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David Icke: The “explanation” and ONE question David. Just one!

Posted in Finance, Media by Earthlinggb . on January 9, 2014

On today’s “show” with Richie Allen explaining the transparency situation (or total lack thereof, while you are then going to have a TPV employee provide the “evidence” of the ins and outs – while there is no legal requirement for her to do that so, even if bullshit, there’s no legal implications because it is not what TPV are producing for the authorities – but let’s ignore all that) you mentioned David, that you have nothing to do with TPV and are not a Director. But why did you start off as one and then remove yourself when it got “hot” with OFCOM? ;-) However, again that is an aside – there are SO many issues David and your little faked display of emotion and being attacked from the outside by people who don’t want the info out there (What info? I’ll give Sonia this – but not much – she was the hardest hitting person in there and while she has an ego and while she is a bit on the bolshy and feminist side (as I read her), she was, of all you, the most outspoken and ready to take anyone on – she has 100x more “balls than you do Icke, I’ll give her that) was just that, a “show”. You’re damned lucky you have an audience who can’t read fake a mile off. But then when they believe in reptilians what does one expect? Seriously!

But here’s the question David: You’re no longer a Director, the little “slag, fish and christian cunts and f*** off bitch” Sean is (incredible how so called people believing in love, light and infinite consciousness can totally ignore this little sleaze bag’s language just because he’s your bum chum. I mean people are actually throwing money at a guy who is blatantly coming out with this stuff)


You see David? You WERE a Director but in your explanation today, you weren’t forthcoming with that information and, therefore, did not explain why you were and are not now? While you dropped the Directorship precisely on 23rd October 2012 when you applied for the OFCOM licence. Every piece of info you have provided your audience, every shred of “transparency” has not come without it being dragged and ripped out of you. Just like the £20K. You don’t offer info, you begrudgingly give it when the shouts get too loud. Even then, you don’t give the full story. You leave little bits out (which really are not little at all). People can read you like a book Icke. Not your core cult of course, but everyone else. I never laughed at you at Wogan because I hadn’t even heard of you until around 2008/2009. I laugh at the gullibility of your audience but I don’t laugh at you (well perhaps a little I have to admit) I recognise you for what you are and one doesn’t laugh at conmen.

People's Voice 6

Now what about that question that you really do keep avoiding David about the shareholding:

TPV share capital

Now please let’s not play games and silly buggers David. I realise there are many people out there who wouldn’t know the first thing about how shareholding works but I’m not one of them. The business has share capital. The business must have people who own that share capital. They are called “shareholders”. And please don’t go down the route of saying “Ok, yes they hold £10 of share capital, big deal” because you know it’s a big deal David. The PEOPLE would like to know simply who owns that £10 (whatever it is) worth of share capital. Why is this so difficult for you David? Isn’t this precisely the hidden tactics the very people who control the world’s corporations use? Yes, I do believe it is. But you’re not one of them are you David? You’re MISTER TRANSPARENCY!

Is it, perchance, the same shareholder of David Icke Books Ltd (of which you are neither a Director any longer – so then it’s obvious one does not need to be a Director to be in control and making the money – precisely the issue which arises when people say the Rothschilds are not directors of this that or the other Corporation or Bank then isn’t it?). David, tell me, do you think all the people who know of you or have read some of your stuff are that dumb man? Could it be that a conversation I had personally with Sean in the early days and the competence shown in the very short time I could stand your bullshit and your team’s bullshit, was just not the kind of competence you were looking for and you thought ‘maybe just a little too switched on for our liking’? Go for it son if you want to – take every swipe you want Davey.

Just tell the people. Show them the Memorandum of Association and Articles of Incorporation of the Private Limited Company by shares and show them who owns those shares (par value £10? maybe?) Just show them who owns them!

I KNOW you don’t need to make any income from the company David. How long has Sean worked for you now while only now, as you say, he is working elsewhere too to make ends meet. What about the years before that while working for you? You’re telling your audience that you paid him for work on the David Icke website and the moderation job (and “Guardian of all that is Icke” – what is he? Your illegitimate son? Your bum chum? He’s not that bright David so tell me, what is he? What’s he got on you?) but you’re not paying him now? He’s spent years with you now Davey. What has he lived on? Yet you’re telling the world that, while he is the star of it all and worked his little ass off (mein kampf? No yours babes) on TPV, it is only now he can’t afford to feed himself and yet he is the sole director of the entire company?

There’s a saying by the Scots David (while I am an earthling and only an earthling. I thought you’d understand that of all people?): “I wasn’t brought up the Clyde on a scooter!”

So by all means, you show the “ins and outs” all well massaged Davey (why don’t you have Ernst & Young do them for you? lol) but give your cult ONE more fundamental piece of information: WHO IS/ARE THE SHAREHOLDERS OF TPV PRIVATE LIMITED COMPANY?

Now, for anyone who is interested:

The People’s Voice has no subsidiary companies (it is not a “parent” company of other companies which would then report their financials to the parent company) BUT – and this is ONLY a conjecture, I freely admit that – what IF TPV Limited IS a subsidiary company itself?

If that turned out to be the case then WHO is the parent company? The Parent company need not even be listed in the sense it could be an offshore “shelf company”. But do you believe that David Icke has handed entire control, directorship and shareholding to a little jerk like Sean ADL Tabatabai? Do you? Really? If you do Terry, I have a nice seafront bungalow you might like in Birmingham!

Look at the audit thresholds. TPV would be exempt. Far less than 50 employees (they want volunteers don’t they?) and gross assets £3.26M? With £20K spent on all that outdated Teddington equipment? Gross assets, once depreciation is taken into account will be pretty damned negligible). No “turnover” as such but your donations are actually considered income as would sponsorship and advertising money but it’s looking doubtful they would have a turnover of £6.5M a year and they only have to meet two out of the three criteria anyhow. IF it is a subsidiary that is…..

The Companies and Limited Liability Partnerships (Accounts and Audit Exemptions and Change of Accounting Framework) Regulations 2012 (SI 2012/2301) amends the Companies Act 2006 so that it aligns mandatory audit thresholds with accounting thresholds, exempts certain subsidiary companies from mandatory audit and dormant subsidiaries from preparing and filing accounts.

It also makes it easier for companies who currently use IFRS voluntarily to switch from IFRS to UK GAAP when preparing their accounts.

Date published: 6 September 2012

Effective date: accounting periods ending on or after 1 October 2012

Access the legislation The Companies and Limited Liability Partnerships(Accounts and Audit Exemptions and Change of Accounting Framework) Regulations 2012.

Audit thresholds

Audit thresholds for small companies have been aligned with accounting thresholds for small companies. Small companies will therefore be entitled to an exemption from mandatory audit if they meet two out of the three mandatory criteria:

  • No more than 50 employees;
  • No more than gross assets of £3.26 million;
  • Less than £6.5 million in turnover.

Audit exemptions for subsidiaries

Subsidiaries will be exempted from mandatory audit if it fulfils all of the following conditions:

(a) its parent undertaking is established under the law of an EEA state;
(b) the company’s shareholders must unanimously agree to dispense with an audit in the financial year in question;
(c) the parent must give a statutory guarantee of all the outstanding liabilities to which the subsidiary is subject at the end of the financial year;
(d) the company must be included in the consolidated accounts drawn up by the parent undertaking, which must be prepared in accordance with Directive 83/349/EEC (the Seventh Company Law Directive);
(e) the use of the exemption by the subsidiary must be disclosed in the notes on the consolidated accounts drawn up by the parent;
(f) the following documents must be filed by the directors of the subsidiary at Companies House on or before the date that they file the subsidiary’s accounts:
i. written notice of the agreement in (b);
ii. a statement by the parent that it guarantees the subsidiary company under the particular section of the Act;
iii. a copy of the consolidated report and accounts referred to in (d) and the auditor’s report on those accounts;
(g) the company is not quoted within s385(2) of the Companies Act (“the Act”;
(h) it is not an authorised insurance company, a banking company, an e-Money issuer, a MiFID investment firm or a UCITS management company, or carries on insurance market activity; and
(i) it is not a trade union or an employer’s association.

A further 67,000 dormant subsidiary companies will be exempted from the requirement to prepare and file accounts if they fulfil these conditions. An annual return will still be required to be filed at Companies House.

Dormant subsidiaries

Dormant subsidiary companies will be exempted from the requirement to prepare and file accounts if they fulfil these conditions above. An annual return will still be required to be filed at Companies House.

But lastly, to repeat: £20K for the equipment. David in his “explanation” video says he put his own money into buying equipment. What was it David? £20K for the equipment we know about? Or £150 for an IPOD?

Not only does David Icke Books Limited have £104,000 cash at bank – I’ll repeat that: CASH AT BANK! but we also have a little known company which David is the sole director of, called “Lion’s Epoch” which has £83K CASH AT BANK!

Now, going back to school for a moment, that makes £187K CASH IN BANK for the companies David Icke owns/controls outwit TPV. IF he had spent £20K of that cash for the equipment needed (as he told you all it was really expensive stuff and he needed £100K then £300K when, strangely, he had £187K of his own money in the bank – and we’re not even looking at his own PERSONAL bank balances and investments), he would have been left with £167K CASH AT BANK! Still a handsome sum of cash don’t you think? If I had that sort of money and I truly believed in what I was doing and KNEW what I was doing, I would have sank my own £20K for the equipment – I’ve made far worse investments than that with £20K I can assure you but at least I learned from them. But he came to YOU saying how desperately they needed the £300K for, substantially, the equipment and boy did they keep driving the “tremendous cost” of equipment and the quality of it when – and please do not fall for this “we did not know there was £20K of equipment at Teddington until later” because, if you do, you’re simply an idiot and deserve being fleeced, sorry – he could have went to either of the company’s banks and withdrew it without sniffing (well that might be hard in David’s case I suppose).

Lion's epoch

“Adult and other education”???? I thought his books were meant to be educational? lol

So what could this be?

Ah! I know. It could be collaboration with Daryl Hall & John Oates…..


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