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BARACK OBAMA (Is a Test Tube Baby!)

Posted in The Video Section, Uncategorized by Earthlinggb . on January 9, 2011

A President using “Hope” with such audacity
Article 2 scrapped for “democracy”
withholding details of his real birthplace
Your constitution, again, slapped in the face

And “We want change” from a man with a negro look
But you’ve let them dupe you with another crook
He’s no JFK and there is no change
Funded by goldman sachs now ain’t that strange?

Barack Obama is a test tube baby
Or a failed experiment of the US navy

IMF calls for austerity
They may be fooling you but they’re not fooling me
While the Budget orbits for your Uncle Sam
All Since Russia had its “Vietnam”

And Brzezinski and Kissinger strategise on the Grand Chessboard
While Americans lounge with their budweisers and their superbowl
NSA exploiting your deepest fears
the American dream finally ends in tears

Barack Obama! Echo

(Cowboy refrain)

Just call me dubbya I bombed Iraq
skull and bones and the patriot act
I took some coke and I had some drink
And then I took America to the brink

My name is Bush and I’m in Rockefeller’s pocket
If you don’t play the game then we’ll send in a rocket
I passed the presidency to Barack Obama
Who ain’t quite your black man from Alabama

Barack Obama is a test tube baby
Or a failed experiment of the US navy

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