, out of the blue?

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While I condemn violence and crime of any nature, there is a time when one must step back and ask the simple question: WHO are the real criminals? WHO is it that brings people to the point of violence? Could it be people who regard themselves and are regarded by others a “Pillars of Society”? Similarly, the question is raised in regard to Palestinians and the conditions which they live under and why they feel so helpless against a “machine” such as the Israeli regime and military, to wish to “punch back” in any way they can – sometimes suicidally.

One simply must look closer at these people who, while they believe they are better  – and some even state “We do God’s work” – cause sheer desperation to many due to their CORRUPT TO THE CORE activities. Can I be too condemning of this protestor then? No. I can’t. It is a 21st Century version of Jesus casting the money changers from the temple. I’m no religious person but I can say he was right 100%. But Jesus had power, this one man doesn’t. Educate the rest of the population on how it all works and, together, they would have power and need not use it violently.

I’ve been wondering how Santander is suddenly THE bank and how it suddenly came from a second division Spanish Bank background to a World force in such a short time. So I had a wee delve and came up with a few things to think about….


From the Guardian:  madoff-santander-shares

New Black Pope:


“So? What’s your point now? One minute you’re up against the “jews” and the next it is the Roman Catholic church?? ”

Well the point is this:

The Jesuit Order as a Synagogue of Jews: Jesuits of Jewish Ancestry and Purity-of-Blood Laws in the Early Society of Jesus (Leiden: Brill Academic Publishers, 2009) has led me to another remarkable element in the development of Jesuit casuistry. That is the early and important role of IBERIAN (Spanish) conversos (as Christians of JEWISH ancestry were called) in the development of the Society of Jesus, and its methodology. The evolution of sixteenth century Iberian societies contributed notably to the size and importance of the converso presence in the Jesuit order. At a time when Iberian conversos were increasingly excluded from a growing number of guilds, religious confraternities, colleges, religious and military orders, as well as residence in certain towns, the Jesuit leadership in the first three decades of the order’s history (1540-1572) opened their doors wide to candidates of Jewish descent.

Now, I’ll throw another little fish….

Santander. Where the hell did they appear from all of a sudden? Well consider this:

Emilio Botín (born 1 October 1934) is a Spanish banker. He is the Executive Chairman of Spain’s Grupo Santander. In 1993 his bank absorbed Banco Español de Crédito (Banesto), and in 1999 it merged with Banco Central Hispano creating Banco Santander Central Hispano (BSCH), which became Spain’s largest bank, of which he was co-president with Central Hispano’s José María Amusategui, until Amusategui retired in 2002. In 2004, BSCH acquired the British bank Abbey National, making BSCH the second largest bank in Europe by market capitalisation.

Keep reading…..

After attending as a boarding student the JESUIT SCHOOL of Colegio de la Inmaculada, in Gijón, he studied Law at the University of Valladolid in Valladolid and Economics at the University of Deusto in Bilbao.

A JESUIT school of all things!!

Botín was no newcomer to the banking world. His father, grandfather and great-grandfather were all bankers.

On 25 April 2008, two people died in a plane crash south of Madrid at a property belonging to Emilio Botin. Neither was a member of the banking family. The light aircraft, which was attempting to land at an airstrip on the Botin property known as El Castano, was transporting 441 pounds of hashish.

Nice huh? 🙂 But continue……

1999: Botin faced trial on criminal charges of “misappropriation of funds” and “irresponsible management.” However, in April, 2005 he was cleared of all charges.

2005: the anti-corruption division of the Spanish public prosecutor’s office cleared Botin of all charges in a separate case in which he was accused of insider trading.

January 2006: a Santander, Spain court dismissed a lawsuit stemming from the cancellation of agreements reached by the SCH board in 2004.

November, 2006: Botin was brought to trial along with four other company directors for allegedly falsifying official documents and helping clients evade taxes. Spanish press sources reported that although Botin was accused of crimes against the state, the public prosecutor resisted bringing the case to trial. Private prosecution was brought by a prominent shareholder rights group, the Association for the Defense of the Investor and Clients (ADIC), which claimed that the charges against him constituted the “biggest fraud ever committed in Spain.” Botin evaded serving a jail sentence after the case was dismissed, and an appellate court rejected an appeal brought by ADIC.

Most recently Botin’s name has been in the news because of allegations that in 1999, at the time of the BCH merger, he bribed Spain’s economy minister, Rodrigo Rato, in order to seek favor with government officials. Botin and Rato, alongside a group of former associates have been accused of engineering a deal in which Banesto, a Santander subsidiary currently controlled by Botin’s daughter Ana Patricia Botin, purchased a €6M stake in a bankrupt water utility owned by the Rato family. Rato, Botin, and Alfredo Saenz, who was then serving as Banesto’s CEO, are accused of misappropriating funds, breach of fiduciary duty, falsifying documents, and bribery. The case is ongoing.

Now, Rodrigo Rato:

He was appointed to become the Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) on 4 May 2004, and took up his duties on 7 June 2004. He has left his post at the IMF on 31 October 2007, following the World Bank-IMF Annual Meetings.

De Rato attended a JESUIT school before studying law in the Complutense University. So BOTIN and RATO BOTH Jesuits!!

Mr. Rodrigo Rato was the Spanish President’s Minister of Economy, who is responsible for the dismantling of the Spanish welfare state.

Mr. Rato is of the ultra-right . While in Aznar’s cabinet, he supported such policies as making religion a compulsory subject in secondary schools, requiring more hours of schooling in religion than in mathematics, undoing the progressivity in the internal revenue code, funding the Foundation dedicated to the promotion of francoism (i.e., Spanish fascism), never condemning the fascist dictatorship, and so on. In the economic arena, he dramatically reduced public social expenditures as a way of eliminating the public deficit of the Spanish government, and was the person responsible for developing the most austere social budget of all the governments of the European Community.

Gordon Brown, became Rato’s main advocate for the IMF position. Nowhere mentioned is the enormous costs this “success” has had on the quality of life of average folks in Spain. And these are the same policies that Mr. Rato is going to follow in the IMF, policies that have caused enormous pain and harm to the Spanish people, and will now be implemented world-wide. Nowhere, however, have the mainstream media reported on such important dimensions of Mr. Rato’s tenure as Minister of Economy of Spain. Quite remarkable!

Read more of what Rato did to Spain:

Rato has since joined the Santander Advisory Board as requested by Botin.

But then we also have this:


Dec. 14 (Bloomberg) — Banco Santander SA, Spain’s largest bank, said clients had positions valued at 2.33 billion euros ($3.1 billion) invested with Bernard Madoff.

$3.1 BILLION!!

The largest of ALL banks’ exposure to Madoff. BUT…..
Santander had only 17 million euros of its own funds invested through another fund. The $3.1BILLION was CLIENT exposure!

“Mr. Picard’s own investigation concluded that Optimal had no knowledge of fraud by Mr. Madoff, according to documents filed Tuesday in U.S. bankruptcy court in Manhattan.”

“Optimal’s (Santander’s Geneva based Hedge fund) relationship with Mr. Madoff dated back more than a decade, Tuesday’s court papers say. Some 70% of its affected clients are in Latin America, according to people familiar with the situation. Many of the clients also control firms with which Santander has a relationship.”


“Much smaller enterprises feeding to Mr. Madoff include those run by two relatives of Santander Chairman Emilio Botín — his son Javier Botín-Sanz and son-in-law Guillermo Morenés.”

Spain’s anticorruption prosecutor will be looking closely at the relationship between Santander, the investment fund Fairfield Greenwich Group, and the Madoff funds, the prosecutor’s office said.
Investigators said they want to know why Mr. Botín sent one of his chief lieutenants to see Mr. Madoff in New York just weeks before the scheme collapsed. Rodrigo Echenique, who has been close to Mr. Botín for many years, visited Mr. Madoff in his New York office at the end of November. Investigators say they want to know whether Santander was aware of any problems at Mr. Madoff’s firm then. Santander declined to comment on the trip or make Mr. Botín available for comment.

Mr. Echenique also declined to comment on the trip.
Investigators say they also are focusing on the role of Fairfield partner Andres Piedrahita, a Colombian who lives in Madrid. He funneled client money into the Madoff funds, and according to marketing materials he also managed at least one other fund on Santander’s behalf that had losses from Mr. Madoff’s alleged fraud.
Mr. Piedrahita and Fairfield declined to comment.”


And where did the $billions actually go? No-one knows to this day it seems….


Using the connections of secretive Opus Dei, begun under Franco’s regime, Emilio Botin of Banco Santander co-ordinates with the President of the Vatican bank (Angelo Caloia), an alleged member of Opus Dei, which is not accountable to the Holy See of the College of Cardinals, though it is on Vatican City soil. In Puerto Rico, Botin’s Banco Santander Overseas Bank launders money for the foreign corporation Internal Revenue Service, headed by Opus Dei member Manuel Diaz Saldana, who is also Comptroller of the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico (ELA). Secretive Governor-Elect Luis Fortuno, and Ex-Governor Rafael Hernandez Colon, are also members of Opus Dei. Richard Carrion, head of Popular Holdings, is also on the board of David Rockefeller’s JP Morgan Chase controlled Verizon, and also launders IRS collections and illegal drug profits through offshore accounts. Botin’s Banco Santander has swallowed the assets of many UK banks for pennies on the dollar, leaving the billions in liabilities to UK taxpayers.

Now, the Vatican Bank is said to be a successful and profitable bank. By the 1990s, the Bank had invested somewhere over US$10 billion in foreign companies. In 1968 Vatican authorities hired Michele Sindona as a financial advisor, despite Sindona’s questionable past. It was Sindona who was chiefly responsible for the massive influx of money when he began laundering the Gambino crime family’s heroin monies (taking a 50% cut) through a shell corporation “Mabusi”. This laundering was accomplished with the help of another banker, Roberto Calvi, who managed the Banco Ambrosiano. Both Calvi and Sindona were members of the P2 Lodge. (Henry Kissinger is alleged to be P2)
When Pope John Paul I became Pope in 1978 he was informed about the allegations of wrongdoing at the Vatican Bank, and instructed Jean-Marie Villot, Cardinal Secretary of State and head of the papal Curia, to investigate the matter thoroughly. Pope John Paul I died after only 33 days in office, leading to claims that he had been murdered as a result of discovering a scandal. Pope John Paul I is generally accepted to have died from natural causes, although some medical experts believe that he may have died from a pulmonary embolism or an adverse reaction to the medication that he was taking rather than from a heart attack as was stated in original press reports of his death.

More on the Vatican Bank…


But would you believe…..?

The Vatican Bank is under investigation for alleged involvement in a money-laundering scheme using accounts at one of Italy’s largest banks, according to a weekly investigative magazine.


Strangely, the money laundering is in the same timescale as Madoff’s Ponzi scheme run by Santander.

And lastly, just for good measure:

Bilderberg Group –
Ana Patricia Botin, Executive Chairman, Banesto; Vice Chairman, Urbis; Member of the Management Committee, Santander Group, Madrid

Emilio’s daughter.

Now, forgive me if I’m just stretching here but something smells here. Sure Madoff was a criminal – they all are. BUT, as we know, the criminals never get touched. They get off. MADOFF seems to be a scapegoat in my view.
Look at how many times Botin just walks away from any charges. Then look at how he’s had Rato (Spanish Government and IMF) in his pocket. They’re BOTH Jesuits. There is a strong connection to Angelo Caloia previously of the Vatican Bank (run by the Jesuits). The Spanish Jews have become Jesuits. Botin’s entire family were involved in this Madoff stuff and the Group as a whole had the largest exposure to it of ANY Bank/Fund while only 17M Euros of their own but $3.1Billion of clients’ money.

Yes Santander “made good” on some of the losses by their clients but not a lot at the end of the day. And what did they do? They offered Santander shares rather than the cash.

The bank booked a charge of 350 million euros against 2008 earnings for costs associated with the compensation program. The offer includes stock paying an annual yield of 2 percent and an agreement by clients to forgo any legal action and to keep Santander as their “preferred” bank as long as the shares stay in circulation.
So let’s just imagine for a moment that it actually was Santander and Botin/his family, who cashed in on the loss of their own clients to the tune of $3Billion or so. That cash rich injection could just allow for the buying up of a number of other banks now couldn’t it?

June 1st 2010 UPDATE:

Santander Involvement –


Islamic Fundamentalism (Wahhabism) created by Zionists!

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You ALL believe that Islam is the enemy. You believe Muslim Fundamentalism is at the root of all evil.

But you are wrong. The con is massive and the con stretches across the entire Islamic world also. As much as YOU (We) don’t understand the conflict NEITHER DO THE TRUE MUSLIMS!


This is why:

  • Give some thought to the fact “Osama Bin Laden” came from a sect of the Wahhabi tribe.
  • Consider the fact that the majority of the hijackers on 9/11 weren’t Iranian or Iraqi or even Afghani but were SAUDI NATIONALS!
  • Consider the fact that the Saudi Royals and their country – while the rest of the Arab/Muslim world are demonized by the USA and it only takes ONE guy (Nigerian but boarded a plane in Yemen) to have the USA focus on “Al Qaeda in Yemen” – is NEVER a target of the USA while the MAJORITY (yes I repeat it) of the 9/11 alleged hijackers were Saudi nationals!!
  • Consider that, for now, it is the Saudis who are in control of the Oil in the gulf to the greatest degree AND they set the price to the world (along with their Zionist/American “friends”) while Iran (and Iraq) have significant oil reserves and are happy to consider LOWER prices!!
  • Do you never wonder why Saudi does not protest about Israeli nuclear missiles, while they object to Iranian power plants?
  • Did you forget that AL SAUD were SADDAM’s biggest supporters to attack Iran in 1980?
  • Isn’t it strange that Saudi is very quiet when Israel attacks Lebanon / Gaza or American/Nato troops kill civilians in IRAQ and Afghanistan?

I COULD GO ON AND ON but I won’t.

Let me just let you chew over this for a moment:

King FAISAL AL-SAUD declared to the WASHINGTON POST on Sept. 17, 1969:

“WE, THE SAUDI FAMILY, are cousins of the Jews: we entirely disagree with any Arab or Muslim Authority which shows any antagonism to the Jews; but we must live together with them in peace. Our country (Arabia) is the Fountain head from where the first Jew sprang, and his descendants spread out all over the world.”

In the 1960’s the “Sawt Al Arab” Broadcasting Station in Cairo, Egypt, and the Yemen Broadcasting Station in Sana’a confirmed the Jewish Ancestry of the Saudi Family ” – James Matthew Cantu

The Saudi Royal Family are Zionist with their origins going back to MORDAKHAI BIN IBRAHIM BIN MOSHE’.

And Wahhabism is the House of Saud SECT – a total corruption of the Islamic faith which was promoted by Muhammad ibn Abd al-Wahhab, founder of “Wahhabism” an ‘austere’ form of Islam. al-Wahhab arrives in the central Arabian state of Najd in 1744 preaching a return to “pure” Islam. He seeks protection from the local emir, Muhammad ibn Saud, head of the Al Saud tribal family, and they cut a deal. The Al Saud will endorse al-Wahhab’s austere form of Islam and in return, the Al Saud will get political legitimacy and regular tithes from al-Wahhab’s followers. The religious-political alliance that al-Wahhab and Saud forge endures to this day in Saudi Arabia.

The research of Mohammad Sakher led to an order for his death by the Saudi Regime for the following findings: The Saudi family, who, despite claims otherwise, were descended from Jewish merchants from Iraq. Sakhir found that the Jewish Ancestor of the Saudi family was called Mordakhai Bin Ibrihim Bin Moshe but changed his name to Markhan Bin Ibrahim Musa.

There are records in the British war Museum that the British paid 15,000 pound sterling per month to the thug Ibne Saud to oppose Muslim Ottomans and with explicit instructions to share the money with Muhammad bin Abdul Wahab because he introduced Ibne Saud to the British. The British ordered Ibne Saud to have a relationship with Muhammad bin Abdul Wahab and now the present day Saudi family are descendants of both Muhammad bin Abdul Wahab and Ibne Saud. Also, the british sent a spy named “Hempher” to convince Muhammed bin abdul wahab to create the “wahhabi” sect…this was to create groups between muslims and divide them…..due to this, today all saudis are wahabis.

The House of Saud, therefore, works WITH the US, British and Israeli elites AGAINST the REAL Muslims of Iraq/Iran etc. The House of Saud (with their 9/11 hijackers – who, in fact, I do not believe WERE on those planes) works WITH their Zionist chums to create the vision that the true Islam is terrorist when, in fact, the House of Saud are Zionist working with the west and hate the true Islam.

Why? Because the House of Saud – if they did not play this game with the UK, USA and Israel – would be targeted for regime change as much as Iraq/Iran and Afghanistan etc. What you need to remember is that, not only are they Zionist by this ‘austere’ form of religion CREATED by a zionist BUT they also have a LOT to lose if they don’t play with the west.
The people of the Muslim world are as confused as we are about all of this. The Saudi people do not recognise this con. They know as much (generally speaking) about the history of their country and the history of their religion and politics as we do. Perhaps less because they are so controlled and conditioned.

It’s a pure mindf*ck people. It is again, the elites brainwashing the masses for divide and conquer and this little part of the story goes back to the Ottoman Empire and why that was destroyed by “us” (“us” being the Bankers again!).

Now, you may say “But the Saudis and Israelis are mortal enemies and have fought wars!!”

Yes they have fought wars. Who has died due to them? The House of Saud? No. We Brits have fought wars against Iraq and Afghanistan. Are the people of these countries mortal enemies of the people of the UK? Yes IF you believe the propaganda of our governments. How many of you are willing to today? How many of you believe Blair should be convicted for lying to us? And who have died in OUR “wars”? Name a government official’s child who has died?
A country they refuse to recognise or even negotiate with: Hmmm look deeper and just read the words of the King again! “Cousins”.

You may point to the Saudis giving safe havens to Hezbollah etc….

Think on this:

Does a government do what it’s people wish? Has ours?
When our government supported the Iraq war and the people didn’t, did they care?
Again, this is nothing to do with Saudi people OR Jewish people. This is to do with governments and regimes.

When our government threw its people into Iraq and Afghanistan, did it affect our government? Have any of our government or their families died in those “wars”? No.

Did any of the House of Saud die in the Saudi/Israeli war? No.

The House of Saud (as with our own government/establishment) manouvre the pieces of a chess set as and how they wish. The House of Saud will quite happily give safe haven to organisations which are against the Israelis while the House of Saud shall support the Israeli regime. But you can’t get that in your head can you?

As for safe haven? Let’s take a look at one Sheikh Omar Bakri Muhammad (Islam4UK Choudary’s chum):

In Beirut, he joined Sheikh Khalil Al-Mat and the local branch of Hizb Al-Tahrir. Then, in 1983, (or according to some versions in 1979 during Syria’s invasion of Lebanon) he took the alias of Omar Fustuk and settled in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, where he established “Al-Muhajirun” as a front for the Hizb Al-Tahrir in the Arabian Peninsula. Al-Muhajirun now has offshoots in Lille, France, and Hanover, Germany. In 1995, 47 Sunni organizations were reported to be active in Western Europe under the umbrella of Hizb Al-Tahrir, which is headquartered in Hamburg.

In 1985, after the Saudi government deported him he then went to London where he later left Hizb Al-Tahrir following a disagreement with its leaders. While Bakri wanted to deal with numerous issues troubling the Muslim community, such as racism and unemployment, the Hizb Al-Tahrir leaders claimed that such activity would sidetrack the party from its main goal, the establishment of an Islamic caliphate.

In 1993, Bakri became a legal resident of Britain, and in March 1996 he applied for citizenship.

So: The Saudis DEPORT the guy and where does he end up going? THE UK!!

So here we have a government (the British Government) accepting a “known terrorist” who has been “thrown out” by the Saudi government and given him SAFE HAVEN in the UK.

So according to this idea of Saudi giving safe haven to terrorists, just as the Saudi government are evil because they give safe haven to what you describe as terrorist organisations and people, can’t we now say the same for OUR government?

Does that make the UK and its people (who have no say) a terrorist nation?

Think through the logic!!

So, basically, what I’m telling you is this: the entire terrorism threat is being orchestrated by the Zionists within Israel/Mossad, the USA/CIA and Britain itself along with help from Saudi Arabia in the form of the house of Saud (Saudi Royal family) who wish to retain their positions as Kings of the Middle East while collaborating with the Western Zionist machine.

There is a long time established and very respected organisation by the name of the CATO Institute based in Washington D.C. I happen to have come across a document of theirs dated 1992 which is a Policy Analysis of the US Government and the title of the document is “The “Green Peril’: Creating the Islamic Fundamentalist threat”.

Again, I repeat, this is 1992.

Here are excerpts which, I hope, when you make a comparison of what I have just discussed you may well then appreciate the reality of it.

You may also clearly recognise that, if you were also to read “The Grand Chessboard” by Zbigniew Brzezinski and the PNAC document “Rebuilding America’s Defences”, you would have no shadow of a doubt about the con which is being played out in manipulating YOUR belief that we have a TRUE Muslim threat. For we never have.

Excerpts: (oh, by the way, it’s written by Leon T Hadar, a former bureau chief for the Jerusalem Post).

Now that the Cold War is becoming a memory, America’s foreign policy establishment has begun searching for new enemies. Possible new villains include “instability” in Europe –ranging from German resurgence to new Russian imperialism– the “vanishing” ozone layer, nuclear proliferation, and narcoterrorism. Topping the list of potential new global bogeymen, however, are the Yellow Peril, the alleged threat to American economic security emanating from East Asia, and the so-called Green Peril (green is the color of Islam). That peril is symbolized by the Middle Eastern Moslem fundamentalist–the “Fundie,” to use a term coined by The Economist–a Khomeini-like creature, armed with a radical ideology, equipped with nuclear weapons, and intent on launching a violent jihad against Western civilization.

“Islamic fundamentalism is an aggressive revolutionary movement as militant and violent as the Bolshevik, Fascist, and Nazi movements of the past,” according to Amos Perlmutter. It is “authoritarian, anti-democratic, anti-secular,” and cannot be reconciled with the “Christian-secular universe” and its goal is the establishment of a “totalitarian Islamic state” in the Middle East, he argued, suggesting that the United States should make sure the movement is “stifled at birth.”
The Islam vs. West paradigm, reflected in such observations, is beginning to infect Washington. That development recalls the efforts by some of Washington’s iron triangles as well as by foreign players during the months leading up to the 1990-91 Persian Gulf crisis. Their use of the media succeeded in building up Saddam Hussein as the “most dangerous man in the world” and as one of America’s first new post-Cold War bogeymen. Those efforts, including allegations that Iraq had plans to dominate the Middle East, helped to condition the American public and elites for the U.S. intervention in the gulf.

There are dangerous signs that the process of creating a monolithic threat out of isolated events and trends in the Moslem world is already beginning. The Green Peril thesis is now being used to explain diverse and unrelated events in that region, with Tehran replacing Moscow as the center of ideological subversion and military expansionism and Islam substituting for the spiritual energy of communism.
Islam does seem to fit the bill as the ideal post-Cold War villain. “It’s big; it’s scary; it’s anti-Western; it feeds on poverty and discontent,” wrote David Ignatius, adding that Islam “spreads across vast swaths of the globe that can be colored green on the television maps in the same way that communist countries used to be colored red.”

NOW THIS NEXT PART IS AN AMAZING PIECE OF HONESTY (and REMEMBER, this was 1992 only MONTHS before the first WTC bombing which the brought the “threat” of “Islamic Militism” to light. Completely and utterly constructed.

The creation of a peril usually starts with mysterious “sources” and unnamed officials who leak information, float trial balloons, and warn about the coming threat. Those sources reflect debates and discussions taking place within government. Their information is then augmented by colorful intelligence reports that finger exotic and conspiratorial terrorists and military advisers. Journalists then search for the named and other villains. The media end up finding corroboration from foreign sources who form an informal coalition with the sources in the U.S. government and help the press uncover further information substantiating the threat coming from the new bad guys.
In addition, think tanks studies and op-ed pieces add momentum to the official spin. Their publication is followed by congressional hearings, policy conferences, and public press briefings. A governmental policy debate ensues, producing studies, working papers, and eventually doctrines and policies that become part of the media’s spin. The new villain is now ready to be integrated into the popular culture to help to mobilize public support for a new crusade. In the case of the Green Peril, that process has been under way for several months.

The Israeli government and its supporters in Washington are also trying to play the Islamic card. The specter of Central Asian republics and Iran equipped with nuclear weapons helps Israel to reduce any potential international pressure on it to place its own nuclear capabilities and strategy on the negotiating table. More important, perhaps, the Green Peril could revive, in the long run, Israel’s role as America’s strategic asset, which was eroded as a result of the end of the Cold War and was seriously questioned during the Gulf War.

NOW on the specific point of the House of Saud:

As has that of Egypt and Israel, Saudi Arabia’s use of the Green Peril to mobilize U.S. support has been characterized by confusion, ironies, and paradoxes, the most dramatic of which has been the kingdom’s own commitment to Islamic fundamentalism. With the elimination of Iraq as a regional military power, the Saudi royal family, worried about the rise of Tehran as a hegemonic player in the gulf, has been fanning the anti-fundamentalist and anti-Iranian mood in Washington. The Saudis have indicated that they are interested in countering Iranian influence in Central Asia. Ironically, they are doing what they accuse Tehran of– spending lavishly to establish political and religious influence. Riyadh has spent more than $1 billion to promote the Saudi brand of Islam. Along with Egypt, Saudi Arabia has also been supporting the Somali president against a faction, supported by Iran, that is trying to overthrow him.

A series of reports about resurgent militant Islamic forces in Saudi Arabia (which also portrayed the royal family as a politically reformist regime and active supporter of the U.S.-led peace process) has been used to try to mobilize American support for the Saudis as a “moderate pillar” and anti-fundamentalist force in the gulf, the Middle East, and Central Asia.
The problem with that campaign is that the legitimacy of the Saudi regime is based on its own Islamic fundamentalist principles. The Saudi government is actually more rigid in its application of Islamic law and more repressive in many respects than the one in Tehran. For example, Saudi Arabia has no form of popular representation, and political rights are totally denied women and non-Moslems. The Saudi regime has been able to stay in power largely because it has had both direct and indirect American military support, most recently during the Gulf War. To paraphrase President Franklin D. Roosevelt, the Saudis are Islamic fundamentalists–but they are our Islamic fundamentalists.

Just read that last line again! “but they are our Islamic fundamentalists”.

Full paper here:

House of Saud: On America’s side. On Britain’s side. On the Israeli side. The WESTERN DEMOCRACY BASED IMF SIDE.
So they will supply the Wahhabi sect of “Muslim Fundamentalism” which is, in fact at the core, Zionist in nature to support the Western democratic aim to undermine the Muslim world. And how better to do that than to demonise the Muslim world by presenting them as the terrorists. THEY ARE NOT.

Just like the Irgun before them, the Mossad and their collaborators within the CIA and MI6 etc etc are doing the terrorism job on behalf of the west and the media, ignorantly mostly, supports that agenda because the people who own the media are also?….. Zionist…. and all for supporting the Western democratic agenda.

You might think “Well that suits me because I’m western and I don’t want Islam” but you are completely missing the point. The only REASON Islam is affecting you is because our own elites are creating it to ensure they get the reaction from you that they need to justify the further control of you. You are supporting your own oppression!


Why do you think we get headlines such as this?


Sorry but “DUH!” comes to mind!

Now let’s get a further idea about the Saudis (from Wikileaks/Assange) and then we’ll take a look at Assange!

So, again, Saudis, wanted to (and want) to attack Iran – yes I understand full well the issues between shi’ite and Sunni Muslims but pardon me for making this analogy: I also understand the difference between Glasgow Celtic and Glasgow Rangers but when it’s Scotland V England or anyone else, both these “tribes” will work together to eliminate the common opposition. Simple but effective analogy I would say. You might not but I do.

Note also the fact that the Saudi Royals do not obey “their” own laws. What a surprise! Do you for one moment believe OUR political and establishment class obey ours? What do you think “Crown Immunity” is all about? Smell the coffee!

Now back to Assange. His Layer, MARK STEPHENS “believes in him and believes what he is doing is right”. Well he would wouldn’t he? Because Mark, Assange and someone else are VERY closely connected. That someone else having more power in his left pinky than an entire Army! In fact NATO and friends ARE to some degree, his left pinky!

And Stephens also says there are thousands who can release the documents? Ever given that a moment’s thought as to why? and WHO these thousands would consist of?

Assange is simply a new construct of the mainstream media because the powers that be recognise noone trust the mainstream media any longer. We KNOW they are controlled. So bring out into the spotlight a “hero” of the people who “leaks” things BUT ONLY THOSE THINGS YOU WISH TO BE LEAKED.

And when you want the destruction of governments and national sovereignty’s anyhow, what better way than to “sell” the world a leak merchant who’s “on your side”. 🙂

Oh we are SO gullible!








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