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Posted in Uncategorized by Earthlinggb . on May 31, 2011

Yes, I know, David Icke is the “Lizard King” and a “nutter” etc. Yes I realise the labels put on the guy and I realise he well and truly asks for a lot of it but let me ask you this: How many people listen to YOU and can you pack out theatres as if you are some kind or pop group the way he can?

No? Then shut up. You know why? Because perception is everything. The government and establishment maintain their positions based upon our PERCEPTION for “perception is truth”. It should not be truth but, unfortunately, it is to the vast majority of people so if you can harness the power of numbers and groups and focus that perception of truth by way of either positive or negative propaganda then you have a certain power.

Ok. That said. This “Truth Movement” has a lot of followers (rightly) who all see things from a variety of different perspectives BUT they share strong common elements and goals. The PROBLEM is that David Icke and his like have talked and presented for hours and hours, days and days, month by month and year by year, telling you all how bad it is and “unless you wake up Big Brother is going to jackboot you or your children one day”. And they’re right. You can be certain of that. BUT, I keep asking myself: ALL of these people who follow and listen and understand and wish to change the world OR just wish, somehow the world would change as they sit posting and as they talk and as they attend talks – WHY don’t they act? Do they REALLY think sharing and talking will do anything? Perhaps they get this idea that there is a huge surge of “Awakening” and that it has legs of its own so they need do nothing. But, step out of your “Truth Movement” environment for one second and smell the coffee because once you do, you see that while you THINK it’s really sinking in, the vast vast majority of people haven’t got a clue.

That said, things can be done about that. They CAN be “Awakened” but it will only come in a relatively short time (and time IS short) if those who already have an appreciation of the issues actually take action. It needs to be in numbers however and these numbers must be willing to demonstrate some tenacity.

The focus can be a number of different things and actions BUT I can say with all certainty that is the following was supported by NUMBERS in attacking our government and establishment with the following factual information regarding the laws of this Country and the way in which our successive governments have ignored their duty and broken their oaths continuously, then there would be a Common Law argument for hanging every last one of them. But I’m not for hanging and I’d far rather see them stripped of their positions and wealth and thrown in a zoo somewhere. That would hurt them far more.

So the point is this: David Icke and others have followings. They have numbers. They are not utilised in a focused attack on these issues and for the life of me, I do not understand why because such a focused number would shake the foundations of this establishment and heads would roll.

So here is my message to you David. I don’t need to tell you the power of positive propaganda particularly when it is pure facts. A reply would be most welcome:

The questions which would not only shake UKIP but shake the entire system. Question is: Do you wish to use and pursue them with power? Ask yourself “How much AM I really wanting to change this country and eradicate the lies and the corrupt?” Your call.


1. Does Lord Pearson have ANY affiliation with the Rothschild family or close associates either professionally or personally?

2. Is UKIP aligned with Zionist policy?

3. If the answer to 2 above is yes then please justify the existence of a “Jewish state” when, across the world, the ideology of having a state dedicated to a particular, racial, cultural or religious philosophy is considered racist and bigoted? As you are well aware, when the BNP suggest such in any manner for the UK, they are demonised as hardened racists. YET, the British government have the audacity to support – and demand British people support – a state of Israel which is precisely the antithesis of that of the multiculturalism they demand at home.

4. Please state those documents which, together, compose the British Constitution.

5. Please confirm your understanding of the current English Bill of Rights in terms of its legality on statute and the meaning of the phrase:

“And I do declare that no foreign prince, person, prelate, state or potentate hath or ought to have any jurisdiction, power, superiority, pre-eminence or authority, ecclesiastical or spiritual, within this realm. So help me God.”
6. Do you agree with both, David Cameron and Tony Benn, that politicians do not, never have and never should have, the power to transfer such powers (i.e. the sovereignty of our laws) to any other entity?
7. For Mr Cameron to state such emphatically as he does, he must draw this conclusion from some form of written (constituted) document which is binding by law otherwise he is speaking purely for himself and has no valid basis for making such a statement. Therefore, from WHERE does he draw this conclusion?
8. Do you agree that, as a government for and BY the people, such individuals in office and entrusted with the proper lawful use of such power, have a fiduciary duty toward the people of the United Kingdom?
9. Do you agree that David Cameron, by his own words, has implicated himself for continuing the same policy which he states, absolutely clearly and unambiguously, has never been within a politician’s power to do so?
10. Do you agree that the statement by Roy Hattersley regarding the deception by our governments in the 1970s regarding our participation in the EEC not affecting our sovereignty is, therefore, tantamount to treason and sedition at law?
11. Do you agree that with the monarch taking an oath to the British people – WHICH SHE MUST DO OTHERWISE SHE WOULD NEVER BE CROWNED BECAUSE HER POWERS ARE DEPENDENT UPON HER MAKING THAT OATH – that those servants of the Crown, and in particular, Parliamentarians and the Privy Council, when swearing an oath to the Queen, are, insodoing, simply swearing, once more to the people, that their entire raison d’etre is to support and protect the monarch in HER duties to the people who she sore HER oath to?
12. Do you agree that it does not necessarily require an army or force to subvert the sovereignty of a nation but such can be accomplished “peacefully” through economic warfare and for those in governmental office to legislate supportively of such? This would, therefore, be where the crimes of sedition and treason by certain members of government such as, of all people, our very own Lord Chief Justice Ken Clarke, would enter the frame. This harks back to the question I raised to Lord Pearson regarding Bilderberg and which Malcolm Wood readily acknowledged as of concern. Yourself, Lord Pearson and others know precisely why this is of concern and your acknowledgement of it makes clear you appreciate the issue. Mr Clarke IS a serious issue! He is a steering committee member and is fully involved in the organisation as are many others.

13. Do you agree that it is pure fallacy to suggest that the United Kingdom does NOT have a Constitution codified or otherwise for, if to suggest such would suggest there is no fundamental laws which apply to the governance of this country and, therefore, it would be, in fact, an anarchy with “government” and the state simply being an apparatus by the ruling class to impose their own wishes upon the people without having any lawful basis for such? Therefore, the word “democracy” would not apply and neither would the rule of law. Do you agree it is an absolute fallacy purely from the perspective that, for a sovereign nation to exist (or have existed) would require a constitution as is the case for any nation, organisation, political party and Corporation?

14. Why are you not bringing this solidly to the attention of the British public? Considering it destroys the whole validity of the EU.

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  1. useless eater said, on June 8, 2011 at 4:48 am

    This is something I have struggled with for so long. Too long maybe.

    I was waiting for some group or leader to ‘get behind’ that I could really believe in, which is easier said than done with all the many controlled opposition groups out there…

    My favourite of which is UK Uncut that after looking at what happens when corrupt government is owned by banksters, comes up with a solution that preserves both… hmmm, is it just me that believes tax is theft & slavery?

    Anyways, I waited because I was too scared to take action alone because I knew that this would leave me open to be made an example of by corrupt police & courts & I told myself “what good would it do anyway”?

    I realised I had been trained all my life to look for a ‘brand name’ I could buy into & believe in & this is exactly what I’m still doing.

    I too, got angry at why none of the people that helped me realise what is going down, were telling me or showing me a way I could use the information to make things different.

    But, I realised that they are scared too & there was a pay off for me in feeling pissed off with others ‘not waking up’ & that if I really believed I was witnessing the world walking passively towards global fascism & genocide, then this was too important to wait until others made it safe or ok for me to stand up & say “I’m Spartacus” (Ok, bad example if I remember the end of the film!)

    I believe that this revolution has to be completely decentralised & that when people like me start acting like what they do actually matters even if no one is looking or can see, then we will see things change very quickly but that requires integrity & courage & it will hurt those that live in such a way.

    Especially, the first of those to do so.

    I do believe that when someone acts with integrity, it inspires others & from that much is possible but it starts first with doing what you believe is right.

    How can anyone judge what other’s are doing when, like me, they have continued to pay income tax & council tax?

    If we want to be treated as sovereign human beings, don’t we have to start by behaving like one rather than wait for another leader to tell us what to do?

    I don’t mean to offend anyone by my comments. I only speak for myself & don’t judge anyone.

    Love to Earthling & all reading this…

  2. useless eater said, on June 8, 2011 at 5:16 am

    My point is, if we all do what we think right & STOP contributing & supporting a system that may (a critical mass?) of us know to be a system that is enslaving, torturing, maiming & killing us, we cannot be stopped.

    You can’t by off such a movement. You can’t ‘kettle’ or agent provocateur such a protest. You can’t infiltrate or smear people acting in peace & integrity that organise as individuals or small groups.

    We don’t need a movement if, at the end of it all, we just want to be left alone to live freely & peacefully because to be part of a movement, you have to agree a manifesto.

    Liberty to live as a peaceful sovereign individual, & allow others to do the same is what I want. I also believe most people want this but don’t believe this is an option.

    Government doesn’t work. We are living with the logical conclusion of all governments now & that is tyranny.

    Liberty of the individual against the tyranny of the many is our best hope, maybe our only hope.

    The way we are going to achieve that is by acting as if we already had it, because the means are crucial to the ends.

    …& the truth is we actually are free if we can only believe it, see it & claim it for ourselves.

    We don’t need Queenie or anyone else to tell us it’s ok.

    Am I making sense?

    I can’t see another way through this & it scares the shit out of me, because I know it’s going to carry a high price, but then again, so is doing nothing.


  3. ConcernedUKIP said, on July 12, 2011 at 1:14 am

    UKIP has officially endorsed ‘UKIP Friends of Israel’, not sure if you’re aware of this. Link

    • earthlinggb said, on July 15, 2011 at 2:45 pm

      Yes, thanks. I’m fully aware of this. Farage is full of shit (unfortunately). There is not ONE politician who can be relied upon. They’re either scared or bribed. Compromised in so many ways.

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